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  1. Need a chunking stick. Would also be interested in a custom built on the 1442mh or 1502mh blank. Located in Hull MA thx
  2. WTB Ron Arra Pro Surf Rod(s). 2 piece unless local to San Francisco for 1 piece rods.
  3. For sale - no shipping. Located near Allentown, PA for pick up. Could also possibly meet at CCC over weekend of June 3rd or in NJ after June 10th. New Lamiglas Carbon Surf LCS106MS (10’6” 3/4 - 3). Never fished & has tags. Nice action. Rod is fairly moderate. $165 Used twice St. Croix Mojo MSS110MHMF2 with extra top section (11 rated 3-8, but to me and many others it is more like a 1.25-to-5.5ish). Nicest rod of all Mojo’s, IMHO. $175 Excellent condition Custom RodGeeks SRF106MHMF2 (10’6” rated 2-6, but I think of it more of a 1.25-5ish). I built this rod with neat wraps and a carefully applied coat (not sloppy) of ThreadMaster Lite finish. Fuji reel seat and Fuji SV guides. The blank is a nice metallic black color. $160 New Rainshadow SUR1508F Custom Heaver - Conventional. Serious bait fishermen will be familiar with this blank. Rod has a Fuji reel seat (faced down locking) and Fuji Hardloy guides. Rod was never cast and is in mint condition. $175 New Lamiglas GSB1502MH blank. One of the most famous Hatteras Heavier blanks of all time. This is not the brand new 70/30 design. $175
  4. 11 foot carbon canal surf rated 3-8. This is one BEAST of a rod. I've been able to throw 5-7 oz plugs with ease as well as 6nbait no issue. Rod has a few scuffs but the blank isnt compromised at all. Located in Hull MA. Asking $150 local pickup/meet up south shore area. Thanks!
  5. Hello again and hope everyone is doing well! I need assistance from the building gurus again! It would be great, if someone could please tell me what type, size and color thread were used for the wraps on the Ron Arra Surf Pro rods! I need to make a few repairs and upgrades! I was trying to search it up here, and the search feature, just literally disappeared again lol, and I can’t find anything, on the web either! So hopefully, someone could be generous enough, to steer me in the right direction, or even if they possibly have some of this thread laying around, I could purchase from them? As always, many thanks in advance, and your help and knowledge, is always truly and genuinely appreciated! Thanks EA
  6. Lamiglas GSB 1321 M custom conventional in excellent condition. Lami is 11’ and reel seat is 27” to center. Great setup for both heavier plugs and spring bloodworm/clam fishing. Located in Ocean County NJ. Will not ship but willing to meet within a reasonable distance. Price is $175.
  7. Looking to sell a 9’ Lamiglas Ron Arra Surf Pro in very nice condition! It’s been used, but never abused, as I take very good care of all my gear! It has couple very,very light scratches from normal use plugging! Took a nice, 29 pd fish with this last fall pretty easily, just have way too many rods sitting around idle, not being used! I’ve recently gotten into building, so I’ll be selling off some more rods, to build my own! There is no clearcoat peeling on this rod whatsoever, like some of the older ones! All the guides are intact, as well as the reel seat! Model: XSRA 1084-2 length: 9’ and 2 pc. line wt: 15-30 lure wt: 1-4oz Willing to drive a little, for a local pick up! If not, shipping may be considered on your dime! $175 meet up within reasonable distance of 08330 Thanks to Tim and the SOL community! EA
  8. Hello… I'm selling my favorite rod/blank as I just don’t have the time to rewrap it. If you are interested, I will go to my storage unit and grab the guides I purchased off of eBay a few years back that are a near match to what was used originally. They were spendy, but I will cut you a deal. It is in great shape, only minor paint loss on logo but otherwise too notch shape. No knicks, cracks, or any damage of any kind. Its a 50/50 split, blank on blank (too connects to bottom) casting rod/blank. It is 12ft long and definitely a great surf rod I do not have the line rating or power rating… I was asking $250 + Shipping (I have a tube ready, just need to get bubble wrap) I live in the Seattle/Tacoma Washington area. I prefer payment via PayPal, friends and family would be great, but I understand if you want to do Goods and services, just add the fee they charge me. I will update the post once I get the guides from my storage and add a price for those.
