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Found 238 results

  1. Been dealing with some back issues so looks like my kayak fishing is on hold for a bit. Looking to put together surf fishing spinning outfit. Interested in the following reels: Penn Spinfisher vi 4500 Shimano spheros 6000 daiwa bg 4000 looking for 9 ft 1-4 oz rod to pair with it. Looking to stay under $120 on the rod. Located in Philadelphia area. Let me know if you got anything that fits the bill.
  2. Bunch of things for sale here in South Jersey. Penn Fierce II LL 6000 (year or two old) with new 30 lb braid never used - $75 St Croix Mojo Surf 10' M 1-4 Oz (2 piece, 3 years old still under warranty with Penn Battle 5000 and 30 lb braid) - $250 Okuma Surf 11' 3-8 Oz (2 piece, 2-3 years old) with Penn Fierce II LL 6000 - $150 St Croix Triumph 8' 1/2-2 Oz (need to check if it is 1 or 2 piece, 5-6 years old with 1-2 year old reel) with Penn Battle 4000 and 20 lb braid - $150 Beach Wagon (3 years old or so) with 3 rod holders on the back and two sand spikes - $75 Everything is in good condition. Would prefer to sell rods with reels but may end up selling separate. Pictures below.
  3. Looking for a Penn Spinfisher VI. Prefer 4500 size but would consider 3500. Would also consider LL version as well. Located by Philly and willing to drive about an hour to facilitate deal. Shipping is fine too. let me know what you got. Thanks
  4. Will the gears from a fathom 2 (4.8:1) fit in the older fathom?
  5. Asking $20 picked up in the Bronx or Greenwich, I will not ship. US-made Penn Jigmaster 500 I picked up on eBay, unfortunately the seller didn't disclose two pieces missing on the spool (see picture below) and wouldn't accept a return so I'm trying to recoup what I can. Free spool is pretty bad, probably due to the imbalanced weight. Drag also didn't work when I got it but that sorted itself out when I cleaned/regreased the internals. If you have a spare Jigmaster spool or are ok with cleaning any saltwater intrusion by the gap this is the reel for you!
  6. Hi Jim, Is there a way to swap the Duradrag drag washers for the HT100 washers on my gen1 Torques? Maybe it's a thing Penn could do at the factory? Also, On my Torque7, the bail arm hits the top of the spool when I flip it with the spool extended. It's been like this since I got the reel. It isn't bent, it looks exactly like the other two bailed Torques I have, neither of which have that problem.
  7. Used less than 10 times at OCMD inlet for tautog. Other than a tiny ding on the lower edge of the body (see pic), it is in excellent condition. The Spool was rinsed with tap water after every use. Never been dropped/dunked. Comes with a box, documents, Eva knob, small white rings(not sure what these are for), and TD reel cover. Spooled with 40lb or 50lb Jbraid Asking for $180 shipped within the east coast. Add $10 anywhere else.
  8. Selling 2 50 TW’s condition as shown. Mechanically both are great. Butts not included in sale. $300 ea plus actual shipping.
  9. *Was wondering if anyone had any information when Penn may release these new reels?
  10. Brand New Penn Torque II 7500 Bailless Silver color. I am asking $550 picked up near Annapolis Maryland. I can ship the reel as well. I was planning to use this reel for shark fishing but I want to go a different direction. I am willing to trade for similar quality conventional reel in 30/50 class
  11. Hoping someone can help me sort through some thoughts. Although I fished saltwater when younger, I have not surf fished much at all. I'm now looking to get into it primarily fishing the NC coast and Outer Banks. I recently bought a Penn Squall 30LW and paired it with a Penn Battalion II, 10ft, 15-30lb medium heavy. However, I came across several articles saying the SQL30LW is not the best choice for casting/surf fishing. Reasons cited include, weight, LW which hinders casting distance, designed for trolling, etc. I chose this reel because I thought I would need a LW as a conventional reel beginner however I did look at the Squall Star Drag as well (I don't mind taking the time to learn to use conventional reels). My plan is to use this rod and reel set to cast live bait past the breakers and place it into rod holder. Not targeting a specific fish so want something for about anything. I'm also going to purchase a spinning rod and reel to use for lures while my conventional sits in the rod holder. I've looked at the Spinfisher and the Fierce III options. What do you think and do you have any advice? Am I on the right track with the Squall 30LW or should I get a 20LW? Perhaps there is something I'm not considering? Should I ditch the whole conventional setup if my focus is on surf fishing? There is so much information out there its hard to sort through. Thanks.
  12. I have 5 new Penn Torque 2 7500 bailless. Comes with papers and box. $550 shipped each.
  13. So I've decided I'm not ready to cast a conventional reel! Although I originally put 50lb braid on the Penn Squall 30, I've recently replaced it with 40lb mono. Reason?: I can't cast the braid without making a bird's nest. So....we'll try mono and practice until about mid-March before taking it to the beach. Meanwhile, I've bought a Penn Battle 5000 and a Penn Battle 4000 and paired them with a Penn 11ft and 9ft rod respectively. I've had pretty good luck catching whiting, blues, and puffers while fishing Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach. I'm using drop leaders and Carolina rigs. What have I've learned: Multiple bait types are necessary to figure out what the darn fish want Fishing after dark (waiting for the tide to come in) is useless without a head light My baseball cart does not work in the sand My 11yr old will not fish if the fish are not biting I'm probably using hooks that are too big for the area that I'm fishing Blood worms work when nothing else works I always purchase too much fresh bait and wind up donating what I don't use to the fishermen beside me or to the fish who refuse to bite my hook Braid is hard to tie! Mono is much easier. Fishing video's are made for those who like to brag...either on their knot tying ability or on the one good day they had all summer. The video editing software contributes to the fake video (news). Even if I don't catch anything, I enjoy being on the beach! Penn Fishing doesn't comment on my posts! I'm a newbie trying to get started in surf fishing! I have all Penn rods and reels....but it's not too late to switch up! And I will, screw the "sunk" cost! I can't keep fresh shrimp on the darn hook! It comes off when I cast and is never on the hook when I reel it in! Mullet, spot, fish bites, and bloodworms are all there... not fresh shrimp! It is very satisfying to tie your own leader and catch a fish with it! My wife wants me to start bringing fresh fish home to's healthy, she says! But I've got to learn how to catch them first!!!:):)
