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Found 13 results

  1. Any unfished Pichneys considered. Please show photos and price if possible. Thanks, Mike
  2. Take at least 2 plugs, almost all are lightly used unless listed otherwise. Prices are shipped. PayPal preferred If it’s not marked as sold, it’s still available 1. Tank Troller, used—$30–SOLD 2. Tank Jr Troller, used—$25 3. Fixter Pikie, lightly used—$45–SOLD 4. Lupo? Used—$25 5. Pichney? Used—$25 6. Blondterror Troller, like new—$35–SOLD 7. Blondterror troller, like new—$35–SOLD 8. Blondterror troller, like new—$35 9. LS69 Glider, used— $25–SOLD 10. LS69 Darter, used—$25 11. BackBay, used—$20–SOLD 12. NorCal ScaredyKat, like new—$35-SOLD 13. NorCal ScaredyKat, like new—$35-SOLD 14. Lefty, like new—$50–SOLD 15. BackBay, like new—$20–SOLD 16. Davis, used—$15–SOLD 17. Davis, used—$15 18. PPW, used—$25–SOLD 19. PPW, used—$25–SOLD 20. RM, lightly used—$20–SOLD 21. RM, lightly used—$20 22. RM, like new—$15–SOLD 23. RM, used—$15–SOLD 24. RM, like new—$15–SOLD 25. Lights Out, Like New—$25 26. Gibbs, lightly used—$5–SOLD 27. BM, like new—$30 28. BM, lightly used—$30 29. Tsunami, new— FREE—GIVEN AWAY 30. Tattoo, new—$15–SOLD
  3. Anyone using them, in blue or other colors? AS IMITATIONS FOR SOME PREY SPECIES: Pinks and tans have been used in "sorta-cloud" patterns for years on needles and darters to imitate squid. Have you tried that? Results, good or bad, to share? Why wouldn't that pattern approach work well in yellow or gold, both of which would seem to be effective when imitating bunker? (Can anyone else envision swimming a Gold Cloud peanut plug in a month or so?) Why not use tans, browns, or charcoals to imitate resident prey species like tautog or black sea bass, etc.? (Although there are a number of more detailed patterns out there for these species, might the simpler cloud pattern also work well?) TO MINIMIZE ROLLING IN METAL LIP PLUGS: Whether roll is a positive or negative, important or unimportant plug characteristic is being discussed in other threads, so let's not worry it at all here. The fact remains that some builders minimize the appearance of the roll common to some plugs (esp. Dannies and A40s) by eliminating eyes and using colors that are essentially uniform from top to bottom, such as red (or blue, black, etc.) heads on white or yellow bodies, minor vertical contrast (blurple, yellow/white, etc.), in addition to the obvious all-one-color approach. Might cloud patterns (esp. blind ones) suggest motion while not appearing to roll much? HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: Light-, Medium- and Dark-Blue Cloud patterns (or "Medium Blue Sky / White Cloud Swirl", to use Bazzdozer's nomenclature) were a somewhat common Pichney pattern, both blind and with eyes, as you can see in the Danny images that Russ posted on his Pichney Collection page ("7 1/2" Surface Swimmer Sr." he labeled them). Light Blue Cloud: Medium Blue Cloud: Dark Blue Cloud And here's a 6" Lupo Blue Cloud Troller: (I don't recall ever seeing a Pichney Troller, of any size, in Blue Cloud.) Atom Mfg. Co. did it decades ago on their A40s with their swirls of various blues + white: (I seem to recall seeing at least one Red Swirl A40 at some point, but I'm not positive. Can any of you savvy guys chime in regard these plugs in other swirl colors?) At least one currently-active builder has used blue cloud, as I was reminded today when I saw a post in the BST for Surf Asylum blue cloud plugs (@Dookiespop, I hope you don't mind that I appropriated one of your pics for this post). Looking forward to your comments.
  4. No troller please.. Just standard Danny.. I actually want to fish it, so a reasonable price and I will bite..
  5. For you plug guru's--did Danny Pichney make a pencil popper?-if he did a picture would be great-thanks-rreelman
  6. Pichney Slope head Snrs - 30$ - 2x Surf Asylum Black Conrad Snrs - 35$ - 2x Surf Asylum Pearl Conrad Snrs - 35$ - 2x Please add 5$ to all orders for shipping
  7. Looking for an ID on these. I originally thought the gold/yellow was a Pichney but I'm not sure it's quite right. The "gold" back looks a little more mustard and it also looks a bit rattle can-y. Grommets are different than another Pichney I have too. The rainbow I have no clue. Paint maybe reminds me of Bob Hahn but no glass eyes.
  8. Bassdozer talks about painted on-the-spot Pichneys & he has pics of the 'white over' plugs, but anyone got any pics of Teddy's blue drip ??? Thanks ...
  9. WTS two Pichney slope head sand eels (eelies). Both the 5 3/4" model. Red/white glitter is sealed in the bag, blue/pink/silver/white bag was opened. Both are brand new, no oxidation on grommets. $80 shipped each or $150 for both, PayPal preferred.
  10. $60 takes this mixed lot. Prompt PayPal preferred. All are new except the Conrad.
  11. Looking to purchase fishable Pichney Trollers in herring, white and rainbow (open to other light colors too). Not looking to break the bank with pristine plugs, these will all be fished. Would not mind buying a few at a decent price. Paypal ready. Please post picture and price. Thank you
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