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Found 25 results

  1. For sale is a mint condition (zero scratches), used twice VSX200 with 30 pound Sufix Performance braid. All original packaging and paperwork is included (including unfilled out warranty card). Also included is a 14” X 3 1/2” custom engraved wood sign. The reel is 10/10 mechanically and 10/10 cosmetically. Reel was purchased this April and is in the 42,4XX range. I am looking for $550 PayPal, which includes fees and shipping to lower 48 via USPS Priority Mail.
  2. 2 spool of 20 lb 330 yards j braid 2 spool of 30 lb 330 yards j braid 1 spool of 20 lb power pro 300 yards $90 ship or trade for other rod or reel and form of payment.
  3. Hello people, Long time reader, first time poster. I haven’t seen any dedicated info or opinions on the airflo sniper line. I know there are a lot of anglers who use and love the rio obs series of lines. The airflo sniper is almost exactly the same dimensions but not too much info on the sniper. I’m looking to invest in a series of lines so that there will be consistency and no guess work on performance with using different brands. Is that a good idea? What are your applications? Being there are soo many options out there i feel like I'm guessing instead of buying with confidence. I was also looking into rio obs series. I’m going to be using these lines on my 9’ 8wt and echo beach boost 8wt 12’ th surf rod. I’d be using these on stillwater and the surf for any species. Thanks for the help! Cheers!
  4. I bought this. But using a sinking line. 19.95. Picked up n h. Or add 6.00 for shipping. backing is not included.
  5. I bought this. But using a sinking line. 19.95. Picked up n h. Or add 6.00 for shipping. backing is not included.
  6. line

    What is the practical lifetime of good quality braided line on a rig? I have had most of mine on (three brands and weights) on five rigs for this being the third season upcoming. What is a reasonable lifetime for this braided material?
  7. Thanks for looking. I went a little overboard on the line purchased ...and changed set ups. So. New in box striped bass wf7s .....orvis all a rounder wf8f. 29.95 ea. 250 ya. S.a backing. 6.95. Shipping is 5.50. PayPal ,Venmo. I would like to get this stuff out of here Thx. Jim
  8. 2 coils of s.a striper 8. And 9 wt lines. 23.99 ea. Shipped. I’m not going to use them and tired of looking at them . dont let price mislead you. I used them maybe twice . Changed setups .... will trade for 200-250 sink tip 8 wt line. Many thanks to all. Jim
  9. Hi, I know a lot of folks use line weighted over what their rod is rated, and I'd like to try putting 9 on a cheap 8 weight rod to see if it improves cast. But what about the reel? I have a reddiington behemoth 7/8. What is the impact on putting a heavier weight on the reel? Thanks.
  10. Hello. Used one hour this morning on a new 7 wt ,, thought it may be a bit to heavy , great on my 8 Wt but already have line on it so back on Spool in box . Great stuff Just a bit too heavy for my 7 Wt. Need. 200 ,250 Gr wf sink. 35.00 shipped.
  11. Hey thanks for looking. Anyone have some sink tip. Like s.a. Coastal express .. or Rio striper. Need line for a spare spool I have .. and probably never use. Used is fine. Thanks Jim
  12. I just purchased my first surfcasting reel and rod. I got the BG5000/1002MH Combo with the 10 foot Rod: What line should I use with this? I will be targeting primarily stripers on both the North and South shores of Long Island. I expect to mostly be on sandy beaches, a few jetties, and some backwater areas. I'm torn between mono and braid. A little nervous about my finger getting cut off with braid. I like the idea of mono being more newb friendly. I've never tied a fishing knot in my life. But most people seem to be pointing me towards braid. I like the price point on the Daiwa J-Braid. What lb. test is good for what I'm going for? Does color of the line matter? Do I have to go with the specific lengths and tests outlined out the rod/reel product page? (copied below) Any brand or specific product recommendations? Thanks in advance. From Daiwa product page: Reel Line Capacity (Lb. Test/Yards) Mono: 14/470, 17/380, 20/280 J-BRAID: 40/480, 50/360, 65/310
  13. Cleating out my garage. Bunch of lures (swimmers, poppers, bucktails, tins, crankbaits) as well as various plastic baits, gulp, some hooks, and some half full spools of braid. Will also add some more stuff to the lot when I find it. Hooks on several lures need to be replaced. $65 takes it. Located Hull MA not looking to ship right now but can meet up on South shore (PS not sure if this is supposed to be in the wts plugs forum. If so, I'll move it there)
