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  1. Hey y'all I'm going to Myrtle Beach for a few days and was wondering what's being caught right now. Are any drum/trout/ladyfish/spanish running? I will be on a time crunch however and would like it to be as close to Myrtle as possible. Which of the piers (Myrtle Beach, 2nd ave, Springmaid, Myrtle Beach State park, Surfside (just rebuilt?), Garden City) would you recommend? I have assorted gear to reel in all types of fish and was hoping to avoid dinks. Any information would be gladly appreciated thanks
  2. I know people and personally have, loaded poppers and other plugs but was wondering what heavy plastics/plugs/swimbaits (2oz-3.5oz) and less than (5-6.5in) long there were. I dislike using a trolling sinker and then connecting a leader to the plug as it sometimes messes with the action. Any recs?
  3. Heading to OC in a couple of weeks and looking for recommendations. I'll be fishing in the morning and at night. I haven't been there in years since I mostly fish the inlet at Delaware/Henlopen pier/bethany surf or closer to home. Not a fan of the Oceanic Pier with too many boats and jet skis crossing my line What's the best outta the OC inlet, 2-4th street, 9th street pier, Route 50 bridge, Homer Gudelsky Park, Assateague... Any specific spots on the beach for surf fishing (shark)?? I have enough gear to do all types of stuff. Hoping to catch some stripers/bluefish or keeper flounders.
  4. If the Arctic Blast doesn’t beat me, I’m going to make a last ditch run to the coast- I’m in NC: has anyone tried a fly version of the traditional popping cork setup, say a shrimp pattern hanging tandem off a crease fly or gurgler? There’s apparently still a decent speckled trout bite going on. Thanks!
  5. Need help identifying a fish I caught in the Mousam River in Kennebunk Maine. Caught trolling on tube and sea worm while striper fishing. Been fishing here for years and first time I’ve caught any other species on this setup in the river. The scales were very iridescent at certain angles in the sunlight and fell off very easily all over the boat. It was a narrow fish with a fairly small mouth. I never offshore so I’m not very familiar with other saltwater species so I’m hoping someone can help identify it for me.
  6. These kayaks are 2018 Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game 2 with a custom **** electric motor on them. - 45lb Minn Kota Saltwater electric motor (installed 2020) - Multiple speeds, turn knob throttle with (3)reverse and (5)forward - Motor Lift kit that lets you raise the motor while in the kayak - Steering is controlled by the peddles - Kayak’s have a side anchor/drift anchor attachment - Garmin Fish-finder - These kayaks have visible signs of usage which is to be expected. There are NO leaks. The kayak weighs approx 70-80lbs. The motor can be removed is not required for function. What is included: - Kayaks - Garmin Fish-finder - Motor - Fishing rod holders - Paddle’s - Batteries What is NOT included: - Lifejackets The motor will require a few adjustments to properly work for you, I will provide the instructions on how to make those adjustments. They are a great fishing kayak and the motors only makes it better. The weight capacity of these kayak are 600lbs. Please, serious inquiries only. I am selling these kayaks because I no longer have the room for them. Asking price $4000
  7. Anyone using the 8WT for the salt? Anyone using the 7WT at all? Casted the 7WT and it was crisp, light and accurate. Unfortunately, most rods behave this way on the grass. Would like to hear some real world experiences.
  8. Hello, I'm hoping to start a thread where people who do freshwater or saltwater fishing could share information and possibly meet up and go fishing. I live in Boston and have been kayak fishing for little over a year all freshwater throughout MA and NH, I'm looking to start doing some saltwater fishing and would love to meet/go out with others who are more experienced in inshore/offshore fishing. I was out in Dorchester Bay for the first time 2 weeks ago and caught a few stripers biggest about 22". Dealing with the wind and waves was an experience but overall I enjoyed it. I went out again this week and made a killing over a dozen fish trolling a tube and worm, none were over 22" but it was a great day! If anyone is going out and wouldn't mind me and possibly my cousin tagging along or want to tag along with us when we go out let me know.
