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Found 21 results

  1. 4 plugs here All RM, All new still in package. (1 ) Jackhammer- albino chkn scratch 9in. 3.3ozs. 50$ shipped (2) Peanut Waverer- black n gold + white n lime 4.5 in. 1.2 ozs 65$ shipped (1) SLow Sink needle- Black and purple 6in. 1.1 ozs. 35$ shipped Firm on price, can work something if you buy 3 or more. Waverers are a package deal can't split em up. Thanks for looking. PP
  2. Anybody out there know who the builder is?
  3. WTT new 12” Milkman blurple needle for Super Strikes. darter/bottle/popper/needles. show me what you got. New never used. Was a raffle at a Surf rat ball
  4. $4 to ship 1 or combine and save. 1. USED Outcast Longcast Pencil 5oz $28 2. USED CAST ONCE Outcast Longcast Pencil 5oz $30 3. NEW JBR Flat Pencil 3oz $28 4. NEW JBR Flat Pencil 3oz $28 5. NEW Gibbs Pencil 1.5oz $10 6. USED Wallys Pencil 3oz $15 7. NEW Unknown Needle 3oz $12 8. USED Unknown Needle 3oz $10 9. NEW Unknown Needle 3oz $12 10. USED Goo Goo Man Metal Lip 2.75oz $28 11. USED RM Smith Metal lip $12 12. NEW Guppy Jobo Sr 3.5oz $27 13. NEW Guppy Jobo Sr Longcast 4.25oz $28 14. NEW Guppy Jobo Jr Longcast 3.5oz $25 15. USED Guppy Jobo Jr 3oz $23 16. USED Afterhours Pencil 2.25oz $15 17. USED Tsunami Timber Pencil 1.75oz $10
  5. Wood plugs. Not sure makers. $50 plus $5 shipping. No shipping on local pick up Astoria, queens.
  6. Super Strike lure set. 4 needle fish 2 carried and 2 brand new. 3 red eye and 1 yellow eye. 2 darters don't think I used these either. 1 yellow and 1 red eye. Total for everything including shipping $85.
  7. (7) BM lot $170 for all + shipping No splits (2) spin atom jrs.(yellow/blue) (1)Cowboy Jr. (Blue mullet) (1)Danny Jr. (Parrot) (2) wadds (blurple/Block green) (1) Early style needle (blue)
  8. NIP Campo Bullet Needle $50 shipped PayPal
  9. Small dmag lot 80 shipped brand new with package and hardware
  10. Cheap wood lot. $35 shipped with tracking. All hooks in good Condition. Gibbs Bottle Has chip in middle of lip but still swims fine. PayPal Preferred. Gibbs Darter: Green Mac Gibbs Bottle: Green Mac Creek Chub Surfster: Turquoise Foil Mac Tsunami Needlefish: Olive over White Tsunami Pencil: Blue over White with Feather Tail Flag Siwash Unknown Poppers: Black, Blue over white
  11. Both new just stored for a while $60 picked up add $7 for shipping pp
  12. Discontinued Superstrike Colors. Price includes shipping w/ tracking. Payment via PP. New Black/Green/White Bottle and Darter set ($75). Will split at $40 each New Herring 2 3/8 oz black eye Popper ($40) New Neon Yellow/White 2 3/8 oz black eye Popper ($40) Used Neon Pink 2 3/8 oz black eye Popper ($35) New Bronze/Bone/Orange 5-1/4" Heavy Needle ($40) Thank you!
  13. 9 1/2" long and 2.25 oz. Micro-metalflake paint is black on top, fading to olive/gold belly. In the first pic, what appears to be the different color on the cheek is just a highlight from the window light. Grommets appear to be brass. TIA for your help.
  14. Timely PP or cash (if in-person) only. No MOs or checks. Prices include shipping via USPS First Class. Weights indicated are for the plugs as shown, with or w/o hooks, hangers, etc. Three LIFISHVT (with the flat face, you can fish them like a needle, a popper or a spook, depending on the weight): -Blue sparkle over white belly w/red chin. 9” and 2.4 oz. Lightly fished, with light oxidation on belly hook swivel. Casts like crazy! $17. -Yellow w/red head. 8” and 1 ¾ oz. New. $15. -Yellow sparkle over white, w/red chin. 8” and 2 oz. Might have been stored. V. small chip near the nose. No oxidation or pointers. $15. One SS bullet, yellow over white. About 1 ¼ oz. Very lightly fished. $17. Spofford’s (of MV fame), a little over 7” long and 1 oz in all black. NIP. $13.
