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  1. This is the VS repairs and hobie parts are crazy expensive sale! Can only accept M/O as I don’t have PayPal. I am not splitting as with shipping prices it’s just too costly. If you need any more pics feel free to ask. Lot 1: Beachmaster jointed slopehead, Bm Maple Spin atom, and 2 stubby bm needles, one being an eelskin. The blurple stubby and spin are lightly fished. $130 shipped. Lot 2: LifishVt darter, LS69 darter, Tattoo 2oz darter. Lifishvt looks unfished but might have storage mark or two. Tattoo is lightly fished and LS69 looks unfished but has some pointers from storage (added sticker eyes to LS69). $80 shipped. Lot 3: Rare Super Strikes. Show special green mackerel popper, and translucent amber darter. Don’t know where the hooks went for popper. Darter is new in bag and popper looks clean but missing bag. $110 Shipped. Lot 4: Greenpoint sharp eye swimmers. The white is lightly fished and the black spot on it is a sharpie, has some bleeding from epoxy. Yellow/bunker color is unfished but has a very small amount of bleeding from epoxy. $55 shipped. Lot 5: Random lot of some hard to come by stuff. Mega bass JB150 black/silver lightly fished. Bernzy Surf howdy lightly fished. Surf Asylum Jr looks new but might have storage mark. Scabelly mini glider lightly fished. $105 shipped.
  2. Continuing in the previous tradition…. Here is an assortment of plugs and rubber up for grabs. MTK ain’t cheap!!! The 69, Muccie, megabait? and Needle are stored. The rest are used to some extent. Any questions feel free to ask. Small rubber bags 3/$10. Large bags $4. This is old stock with the nice hog lard from my personal stash. Pp FF works for me shipping is: 0-50 for $8 50-100 for $13 $100+ Is free shipping Thank you Tim S and SOL. RC I decided to fish the old stock rapala and wind cheaters. The gas needle isn’t marked correctly so I need to remove that from the lot as well. Sorry for any inconvenience. Pic added for update RC
  3. Lot of 9. plus one unknown darter A great selection of Chuck's work. 1. Mac Darter 5 -1/2" some staining but new not fished 2. Mac swimmer 6" (chip in finish) 3. Mac rare Offset turned Needle 7" new not fished 4. Mac Surfster 7 - 1/2" new never fished 5. Yellow unknown Darter 6 - 1/2" new never fished 6. Foiled Darter 5" new never fished 7. Cream over orange very early glider 5" new never fished 8. Yellow rare offset turned Darter 5" new never fished Crack in finish some handling marks 9. Blue over cream very early glider 5" new never fished 10. Black Darter 4 - 1/2" new never fished 265.00 shipped PP f&f
  4. In search of some specific plugs: 10 inch surf asylum flat glide needles Tattoo 3 oz darters and deep divers Habs SR needles Ls69 big darters Located in Hull MA thanks
  5. Custom Patriots Super Bowl handcarve plug from LS69. This is from the one they lost against the Eagles. $45 shipped. Payment via PP
  6. Ls69 surfster. Slight used big rock is new but appears to have a scratch or slight crack on epoxy by eye (see picture) 60$ to your door. Hooks will be removed
  7. Used Giant Swimmer - $25 Used Handcarve Giant Swimmer - $25 - SOLD Used 4 oz Canal Pencil - $25 Used 190 mm Wooden Magic Swimmer - $40 SP Minnow for reference Prices are shipped. PP only.
  8. Prices are shipped. PayPal preferred, but I’ll accept M/O as well. GRS Lot - $185 - Black Pearl Giant Surface - Purple Pearl Medium SLIM Mixed Lot - $100 - LS69 Surfster - LS69 Darter - After Hours Pencil - Big Fish Pencil Black Pearl GRS is new with mild storage marks. Purple Pearl is used and has some mojo, still looks good though. All plugs in the mixed lot are new. Thanks for looking.
  9. New 3oz Yellow SS - 14 Used Tsunami Popper - 4 Gags Mr. Bunker - 4 SportingWood Black 3oz Bottle - 20 x2 Used LS69 Darter - 10 Black 15F SP Minnow - 5 Please add 5$ to all orders for shipping
  10. All plugs are new. PayPal or MO. Add $6 for priority shipping. Thanks for looking. LS69 5in Squid Glider: $45 LS69 Darter: $30 AH 10in Yellow Pencil: $30 AH 10in Blue/Yellow Pencil: $30 AH 10in Black Bunker: $30 (SOLD)
  11. Prices are shipped and PayPal, MO is fine too. Both LS69 darters are new. There is a little paint run on the yellow, see tail end of the plug. $28 Yellow Darter 2.6oz 6.75in $35 Holographic Black Darter 3.3oz 7.5oz $60 for both Thanks for looking.
