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  1. Brand New: 6.5" / 2.5oz Xerox Black and Green. $35 Shipped (PP)
  2. How do you like to rig your Gibbs Danny so that you get the best action and hookup ratio out of it? Ideally I’d like to fish it with just the front belly treble and a flag on the tail but I’d like to know if anyone does that and if it results in too many missed strikes. How about just two belly trebles or front treble and a single on the tail?
  3. 3 plugs back bay popper x2 (5in 1.6 ozs) - bone - mac Metal lip (5 in 2.0 ozs) - wonder bread 85$ shipped PP. Not splitting trying to ship em all at once.
  4. WTB RM Smith silverside bay minnow. Thank you all.
  5. 3 RM plugs, brand new. Never used 1. Round nose metal lip in wonder bread 5inches, 2ozs 2. Waverer in wonderbread 6inches, 2.5 ozs 3. Jenny metal lip in wonderbread 7inches, 2ozs 85$ shipped for the lot. 35$ a piece shipped PP
  6. Hi all, this is my first post so thanks for having me aboard! I hear somewhere that I’m obligated to present a joke, so here goes! How did the striper hurt the speckled trout’s feelings? He called him a weakfish This post is mainly to ask about other people’s experiences with GRS plugs! Particularly his slim and giant deep diving pikies. I have a couple of surface pikes from him but given the price, I’m debating whether it is worthwhile to get a medium or deep diver as well. Anyone have any experience with fishing the GRS plugs? I want to know how deep the medium and deep divers swim, and if its worthwhile to get one if I already have surface pikes. I’ve heard I can just bend the line tie up to make the surface plugs dive deeper.
  7. Both slightly used and both lethal... $45.00 shipped
  8. 1 plug was part or a Collaboration that Big fish bait co. And RM Smith had for a show years back. (1 ) Metal lip- Scaled bunker 6in. 2.3ozs. 55$ shipped " body by Big Fish paint by RM"
  9. Well, after grabbing a new rod to cast heavier metal lips this fall I am tasked with working with a faster action rod while trying to keep the metal lip cartwheeling to violently. So.. my thoughts are to try increasing the drop on the plug from the rod tip, while making a effort to not horse the plug too much. Have any of you found that the drop length of your casting plays a role on the flight characteristics of a Danny?
  10. From top to bottom 1. Big fish bait co. Popper. 30$ shipped 2. Big fish bait co. Metal lip 35$ shipped 3. Big fish bait co. & RM paint collab 45$ shipped. 4. Big fish bait co A -40. 45$ shipped. Take em All for 140$ shipped. All have been used except the collaboration ( #3 ) Thanks for looking
  11. - plugs here, new never carried or thrown, with exception to the Sunkist bunker popper. All the new ones are 30$ plus 6$ for shipping. The 1 used plug I'll sell for 27$ shipped only cus its been fished and shows small signs of hook rash. Could probably sell em all for 180$ shipped. If 1 person wanted the lot.
  12. ( top to bottom ) 1. RM GIANT SWIMMER 2. BIG FISH BAIT CO A40 3.ALANS GLIDER 4. RM PEANUT METAL LIP 75$ plus 5$ for shipping and PP for top 2 55$ plus 5$ shipping and PP fees bottom 2 If 1 buyer takes em all for 125$ I will cover shipping. Thanks for looking !
  13. Random plug lot, all new in original packaging, the gibbs are quite old as you can tell by the pics 3 Gibbs bottles- (2) 2oz, (1) 3oz $35 shipped Feindell lures - 1.5 oz Spook. $24 shipped Black Label metal lip - 2oz. $24 shipped ** Or Take em All for$60 shipped ***
  14. Hello all, I have been turning some Donny plugs and have tried a number of lips. I used pine 2x2. I was hoping for no roll but no matter what lip I try the plugs roll. They don't roll out but it's they had eyes the would look at 2 and 10 alot. My next try is going to be ayc. Other donnys I have bought also roll about the same. Is this normal? Thanks Jeremy
  15. $4 to ship 1 or combine and save. 1. USED Outcast Longcast Pencil 5oz $28 2. USED CAST ONCE Outcast Longcast Pencil 5oz $30 3. NEW JBR Flat Pencil 3oz $28 4. NEW JBR Flat Pencil 3oz $28 5. NEW Gibbs Pencil 1.5oz $10 6. USED Wallys Pencil 3oz $15 7. NEW Unknown Needle 3oz $12 8. USED Unknown Needle 3oz $10 9. NEW Unknown Needle 3oz $12 10. USED Goo Goo Man Metal Lip 2.75oz $28 11. USED RM Smith Metal lip $12 12. NEW Guppy Jobo Sr 3.5oz $27 13. NEW Guppy Jobo Sr Longcast 4.25oz $28 14. NEW Guppy Jobo Jr Longcast 3.5oz $25 15. USED Guppy Jobo Jr 3oz $23 16. USED Afterhours Pencil 2.25oz $15 17. USED Tsunami Timber Pencil 1.75oz $10
  16. $65 Shipped for the lot Wallys Pencil Gibbs Pencil Afterhours Pencil Tsunami Timber RM Smith Metal Lip
  17. RM metal lip peanut 1.7oz with a bunker jig skin (pink and white underneath) RM giant jointed 2.6oz asking $65 shipped for the lot PayPal and venmo accepted offers are welcome
  18. Looking for 1 or 2 Billy D Donnys either new or used. Let’s see what you got
  19. Open to all trades for Mikes but preferably looking for a commander, jointed troller, jointed eel, nightstick needle, z glide and headbangers.
  20. I have 3 plugs that I’d like to sell. Happy to combine but will list them separately since they’re all different lures. Doc, large version, new. 9”, 3.25oz. $17.50 shipped. Tactical Anglers Sub Darter. New, this was actually given to me by Alberto at Striper Day a couple of years ago, so I’ve never fished it. He asked where I mainly fished and grabbed this one when I said Montauk, south side. 7”, 3oz. $17.50 shipped. Metal Lip Swimmer custom plug. New. Asking $55.00 shipped.
  21. Hello- I was digging through my dad’s tackle he’s trying to unload on me and grabbed this metal lip- I was wondering if anyone could help me ID it (there’s no label) and suggest replacement hooks for the single dressed siwash and trebles. I don’t usually fish with three sets of hooks so if I leave the rear/belly treble off would it affect the action? Thanks
  22. I just picked up a few metal lip swimmers that look to be a bit older, but unused. There is no artist trademark on them, but the weights are written under the clear coat and the eyes are raised (either glass or plastic). I'm not sure if these have been refinished, but I would doubt it by the looks of them. While I'd like to fish them, I'd like to know if they'd be better off on display. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  23. USED Hogy 6" Dog Walker and 5.5" Popper Pair ($20) USED Sunset Fat Boy ($35) USED Sunset Fat Boy Peanut ($30) USED Big Fischer Cowboy Jr ($30) All prices shipped.
  24. Regroup and lower some prices. Flat rate of $8 priority box shipping, for any amount of plugs, I will pay the extra if I need to go to a larger box. New plugs may have some storage marks as they were stored in boxes and bags with other plugs. Can get better pictures upon request 1. Ron muccie round nose new $20 2. Ron muccie large danny new $20 3. Old spina $5 4. Old spina $5 5. Striperbites mini riprat new $23 6. Striperbites mini riprat new $23 7. Striperbites mini riprat new $23 8. Striperbites large danny light use $22
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