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Found 17 results

  1. Hi last year was really my first year kayak fishing for fluke. I got a older petal drive kayak in fall. I would like to go out for blue fish and stripers this year with it. How do you guys organize your tackle. There’s limited space that’s within reach and no room under the seat of my yak. I normally surf fish and I don’t see my surf bag being a great option.
  2. Coming up to fish Montauk the third week of October. ‘Twill be my first time, so I need some help with gear choices. Have booked a well-known guide for a day, but I’m hoping to hang around a couple of days afterwards and try out what he teaches me. I’m a kayak fishing guide down here in the Southeast, so I’ve got some stuff, and I do know my way around the water. Just not in the Long Island surf. Surf fishing down here is cut mullet on the bottom and wait - boring. I only use bait on my charters in the heat of summer, when the water is loaded with mullet and pogies, and it’s so hot the fish won’t chase anything else. The rest of the time it’s artificials or flies, so I know how to fish lures. I’ve got Simms waders, but they’re stockingfoot (former trout/steelhead addict), and my wading boots are felt sole. I know I need korkers, but does it matter which ones? My preference before has been for lighter rather than heavier. Are they sized like other wading boots are? I’ve got bogas and a good surf belt. I’ve ordered a bag from Jamie that will double as a skiff bag for down here. I’ve got plenty of good stuff for layering underneath, but I need a good top. If it’s warm, and I just need a jacket, I’m fine. Got several of those. I pulled out my Immersion Research dry top - neoprene cuffs and adjustable collar with Velcro, but I hardly use it because it’s just not big enough to layer under. It’s designed just for paddlers, not for fishing, so it’s tighter than I like. Do I absolutely need something with latex gaskets in October? Okay if I do, but I’m hoping not. Recommendations? Anything else that’s a must have? I have a couple of headlamps and waterproof flashlights. I have good pliers that will hold up to salt. I built a 9’, 1-4oz rod out of an MHX blank, paired with a Spinfisher VI 6500 I already had, spooled with 30lb invisibraid. I’ve got leader material from 15-50lb. I have good friends who live in Southampton, so that’s where I’m staying. Anybody who's willing to let me tag along any of those days, if you ever come to Hilton Head/Savannah area, I’ll take you out in a yak or a skiff and put you on some good inshore fish. I’ll provide all the gear. You can check my IG if you want to see what I have to offer in return. I don’t believe in asking something for nothing when it comes to fishing.
  3. This message is for somebody, who just like me, haven't caught a single fish in the saltwater. It's almost like me talking to myself a few months ago. I had never caught a single fish in the saltwater, though I have a little bit of success catching trout, small bass and sunfish in lakes and ponds mostly using floats and earthworms or trout magnets. I started my journey by showing up at the beach with my lake tackle unexpected to get some big fish. A few friends and fellow fishermen give me some tips along the way. But to be honest when I looked at those big hooks I couldn't even imagine that you can catch fish with those. They just seemed so big. Then I got lucky to see some people catch fish, mostly using bunker chunks on big hooks and fishfinder rigs. I immediately adapted to that technique watched a lot of videos, learnt how to snag bunkers and that was a starting step. First time I snagged a bunker I felt as if I have got the trophy fish. I tried the same techniques that people had been using, usually around the same spot where they have been but still did not get a single bite. The first fish I caught in salt water on bunker chunks was a stingray on the beach late at night. Took me a while to get the hook out with bare hands. Immediately after that I caught a small shark. Next day I ordered myself a good set of pliers and tools to unhook a fish. Months passed by, but no luck. I wanted to catch a blue fish or a striper. Since stripers are usually up north during the summer, I tried fishing for fluke and blue fish as they were abundant. This forum has been extremely helpful in getting a lot of tips from people including what time they have been fishing, what general areas they have been fishing, and what lures people have been using. I started investing some money on buying different plugs and a lot of time watching videos on how to use them. Every time I would learn something new I would go to the water and try hoping I will get something, but the results were never as good as it looked on the videos. After all that 2 minute video can be a result of ten failed trips prior that we don't see. Some very generous people on this forum even went out of their way to send me a private message and tell me what lure to use, what general area to go to, what kind of structure to look for, and how to jig. I still kept failing miserably. To say the least, it was very demotivating to the point I started feeling I will never catch any fish. This is something I took upon as a challenge and felt there is a technique, there are fish out there, I just need to put 2 snd 2 together. