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Found 98 results

  1. I just stocked up on sp minnows and cracked open the packages to switch up the hardware. I pulled out the 3/0 VMCs to put on the 17 size so minnow and realized the hooks on the plug seem to be carbon copies of a 3/0 vmc. Did they start putting good hardware on these things? If so, did the do it for the 15 and 13 size as well? I did do a quick search and couldn’t seem find any topics on it. Thanks in advance.
  2. It seems these are the hottest thing going right now. I have not fished one yet so please share your experience if you have, good or bad. How about the lures that are similar like Alans Custom or others?
  3. I'm Selling a Custom Made Cape Cod Canal Lure Bag that I purchased 25 years ago and I also added the Van Staal Patch. It's a Heavy Duty Surf Bag as pictures will show. It measures 7 3/4 inches in height and 12 inches long top and bottom and 8 inches wide. Back Pocket is 4 1/2 wide and Front Pocket 3 1/2 inches wide. It also has 6 Bucktail Holders. I don't know who made bag maybe SC will know. I'm asking $550.00 or $575.00 shipped. I'm in Suffolk County Long Island. Thank You rreelman!
  4. Lures for sale - $5 Shipping - PayPal More pics available upon request. 3. Goo Goo eye Hustler in plastic case-$25 4. Masterlure Large Snook swimmer- Fished-$25 5. 1st gen #100 Goo Goo eye -$25 6. Krystock Conn yankee- fished-$25 7. 2nd gen Mini Goo Goo eye, has some age paint lines-$30 8. Tough Rainbow color Goo Goo eye, has so.e points and scuff-$35 9. Multi color Goo Goo eye, has so.e points-$35 10. Signed unused Cinto lure-$40 11. Signed unused Cinto Lure-$40 12. Signed unused Cinto lure-$40 13. Signed unused Cinto lure-$40
  5. I want to use lures from a small boat. Other than jig heads to add weight I was looking at Trolling sinkers and California rigs. Any recommendations or feed back including weight choice? Want to troll, jig and cast lures from boat primarily for blues and striped bass.
  6. Hi All - Hoping some of you can point me in the right direction. I fish the salt 99% of the time but do some trout fishing every now and then as it's convenient and I grew up doing this type of fishing. I currently have a St Croix Premier 7' UL. It works great for bouncing worms or eggs off the bottom in rivers/streams. I went recently and started throwing some rapalas and other small (2-3") swimmers but missed every single hit. I think the rod is just too soft to set the hook. Can anyone point me to a rod or rod rating that will have more back bone to drive home a hook set but also versatile enough to throw a meal worm and a split shot? I see the Premier series offers a ML and also a M but not sure which one would be best. Also open to other rods as well. Thanks! Fluke
  7. Greetings, I just joined and was interested in those who collect lures and what screw tails Bomber Long A's any one had. I have over 200 and I know I am missing 80+ colors. Bomber made so many variants on top of all the different color patterns. I am still missing a Pumpkinseed color.
  8. Hello all, I have recently made a document about false albacore and different things about albies, let me know what you guys think and what I should edit! False Albacore Research by Anthony Carbone.pdf
  9. i'm in california, fishing a couple unstocked small lakes (3 to 7 acres) near my house. so, urban, shore fishing. everyone is going for panfish, lmb, catfish, and the occasional trout (when they are stocked). almost everyone uses bobbers and bait, and artificial baits. they set their rods out on spikes, bobbers, and sit with their bait or powerbait on their hooks. i'm a pretty active type person, so i seem to like lures. i'm using kastmasters and mepps - small lures, 1/8 oz or less, 8# mono, a fenwick ultralight rod. no leader. i may jig by the shore, if it's deep. otherwise i cast and try different depths out in the middle of the lake. other times i run my lure along the shore, avoiding snags. so i figure i'm learning how to use these lures, which to me takes some practice. am i okay sticking almost solely to metal for these fish, or should i try other methods in addition to the spoons i'm using, such as swim baits, or even bait. and when i'm casting to the middle of the pond, it just seems so vast for bait. isn't metal better for the deeper parts, due to the lack of visibility?
  10. These seemingly popular lures have been around for a long time, and production has switched hands a couple times. I've never used one but I've been interested in them all along. However, recently, it seems like i'm seeing more and more reports of these new spoolteks having cable issues, whether it is that they don't deploy as they should or that the cable breaks on the initial hit. What are your experiences with these? Is the lure designed that should the cable break you can replace it or when it breaks the lure is toast?
  11. Sorry if I haven't followed the procedure correctly, this is my first post here... Wondering how effective topwaters are in the wind for striped bass. I've been able to have luck with topwaters and bluefish when they're on the feed, but haven't had much with topwaters and striped bass in the wind lately. ALSO... If it's calm, are topwaters always the go-to lure, even if I am fishing from a boat? If not, when should I know when to switch?
