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Found 168 results

  1. Hello guys! Need your help. I want to soon buy a Penn Clash 3000 coil, but there is a problem. It may not come up, leg coil, to my rod (palms shore gun evolv sfsgs-96 mh), tried to put Penn Pursuit III 5000, his leg did not fit in thickness. I don’t have a big city and the choice of Penn’s coils is very small, so I need to order from an online store, but I'm afraid it won’t work. Friends who have a reel Penn Slash 3000-4000 tell me what foot size (width, length, thickness) I would be very, very grateful to you. Sorry for my English, I'm from Russia
  2. I would like to make aware that the new Slammer III ver 3 has 2 shims now on the drive gear instead of previously one IIRC. Now here is the warning. When putting on the two shims; first put on the thin shim, followed by the larger stainless steel shim. The reason I made this post is because me and 2 friends all got the same model, all of our reels came with the version 2 diagram showing only one shim though. If you put these shims on the wrong way your handle sleeve/collar will get a small amount of play and you will also get a small grinding/clicking feeling. I spent 3 hours thinking my reel was defective and thought someone accidentally put in an extra shim. When I switched around the shims there was no play and the clicking noise was gone. I’ve fished a lot of reels and used Penn since I was an ankle biter and I am proud to say the only problem I’ve had ever had with Penn Reels is receiving this outdated diagram lol. Cheers- Cody
  3. In search of two sets of the black brake blocks for the Daiwa Saltist BG20/30h. Located in MD. Thanks!
  4. Looking to sell these reels. All in great shape. PayPal please. Squidders both have static mags and power handles. 65.00 each shipped. Diawa 30 Slosh. Picked up from another user. Never fished by me. Nice shape. 80.00 bucks shipped. Black ABU 6500 Hatteras Light house Edtion. 1 of 210 made. Fished, Nice shape 150.00 shipped. Chrome Abu Rocket 6500 Like new. Never fished 150.00 shipped. 3 Red Abu CTC3 mag. Fished but in nice shape. Cast like a banshee. 135.00 each shipped.
  5. Hey guys, Looking to trade for a 3000 or 4000 size spinning reel. Daiwa BG or similar. Obviously will ship. I just don't like the Penns Reel is in perfect condition minus the small scuffs pictured. Bought less than a year ago and used honestly maybe 4 or 5 times. Spooled with 10lb suffix 832. No box. Let me know what you have for trades!
  6. Can someone please tell me where I can get a Penn 550SS bail spring? I have looked online and struck out. thanks
  7. I have a new Slammer 3 3500 that makes a strange click when I use a very slow retrieve (crawling a red fin across the top for example). I had my friend check it out (he has the same reel but the 4500) and he noticed the click as well and said his reel does not do that. The click isn't audible, but I can feel it (maybe click isn't the best word but I am not sure how to describe it). It happens slightly more when the spool is coming down and does not seem to occur contingently with where the handle is in the retrieve. Is this a normal issue or something I should be concerned about? Is it fixable? It is annoying and distracting!