  14. Has anyone tried the Yo-Zuri Superbraid lines? Interested on how they compare with Power Pro or other.
  15. Anyone have any experience with the Yo Zuri Hybrid lines? I've seen some mixed reviews and it would appear that the line is becoming harder and harder to acquire. Would #15 work as a main line for a bait rod? It seems like the line breaks well above what it's rated at. Also, would the Ultra Soft be better for spinning than the normal hybrid?
  16. been asking many about this," most ytube videos show fishermen using braided line: however her in Hawaii they say mono : im going big on mono up to 50 lbs test" catching 30 to 80 lbs tunas" whats best in youre opinion
  17. I've been practicing casting out in a empty field (the lack of water on my line is probably contributing to the problem) and line burn is becoming a problem. Thumbing the spool doesn't help too much, since part of my thumb is always touching the line. Is there any way I can fix this? It doesn't hurt my thumb too much, but it's scorching and destroying the mono on my reel. Thanks!
  18. Hi all, I was wondering about bluefish fishing. I know of locals that troll for them, what is the best setup to use and what type of line? Also, what type of leader material should i use? Steel? Heavy mono? Thanks, saltyfishing01
  19. Well, it's time to respool my reel, what are your thoughts on hi vis braid? Would you go for moss green or a different color like yellow or blue?
  20. Has anyone used this braid line yet? It came out about 6 months ago and I have not gotten around to trying because I'm not sure how it would hold up and how this braided line would behave. Its suppose to be thinner yet stronger and smoother then any other braided line but has anyone tested its abrasion resistance, wind knot resistance, durability, etc?
  21. As title says, WTB the Scientific Angler Sharkwave Anadro WF7F.... looking to spend about $75... Prices on fly line are crazy these days! Thanks, Collin
  22. I made a deal on a vs200 and should be getting it within the next few days. I am going to put it on my 10'6" St Croix Mojo MM that I picked last week. I usually use 50lb braided spiderwire or powerpro with 20-25lb mono backing. I have my penn battle and vs250 both setup like that. My question is, should I put less then 50lb braid or is that okay for the vs200? Im primarily using it to fish for Stripers and Blues in Montauk, Riis park and the surf along jersey and long island. I will be fishing around rocks and etc, so I will use a leader that I normally use in the surf. Would I be better off using a lower pound test braid to increase casting distance or should I stick with around 300yards of 50lb???
  23. Hey everyone, which one for fluke>? stren high impact 30 pound mono or 40 pound flouro? Fishing on a private charter in the sandy hook bay/ocean for fluke. Using a 6 oz spro bucktail with a 6 inch gulp swimming mullet and a foot above a 4 inch swimming mullet, so which leader? dont have any 30 pound flouro atm and the 20 i have is under too much stress on this rod. Thanks
  24. I've had a terrible experience with this so far. Lost a few of my favorite plugs due to line breaking. Has anyone else had any problems with this particular product, or Spiderwire in general? Using 20lb/300yrd - Stealth Hi-Vis Yellow. Throwing .5-1oz
  25. Looking for a good intermediate sink WF line that's clear- or at least has a clear head. Airflo Ridge Supple Impact good for cold- but not clear. Airflow Ridge Clear- obviously clear, but how does that do in May and November? (not snow and ice weather) Maybe the Rio Striper-clear, with the luminous running line for nighttime. How does that do in cold water? Stripers in the backbays, creeks, and calm surf/boulders. Thanks.