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Found 18 results

  1. Vega Midi Duplicator Only used by little old lady on Sundays after Bible school class Will include several plexi templates. This is 16" long and will have to be disassembled to fit in a 12" x 12" x 8.5 Postal box I will clean it up before shipping $375.00 plus shipping from 95472 PayPal f&f payment
  2. Wood Mini Lathe For Sale: $225 - O.B.O. New never used. This is one of my backup Lathes. I bought it years ago and its been sitting in storage ever since. Time to make some room. Pick up in Toms River, NJ area. PP F&F, Money order, or Cash
  3. I had been thinking of modifying my live center for some time now to accomodate the drill bit I use for through hole drilling. The idea didn't seem too off base, but instead of diving deep I searched the Google machine a bit and found a UK company that sells a hollow live center in 1 and 2MT. The live center comes with 2 removable points for creating a center punch. Unfortunately the hole diameter is a bit large, but I've found that after creating the center punch you can easily get a through hole that doesn't wander with a smaller diameter bit. Next up is to find someone that can machine me an insert that accepts the smaller bit diameter. Right now I just made a crude wooden one that slips in one end and keeps the bit from chattering. So far I have no complaints. For me it is perfect since I have a ShopSmith 10ER which has a fixed tailstock and the headstock is locked in place. With this live center I can just spin a plug and drill the through hole and eliminate having to do by hand. I know some of you on here are machinists. The insert would only have to go up to the bearings at the base of the chip ejection head, and likely would benefit from having a flange at the end so it has a stop point and doesn't go too far into the live center. Seems simple enough, but I am no metal worker...
  4. Offering a Jet JWL1236 in excellent condition. Light use to make some plugs (non-production). Includes delta mobile base and Vega duplicator. Duplicator has custom holder for carbide replaceable cutters. Shown with dust collector attachment I fabricated from someone’s idea on the SOL board awhile ago which unscrews if you don’t want to use. Includes live center, 3 jaw chuck and drive center. Also tool rest which has never been used. Setup has very little use and is in excellent condition. Ready to turn out plugs or spindles. Can also turn outboard for bowl work. This is a sweet setup if you are looking to start a plug building business or hobbyist not wanting to be limited by the smaller lathes. Located in western Suffolk county Long Island. I am not splitting the duplicator from the lathe. Listed as there was a request and I haven’t been turning for a few years. Price for lathe, duplicator and stand is $975 firm. Will also put up a Delta dust collector with modified filter and Oneida dust separator if this sells if there is interest. Otherwise will keep it for lathe if I start turning again. Pic of dust collector included.
  5. For sale as a lot. Located on Long Island in West Islip. Pickup only. Nice clean wood for plug building. Will also be listing a jet full size lathe with Vega full size duplicator with carbide cutter and delta midi in the near future if there is interest Alaskan Yellow Cedar: 1.5x1.5x 48” qty 11 (44 feet) 1.5x 1.5x 35” qty 1 1-3/8x1-3/8x 6” qty 11 1-7/8x1-7/8x 6-3/8 qty 1 2x 5-7/8x 60” qty 1 2x 2x 30 qty 1 2x3-3/4x 30 qty 1 Birch pre drill on center on CNC: 1.25x1.25x 10” qty 40 Maple pre drill on center on CNC: 1.25x 1.25x 11-3/4 qty 8 Maple dowels 7/8x 36 perfect for needles qty 11 Mahogony 4-1/8x 6-1/2x 60 Beautiful wood- couple of hundred plugs easy from this. Not splitting. $450
  6. If I connect the black and white wires of the cord to the contact points of the motor, and plugged into an outlet, will the motor rotate? I took apart a microwave. I want to repurpose the motor for a DIY drying lathe. I dont want to burn my house down. Picture attached of what I'm looking at.
  7. Hey. Asking here first for fellow members before i need to look for a woodshop. Which is crazy hard in NYC. Im looking to have a wooden wheel made. End product looks like a bushing. A big donut shape. Square edge is best. No need for round sides. Does anyone here turn wood or have the tools to make a few as a hobbyist? I have basic wood tools but cant make something like this. I need it to be about 7" in diameter. Inside hole about 4.75" About 1.5"-2" thick. Somewhat like a roll of tape shape. See picture. I wanted to take a chainsaw to chop a tree limb but dont have the tools to make this nicely. Even thought about repurposing a old cutting board. Lol. Please let me know if anyone wants to make a few extra bucks.
  8. Used but not abused, almost like new, 16" hog chisel with 3/4" carbide round cutter, 10" chisels with 1/2" carbide square and round cutters. $40 shipped for all
  9. Used but not abused, have turned many plugs with this workhorse, includes 3 carbide turning chisels, extra chucks, and some good wood. Get turning! $100 for it all - pick up in North Jersey. sure helped make some reel good plugs ....
  10. would like to sell as a package JET variable speed lathe and lathe extension RIGID variable speed scroll saw 8 inch slow speed grinder with oneway wolverine grinding jig and wolverine skew jig barracuda2 key chuck system asking 800.00
  11. I'm having some issues with my duplicator. While I'm turning a lure, the chain will either get stuck for a second and then go or it will just stop while I'm still turning the handle. I've opened it up, cleaned it and lubed it. I can't think of anything else to do with it. Any suggestions?
  12. Pretty much says it all - hopefully near the the eastern north fork of LI. Could trade some oldies. Just want to make a plug or 2. Some tools would be nice as well ...
  13. Pretty much says it all - hopefully near the the eastern north fork of LI. Could trade some oldies. Just want to make a plug or 2. Some tools would be nice as well ...
  14. I want to start turning my own plugs. Been buying pre-turned plugs from Salty's (happy with the product just feel want to make the plug from start to finish). While looking into wood lathes, automatically get swamped with hundreds of options. Right now, I'm thinking about the Craftsman 1/2 hp 12"x16" Midi Lathe or, one from Harbor Freight seeing as I'm just starting out. Read a few bad reviews about a couple Harbor Freight lathes but a majority of reviews were positive. Anyone have any experience with any Harbor Freight lathes? Should I just spend the few extra $$ and go with craftsman?? Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance!!
  15. WTS complete plug turning setup. Asking $400. Jet Model JML-1014VS Lathe, Extension Table, Vegas duplicator, 7 Robert Sorby tools and 4 Buck Bros. tools.Equipment is in good condition. 4 pieces of AYC are included to get you started. This is a reasonably priced, quality setup for someone that wants to give plug building a try. Must be picked up in West Deptford NJ or North Wildwood NJ.
  16. I have turning woods for sale. I have all what u need for starting making your own plugs. everything must go i would not split anything I need money due urgent personal family matters. i'm including all tools for turning and few more tools that a lot i can't take pictures of. willing to let it go for $600 and i will meet at ward Melville HS fishing show or pick up at boston ma. Midi HB woodturning lathe used few times working 10/10 (don't mind the dust i will clean it) it comes with handle of tool turning about 15 or 16. Mitre saw firestorm used handful of times works perfect. drill press i believe its an old model of craftsman 5 speed. buffer/polish rockwell blade runner and more tools such as vise.. few alaskan yellow cedar blades and extra stuff to much to list prefer someone can come pick it all up or will meet somewhere like i said.
  17. Looking to buy my first rod lathe, learning from a local master rod builder who recommended renzetti. He's an old school guy and is unfamiliar with the new models. Ill be building surf fishing rods as well as offshore big game rods, maybe a freshwater/inshore rod every now and then. Renzetti has 2 models as of now, the basic model and the craftsman model, anyone have experience with either and could tell me if the craftsman is worth the extra $90 would be greatly appreciated.
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