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  1. I'm BAAACK!! I live by a set of RULES, especially when it comes to Fishing Reel Maintenance: RULE 1: Regardless of if you go fishing during the year, do a service on your reel/s once a year -- at *least* once every 2 years; twice a year if you go fishing once a week; more often if you go fishing several times a week, during the entire year. RULE 2: In case your rod and reel go overboard, and you can retrieve them, or the rig goes under water for more than a few seconds, once you get back first rinse the reel with CLEAN FRESH WATER, and just as soon as you can, field strip the reel and service it. RULE 3: Life Happens. Service your reel/s just as soon as you can. RULE 4: If Life deals you a Bad Hand filled with Lemons, make Lemonade. Part of the reason I have been missing is Rule 3. In 2019 (!!) I was forced to move from one apartment because HUD did not want to pay a nominal yearly increase in rent (I live under Se. 8. Housing). . First I had to pack and strike the apartment, then it was followed by the move, and finally unpacking and setting up the apartment. All in all a quick 1.5 years had passed. In February of 2022 I was told that I need to "temporarily relocate for 2-3 months" while they renovated my apartment. During the move from one apartment to the next someone stole about $2,000 worth of tools and modeling parts. 5 months had passed, and suddenly it was July and still had not been moved back into my still being Renovated apartment. Then last July 9th I was involved in a Very Serious Bicycle Accident that put me in a Level 1 Trauma Center for 1 week, four days of which I can not remember, I was told had it not been for my Bicycle Helmet I'd have been DEAD! I was *suppose* to spend the next 12-16 weeks in advanced rehab, but instead I was out in 2 weeks. I really was in good physical shape other than I had 4 broken ribs, 3 fractured vertebra in my back, 2 fractured vertebra in my neck, and a broken clavicle, and pools of blood on both sides of my brain, still I was alive. See RULE 4!! Lots of Physical Therapy, of which I am still going through. Then this February, 1 year after my "Temporary Relocation" began, I was at last able to move into a newly renovated apartment with at least the exact same floor plan as my old apartment. I am still in the process of moving back into my NEW fully renovated apartment. Two weeks ago I finally was able to to mount my 3 salt water rods on the wall -- minus the reels. Two days ago I finally unpacked my 5 Mitchel 302's and 402's. The last time I had serviced them was back in 2018. 5 YEARS have passed since the last time I serviced them. See RULE 3. This probably explains why I have not posted much: 3 moves, and a 3-4 week hospital stay from a bicycle accident that I am still recovering from. I'm BAAAACK!! The last time I posted in SOL there was a lot of discussion going lubes. I finally had just jumped from Quantum Hot Sauce Grease and Oil and moved to the SOL Penn "Blue Goo" with some CorrosionX or ReelX. Tomorrow is the day I am at last going to start servicing my Mitchell 302's /402's. I still have not found my greases and oils, nor my Mitchel 302 and 402 Schematics (probably still packed in some box/s) but yesterday I downloaded the Schematics, and bought a twin pack that contains both ReelX GREASE and ReelX(oil). ReelX GREASE?!? I don't remember there being a ReelX Grease, though CorrosionX and ReelX -- oils -- I do. I hate the idea of opening my reels after 5 YEARS. I expect that the "Blue Goo" will have either migrated, dried up, or both. My trusty can of WD40 is ready to CLEAN the reels before I re-lube them. The BIG QUESTION is has ANYONE used the ReelX GREASE?!? I am hoping that it is going to have at least some of the same properties as Hot Sauce, BUT being Anti-Corrosive. I sort of am looking forward to -- with a little bit of dread -- opening my 5 year old time capsules of reels. What will I find? Stay tuned. D' Catfish
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