  9. This is an ongoing problem for me and I hope not a boring ridiculous topic. I know am I could organize better and I tend to bring too much gear. I'm interested in what others do. Surfcasting, I live out of my truck, and I'm loaded for bear and battle. But I never need all crap I have and sometime can't find the stuff I do need, because I have too much gear with me. I need to edit my gear and be organized. I am working on that. So, on to kayaks. I really need to bring less and tie it all down. I fish for Bass, weakfish and fluke in Eastern Southfork LI bays and ocean. (I would love to try Black fishing on my kayak but it requires more intel, planning and travel ? I would love to try the North fork and North Shore ) So, let's forget the water , sunscreen, radio , extra paddle and that sort of stuff. Let's discuss weapons only. What do you all bring? Example: Fluke in the Bay - Two 6' spinning rods - A few bucktails and grubs... - Net and rag - A cooler for fish? Which type ? I use a rope as a stringer and if I get some big keeper it flops around by my feet or I go home in triumph! Not the best system. If I also want to fish bait, I have to bring more crap. That I mostly never use. - Plano with rigs, jigs and sinkers. - knife and bait. If Bass are around , more stuff.... What do you do? Suggest?
  10. WTS Brand New TFO Power II 7-9 weight fly reel. Reel comes with neoprene cover but does not have a box. Won in a raffle and have no use for it. Reel is brand new and has never been spooled. MSRP is $375 and I am asking $300 shipped OBO. Thanks!
  11. I am looking for a 9wt or 10wt saltwater outfit for under $400. Please post what you have available and what you want for it. Thank you.
  12. I live on the North Fork of Long Island and have been Atlantic Ocean, Great South Bay and L.I. Sound surfcasting my whole life. I have been wanting to learn more about and get into saltwater flyfishing for over a decade now. I've been a lurker on here and other forums reading posts for years, but have never pulled the trigger on a saltwater fly rod & reel setup. I am looking for a 9wt saltwater setup that would be versatile enough for me to use in the saltwater estuaries around my neighborhood, but also heavy enough to use on the rocky Long Island Sound beaches and in the Atlantic Ocean inlets. Can you please recommend a proper setup for this balance that I am trying to get out of a single setup. I'll keep reading up and learning from you all in the mean time. Thank you ahead of time for your help and insight.
  13. I am brand new to fly fishing and am trying to buy my first saltwater fly fishing outfit. I was lucky enough to meet up with another SOL member who allowed me the opportunity to test cast several rod/reel/line setups. After handling the assortment of gear, I am very interested in the Colton Terrapin reel in either 789 or 1012 (preferred). I would also need an appropriate 9wt or 10wt rod, backer, fly line, etc. to complete the setup. A Colton Tradewinds 10wt or Tradewinds XS 10wt would be a dream setup. Even if you only have a reel available, please post it if that is all you'd like to sell. Thank you ahead of time.
  14. Two - New Accurate Fury 400 $225.00 each They are paired with Catch the Fever rods that are also brand new. I will sell them with the rods if you are interested at $325.00 per combo. These reels are both new, never hit the water, I have a box for one and lost the other box. The Fury is Accurate's entry into the single drag market. These reels are designed with all the precision and power you come to expect from Accurate.
  15. Great deal on an Orvis Saltwater Rod 9ft/8wt/4 5/8oz - Perfect for pulling in some nice stripers, have landed Mahi on this rod!! 149$ - this Orvis rod selling for $250 on Ebay! Happy to ship but i can’t seem to locate the original case so if shipping - cost needs to be added in at whatever my cost is.
  16. Hi looking for a rod and reel for baby tarpon bonefish and the spring striper run. preferably from one hundred to two hundred no line or backing needed. Thanks
  17. Hi, I was wondering what saltwater flies are best for mangrove snapper and grouper. I have been tying for awhile but I have yet to catch anything other than blue fish. Thanks
  18. Hi, I was wondering what saltwater flies are best for mangrove snapper and grouper. I have been tying for awhile but I have yet to catch anything other than blue fish. Thanks
  19. I was just wondering I’m pretty new to striper fishing and I wanted to get some recommendations on good lures to use from fishing off jetties and rocks inshore in Massachusetts . The rod I have is a 7’6 MH fast that can throw lures from 1/2 oz to 1 1/4 oz. I also was wondering if mono or flouro was better for leader material. Thanks in advance
  20. so far in my fishing season this year, I have only caught one sea robin by accident. I live right off of a harbor, boats going in and out all day, and go down to my dock all the way to the end and throw plugs and swimbaits and pretty much anything. I'm in the Fairfield County area. I've even brought 4-5 rods and thrown out chunks of clams or small crabs. at this point I'm not looking for striped bass anymore, more like anything that will bite whatever I throw. even at the dead of night around 11 ish, i will watch small fish break the water and when i throw past them and catch up to them they splash on the other side of the dock. in the area where I fish its all seaweed beds or rocks so I get snagged. I've checked weather conditions, tides, water temperatures in certain areas. still nothing and nowhere. normally id go to a different pier but its been swamped with anglers recently. I've gotten fish there before so I know they are there. I just don't know whats going on. I have everything from 12ft rods to 6,6 rods. am i just having a bad season? dunno whats going on. sorry if this is in the wrong forum, first time posting.
