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Found 22 results

  1. Plugcaster original! Rare! $75.00 shipped
  2. Luna ‘16 Pencil very lightly fished 8” 3.5oz white/peach top $45 shipped
  3. $4 to ship 1 or combine and save ALL PLUGS ARE NEW AND RIGGED WITH 6X STRONG VMC TREBLE HOOKS 1. $24 Slippery Squid - Green Mackerel 3.3oz 2. $24 Slippery Squd - Wacky Mackerel 3.7oz 3. $24 Slippery Squid - White Mackerel 3.7oz
  4. Looking to trade a scabelly pencil for glider used is fine if its in decent shape and a new floating chicken scratch 7in floater for any 5 or 7in sinking glider one to 1 trade. I mistakenly got floating instead of sinking
  5. New in package blue mack scabelly pencil popper for sinking scabelly or mikes glider, gliders can be used in decent condition they will be used
  6. $4 to ship 1 or combine and save. 1. USED Outcast Longcast Pencil 5oz $28 2. USED CAST ONCE Outcast Longcast Pencil 5oz $30 3. NEW JBR Flat Pencil 3oz $28 4. NEW JBR Flat Pencil 3oz $28 5. NEW Gibbs Pencil 1.5oz $10 6. USED Wallys Pencil 3oz $15 7. NEW Unknown Needle 3oz $12 8. USED Unknown Needle 3oz $10 9. NEW Unknown Needle 3oz $12 10. USED Goo Goo Man Metal Lip 2.75oz $28 11. USED RM Smith Metal lip $12 12. NEW Guppy Jobo Sr 3.5oz $27 13. NEW Guppy Jobo Sr Longcast 4.25oz $28 14. NEW Guppy Jobo Jr Longcast 3.5oz $25 15. USED Guppy Jobo Jr 3oz $23 16. USED Afterhours Pencil 2.25oz $15 17. USED Tsunami Timber Pencil 1.75oz $10
  7. $65 Shipped for the lot Wallys Pencil Gibbs Pencil Afterhours Pencil Tsunami Timber RM Smith Metal Lip
  8. Like the title says, I'd like to buy a 6in/1oz Cotton Cordell pencil popper in Smokey Joe color. Would prefer NIB but will take very good condition used. Lost mine tonight and it has been my favorite lure all season so I'd like to replace it. Thanks!
  9. $4 to ship 1 or combine and save. If need any additional photos let me know. 1. New mini flat 2 3/8oz pale squid -$22- SOLD 2. used mini flat 2 3/8oz pale squid - $20- SOLD 3. Used Lil p flat 1 5/8oz SPECIAL COLOR calamari -$18- SOLD 4. New Lil p flat 1 5/8oz blue scale -$18- SOLD 5. Used Lil p flat 1 5/8oz yellow scale -$17 6. New Lil p round 1 1/4oz pale squid-$20- SOLD 7. Used Lil p round 11/4oz Pearl white scale-$17- SOLD 8. Like New Cast once Jobo SR XH 4 1/4oz SPECIAL COLOR Calamari - $27- SOLD 9. New Jobo Sr XH 4 1/4oz Mackerel - $25 10. New Jobo Jr XH 3 1/2oz SPECIAL COLOR Dark Green Mackerel - $25 11. New Jobo Jr XH 3 1/2oz SPECIAL COLOR Calamari - $25- SOLD 12. New Jobo Jr XH 3 1/2oz Fluorescent yellow/pink - $23 13. New Jobo Jr 3oz SPECIAL COLOR Green Scale - $25- SOLD 14. Used Jobo Jr XH 3 1/2oz Pearl white scale -$21- SOLD 15. Used Jobo jr XH 3 1/2oz fluorescent yellow/pink -$21- SOLD 16. Used Jobo jr 3oz wacky mackerel -$21
  10. $4 to ship 1, combine and save. If you need more photos let me know. 1. Cast Once Like New Kingpin 4oz Pink squid - $26- SOLD 2. New Raptor 3oz Rainbow Mackerel - $22- SOLD 3. New Raptor 3oz Rainbow Mackerel - $22- SOLD 4. New Raptor 3oz Bunker Pogie - $22- SOLD 5. Cast Once Like New Raptor 3oz Ghost Mackerel - $22 -SOLD 6. Used Pilgrim 2.5oz Bunker Pogie - $19 7. New Pilgrim 2.5oz Pink Squid - $22- SOLD
  11. Went through and regroup and lowered some prices. Shipping is a flat rate of $8 for a priority box no matter how many plugs, I will pay the extra if I need to go to a larger box. Any new plugs may have storage marks, call were stored in boxes and bags with other plugs. can get better pics upon request. 1. 7" guppy new $22 2. 7" guppy new $22 3. 7" guppy new $22 4. 7" guppy light use $19 5. 4" jnski new $22 6. Ron muccie single hook Polaris new $19 7. Striperbites Polaris light use $20 8. Asbury ave used $14
  12. Just picked up this popper at the show but only because he didn't have the lighter size in the color I was after. I'm looking to trade this 3 1/4oz Afterhours Pencil in yellow/white for a 2 1/4oz Afterhours Pencil of the same color. Thanks for any interest!
