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Found 15 results

  1. I'm thinking 9ft to 12 ft should suffice.
  2. Brand New never used custom Lamiglas fishing rod. Local pickup Islip terrace, Ny $450 Length: 9' Pcs. 1 Line Wt. 12-25 Lure Wt. 1/2 - 2 Butt Dia. 0.690 Tip Size 6.5 Avg Wt. 5.0
  3. Want to buy GSB 1321M and possibly interested in other 11 foot rods. preferably MA area pick up......
  4. Selling two 8' surf rods. Not shipping, pick up only on the CT shoreline 1. St Croix Avid surf AVSS80mmf, fast action rated 3/4-3oz. 9 out of 10 cosmetic as there are a couple superficial scratches. Rod was used less than a dozen times. Retail $260, asking $175 2. lamiglass xs81ms 8' rated 1/2-2oz, moderate action. Rod is 10 out of 10. I test casted this one time last spring and decided to go with an inshore 8'instead. Not sure they still make this model anymore. Retail is $236, asking $160. Any questions, just ask.
  5. Alright, I love this setup. I just don't fish bait. And when I do for sharks I just use my offshore stuff, so..... We have a 8k thunnus with 40 pound J braid. (the j braid is not shown.) Pics were taken before I put it on. This is paired with a lamiglas tri flex. 10 foot 2-4 super moderate action. This is one piece. It has some rash, but it is fully functional. At work now but will post pictures as soon as I home. this is a sweet bait combo. If anything breathes on your bait the rod will let you know. Hate to let it go, but I just bought some new gear and its time.... Im currently in Merrimack valley, but can meet north shore and Boston. Would like to get 360 for both.
  6. WTS a good condition Lamiglas Ron Arra Surf Pro rod 11-6 rated 2-6 oz. 2 piece 70/30 split. Asking $200 or best offer, pick up Phila area or I would ship on your cost. XSRA 1382-2
  7. asking $250 Located in North Jersey BRAND NEW Lamiglas Graphite Surf and Jetty Rod XS10MS2 piece size 10'action: Moderate Test: 14-30 Tags still on the rod
  8. asking $250 Located in North Jersey BRAND NEW Lamiglas Graphite Surf and Jetty Rod XS10MS2 piece size 10'action: Moderate Test: 14-30 Tags still on the rod
  9. Selling my fishing gear to finance some reloading equipment, may consider trades for reloading or shooting gear\equipment. I moved to Putnam County which is a lot further from the shore and haven't had any time for any saltwater fishing and a lot less since I picked up shooting sports. these are hard for me to let go but Im also not desperate for the cash so please no low ball offers, Lightly used and are close to new condition (9/10). Rods are pick up only, Im located in Putnam but can meet in Westchester, Dutchess, and Fairfield (Stamford, Danbury areas). Rods · Lamiglas TFX 7020 CT 7' one piece. great for inshore fishing Porgies, fluke, flounder and blackfish $175 · Lamiglas BL 7030 c 7' one piece. perfect for Blues and striped bass $175 · Shimano Tekota 500 - $125 (perfect match with the Lamiglas BL 7030) Perfect piers and dock fishing combo for blues and stripers - $125 · Ugly Stik Tiger spinning rod BWS 2201 7’ 1 piece · Shimano Bait runner 4500B Hard to Find, RARE · Ambassadeur 6500cl Big Game (no box), Made in Sweden $150 · Ambassadeur 5500 Inshore with box, includes paddle handle. Made in Sweden $150
  10. Looking to get a Lamiglas 120 1L in the RI area. Glad to drive to eastern Ct or CCC area. Thanks!
  11. Lightly used combo, in VG condition Lami XS101MS, 10ft, 2-5oz. Great pencil rod. No nicks. Shimano Saragosa 8000F w/30lb Power Pro (I think it's Power Pro). I have the box and paperwork as well. $300 picked up near Parsippany, NJ. (Delivery may be an option as I travel a bit for work, I-95 primarily).
  12. 11' 2-5oz factory built. used once. Just don't have a use for it. $315 local pickup North shore MA or canal.