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I have this in mind and started implementing the fact that if I tried something and it did not work, it's time to try something different. This does not necessarily mean that doing the same thing will not yield any results, So I could do the same thing but at a different time or a different tide just as an experiment. So around a month and a half ago I decided I will go out and fish every single day if I can and try something different till I catch my first fish. I met some of the members from this group who even showed me how to catch fish and caught it in front of me. I continued to go out everyday look around and learn from people around me and try different things. I met someone at a spot who was catching fish, while I wasn't with my plugs. I asked him what he is using and he told me, jighead with swim shad. He actually gave me what he was using since I had the jighead but not the shad. I fished for half hour, no luck, and that's ok. They continued to catch fish after fish. And then it finally happened. I was at home and wondering how did they catch so many fish, but me not even one? And I figured I wasn't casting as far as them. Which means, i was casting in the wrong spot. I went back next night and I was fishing with the jig head and a jerk shad, I casted it at various depths and distances, and one time when the lure went deeper into the channel I felt something different on my rod as it bent forward when it went deeper. And boom that's when the fish took the lure and I had it hooked. It got off on its own but I knew I had a fish. Then I repeated the same exact step and cast it in the same exact location and boom once again had another fish. As I pulled it closer it revealed itself it was a blue fish. Before I could pull it up it set itself free. I lost that lure and it got snug with some rocks and wrapped up and went home very happy. I made note of the tide that I was fishing (outgoing), and tried to do the same thing the next time I went out. And though didn't get anything on the same casting spot, I kept changing my distance and finally got another fish close by. Then suddenly a transformation happened. I don't know how it happened but it happened for sure and it was pretty evident. I started thinking like a fish. I could look at the water flowing and imagine what a fish would like to do to get its food. I kept fishing in the same general area but from different angles and finally got a few more fish to be proud about. Something very interesting happened last night. I was fishing in the same area, and spend half an hour casting out with no bites at all. Then I suddenly noticed that the water much closer to me was flowing faster than the water where I was casting. So if I was a fish I had better chance of finding food in fast moving water as the outgoing tide would bring all kinds of bait with it. So I casted just a few feet away from me where the water was fast, and boom. Got a fish, repeated the cast on the next one and same result, got another fish. I'm not a fisherman, I do not have any experience that I can brag about. I'm an absolute newbie and in the last few days I caught short of a dozen fish, and it feels really good. Most of the fish I got is swimming happily right now. But I wanted to write this little message here so people who were like me can read it and know that all the time that you have been spending even though you have failed are leading to your successes as you are learning something new every single time you show up on the water. Just don't give up. Read every message on this forum with full attention, try to imagine the entire experience of the person posting it. Learn something new, immediately go out and try it. People who are fishing out there are usually very helpful and very kind. Be courteous to them, keep your distance, don't try to fish in the spot they are fishing, especially if they were there before you, and approach them with your questions when they are not busy and they might share something with you that will help you. Also never litter, keep the spots as it was when you got there. Respect the environment, respect people and respect the fish you catch. When you catch and release, make it quick, don't hurt the fish, don't leave it out for too long, and don't forget to thank it I do, every time. I couldn't have figured it all out by myself. The credit goes to people that I have met on the fishing spots, and people on this forum who have shared their tips without holding back anything. It's all about giving back to the community. When you learn something new come and feel free to share it with others. What goes around comes around. So to conclude, try new things, try top water lures (pencil poppers, sp minnows, top-knocks, spooks) especially when you see fish jumping and splashing on the surface. Try swim shads, mag darters, etc for mid water, and bucktail, bait (bunker chunks, bloodworms etc, jigheads) for bottom. Each has their own way of retrieve, so watch some videos for tips. Try fishing at different times, different tides, different areas. But whatever you do, don't give up. Trust me, my wife and family at home had started making jokes on me, and say things like when he goes fishing, the fish are safe, they must look at him and laugh :). I took that lightly and kept doing what I was doing and got some action going. Also, the rod I caught most of these fish is one that is tied together with zip ties so the reel doesn't move on the rod. Spend your money wisely, if the technique is right, fish will be caught, equipment helps, but technique matters more. Keep your lines tight, and don't forget to thank those who have helped you. Good luck and happy fishing. The process is more enjoyable than the product.
  4. Hi Everybody, I'm planning on heading out to Sandy Hook this coming weekend to try to catch, well, fish. Whatever fish I can. I just moved to NJ from the Rockies and I haven't done much salt-water fly fishing and none in the mid-Atlantic region, so I'm a total beginner at this. Any advice on what to do once I get out there would be much appreciated, especially what to look for and what to throw at the fish this time of year, and also any recommendations on shops in the area carrying flies and fly gear. I have a few clousers and some shoddy home-tied bunker patterns but if I want to use anything else I'll have to pick them up between now and the weekend. Have a 9 wt with intermediate line.
  5. Hello all SoL kayakers. Brand new kayak owner here looking for input. How does one practice self rescue, not knowing if your capable of getting back in the kayak? Plan on going with a buddy to a lake so i could get towed in if it doesn't work out. But want some training before i put my butt in current. Appreciate any advice, TY
  6. I have built a wrapper jig out of cardboard, and I was wondering how essential a rod dryer turner thing is... I can spin the damn rod but not for 6-8 hours. Do I need one, or will the epoxy settle within a few minutes of turning? Is a hair dryer okay to use to speed it up? I assume thinner layers is better without a rod dryer. TIA!