  9. Back in November I purchased a very Lightly used Lamiglas Super Surf G2 SSS10MS for a bargain basement price in the $300 range. Wasn’t in the market but needed a quick replacement for a Lami GSB91MS and it fit the bill. Unexpectedly I loved it so much that I decided I absolutely had to acquire a 9’ Super Surf SSS9MS to fill exactly the need that had been vacated by the GSB. I believe it will in addition to whipping lighter artificials it would also be capable of working slightly heavier demands for which I specifically selected that model GSB. When I called my local tackle shop at the End of Dec. 2022 to ask my guy to get me one. He told me best hold off for a few months as he’d been told a new model was in final stages of initial manufacture. Fast forward to last week. My guy called to let me know the reel seat relocation and X-flock grips replacing old cork on my 9’ Stellar Lite were complete. At this time I asked and was informed that the Super Surfs we’re starting to ship, should be ready very soon and Lami reps were demo-ing the new Super Surf blanks to their dealers. SO….. Anyone have any info on the new bad boys? Held them? Seen them? Know if they’re Gen II of G2 line or if they’re being designated as the G3? Related: I did note today that almost every model of complete and blank current SS G2 line is sold out so it would seem this is going to be rolled out as a complete update/improvement/of the current articulation. I guess we’ll see!
  10. Anyone have any experience with this particular rod? Seems like a good deal for 200 bucks just seeing if anyone uses the "canal" model rated 3-8
  11. Lamiglas GSB1201 M custom spinning in excellent condition. Some hook rash on collector guide (pic). Lami is 10' and reel seat is 23" to center. Located in Ocean County NJ. No shipping but willing to meet within a reasonable distance. Price is $225.
  12. Lamiglas GSB 1321 M custom conventional and Akios S-Line 651 CTM (lefty) both in excellent condition. Lami is 11’ and reel seat is 27” to center. Reel comes with box, manual, neoprene cover and extra handle. Located in Ocean County NJ. Will not ship and will not split. Price is $350 firm.
  13. 1.) Lamiglas SSU 1321MH. Rod has some scratches from previous owner, but I've only fished it twice. It's set up old school, and the handle isn't lined up with the guides so I highly recommend a re-build. Hard to find blank. Asking $125 2.) Lamiglas GSB 1081L. Also has some scratches, and definitely needs a new reel seat, but the blank isn't compromised. $100 3.) Breakaway 11'9 conventional (cut 3 inches from the butt, and has one crooked guide). It's rated 2-4 but I've thrown my biggest plugs on it without any issue. Has serious power. $80 (reel not included). Again you might want to have this one rebuilt as well. Pickup/meet-up only. Located in Hull MA but can meet around south shore area. More pics of any rod upon request. Also sorry if I don't respond to notifications right away due to my work schedule. Thanks guys!
  14. In between the carbon and the shadow, looking to get a 9ft medium.I think Im slightly more partial to the shadow for the grips but the carbon felt very comfortable also. Any input on them would be appreciated or other recommendations for different rods.
  15. Need a heaver and saw this blank on their site. Anyone have experience with it? Also curious if it could double as a rod to throw plugs in the 4-7 oz range. Any input would be appreciated thanks!
