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  1. Brand New, lifetime warranty. $230 shipped PayPal FF
  2. Should get a pair for safety reasons to keep in the truck. Sargent or Manley? Both are about the same price. Do not skish or swim, just wade fishing but do get splashed.
  3. Hi, I've been looking at Donnmar pliers for quite a while and I decided to go for the checkpoint 880 titanium but I cannot find any for sale right now on the internet... they are sold out at every website suggested by Donnmar. Does anyone know of a tackle store that still has some on hand that I could buy? I've had no luck with the internet so far. I would rather have them brand new than used but might consider if the condition is mint. Thanks! PS: I know there are cheaper pliers and all but I like high quality fishing gear and I'm fine with the high price tag.
  4. Been experimenting with tools placement on my surf belt. I have not found a good solution for where to put my pliers. I am right-handed so like them on my right side. If I put the pliers in their sheath on the 'front half' of the right side of my belt I find I hit them with the rod butt often. If I move them back to the rear half, they can be hard to reach. I hang my plug bag on my left side which works well for me since I like to be able to slide it from front to back and reach into it with my right hand. The bag itself does not have a good spot to hold the pliers. Have others had this issue with interference with the rod butt? What configurations have other folks used for placing their pliers? Thanks.
  5. Want to sell my 6” Van Staal pliers with sheath and original box. Just had serviced. Cutters have not been replaced. $290 shipped.
  6. I have for sale a pair of the 7.5" Cheeky Pliers in grey with a tan leather holster (not the standard Cheeky one that comes with the pliers). These retail for $179. https://cheekyfishing.com/products/750-fishing-pliers The condition is used; they are SOLID pliers and in great condition (I’m replacing the cutters that you see in the photo with brand new ones). Selling because I was gifted a pair of Simms pliers that I prefer. Perfect saltwater pliers to always have on you. Will sell for $100 shipped OBO
  7. 7.25" titanium pliers comes w/ leather sheath & lanyard brand new $225 paypal shipped.
  8. I have a pair of 8 inch Hansom fishing pliers. I believe the model number is AP-8. They are in very good condition, but I have misplaced the replacement cutters and jaws I bought when I first got the pliers years ago. I have been looking around the Internet, but cannot seem to find much information about the pliers or availability of replacement parts. When I try to reach hansomtackle.com, my security software prevents it due to 'dangerous' URLs on the page and a mismatched security certificate. Facebook page looks to have no updates since about 2015. Does anyone know if these pliers are still being made and/or if replacement cutters or jaws are still available? Thanks.
  9. Price shipped to your door: $135 Sargent Pliers 4 sets of replacement blades Greetings all, Selling my Sargent pliers. I only used a handful of times and I’m selling because I use my extra long needle nose pliers that are my go to pliers. These pliers have just been sitting on my table, not using them, don’t need them. The Sargent pliers are in excellent condition I went a little happy with the corrosion X on them so there is a coating of that on them. Hopefully there is someone out there that can use a good set of pliers. thanks all
  10. I just bought a pair of these in 7 inch. I am curious if any guys on here have ever put heat shrink tubing over the handle grips. Would prefer doing that over plasti dip or something like that. If so: -How has it worked? -Does the tubing shrink down snug and molded over the grips? -What kind and size tubing having you used?
  11. Looking for a specific pair. They are beasts and I can’t remember the name. Yellow grips. Very powerful hook cutter
  12. Looking for a pair of 5" van staal pliers. Willing to buy or trade a 7" pair of the same pliers. Thanks in advance.
  13. This request is most likely a long shot but, I am going to try anyway. If you or anyone you know willing to part with and has fully functioning Sargent Sportsmate Pliers, let me know. Sheath is plus but not required.
  14. What kind of pliers is everyone using nowadays, what are the best saltwater fishing pliers n where could I buy em at?
  15. Starting to list my gear, keep an eye out for other stuff I will be posting. Everyone feels that their setup/system is good here is my setup: Pliers sheath combo $125: This kydex sheath fits the 8" hansom pliers perfectly, they slide in a lock by friction fit. No worries that they are horizontally mounted they only come out when you pull them out. The reason for this orientation is that if you are really moving around/swimming/jumping they won't jab you in the wetsuit. They are mounted parallel with your belt. Fits 2" belt from Gear up, which I will list separately. Hansom pliers have had the edges melted (filed and sanded). They are comfortable either left or right hand but I had it setup for left hand draw since I am right handed and would use that hand land the fish. I have hours of kydex jig setup on the sheath and file work on the pliers. Please no low ball offers on this. If you are thinking "Hey I'd like one of those for my pliers" PM me, i'd have you ship the pliers and belt and I'll mould them to the tool.
  16. Hey all, I’m looking to buy a pair of Sargent sportsmate pliers new or used. Thanks!
  17. Has anyone used any of the Manley pliers? I have wanted an pair of Sargent Sportsmate pliers for a long time, but unfortunately they are very hard to get right now. I have heard that these piers are a pretty good replacement. For those who have used them, how do they hold up over time and how do the cutters work? Also, what do you use for a sheath? Thanks in advance Salty
  18. I need a great pair of pliers for Salt Water. I am not terribly concerned with the price, I just don't want to ever buy another pair unless it is my fault (lost, traded for hookers and blow, etc.). * I have already considered the P-Line, but my fear is they are made in China. I will call P-Line Monday and ask where the pliers are made. Any suggestions will be appreciated!
  19. I have heard very mixed opinions about the more expensive pliers on the market. Many people say that they are the biggest waste of money ever while others say that they are wonderful and worth the investment. Hers is a list of some of the pliers that I am talking about. I would love to hear your experiences with them or why you would never buy a pair... Van Staal VS Pliers Abel Pliers Hatch Outdoors Nomad Pliers Hatch Outdoors Tempest Pliers Orvis Pliers Accurate Piranha Cuda Titanium Alloy I may be forgetting a couple, but for the most part, these are the big players in the high-end plier market. The price ranges (of these pliers listed) anywhere from 89.00 to 500.00.
  20. Boga holder is new never used. Gloves are size XL - I'm 5'9" 200lbs and they fit well with a little room. Pliers were never used. Prices are pick up cash in MA. Add $5 for ship, add $2.5 for paypal. Boga Holder $25 Gloves $20 Pliers $30
  21. Without starting a pliers vs pliers thread... how well do these hold up? https://www.cudabrand.com/cuda-7-25-titanium-alloy-pliers-with-sheath-lanyard.html
  22. WTS a pair of Shimano pliers, believe they were called the Brutas Blue Wave model. Very sturdy parallel jaws, stainless, spring loaded handle, wire cutter on side. These have hardly been used, were kept in my car as backup. I cut one hook with the side cutters but they aren't designed for 4x trebles so it dented the cutter a little (see pic). No rust whatsoever. Asking $20 shipped.
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