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Found 7 results

  1. Here for your consideration is a like new Sage Smallmouth fly rod marked 7’11” 290 grain this rod was used once or twice and is in like new condition comes with factory case that can store rod with reel. There is no reel included in sale $350 SHIPPED PRIORITY MAIL CONUS thank you
  2. I know. Comparing river fish to pond fish to lake fish is like comparing apples to oranges to carnitas burritos with guac and lots of salsa verde. Or Ali to Boom Boom Mancini to Nurmagomedov. Still, I'm curious: Pound for pound, what do anglers here consider the best (or maybe just the meanest) fighting fish in North America? Pike are downright scary. Brookies are tough. Pickerel are deranged little buggers. But what's the best pure fighter, once hooked? Go ...
  3. I'm mostly a mountain stream fly angler, but I'm curious, are there are any wadable streams/rivers in southern NH that hold decent numbers of smallmouth bass? I don't want anyone to spot burn, but just general river info is helpful. I realize the merrimack and CT rivers have them, and a number of lakes, but I am limited to wading currently. Thanks for any help!
  4. Love Smallmouth bass above all others for it's abundance of fight, I am lucky we have excellent small mouth habitat up here in the Capital region of NY if you love catching SMB on the fly show us what you got. Three landed yesterday on crawfish patterns.
  5. A rogue gust knocked me over in my kayak and I destroyed my 6wt on the rocks. Definitely the wind and NOT my idiocy, yes definitely. Looking for a new-to-me 6wt or 7wt. I’m about a $200 rod kind of guy but willing to pay for quality. Looks like I just missed out on a Recon that would have been great, what else is out there?
  6. Morning Guys, Little background.... My buddy and I take an annual trip to the Quabbin each year (this will be year 4). We rent a boat and usually take off from a warm water gate. We do a full day (6am-7pm) usually. Year 1: we must have gotten lucky because we did well with smallies and largies in random areas and with random baits (we had no idea what we were doing. The Q is slightly different than the 10 foot deep mud ponds we are used to fishing). Year 2: My friend did alright with a few decent smallies. I got a good sized largie to roll me on the surface (we forgot the net and I lost him on the boat flip). Outside of that we had little action all day. I did catch an elusive perch though. Glad I got up at 2:30 am for a perch.... Year 3: We struggled hard....My buddy put 1 fish in the boat (his PB largie), and I was skunked. Year 4: ??? Now I'm not looking to spot burn someone or steal their setup or anything. I was hoping some of you that live much closer (I live in a coastal city that has had problem with magic in the past...) had tips or tricks or suggestions. I love the Q. It is gorgeous and amazing and a trip that you will always remember, good or bad. But after back to back years of getting skunked (sans 1 perch) and spending a combined 26 hours on that little metal bobber they give you, I need my spirits to rise again. We plan on going before July (maybe sometime in early or mid June). I'll be fishing plenty of drop shots, shaky heads, football head craws, swim jigs, tubes ect... I have a chirp unit this year I am going to bring (if anyone has tips on securing it to the metal bobber boat let me know!) so that will help. I also have good navionics charts on my phone and try to do as much research as I can. I usually target bass in smaller bodies of water and after the last couple years, feel totally out of my element. Again, sorry if this is too specific and I'm not looking to burn up anyone's juice they discovered themselves. I'm just looking for info from veterans of the fishery. Any help will be much appreciated. I am open to PM and I will be checking regularly. I figure if I have a month to get a game plan together....maybe I can see what they big fish of the Q look like....instead of catch the fish they eat... Thanks for any helps guys. Tights Lines!
  7. Going to Maine in June for some smallmouth fishing with flys. considering the rio smallmouth bass line or the teeny triangle taper bass line. it seems the rio is better suited to warmer water. i'm thinking the water temperature will be around 60 in June? any thoughts would be appreciated!
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