  16. I have a very nice Lamiglas 9’ 2pc 50/50 split Ron Arra Surf Pro in great condition, that I would like to sell or trade! Model: XRSA 1084-2, rated:1-4oz, line:15-30 Trades considered would be for a nice cond 3-4 tube, preferably a 4 tube if somebody has one they’re not using! I would hope for a decent quality, Gear Up or the likes, could maybe throw something on top for the right deal! If somebody is willing to help me out with an expandable bag that would be even better! I’m not really looking to ship, but again could be considered and willing to travel a little bit for the right deal! Help a fellow SOL brother out, who is trying to get into his first real surf bag and been carrying waaaay to much stuff, waaaay to long LOL! Rod has some very, very light superficial scratches that are just barely noticeable! THERE IS NO CLEARCOAT PEELING ON THIS ROD WHATSOEVER…!!! The guides are all intact and perfect and most of them still retain their original paint! Meet up price would be $175 near zip 08330! Thanks to TimS and the SOL Community! EA
  17. Not too much info on these rods. I'm thinking of getting the blank and having a custom built so for those who fish one or have fished one, would you recommend the 11 foot 1-6, or 2-8? I'm mostly planning on throwing plugs in the 3-6oz range. From one post I read on here, the 2-8 is a real beast but I also want the rod to be able to load with smaller stuff (less than 3 oz). Any input would be appreciated thanks!
  18. Not too much info on these rods. I'm thinking of getting the blank and having a custom built so for those who fish one or have fished one, would you recommend the 11 foot 1-6, or 2-8? I'm mostly planning on throwing plugs in the 3-6oz range. From one post I read on here, the 2-8 is a real beast but I also want the rod to be able to load with smaller stuff (less than 3 oz). Any input would be appreciated thanks!
  19. Has anyone fished the lamiglas skinner rod, the 9’2 one piece? I was thinking about getting one but couldn’t find too many reviews online.
  20. After fishing both the stock GSB10MS (1 piece) and GSB101MS (2 piece) the past few years I'm looking to order a 1 piece blank for a custom rod. My local rod builder said the quality of GSBs has gone downhill in recent years and that I should check ODM and Century. Century intrigues me the most but it seems all of their blanks are 2 piece. ODM has 2 options for 1 piece blanks - the Evolution & Nex1. The rod will be paired with a VSX200, 1-5oz weight range is ideal, and durability is key as it will face abuse on the rocks. I love the parabolic bend on the GSB so am looking for a similar taper. Any and all suggestions are appreciated!
  21. Hi all, Looking to see if anyone has experience fishing one of these old honey rods and what they're really capable of. I've seen they're rated for 4-8oz but looking for real world experience. I'd be using it to throw my "bigger bag," ie 6.5" spook and popper, 2oz bucktails, some swim eels. Everything basically ranging from 1.5/2oz to upwards of 4oz or so. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Below is a photo of the rod. Trevor
  22. For sale I have an original Lamiglas supersurf 11 foot custom. I believe it's built on the ssu 1321mh blank. Only fished a few times and I was able to fire off up to 4.5 ozs with it. The only issue is that the reel seat isn't lined up with the guides correctly so you might want to have this rebuilt. It has the old cof guides on it anyway. Asking $125 picked up in Hull MA or surrounding South shore area. Steal for a great blank! Thanks guys
  23. Okay, so I think this is the last of the rods I am willing to ship for this year's garage sale. Cost for shipping was on the borderline too much and I decided to bundle two rods together and ship them in a single tube to save $. Shipping will be between $45 and $65 so there's a little bit of wiggle room on the price, depending on your zip code. Rod #1: Lamiglas Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore Rod TFX7030CT Rod #2: Lamiglas Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore Rod TFX7040CT Price: $325 The story's the same as others. Each rod was used 1-3 times. These are previous generation rods with cork handle. Surprisingly, I haven't seen anyone use these rods down here in Florida, but I know these rods are popular for bottom fishing up north. I bought them for tautog fishing on party boats. If you are on the fence between 7030 and 7040 for tog fishing, it's your chance to get both!
  24. I was a moron last night and snapped my rod high sticking a fish. So I’m in need of a new eeling rod, a 1201l or 1321m spinning in Maine would be ideal. Let me know what you have. thank you
  25. Looking for a 9' Lamiglas light action rod for throwing unweighted soft plastics, sp minnows, mag darters, bucktails. Located in the New Haven area of Connecticut, but would be willing to travel for the right deal.
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