  8. Hey everyone, Looking to get some feedback on the Penn Slammer III vs Shimano Spheros or Stradic. I would like to use either reel with a 7'6" (M or MH) rod for inshore stripers or albie fishing, but was indecisive between the two as I have heard great things on both. I am also looking to have 200 yards or braid or more on either, which I believe these models will allow. As for reel size for this set up, I am thinking the following, but let me know if I am off my rocker if you feel as if the reel is too big or small for the setup. All three reels are within my price range, so no need to base my decision off of that. My may concern is which will hold up to the saltwater best? Penn Slammer III 4500 Shimano Spheros SP5000SW Shimano Stradic STC5000XGFK Thanks in advance for your input! Chris
  9. Hi guys, Long time reader of this forum and the time has come to seek for advice. Don't beat me up right away, since i have already used a search function in order to find the best fishing rod for the Canal. Basically have two questions: 1. I am looking for a spinning rod that could be a good fit for the PENN Slammer 3 6500 High Speed. I am primarily looking for jigging, throwing jerkbaits, maybe even throwing chunks from the surf occasionally, with the least priority given to the topwater lures. Is there any rod that is multifunctional and does everything not perfect, but just good? Anything in 2-8 oz range. 10-12Ft. Budget: $350. I currently use 9ft Star stellar 1-4 oz fast, but this is definitely not enough to make long casts on the Canal. I have stopped my choice on St. Croix Mojo Surf and St. Croix Avid Surf, but i have seen a lot of debates on perfect rod for the Canal and there are a lot of opinions about my choice being not a very reliable one. People seem to give their favor mostly to everything from ODM Jigster, TFO, Star Paraflex, XSRA 1205, Tsunami Airwave Elite to 600$+ custom made poles. But unfortunately, i can not try every single rod and learn from mistakes, especially by spending seasons of trial and error and thousands of dollars). Please advice! 2. I would also love to hear any comments on SLAMMER 3 6500 HIGH SPEED as well, since i haven't seen a soul using it on the Canal. Seems to be a really good reel with an amazing retrieve rate (48 inches per crank!). Which reels are competitors to this one? (besides Saragosa) Thank you very much for any advice in advance, truly appreciate it.
  10. $135 firm. Full spool of 30lb power pro. Used a handful of times with some marks. Serviced it in February. Includes extra handle and original box. I’ll accept all payment types.
  11. Fierce 3000 with cabon drag and 15lb jbraid. Fierce 2 5000. dont think this was ever used. Sargus 6000 could use a cleaning, functions well. Abu pro rocket 7000ics, 300 yards of pp 50lb. Spinfisher v 4500 with well used 30lb ppss, could use a servicing 4500 ssg, functions as it should. Ssg- $20 Abu- $50 All other- $30 each Pick up only,dont want to ship. Matawan NJ,07747
  12. I know there is a decent price difference between these two reels but after receiving a defective Penn Spinfisher VI 2500 I am returning it. I have wondered if I should shoot for another Spinfisher or get a Daiwa Fuego LT 2500 instead. Does anyone have experience with both of these reel? I will be using it for saltwater and freshwater applications.
  13. I got a new Penn Spinfisher VI 2500 and the line retrieval feels rough but I am not sure if this is a problem or not. Has anyone else's spinfisher vi felt rough out of the box?
  14. Looking to trade my barely used Curado K 201 for a 4000-5000 size spinning reel or small conventional (penn squall/fathom 12 or Avet sxj/sx or similar size). It is the 7:1 speed and left hand retrieve. Will post pics in the morning. Wanted to see if anyone was interested in a trade for something of similar value (retail). Let me know what you got. Located outside Philly. Have a MH Shimano Exage casting rod I can include as well.
  15. Hello all. I'm hoping to get some pointers with an accuplated accuframed jig master that I purchased recently. I've had no exposure to these reels whatsoever until this, and they are exceedingly rare in my location. What I see is that it has original jig master internals and the rest is accuplated, apparently even the spool....but that's where the issue possibly lays. It's a red anodised spool with a clicker gear on the LHS. My thoughts were that the accuplated spool has no need for a clicker gear. The issue is that both the left and right bearings are screwed in as far as they go but there is still a good 1 to 2 mm of sideways slop meaning that the reel rattles when moved and certainly when cast....what's more, the reel to frame tolerance is can easily eat 45lb mono. ...and I didn't think that happened with accuplated jig masters. it's still use able and a very nice reel, but I would have expected more...a lot more ...well. accuracy. Is it the wrong spool? Maybe a sqidder spool? How can I tell?..Do the bearings need shimming? Hope someone can help.
  16. Very lightly used Daiwa Saltist BG40H for sale. It has a small scuff on the left side plate, picture is included. 10/10 mechanically. I only have the reel, no box included. I am located in MD and will ship at the buyers expense. Asking $130 or best offer for the reel. I accept Venmo and Paypal. Thanks!
