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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Everybody, I'm planning on heading out to Sandy Hook this coming weekend to try to catch, well, fish. Whatever fish I can. I just moved to NJ from the Rockies and I haven't done much salt-water fly fishing and none in the mid-Atlantic region, so I'm a total beginner at this. Any advice on what to do once I get out there would be much appreciated, especially what to look for and what to throw at the fish this time of year, and also any recommendations on shops in the area carrying flies and fly gear. I have a few clousers and some shoddy home-tied bunker patterns but if I want to use anything else I'll have to pick them up between now and the weekend. Have a 9 wt with intermediate line.
  2. Although we fish frequently in our lakes and streams at home I am fairly new to surf fishing and my 2 children (11 and 8) are also very interested in anything fishing. Last year we took our first family trip to Sandy Hook and we had fun (there were a few fish thank goodness) and we plan on taking another trip in about 2 weeks to try our hand at stripers and winter flounder. We are going equipped with 2 surf rods (10' and 8') and two of my medium-light rods (6'6" range) that we use at the lakes around home, the surf rods will have Daiwa BG reels (5000 and 3000) with 20lb braid on the bigger reel and 17lb mono on the smaller reel, the lighter rods will have Daiwa BG 2000 series with 15lb braid. Also we have sinkers from 1oz to 5oz and circle hooks ranging from #2 all the way to 8/0, bucktail jig in a few different sizes, top water lures, metal spoons and some Berkley Gulp that I keep reading the flounder like. Is there any advice you may give from rigs that might work better this time of year, bait, etc.. and do you think I would be better off on the North side of the beach and is there any benefits on fishing either the ocean side or bay side of the hook? I read the post about spot burning and I am not asking for that kind of information, but just a little insight, please don't get yourself in trouble if I am asking the wrong questions. Thank you for any advice you are will to give to help me keep this fun for the kids.
  3. What are the rules for fishing at Sandy Hook at night? Can I just drive in at 12:30am tonight and fish? Is there a gate? What's the deal?
  4. Looking for a little guidance. I am pretty new to surf fishing. The only spot I really surf fish from is a beach with current. Not really sure on the tackle to use at this location. I always try to eye-hustle everyone else's setups. However, it's usually too dark to figure it out. Bucktail? size? Do I need a teaser? Do people attach things to their bucktail? Storm Shad? * Had a guy last week tell me to cast left (upstream from the current) and let the bucktail drift for 15 seconds before reeling it into shore? Does this sound appropriate? As short a learning curve as possible would be great. (*edited - I removed the locations from your post. Sounds like you need some generic help with the basics of surf fishing - things that apply to every similar situation. We don't allow overly specific locations here...feel free to ask any fishing questions you want but please don't ask for someone to tell you how to fish a specific spot. Thanks. TimS)
  5. just like to give all are members on sol a heads up on my encounter with two of our park rangers earlier this evening . My son was taking a few casts from the jetty at bug light and i was getting ready to leave when we were approached by two officers who asked us did we catch anything we answered and was immediately informed that we could not fish south of the light which includes all of the jetty .we never fish on the rocks my son came down as he was told and we walked north , as we were walking away the female officer informed me that if we took the trails on the coast guard property to leave the beach we could be shot , they both proceeded to question me how i gain access to the back bay i refused to answer her questions and took the long way out ,My first question , if that area is off limits why are the rangers enforcing the regulations and not the coast guard i have fished this area for over thirty years with no problems . Also why is a park ranger speaking for the federal goverment on their operating procedures concerning access to that area. I walk the trails out and never go through gates or over fences to old for that nonsence. I am still very upset about this issue dont know why but it just isnt right to tell an american citizen he could be shot just for fishing an area. Need advice what i can do about this situation.