  7. I have built a wrapper jig out of cardboard, and I was wondering how essential a rod dryer turner thing is... I can spin the damn rod but not for 6-8 hours. Do I need one, or will the epoxy settle within a few minutes of turning? Is a hair dryer okay to use to speed it up? TIA!
  8. I'm trying to expand my fishing opportunities beyond the salt and getting into freshwater fishing. I picked up a 7' Fenwick Eagle UL and a Pfluegger President P20 spooled with 10# Fireline Ultra 8 (4# mono diam) and a 6# fluoro leader and hit a local lake. I started out with a 1/16oz rooster tail, covered a lot of water with no interest, so I switched over to a small crickhopper. I cast it out and worked it slowly on top, which resulted in a mess of line coiling under the spool and wrapping around the shaft. I figured I put too much line on the reel, took off a bunch and retied. Same issue. So I figure there's just not enough weight to the lure to keep the line tight to the spool when working it slow like that. Is this just a reality of ultralight fishing or am I doing something wrong? Is it the line itself? I've never used fireline before. Any help or general fresh/UL tips would be appreciated.
  9. I'm from Missouri, Northeast corner of the state that is and wondering is there any more like me here. I fish for large mouth bass and walleye mostly, but bream and crappie are welcome too. Who was that masked man? Son, that's the lone Fisherman! Sorry, I fry in the sun! I'm a newbie here, but it doesn't matter where you get your line at, fishermen are full of knowledge, just waiting to share!
  10. My first post here, just looking for some info. I’m 16 and have received a 14 ft. Skiff from an older family member that will be kept in the Massapequa area. I plan on taking the boating course, as I don’t know much about boating. My knowledge of freshwater fishing is greater than that of saltwater but I have a passion for both. Any tips on fishing, what fish to target what ounce jig heads and sinkers to use. Any tips or advice will be appreciated. I plan on going out with friends and family who are more experienced with boats to gain more knowledge. Thanks
  11. Man, what a great forum! I'm finally getting into true surf fishing as opposed to fishing with lighter rods on the beach. This is a great resource for me.
  12. Hello all! I'm a new member here. I'm also a new surfer. I've mostly fished from piers and boats. I started fishing from surf last year. I have a long way to go to perfect my cast, learn how to use certain lures, etc. So I'll be asking a couple of questions here and there. Ok... probably a gazillion. I hope everyone's 2018 is great so far and that the holidays treated you well. Out of curiosity, how many of you received this for Christmas??? Jennie
  13. Just wanted to say hello. My name is Chelle. I've been a member of this site for several years and I pop on from time to time just to see what's going on. Finally decided to participate. I mainly carp fish, tournaments.... but I will fish for anything except bass.. too much reeling and slinging, reeling and slinging .... I like to sit back and relax when I am fishing. I haven't been able to fish much this year or last year due to a hip injury. I had 1 surgery may 3rd and fixing to have to another so it kinda sidelined my fishing. Between that and my other hobby.... hot rods... lol... I habe expensive hobbies and shallow pockets I think I am fixing to go thru some reels and try to get rid of some of them. I have A LOT of reels... not kidding.. and I have a lot of Dr bills that I need to pay. I Don't know how but I have managed to over the years to accumulate sets and sets of Abu Garcia bait casters. I finally got a set i absolutely love so I guess it's time to let some of the others go. I gotta get in the closet and start digging them out. Lol
  14. Hi All, Yes, I'm thinking about "trying" to fly fish the surf. I know its going to be a lot of trial and error, but always fun learning something new. I dunno what it is, but I just feel like I have to try it. Any tips or gear anyone would like to suggest for a newbie. I know there's a whole fly fishing forum, but just wanted to ask the west coast folks first. thanks, Richard
  15. So I fish a lot in freshwater (largemouth mostly) but am looking to explore alternatives. From what I hear, snapper blues are a good way to get introduced to the salt, but are they around? Any advice on where to try in the immediate Boston area? I was thinking Castle Island or the Neponset River salt marsh (found them on google maps but don't know much more).
  16. I need your suggestions on what rod wt should I buy? I'm a saltwater fisherman living in a tropical country and I mainly fish for milkfish, barramundis and occasionaly barracudas. They are stored in a giant pond so I don't need to fish in a boat. At the same time most of them usually weight around 4-10 pounds and I can only buy either an 8 or 9 wt rod since I'm on a tight budget.
  17. ive always loved fishing but i kinda dont know much of what im doing. especially from the surf. christmas is coming soon and i would like my father to buy me this combo, will it work, is it good i want to target stripers and bluefish mostly with this set up. i want to use the penn spinfisher 6500 with a lamiglas 9ft rod. also what do i have to do when fishing im a total newbie feel free to link me to any forum posts or videos i should watch.