  15. Needle ID: 1. Can you help with this Rudolph? 0.6 oz., as shown. ~6" long. 2. While poking around in the plug vault (more like a bunch of boxes!), I found this Boone needle (6.5" long w/o tail hook and 0.6 oz as shown in the pics) and I got to thinking about another thread about mackerel lures and how to fish them re: Macks swim with a narrow motion. As anyone who has read Bassdozer's outstanding articles about striper plugs (both on SOL and on his site http://www.bassdozer...rf_plugs.shtml) will claim, the Boone needles have been known to be under-equipped when it comes to hooks and how they are attached (via screw eyes). You sharp-eyed folks might quickly discern what I'm planning to do when you see the last pic. (Note that the dark circle in the first Boone pic is merely a washer I used to hold the needle upright.) My questions: -How can I (solidly) attach one treble (or single, for that matter) to the front of the belly? (You can see two holes in the bottom of the plug, which are where the original little screw eyes were located) Can I use a bigger screw eye, plus glue it w/either epoxy or Gorilla or Cryo? If so, what size SS screw eye should I get? - Is all of the hysteria about screw eyes a bunch of baloney? (From reading some of the threads here, it just might be.) - How do I determine where I'll install the single belly hook? If I go treble hook, I'm thinking 1/0 4x (or so). If I go single belly hook, I'm not sure yet. Maybe a 3/0 4x or thicker? BTW, I envision the tail as just a flag, no hook. TIA for your insights, P
  16. Adding a couple plugs to the leftovers of a previous thread... PAYPAL ONLY!!!!! I will cover paypal fees so the lure prices are the actual price, no fees added, as per the new rules. However please add $5 to the total of your order for shipping... If you want more than one lure, i will combine the lures into one package to keep the shipping cost at a constant $5 per order I will list each lure from top to bottom, left to right according to the picture. ALSO, if anybody wants the 300yd spool of 30lb test power pro in red, just add an additional $10 to your plug order. This was intended to go on a lure i no longer have so i figured id give someone a good deal now that i have no use for it. Got it at Dicks, not the auction site.. too many bad experiences with that stuff. (if its against the rules to have the spool of line in the WTS PLUGS thread, please someone let me know so i can put it in its own thread.. didn't see anything about this in the rules but i may have missed it) *******SPOOL OF PP IS SOLD*********** 5-1/4" SuperStrike Little Neck Popper 2-3/8oz (sinking version) in Neon Yellow - $12 **SOLD** 7" Bomber Long A Magnum Jointed 2oz in Blue/Chrome - $3 **SOLD** 7" Tactical Anglers SubDARTER 3oz in Gold/Yellow - $12 **SOLD** 5-1/4" SuperStrike Needle 1oz in Copper - $8 **SOLD** 7" Random Custom Spook Plug (estimated 2oz) in Gold/Orange - $7 **SOLD** Ive thrown this lure a few times to test it out, casts and swims as good as any other wooden spook, reminds me of a 24/7 Mully. Seems well built but not sure the brand, got it in a trade. 8-1/2" Tactical Anglers Large SeaPENCIL 5oz in White - $10 7-1/4" Northbar Bottle Darter 2-1/2oz in Black - $8 **SOLD** this plug has seen some use (and some fish!) plug is in pretty good shape but the hooks might need replacing soon, hence the short price. (3) 7" Redfins (unloaded) with VMC 3x Hooks. 2 in chrome/blue, 1 in redhead - $4 each **ALL SOLD** 11" (including tail) 24/7 Squid-Zee 2-1/4oz in Amber - $7 **SOLD** basically a plastic needle lure with an Al Gags whip it tail on it. Casts a mile! (4) SP Minnows (floating version) all with upgraded hooks and hardware. top 3 are Laser Shiner, Bottom is the new Translucent Blue Mack color top 2 (slightly used) - $5 each **SOLD** bottom 2 (new) - $7 each **SOLD**
  17. 2 Big Ed. 8”, 1.5 oz. New. Tsunami. 8”, 1 ¾”. Got wet while testing SS Bullet. 5”, 1 2/2 oz. Carried Big Ed. 5 ½”, 1 oz. New $60 plus shipping for all. Prefer PP or cash. These will all fit into a USPS Priority Flat Rate Small Box, which means that shipping is $7 for two- to three-day delivery time (according to USPS guidelines), includes tracking and $50 insurance. More insurance is available upon request at extra cost. If you’re in MA or RI, I’ll be happy to meet you somewhere from PVD to the ditch, and I’m occasionally in Boston.
  18. 1. New 2 oz AH needle 2. Used 5.5" L69 darter 3. Used 4.5" L69 darter 4. Used 6" 2oz Maverick 5. LIfishVT Needle $70 shipped.
  19. 2 used needles. Not sure the makers. The black and white one is 3 ounces and the tan one is 2.5 ounces. Looks like someone did a glitter repaint on the belly of the black and white one. Not sure if the black on the spine is original or what. Not really sure what these are worth so I'll set my price at $28 shipped or make me an offer.
  20. 3 BM mini needles, new, never rigged or carried $28 each shipped (that's what I paid) PP or MO is fine Two are black over dark purple One is blue green metallic over white belly.
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