  12. Recently came into possession of these lures, wondering which ones are the top performers of the bunch.
  13. This is my current rotation for my beach surfcasting, and I was thing of changing some hooks and even the split rings in the lures. What size hooks should I use, and do you suggest switching to treble hooks instead of the single hooks, or should I keep it that way ( only reason I switched to single is because I have been hooked before) (currently have mustard demon circle hooks ( 5/0 , 6/0 ) If you have any more recommendations and have some suggestions let me know. I currently fish off the beach but I am trying to adjust to jetty fishing Thank you for your advice, Have a safe 4th --- MAK IMG_1424.heic IMG_1422.heic
  14. Hypothetically, if one wanted to learn how to get started on building their own lures and plugs, how would they get the stuff and make the lures? I've got a metal lathe that should also work for wood - that seems to be the important thing. Basically just wondering where to begin - I want to keep it small at first, upscale if I like it. Any books/videos/other informational outlets you would recommend? Thanks! Patrick
  15. Title is pretty self-explanatory, I'd love to hear some opinions!
  16. *
  17. WTB. 14". Eels. Perfer hogys
  18. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has experience using the Daiwa TD Minnow or if anyone knows the difference between the TD and SP Minnows. The only thing I can find is that the TD is made in Japan? (Not sure if the SP is too though). Thank you!
  19. Old style Shimano jig carrier including: Andrus Bucktails 4oz., 3oz., 2oz. Spro-bucktails 4oz., 3oz., 2oz. Point Jude black lure (butterfish) Felmlee rubber eel on ball 4oz., 3oz., 2oz. A-47s A-27s A few other lures/bucktails unknown Carrier case included Note: Weights are approximate Total asking $75. Pick-up only near Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn or Rockaway, Queens. Please reach out for further detail.
  20. Recently I've been fishing a particular spot that has been very productive at the height of the current. Like most productive places its often packed with other people shoulder to shoulder. In this spot a 3 oz. SS needle just doesn't get down into the strike zone fast enough so I can use it effectively before I have to get it back in to avoid other people. I have other plugs that get the job done if I need them ( bucktails, savage eels, etc.) but for me but I have a lot less confidence in them, also it'll allow me to carry less stuff. Anyway I'm starting this thread because I want to load an SS needle to about 3.5-4 ounces. I've only loaded red fins with water before so I'm curious about the proper method to load an "N"fish. I've seen the videos and read what I can but I want to get your guys input. Can I load a 3 oz. needle to that weight? What's the best type of shot to use? How much will it weigh when I'm done? Any "cheaper" 4 oz. needles on the market that i can just buy. (I don't let myself spend more then $25 on plugs) Any articles/videos that would help me would be appreciated. Thank you
  21. While walking the beach from Ramp 55 to the Hatteras Inlet my wife and I came upon a branch washed up on the shore with a tangle of fishing line , weeds and these two old lures. Theyre both 3-1/4 inch long. The one on the right looks like an imitation or possibly a precursor of a Stingsilver but with distinctive red eyes. The other one on the left is really bizarre...looks like a cork screw. Had that little red plastic piece as a flipper tail ahead of the treble hook. The nickel like finish is worn off revealing a copper color underneath. The numerals "289" are engraved at the eyelet. Any of you guys ever see anything like this in all your years surf Fishing? I havent...and I've been at it 30+ years.
  22. Thursday my wife and I were walking the beach from Ramp 55 to the Hatteras Inlet and found a branch with a tangle of fishing line, weeds and these two old lures. They're both 3-1/4 inch long. The one on the right looks like a Stingsilver but with red eyes. The other one on the left....never seen anything like it....looks like a cork screw. The nickel like finish is worn off revealing a copper color undeneath. The numbers "289" appear engraved near the eyelet. Any of you guys ever seen a lure like this?
  23. I posted this pic in the OBX Surf Talk and Main Forum. Found these two 3-1/4 inch long metal lures tangled up in a bunch of fishing line and weeds while walking the beach at Hatteras Inlet Thursday. The one on the right is probably a Stingsilver copy ....the one on the left is really bizarre. Has a nickle like finish that is worn down revealing a copper color. The numerals "289" appear engraved near the eyelet. Any of you seasoned surf fishermen ever seen anything like this?
  24. Complete re-edit: Getting back into surfcasting, need to buy lures again. Anything you consider a waste of money, or a must have in coastal Connecticut? Will be walking the beaches with an 8'6" Tsunami Trophy II rated at 1/2 to 1-1/2 oz. Hopefully this will be addressed in Skinner & Hromin's books when I take a look. Thanks, -M
  25. $80 shipped LS 69 5.5" Darter in Chartreuse over yellow LS69 6.5" Pink SP Minnow LS69 6.5" Schoolbus SP minnow LS69 5" Sp Minnow