  17. Selling my Penn Torque II 5500 bailess (USA made), purchased last spring and used it for all of the fall run. Cosmetically it doesnt have a scratch but unfortunately some water got into the body and froze the mainshaft roller bearing (see pics). There is also a slight squeak when reeling very slowly I cant seem to diagnose. All other parts including the line roller, side handle bearings, drag, gears, and seals are like new. The reel currently functions fine but I like to be transparent as possible. Im sure someone with better tools/understanding could replace that bearing in a few minutes or just send to Penn for a quick service. I now have a new Zeebaas, VR50 as well as a few VSXs and just dont want to deal with getting it serviced nor do I need it anymore hence why my asking is low for this reel. (Line is 30# J-Braid). Again please see pics: $350 Shipped paypal comes with box, papers etc.
  18. Hey Fellas, Just picked up a Penn 460L a couple of days ago (not even in my hands yet, I’m already itching) and would like to pair it with a power handle. Please post pics of what you are offering and the payment method will only be USPS MO. Thanks for looking “Tight lines”
  19. Does anyone have a reliable rep that can sell spare spools? I only found one site online and it looks a little dodgy. I want to spool one with 30lb braid and one with 50lb for tarpon in structure... Thanks TK
  20. Need to thin the herd to finance some new gear and other things. Listing some very fine reels. I am the original owner of all listed except the Torque. All reels shipped insured via USPS, buyer takes PP fees. [Sorry for bunched up pics below Im on my phone, they are in order however.] First up is a brand new inbox(opened for pictures), JDM 2016 Daiwa Catalina 4k straight from Digitaka. Asking $400 firm Second is a Daiwa Certate HD 4000, used for Albies last season. Smoothest reel Ive ever fished. Spooled with 30# jbraid x8. Condition: Cosmetic 9/10, Function 10/10. Asking $250 Third is a Shimano Spheros 6k spooled with 30# Jbraid x4. This was my backup surf reel but never saw action, so basically unused but was still on a rod. Asking $150. Cosmetic: Like New, Function: Like New Last is a Penn Torque5 bailess. Purchased from a member here and replaced all the seals, metal sideplates, main shaft, and bushings from Mystic Parts old stock. (Only thing is the power knob is a little wobbly). Loaded with 40# pp. Hasnt been fished since. Cosmetic 9/10 Function: 10/10 (See pics). Asking 350 Firm, No box. Please look at all pics below. No trades at this time thanks.
  21. I’m going to be getting a reel for jiging rockfish, ling cod and halibut in medium to deep water. I have narrowed my choices down to a squidder 145 or a jigmaster 99 ( albacore special) any recommendations would be greatly appreciated
  22. Hi guys, In the market for a 2500 size spinning reel to handle most if not all of my light inshore fishing and came across a Clash at a really good price. My only experience with penn is with conventional reels and have gone with Shimano or Daiwa mostly when it comes spinning reels. Has anyone had any negative experiences with the Clash that I should be made aware about? Thanks in advance
  23. Disregard Listing was incorrectly put in this forum My apologies
  24. Does anyone know if Penn provides factory tours? I would be very interested to see how they run the plant. Love their reels. Probably own 2 dozen Penns now that I have acquired over the last 40 years.
  25. Clearing out some gear, rods are price + actual shipping, everything else the price is shipped. PayPal preferred Located near Reading, PA for rods. 1) Sebile Magic Swimmer, 228, slow sink. 1 LNIB. $20 2) Savage sand eels. $10 SOLD 3) Two Penn Long Beach 65’s, great condition with boxes, wrenches and lube. $35 each 4) Cabo 40 PTS, about 15? years old, line roller was sticking, sent to beavertail reel repair last year for service and haven’t fished since. $40. SOLD 5) Triumph TSRS70M, 7’ medium power, has some very light scratches below first eye. $50 6) Star Rods, Aerial EX510, 6’-9”, 1/2 to 1- 1/2oz. Never fished, small indentation in the Eva grip. $20 7) Star Rods, Stellar Lite,SG1530ISL , 7’-6”, 5/8 - 3oz, cork is a little dark, some small scratches, great rod. $65 8) Two ugly stick casting rods, small eva gouge in butt of one, otherwise good. $10 for both