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  1. Selling my Redington Rise 9/10 reel with a spare spool. Purchased and used the reel last fall only. Has some light scratches, but overall in very good condition. Brand new spare spool so you can quickly swap out for changing conditions. Boxes and reel/spool bags included $225 picked up, or will ship for label cost depending on location Located on Cape Cod
  2. Hey y’all I just got a used ci4 ultegra 5500. It is the Shimano Ultegra 5500 ci4 xsb model which came out 9 years ago. I was wondering if any owners of either the new or old model could tell me if I had the long spool. The guy that sold it to me told me there was an extra spool. I am aware that it comes with one regular sized spool and a “long spool”. However the two spools I got are the same size. I added pictures below and both the spools seemed to measure 2.5 inches. Furthermore the plastic slow-oscillating unit below the spool, seems to not align straight hence the rattles and the uneven feeling when I turn. I understand that since it is an older model that it won’t be perfect but I would like to know if I got what I paid for. If not, I may have to buy a spare long spool for the reel. Thanks IMG_4967.mov
  3. Hey y’all I ordered the 45mm gomexus knob. I tried putting it on my 2014 ci4 ultegra 5500. However unlike my other gomexus knobs the screw that I have isn’t long enough to fit through the bearing and the hole. Do I have to get another screw or is there a way I can fix this? Because if I were to screw it without a bearing, the knob wouldn’t spin. I wonder why gomexus doesn’t just give a screw as part of the set UPDATE: I found out that the old ultegra model has a different shaft than every other model so none of the bearings or washers fit. I am disappointed that I was told it would fit by a gomexus member when it didn’t. Contacted them again and waiting for a response now IMG_4979.mov
  4. Does anyone know if it’s possible to add a bail to a VSX2 bail-less? I’ve seen info online for the older models where a bail can be added to a bail-less setup but nothing for the X2. I bought a 150 this year and love the reel. I’ve gotten the hang of the manual pickup but would like the option if possible of adding the bail on. Any insight or info is appreciated!
  5. Hey yall I had some questions about backing a spool with mono before braided line. I am going to spool my 5000 penn battle 3 with 20lb braid. It says that the braid capacity for 20lb is 420 yards. I understand that usually it is okay for the amount of braid to be much less than the maximum since it is almost impossible to spool it so tightly that it can take everything. Do yall think 300yards should be enough for the penn battle 5000? And would I have to back it up with mono before?? Or should I just go with the 500 yards of braided line? I also have some leftover braid on the spool and was thinking about doing a uni-uni knot with the new 300 yards of braid just in case I would run short without it.
  6. Excellent condition only used a few times spool with 30 lb power pro slick v2 Want to trade for a 6000 size spinning reel for chunking please let me know what you have
  7. Penn slammer 3 4500 excellent condition Want to trade for 2 spinning reels for chunking bait please let me know what you have
  8. Want to buy a daiwa bg 4500 size handle
  9. I could use some help on a reel selection I am trying to make for light tackle freshwater fishing. I recently picked up a St. Croix Avid Medium light rod, lure rating 1/16-3/8th oz. I am going to be throwing a light of lightweight jigs, such as Maribou jigs with this setup. I am in South Florida and this setup will laregly be usef for freshwater fishing, targeting peacock bass and largemouth bass and the other random florida canal species that show up here (snakeheads etc). I want a very lightweigh reel to match the light rod, and while a standard approach is to consider a 1k-2k reel, its seems nowadays, some of the "nicer reels", say like a Shimano Vanford, will only gain a half oz in wieght when you go up to the 2500 size from the 1000 size, yet you get 22lbs of drab vs 8 lbs of drag,. Now I realize you will never need more than 8lbs of drag for freshwater fishing, but if I buy the 2500 vanford vs the 1000 vanford, then I can always take the reel and throw it on one of my saltwater setups if I ever want more versatility from that same reel. Do you agree with my logic? Or do you think there is an advantage to buying a reel like a vanford and staying in that 1k-2k size range even though its not all that much lighter of a reel than the 2500 or even the 3000 size? In addition, is there any reel you would recommend that you specifially like for this application? Has anyone tried JDM Daiwa Luvias? I am open to suggestions as long as the reel is lightweight. I already own a Vanford and love it, but like to try new reels. I appreciate any insights you can provide. Many thanks.
  10. As for modifications and upgrades, some anglers may choose to upgrade elements such as the handle and drag washers to improve the reel's performance. However, any modifications or upgrades should be made with caution - as they could potentially cause damage to the reel if not done properly. It's essential to consult a professional or a trusted fishing gear retailer if you have any questions or concerns about modifying or upgrading your fishing reel.
