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Found 20 results

  1. Hey guys, I recently went fishing for stripers with night crawlers because the I didn’t want to pay for bloodworms or sandworms. I was only fishing for an hour and I didn’t catch anything. The nighcrawlers kept on coming off the hook. Is there a way to use night crawlers for stripers without this problem? Are blood or sandworms effective and worth the price? Will fishbites work instead? Will fishbites work at this time of year? I fish the western Long Island sound if that makes a difference. Thank you in advance for any advice given! Best, Steve
  2. Hi everyone, I'm having some difficulty understanding the shimano slx. Would this reel be suitable for light inshore fishing? I know it's a beast in the bass world, but would it hold up to the occasional schoolie or blue? Also, could this reel even hold up to the salt? I would obviously do a freshwater rinse, but I'm concerned about the bearings.
  3. Hello all, I was wondering how safe it would be to take a freshwater sit-in kayak out into the ocean. I have a kayak that looks like this: I plan on wearing a life jacket, and not going more than half a mile offshore. So, has anyone done something like this? If so any tips? How would I launch, and what should I wear I want to get out onto the ocean and do some jigging for mackerel Alternatively, If I am a fool, please don't hesitate to let me know. I want to be safe, but have no clue how safe or not this is.
  4. curran

    Eel Rigs!

    Hey guys, Sorry for asking so many question, but I am rather inexperienced and I know you all have so much more experience then me. My first week on this forum has been nothing but great, so thanks to everyone! Now for the question, How would I rig an eel? Last time I went fishing with my dad we used clams. However, I want to try to fish some eels and lures this Sunday. In terms of lures, @MikeK was wicked nice and gave me a good rundown. I have a spoon, SP Minnow and plug to use, but if anyone has any recommendations let me know! I buy everything from Surfland B&T so maybe that will help. Just please let me know the gear, and the rig I should use for eels, live or dead. As a side note; Does anyone know if it would be easy to make a plug with a pocket knife? when I go camping for boy scouts, I find myself with some hours to spare. Making my own lures would be a fun way to pass time. That's all. Thanks for reading the wall of text. If you couldn't tell, I have been dying to get out on the water. I have been wicked busy all week, and reading this page daily doesn't help the urge to get out there.
  5. Hey, sorry I'm new here, I want to reply to a selling post about a Shakespeare 5247 Antena, but I don't know how to contact them. Any advice helps, thanks in advance!
  6. Hey, sorry I'm new here, I want to reply to a selling post about a Shakespeare 5247 Antena, but I don't know how to contact them. Any advice helps, thanks in advance!
  7. Would the Shimabo saragosa sw 5000 or the stradic fl 5000 be better for surf and jetty fishing on a 8’ st croix avid surf with artificial lures.
  8. Was wondering about people’s thoughts about the St Croix Avid surf 8’ medium power moderate fast action rod and what reel to pair with it. I fish from the surf whether it be on jetties, rocks or near shore and would like a nice surf rod and reel to get distance but a rod and reel that isn’t overkill because the bass I am targeting aren’t monster 40 lbers but definitely a chance at a large bass here and there
  9. I was just wondering I’m pretty new to striper fishing and I wanted to get some recommendations on good lures to use from fishing off jetties and rocks inshore in Massachusetts . The rod I have is a 7’6 MH fast that can throw lures from 1/2 oz to 1 1/4 oz. I also was wondering if mono or flouro was better for leader material. Thanks in advance
  10. Was wondering a good 9’ surf rod for fishing off rocks and surf and a good reel to pair with it thanks budget is around 550 so no van staals unfortunately
  11. What size rod and power and action would you recommend for fishing a little farther out than the surf but will reatively close like on rocks or jetties where I wouldn’t need to cast to far but some good distance could help. Also what would be a good reel and reel size to pair with the rod? Thanks. I also wanted to take into consideration what weight lures it could throw.
  12. Does anyone know if the St Croix mojo inshore 7’6 MH Fast could throw smaller 1oz plugs no problem?
  13. I was wondering what pound braid main line and what material flouro or mono leader and what pound for inshore striper fishing in Massachusetts I fish of jetties and lots of rocks
  14. Well this might be really stupid, but even after watching numerous youtube videos and wanted to find out what some of the readings are. But here is my point questions: 1) Can seaweed strands or water current show up on the finder when it flows under the boat? Some times I see scatter (like tiny green/blue dots) comes every so often under the boat at around 10 feet down on a 30 feet depth. Tiny Bait perhaps? 2) Once in a while there will be a very distinct fish mark around the same depth column 10 ft down or so shows up. If that's a single fish that just swimming around, how do we even go about catching it (don't even know what it might be).
  15. I've heard of this phrase many times but never understood why? Can someone explain to me after a storm rolls through and a cold fronts rolls in(here in the northeast), all the bites gets shut down and fish doesn't eat anymore?
  16. How does the Penn SSM - if anyone here has used it, (https://pennfishing.com.au/product/penn-spinfisher-metal-spinning-reel/) compare to the Penn Z series (https://www.pennfishing.com/penn-reels-spinning-reels-penn-z/penn-z-series-spinning/1315424.html#start=16)? I have read a few articles and reviews about the 704z being generally hard wearing and bulletproof, being able to be used while submerged, merely requiring a clean and grease afterwards (apparently it's a poor man's van staal) etc. I cannot seem to find an assembly manual for the 704z online, if anyone has one available, could you please post it onto this thread or PM me? To clarify, I am from Australia, so the products that I have available to me appear to be different to the products available to the general demographic of this forum; this seems to be a mostly American forum. I have also uploaded the schematics for the reel available to me, if there are any Z series owners wanting to compare notes and figure if my reel will be as bulletproof. ( I found the schematics for the 704Z. EDIT: Also, the reason why I would like to find out is because I intend on doing a little bit of swimming out to some rock platforms here, I don't really want to use the reel submerged, but I expect it will be submerged for a prolonged period of time during the swim. EDIT2: After taking a look at the 704z schematic, it seems that the reel itself is incredibly basic; it doesn't have as many ball bearings as the 650ssm. Is that also another reason why the 704Z is so easy to clean? Thanks, JF
  17. Hey John, question on an event at seaport. They have this Dinosaur adventure at Seaport next month. Never seen anything like this host there. Do you know more info? It's hella expensive to get in and seems like they have rides there?
  18. Hello all! Thanks in advance for the help. I came upon what I believe is a handmade surfcasting rod, but I cant find any information on the maker. It appears to be well made. The maker is Beach and Bay Tackle, Inc. It has a 617 area code, but when I call the number on the rod, it is out of service. And I can't find any business info on the internet. Has anyone heard of this maker, or know the value? It is a 10' rod.
  19. Need help finding a bucktail mold like the S&S rockhopper or Andreas jetty caster. I already use do-it molds smiling bills(hot lips). Looking to change pace and try something new. Thanks to anyone with advice.
  20. I have two pistols located in Arizona that belonged to my father, that are currently in the custody of a family friend. I need to get them sent from AZ to FL. I am in NJ so I’m not familiar with the process in Florida. These are already in the family, so there is no “sale” or transfer involved, to my understanding. What is the process for Florida to have these sent there from out of state? Can they be shipped directly to a residence? Do they have to be shipped from an AZ to a FL FFL? Any special permits or paperwork needed for the transfer?
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