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Found 10 results

  1. I have heard very mixed opinions about the more expensive pliers on the market. Many people say that they are the biggest waste of money ever while others say that they are wonderful and worth the investment. Hers is a list of some of the pliers that I am talking about. I would love to hear your experiences with them or why you would never buy a pair... Van Staal VS Pliers Abel Pliers Hatch Outdoors Nomad Pliers Hatch Outdoors Tempest Pliers Orvis Pliers Accurate Piranha Cuda Titanium Alloy I may be forgetting a couple, but for the most part, these are the big players in the high-end plier market. The price ranges (of these pliers listed) anywhere from 89.00 to 500.00.
  2. Boga holder is new never used. Gloves are size XL - I'm 5'9" 200lbs and they fit well with a little room. Pliers were never used. Prices are pick up cash in MA. Add $5 for ship, add $2.5 for paypal. Boga Holder $25 Gloves $20 Pliers $30
  3. Has anyone used any of the Manley pliers? I have wanted an pair of Sargent Sportsmate pliers for a long time, but unfortunately they are very hard to get right now. I have heard that these piers are a pretty good replacement. For those who have used them, how do they hold up over time and how do the cutters work? Also, what do you use for a sheath? Thanks in advance Salty
  4. Without starting a pliers vs pliers thread... how well do these hold up?
  5. I need a great pair of pliers for Salt Water. I am not terribly concerned with the price, I just don't want to ever buy another pair unless it is my fault (lost, traded for hookers and blow, etc.). * I have already considered the P-Line, but my fear is they are made in China. I will call P-Line Monday and ask where the pliers are made. Any suggestions will be appreciated!
  6. WTS a pair of Shimano pliers, believe they were called the Brutas Blue Wave model. Very sturdy parallel jaws, stainless, spring loaded handle, wire cutter on side. These have hardly been used, were kept in my car as backup. I cut one hook with the side cutters but they aren't designed for 4x trebles so it dented the cutter a little (see pic). No rust whatsoever. Asking $20 shipped.
  7. Will Pay $$ The newer the more $$ I am willing to pay! Upload pics
  8. You Pick What You Want (A thru N), I’ll Do the Math & S&H, You Do PayPal 25% Off on the Entire $150 Lot, 15% on a $100 Lot & 10% on a $50 Lot A - Bomber 146A Salt yello baby - 1 available @ $9.00 B - Slug-Go pack of 3 w/hook - 1 pack available @ $6.50 C - Owner Stinger 7/0 Swash Hooks pack of 3 - 2 packs available @ $3.75 each D - 4“ Brass Caliper - 1 available @ $1.50 E - #4 110lb Duo-Lock Snaps 12 pcs per pack - 4 packs available @ $2.50 each F - 3" Hook File - 6 available @ $4.00 each G - Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow Sinking - black/purple - 2 available @ $7.50 each H - Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow Floating - laser/sardine - 1 available @ $7.50 each I - Rapala Super Line Scissors - 1 available @ $7.50 J - Rapala 6 ½" Pliers - 1 available @ $9:50 K - Mustad 6" Braid Cutter/Split Ring Pliers - 1 available @ $8.50 L - Cotton Cordell 7" Red Fins - smokey joe - 2 available @ $6.50 each M - Cotton Cordell 5" Red Fins - chrome/black - 2 available @ $6.00 each N - Cotton Cordell 6" Pencil Popper - menhaden - 2 available @ $6.25 each
  9. Unopened package includes nylon carry case and lanyard. $35 cash and carry Add $6.80 for USPS Priority Mail, which includes insurance. Happy to meet locally in the SE MA/PVD/BOS areas.
  10. OK All -- been thru a pile of split ring pliers: Texas Tackle (orange handles), tho they are really good for crushing barbs Lazar (blue handles) Mustad Multi-Purpose Several Others There all a pain in the A, tho this eve doing 9 plugs w/12 slit rings, if you do the hook eye 1st, it's generally much easier to get it on the swivel. Any Pointers, Suggestions & Thanks