  11. Looking for a mint condition daiwa saltiga 20LD and or accurate valiant 400 conventional reels thanks!!!
  12. I typically go bottom fishing for haddock/cod a couple times per year on a party boat. I also might go a couple times on a friend's boat. I've either rented or borrowed a setup in the past, but I want to buy my own at this point (~$250). For rod, I was originally thinking about the trevala (have experience with it and really liked it), but I've read a few posts saying it's best to get 7'6"-8' length for party boats (why? so you can fish further from boat?) which they don't make (afaik). Other options? For reel, my buddy swears by some of the Penns but I haven't done thorough research on them. I have a couple BGs and a Baitrunner, but don't have any conventional reels. For line - i assume 50lb braid with a relatively long mono leader? Thanks!
  13. VM 275 spool. $75 shipped. Will entertain offers. Payment via PP. Thank you.
  14. For sale, a beautiful, like new, Galvan R-8 LT in Green. This reel has no blemishes or scratches and a top-drawer, sealed drag system. A perfect reel for that bonefish trip, fighting big stripers, or to slow down a spirited salmon. It has an AirFlo Rage Compact Floating 360g shooting head, running line, and 20# Dacron backing included. The lines are included as is. Made in California, Galvan reels have a reputation for top quality, smooth drags and strong durability. From the Galvan website: "Built with the same inner components, technical features and materials the Torque Series reels have been recognized for, the Rush Light offers top-of-the-line performance and reliability at a mid-line price." Retail Price: $400. Your Price: $325 Shipped (US)
  15. Hi Friends, I'm looking to sell my VSX 150. It comes with the power handle and is spooled with 30# spiderwire camo braid. This reel is clean, well maintained, but it comes in used condition and has some scratches and dings (see pictures). Still performs well though. Comes with everything in the pictures. I'm asking for $600 or best offer (shipped or available for pickup in West Palm Beach, FL). I am selling so that I can purchase a fly rod for local fish, and no longer need my striped bass slayer. Serious offers only. Thanks!
  16. Guys Is $380 a reasonable price for a used international Penn.50 sw. if so, how much would Penn charge me to have one reconditioned? I need one and am clueless on the costs involved with these big conventional reels.
  17. I have 2 Mint condition Penn Squall 12's for sale. Spooled with Suffix Hi Vis 15lb line. They also have reel covers I will include. I will take $120 each shipped. Take both and get them for $225. I take Venmo and PP.
  18. I have a Van Staal VSX 250 silver that I want to sell. I used this reel for one season, washed it after every trip, and kept it from getting any dings. The reel feels great, it is not grindy, and is spooled with 50lb Power Pro maxcuatro braid. The reel includes the box and has the Vann Staal canvas bag that comes with all their reels. I am asking $675 shipped or $650 for local pickup I am located on the North Shore Mass. Venmo or cash as means of payment
  19. For trade corvalus 301 left hand in very good condition I am looking for a conventional reel for boat fishing please let me know what you have thanks
  20. I have a Seigler SGN Lefty in new condition with box, receipt, rod clamp. No scratches and barely used. I purchased it several months ago for togging and loaded it with 30# super slick. I would be open to trades for a lefty Avet SXJ g2 plus a little cash coming my way, or a nautilus NVG 6/7 with cash coming your way. Otherwise thinking $270 for the reel without trade. It saves the purchaser $100 if you were to buy a new sgn and load it with line. Preference of person to person transaction, if not buyer responsible for shipping/fees. Thanks!
  21. Used on a boat 2 times not even a scratch line have been removed $165 ship PayPal or pickup in queens / long island
  22. "13 Fishing Concept" is a name of a reel manufacturer I'm seeing on a large commercial website. Does anyone have a clue as to who or where this reel is being made? It might be a private label for the website, I guess.
  23. Excellent condition with box only a few times $180 ship PayPal
  24. Have had this old Abbey & Imbrie Sea Bright 250 reel for a while and cannot find much information about it. Looks nice on my desk, but I am wondering if it has any value as a collectible or if it just old. Seems to be in working order. Appreciate any information. Thanks.
  25. Got a brand new JDM TP FD C5000XG and installed the handle, right away there seems to be a scraping noise when I turn the handle when the spool reaches the bottom of its oscillation cycle. This isn't normal right? I've already gotten in touch with the seller (North-One) about a refund/exchange but would also appreciate this community's thoughts on what exactly is causing it/what I can/should do about it. Thanks! video-007ff177-9fc8-4df4-8bcb-95ec65aede3d-1662159267.mp4
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