  13. Selling as a lot. Pollack guppy has some pointers, yellow guppy looks like it has seen some water and the darter and bm pencil can pass as new. $83 shipped, PayPal only please. BM 3.5oz guppy 3oz guppy 2.8oz sproting wood 2.5oz
  14. Lot 1. Four used Gibbs pencils, 6" 1.5oz. $35 shipped PP Lot 2. Four used SP minnows, 6" floaters. $20 shipped PP
  15. Goooood morning! I have a few of these cedar plugs that I've turned and wanted to see if anyone was interested in a trade. These plugs are meant to be fished!! They are sealed and epoxied (smaller pencil to the right will be epoxied over the weekend), through wired, they have 150# swivels, 80# split rings, and can have 2/0 or 3/0 6x strong VNC trebles. The specs for each plug are listed below. If you are interested in a trade, I'm down for darters, gliders, or bottle plugs as I don't make these yet. If you're interested, please let me know. I don't mind breaking them out or if you want to do all three. Thanks for looking!! Pencil Popper (Left ) - 6"\2oz Metal Lip - 6"\2oz Pencil Popper (Right) - 5 3/4"\2oz -BPW-
  16. Hello everyone, new to the site and to lures, used to be a bait fisherman. Was wondering why I don't see or hear about people fishing bigger plugs or metal. Everyone I see not fishing bait on the beach look to be casting sp minnows or small metal, under 2oz, 8-9 foot rod. Things like that.
  17. Lot of TA plugs - some storage marks, possibly carried but not fished. 2 SeaPencils, 2 BombPoppers, 2 SubDarters. $60 shipped, PayPal
  18. Afterhours Sr Dookster, Very lightly use. One little ding near the tail. 6" 3oz Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper, new. 7" 1.6oz $33 shipped PayPal
  19. All priced shipped each. Must purchase at least 2 plugs to make shipping worth while. All plugs new in package unless noted in description. 1. Bob Hahn 1.5oz swimmer, white. $12.00 SOLD 2. Cap'n Andy deep Brok'n-Bak swimmer. 10" Eel Skin plug $12.00 SOLD 3. Lupo Danny 3-3/4oz deep trolling and casting open package and missing cardboard label. $10.00 Sold 4. Al Gag's 5" darter 1-1/2oz $12.00 SOLD 5. L. Cooper Goo-Goo eyes 20-D Deep Swimmer "Husky Swimmer" $20.00 SOLD 6. Lupo Danny 3-3/4oz deep trolling and casting $12.00 7. Lupo Danny 3-3/4oz deep trolling and casting, unopened missing label. $12.00 SOLD 8. Island Lures 2oz darter $12.00 9. Stan Gibbs 1-5/8oz darter white $12.00 SOLD 10. Lupo Danny 3-3/4oz deep trolling and casting $12.00 SOLD 11. Gibbs Pencil Popper 3-1/2oz white / red $18.00 12. Gibbs trolling swimmer 3oz Mack $15.00 SOLD 13. Gibbs trolling swimmer 3oz White $15.00 14. Sebile Stick Shadd FW 155MM / 6-1/4" 2-1/2oz $12.00 SOLD
  20. 2 older style (NIP) Cotton Cordell pencils(2oz)with brass wiring through the bodies. The scaled pencil has little defect on its side.Hooks should probably be changed out if they're gonna be fished. Creek chub(4oz)is brand new, just took it out of the package for pics. The surfster also has a little defect from factory but honestly I don't think the fish will care. $55 shipped PayPal USA only. Thanks
  21. All Lots are Priced shipped to the lower 48. Lot 1: (5) F80 and (2) F90 Plug Lot $110.00 Lot 2: 1 Bomber A-Salt, 2 Salt Pro Minnow 15 F, 3 Rebel, 1 Bomber 16 A $35.00 Lot 3: Metal Lip Lot: 1 Black Striper bite jointed eel, Creek Chub Wood Pikey $70.00 Lot 4: Al Gags Needle, 2 Mag Darters, 1 Magic swimmer 145 fast sinking $30.00 Lot 5: Top Water Lot: 4 Wood Skippers, 1 Bomber pencil popper, 1 Gibbs pencil popper, 1 Striper Strike 2100, 1 Strike Pro popper $50.00
  22. Probably a long shot, but I'm looking for a Mike's Custom Plugs 6" 1.75oz pencil popper. Lost mine this morning. New or used is fine.