  13. Getting up to speed on lure fishing. Very interested in bucktails and thinking about investing in a rod to be used just for .50 to 2 ounce bucktails, mostly along coast of SOCO Rhode Island. Doing my research and coming out more confused then when I started. Looked at Lami, St Croix, Tsunami, TFO and TICA, all around $200-225 or so. Thinking moderate action 9 footer as most fishing will be done on open beach. Thoughts, experience all advice is welcome. Thanks
  14. Hello all, I am a Northern California striper fisherman seeking any help that more experienced members can provide me regarding the purchase of a new (used) surf rod. I fish every day, but have only started fishing the surf consistently over the past two seasons. I wanted to list as much information about my preferences as possible below (hopefully you deem it informative and not a waste of your time). I have scoured the search function for information, but am hoping for any updated detail, so please bear with me. I am looking for a new 2-piece spinning surf rod, in the 10ft range. I currently fish a Loomis SUR1266C 1-5oz with a curado 300e (30lb.), and find the setup too heavy for my applications. This new rod will not be a niche rod, but will be an all-around surf/jetty rod. I understand the difference in parabolic (lami's, S8) vs zoned action rods (VT). I have casted with conventional rods all my life, both 7' ultralight outfits up to the Loomis as previously mentioned, so can cast with both full rotation or with quicker motions as need be. When surfcasting, I cast at a 30-45 degree angle (ever slightly more vertical than 45), and I stop my casts pointing at the direction of my cast. When fishing 6 hour and my shoulders are aching however, I do tend to shorten and whip my casts unless someone near me hooks up and gives me faith that there are some fish around. 90% of the rod's application will be fishing 1 oz SP minnows, 1 oz bucktails, and 1.5-2oz metal, and 2 3/8oz super strike little neck poppers. I am hoping to pair the rod with a VS150 or VS200 reel (also yet to be purchased) as the rod will be used in wet applications. I know I will be sacrificing some distance with the VS relative to other performance reels, but I am pounding the surf almost every day and I am tired of going through stradics. Our West Coast fish tend to be much smaller than your East Coast fish, but we treasure them nonetheless. Our fish average 5-12 lbs, with anything in the 15-20 lb range being a big fish, and anything above 20 pretty much making your season. I typically will spend 3-5 hour sessions casting a combination of 75% open surf and 25% precarious footing on a jetty. A great day is catching 2 fish. Double Digit fish days happen once or twice a year, and are rare. Casting distance is a consideration, not because the fish are biting deeper, but because it might allow me to cast from a little further back and thus save me from getting pounded by shorebreak. Admiited I'm not as die-hard I'm sure as many of you casting 100 times an hour for 12 hours straight, but I think I try as hard as most. Given all of the above, I believe I have narrowed my rod choices down to: Lami SSS10MS 2G (1-3) Lami Infinity (1-3) CTS S8 (1-3) CTS Vapor Trail (1-3) CTS Surf & Jetty (1-3) Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of testing out a variety of rods (most certainly not the CTS), as most rod shops within 1.5 hour driving distance do not carry much in terms of surf rods. So in a lot of ways, I am essentially looking to bite the bullet and buy a rod based on the recommendation of my fellow anglers. The local shop did carry a 10'6 Loomis IMX (1264S) and St. Croix Avid and Mojo (3/4-4). I was unable to cast either of these rods, but held both in hand and still felt like they were all a bit too much rod for me. Also, if it means anything at all, I wish the butt on my 1266C was about 6" shorter, as I am only 5'7, but I would not say I am experienced enough to know any better. Budget is obviously always a consideration, and I am hoping to potentially find one of these rods used. I fish every day, and I do think my shoulders will thank me after a few seasons with a newer, lighter rod. I figure an extra $100 might be worth the wear and tear on my body? So with the above being said, could anyone with experience with any/all of the above comment on their experience? Would a VS150 be too light for any of the above rods (line capacity will likely not be an issue)? As some of you will probably say, I truly believe that I cannot go wrong with any of the above choices. And I'm sure many of you may say to have a long discussion with a reputable rod builder, and I do agree, but let's say for the sake of budget that I will likely ultimately end up buying something "off the rack" or hopefully "pre-owned". At any rate, given the high pricetag(s), I figure it best to at least do a little diligence and try to find the "theoretical" best stick possible for me, and hopefully lots of enjoyment (or less shoulder ache) for the next 20 years, especially when I may never have the luxury of actually comparing one to another in person. Many thanks in advanced, and tight lines to all.