  21. Good day everyone, I am in the market for a new kayak for under 3k I was thinking of a Hobie Compass but some people recommended the Outback I have no ties to any brand so I'm looking for the best kayak for the money. I live near the Hudson and mohawk rivers but and buying it mostly for trips to Long Island sound and near shore Atlantic trips in RI. I hrought my 9.5' 17 year old Perception out past the West Wall and it was hairy (probably stupid too) I fly fish often so a wide deck is important. I have a Subaru forrester and no trailer but ordered a Thule Showboat 66 Load assist so weight is a consideration. I want stability, durability, and portability, but don't need too many bells and whistles, just a place to keep a cooler or stowing spot to keep some porgies cool if I keep some, and a place for an orvis water proof backpack and a nalgene bottle. I probably won't get a fish finder so don't need a fancy compartment for it. Thanks everone!
  22. Looking for a fishing group/organisation in Mass Hi everybody ! I newly moved in the states to live with my American wife in Massachusetts. I did some fishing in salted water in the past but I am beginner. I would love to feed myself with fish and fish as often as possible. Where and how can I find in MA a group/organisation that would teach me how to fish ? I am not looking for course but for a group of friendly people ready to take me with them and fish with me.
  23. Been fishing along the SF Coast lately (Daly City, Pacifica, Half Moon, etc) and i'm targeting Striper and surf perch mainly, as well as been trying crab snaring for dungies. I have an absolute cheap as chips combo rod and reel that i initially bought just snaring and it's worked okay but its SO HARD to use. The rod is a [Master Spectra 3215-BK 10' Spinning Rod]* Today at the beach the reel seat came detached from the blank and the reel seat now spins around the blank. I drilled some shallow holes in the seat with a drill press and injected glue into it to set it back but i'm fed up with the rod and reel (the reel is even worse than the rod). I'm in the SF Bay area and targeting striper and serf perch primarily but I also want to try for halibut occasionally and potentially salmon if i take it on a boat off coast. What length should I get to accomodate this variety? I was thinking 11' since i'm be on a beach mostly but would that be too long to take on a boat? And what about for crab snares as well? Would a slightly smaller rod be better for snares? Snares can get extremely heavy and I don't wanna break the rod if it's not meant for that. I'd rather get another cheap beefier rod (Daiwa Beefstick?) for snares if i can't safely accommodate it on this striper/perch/halibut rod. As for the reel i was originally thinking of a Daiwa BG Saltwater spinning reel since i have a BG 2500 that i use for general lake/river fishing (largemouth, catfish, trout, shad). I've heard some both really great and really bad things about Penn Spinfisher and i'm considerng that as well. I can't find any clear recommendations on Shimano but i know they make great stuff. I'm not sure what size reel to get, is there any reason not to get 8000? Is that way too overkill for this? Should I got 4000 or 4500 instead since i'll be slinging this from a beach for hours at a time? Budget for Rod+Reel is ~200-250. Next, can i get some tips for what tackle should I use for Striper and Surf Perch in the SF Bay coast line? I heard something about Lucky Craft 110 and i've never used/seen them before, should I order one and try it out? I primarily use sandcrab for bait with a size 8 baitholder, is this too small? Which rigs are commonly used? So far i've used fish-finder rig and carolina rig, with a high-low used once but no luck on it. Primarily fish-finder has been lucky for me but i'm not sure. What about weights? How much weight should i slap on each rid?
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