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Found 11 results

  1. I would like to buy some Lordship Lure Co A40's if anyone has some they are willing to part with. Preference for NIP. Thanks.
  2. Tools: Swivel/swivels Nose grommet/grommets Tail grommet/grommets Belly grommet/grommets (optional) Metal lips (only for metal lips) Round nose pliers or 1/4in screw driver 1/16in 308 Stainless steel plug wire Channel lock end cutters Plug/plugs Some of the plug building supplies like lips, hooks, split rings, barrel swivels, tail grommets, nose loops, and others can be bought at the tackle shop in New Jersey that sells lure building supplies. 1. First you need to either form a nose loop in the case that you didn’t buy pre bent nose loops from the tackle shop in New Jersey. I buy stainless welding wiring and form my own nose loops with a jig. My nose loops are around 3/16 of an inch. 2. The next step is to slide a nose grommet over the two ends of the nose loop. (Metal lips do not require a nose grommet) 3. At this stage you would insert any belly grommets into your finished plug. You can either epoxy the belly grommet in or punch the belly grommet with an awl in 2-4 places to keep the grommet from falling out. 4. The next step is to insert the wire into the through hole in the plug. 5. Now that you have the wire in the plug you can now insert the barrel swivel if the plug needs a belly hook. You now catch it on loop of the barrel swivel. 6. Next is to slide a tail grommet on the wire and slide it down to the plug body. (At this step you would also add any tail weight if your plug has any before sliding on the tail grommet. 7. Now that you have all the preparations out of the way you can do your tail wrap. The method I am going to demonstrate here is how to do a “Habs” style tail wrap. (See photos for example) 8. The first step is to make sure your nose loop is aligned properly. (Vertical or horizontal) Here it is shown as vertical. 9. Now bend the tag end of the wire coming out of the tail of the plug up at a 45* angle. (You can also bend the wire horizontally for a horizontal tail loop) 10. Now take a pair of round nose pliers and make a loop about 1/4 of an inch in diameter. 11. The next step is to make 2 full wraps of wire. You do this by placing your round nose pliers back in the loop and pushing down on them while holding the tag of the wire in place with your thumb. Do one 1/2 turn with your round nose pliers then take them out and place them back in the loop and do a 1/4 turn. You should be doing the twisting at an angle to join the two wires together in the same twist. (The finished product should look like this) I am also turning the counter clockwise which will make the loops clockwise. You can do whatever feels most comfortable to you. 12. The last step is to cut the tag end of your wire off. I do this by creasing the wire with the end cutters and then twisting the tag of the wire off. I do this for two reasons. One, to not create a sharp edge and two, to keep the tag end of the wire from flying across the room. (Potentially hitting your eye) 13. You should be left with a perfectly symmetrical loop with two wires twisting together like a barber pole or candy cane. You can now make any final adjustments to re alight the nose and tail loop if needed. Now you can add hooks and split rings and go fish! I also wanted to say this is just my way of wiring a plug. There are many other methods that work as well. -t_man7
  3. Three lightly used Lordship Slim Jims. Two bunker and a blurple. 6" 1.5oz. $100 shipped, immediate PayPal
  4. 6.5in MagDarters (New) - 27 6in SuperStrike (Carried) - 16 Tsunami - 8 Single Hook Loaded Needle lot ( Habs, Lordship, Surfcaster ) - 57
  5. Been looking for Lordship's cutting hooks video - anyone got it ??? Seems only a few of his originals are available - might be nice to have them all in one SOL thread.
  6. WTB Lordship Slim Jim. Lightly used is fine. Would prefer a parrot, or something dark, but might be open to anything. I also have a WTT thread open with a bunker Slim Jim if you want to trade colors. Thanks (Pic for reference)
  7. Looking to trade this lightly used Lordship Slim Jim for another Slim Jim in similar condition, preferably parrot or something dark but open to others.
  8. For sale, a lot of four (4) lightly used plugs with some minor dings, but in otherwise excellent condition, including the hardware. Thinning the herd. Not splitting. Thanks. Top to bottom: Lordship 1¾ oz Agitator (white); Choopy 1½ oz. swimmer (parrot); Tattoo 2 oz. Jr. Swimmer (black); SuperStrike 2⅜ oz. Heavy needlefish (Black/Chartreuse/White). $85 shipped. PayPal OK.
  9. WTB one or two Lordship eelskin needles in blue color. Any form of payment possible.
  10. Assortment of metal lips and darters for sale, most like new. Add $4 for shipping if you buy one or all of them. PP preferred. 1. Mike's Custom Plugs pikie, 3.5oz, like new - $26 2. Blond Terror slopehead, 3.2oz, minor epoxy imperfections - $18 3. Blond Terror jointed eely, 1.7oz, significant epoxy imperfections - $15 $12 4. Pikie, unknown builder, marked "CC 03", 3oz, like new but some epoxy yellowing - $15 5. Lordship lures herring junior, new with minor scratch/pointer - $24 $20 6+7. Workhorse Lures darters, 3oz, like new - $20 each $17 8. Wally's darter, tan over white, 2oz, couple hook pointers - $16 $13
  11. Prompt PayPal preferred. Prices include shipping and tracking. Lot 1, Surf Asylum mini-glide needle, Lordship slim & 515 slim - bottom two are fished. $47 Lot 2, Creek Chubb jointed pikie, Super strike needles with tons of mojo (mack is a repaint), Big Ed small needle & Kastmaster XL. $27
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