  14. I have a Penn 6500ss that is like new in the box. This is in mint condition. $220.00.
  15. I bought a Penn Slammer III back in September and was very excited as it felt very smooth and comfortable in my hands. After 2 and a half months the reel started to feel very rough and geart... I Fished it about twice a week since beginning of September and always rinsed it thoroughly after every outing. I never dunked the reel and it has only taken light splashes. I have a Fierce II, Fierce III, and Battle II as well. Ive used those reels the same way and they have always been very smooth. To investigate the issue with the reel i took it apart and everything looked good inside. I cleaned it and regreased it but it didnt help... i started working with the shims over and over again and it still wouldnt fix the issue ... what gives? Have heard many good things about these reels but I’m very disappointed with it considering the other low end reels i have by penn have worked flawlessly.
  16. Been working on my technique a lot lately but still can't always get it where I need it. Soo i've decided ill either get a longcast (probably ssvi 65/7500 or maybe a ULTEGRA XTC), or an 11ft casting rod for one of my conventional reels. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with both and how distance compares. How would the level wind affect distance. Should i use the one without the LW. Would prob end up using mono on the conventional reel at least to start so how will that change things. I think i'm inclined to get a longcast reel because i think id be more willing to wade in which would give me a good extra bit of distance and maybe a cheep casting rod cause i think i want to learn. But any thoughts welcome.
  17. Well after a couple months of use my tsunami shield is making noise, I clean after every use, I guess you get what you pay for. I love the reel though, it's light and comfortable. Looking for something to replace it but not looking for a Van Stal.
  18. Time to move some gear that didn't see action this year. Reel prices include shipping on the east coast (west coast add $7.) PayPal or cash only. I'm not shipping the rods, please don't ask as it's just not happening. I'm located in SE CT close to 95 so can meet up within reason. Will also take more pics if needed - just ask. 1. BG 4500 - $85 - 9.5 mechanically and cosmetically. Would be a 10 but I save that for new only. Comes with 30# braid, I believe J8 but not positive. Used last spring in a freshwater river and then shelved. No box. 2. BG 2500 - $55 - reel looks great and free spins beautifully but is tight underload. Might just need a line roller but not really sure. Should be easy for someone to diagnose. Never dunked or taken a wave so that's why I'm guessing line roller. No box but comes loaded with 20# PP 3. Penn Slammer 3 4500 - $185 - 9.5 mechanical and cosmetic. Bought for fall run '19 and serviced in the spring by Penn. This was my back up all summer and was only used 2 or 3 times. Not dunked. Great reel. Can't find the box but can ship in a clash box if required. Loaded with 30# braid but can't remember what brand 4. Penn Spinfisher V 5500 - $100 - brand new with box. Never mounted on a reel. 5. St Croix inshore Tidemaster 7' M 1/4-5/8oz - $100 - been in the basement for a few years. No nicks and the cork is fully intact and in great shape. Just a little oxidation on the hook hanger 6. St Croix inshore Tidemaster 7' MH 1/2-1oz - $110 - same as above - been in the basement for a few years. No nicks and the cork is fully intact and in great shape. Just a little oxidation on the hook hanger 7. Shimano Trevala 6'3" M rated up to 4.75oz - $75 - Only used once or twice on friends boat. Great shape, no nicks and foam is in perfect shape. 8. Shimano Trevala 7' M rated 1/2-3oz - $75 - same story as the other Trevala.
  19. Penn slammer 3 4500 Just bought a few weeks ago and used 5-6 times comes With box , shims, extra soft knob . Bought a bigger reel so someone should be able to enjoy this asking $220 buyer pays shipping
  20. Hello Penn, I have a new spinfisher 4500 with a bail to accompany my bail less version. (I love that reel but the occasional break offs are annoying and costly) The new reel required the removal of the spool shim to wind the line on perfectly. Is it OK to run the reel this way or do I need to put one of the other reel shims in there?
  21. It’s never used. Showroom condition. Great for freshwater or inshore applications. 180yds of 20lbs Spiderwire. Spare spool has no line. $100 pickup SE MA. $110 shipped PayPal.
  22. 9ft. 2pc. 3/4-3oz. Never used. Great condition. Pics upon request but pics are easily found online. $40 pickup southeastern MA.
  23. For someone who followed my last posts, about if penn slammer , clash or shimano saragosa, well... This was my first fight with this duo, penn slammer 5500 + St Croix Mojo Surf 9' MMF2, daiwa jbraid grand 0.28mm, 50lb fluo. For cast the mojo surf mmf2 is a bit stiff, but the fast action helps a LOT with the hook! so, more strenght to cast but less hook out Enjoy the drag cries!!
  24. Brand new. Never used. Has 25lbs backing. Just removed 40lbs 300yds braid. Only $80 pickup. $90 shipped PayPal.