  12. Midnight oil gamechanger needle 7", squid darter 3.7 oz 7.5", 8.5" midnight oil surface pikie, 3 oz glider 5.5". Some storage marks but otherwise new except the glider which is used and has a chip in the finish. $85 75 shipped PayPal
  13. Splitting these up. Prices are shipped PayPal only. Will combine shipping on multiple plugs. $45 LS69 Glider 5.5in, 3.6oz $25 SlackTide Pencil 2.9oz 7in SOLD $40 PK Marble Smokey Joe Pencil 2.1oz 6.5in $45 PK Marble Blue over White Pencil 2.9oz 7.5in $20 NTA White Mack 4.2oz 9in $20 NTA Bunker 3.5oz 9in $35 PPW 3.1oz 7in $40 PBau Neon 2.1oz 7in $40 PBau Marble 2.0oz 7in $40 PBau Blue 2.1oz 7in $20 Lights Out Dead Head w/Dead Eyes SOLD $20 Lights Out Dead Head All are new. The white mack NTA has a small paint peel at the bottom and some storage marks. Thanks for looking.
  14. All are new. Prices listed are PayPal shipped. Take everything for $300 OR GooGooMan Blue Pikie - $45 GooGooMan Green Crackle Slim Pikie: $45 LS69 Glider: $45 Big Fish Beastmaster: $50 Cyclone Pencil: $90 Darby Pencil: $50 Cyclone and Darby are roughly 5oz and 8in if I remember correctly. Thanks for looking!
  15. New 9.5" LS69 pikie and two used 6" gamechangers. $50 shipped PayPal
  16. Paypal only looking for prompt payment. Need to fund another purchase. SP minnow $11 each $30 for all three LS69 game changers $23 each $40 for last 2 Top scaled one is SOLD Afterhours $23 SOLD Northbar wood 2 bottles 1 bottle darter 2 plastic bottle darter wood - $23 each plastic- $15 each $53 for all last 3 white bottle and yellow plastic bottledarter are sold Superstrike rattling bottles $17 each $30 for both SOLD Lefthook $20 Googooman squid need $50
  17. Seldom do you see these come up for sale. Both are new in the package. The price is $ 58.00 for the pair including shipping. Thanks for looking
  18. A few lots for sale. Prices include shipping, PayPal only. Lot 1: Afterhours - Floating Needlefish ~10.5" in black over gold. Floating Needlefish ~10.5" in parrot. Light use, $50 $45 Lot 2: Linesider 69 - Pikie ~9" in midnight oil. Pikie ~9" in midnight oil. Jointed Eel ~8" in silver eel. Brand new and never fished, just a couple minor dents on the bodies. $80 $70 Lot 3: Linesider 69 - Darter ~6.5" in midnight oil. Darter ~7.5" in snapper. Darter ~7.5" in midnight oil. The 6.5" darter has light use, the two 7.5" darters are new. $85 $75
  19. Lot 1: 2 CCW darters 2.7oz Herring darter and 2.5oz Bunker darter. Brand new in packages. $70 shipped Lot 2: LS69 7" Gamechanger Needles Sand eel lightly fished and Block Island green Never carried or fished. $60 shipped Lot 3: 7" Mambo Minnows all brand new never fished $45 shipped
  20. SS Special Bunk-O, WB LS69 Game Changer, Winch Lg soft-tail Pikie & fishiest TBone needle! $140 for the lot, won't split. Prompt PayPal preferred.
  21. Paypal ONLY. $4 shipping for one plug or all. More pictures if needed. Northbar bottle darter, pink over white, like new with small amount of rash on lip. $15 Tactical anglers subdarter, 3oz, gold/yellow, new $18 LS69 pikie, gray marbled color, new. $30 Mike's Custom rogue bottle darter, eel color, new. $30 SOLD to short cast Mike's Custom pikie, pearl bone color, new. $25 SOLD TO YAKnDIVE 3 lots below- Swimmer lot- most have VMC 4x and rasco's. Most are lightly used. $30 Drop to $24 Joined deep diver Rebel windcheater Yozuri crystal minnow Blue over white swimmer Sebile bull minnow Yellow over white peanut metal lip No longer available- sold to Linesideslayer 2 5" Jointed redfins, new Topwater lot- most have VMC 4x and rasco's. Most are light new except for bottom right. $30 Sold to Linesideslayer Bomber badonkadonk Bomber spook Bomber pencil Yozuri mag popper Creek chub popper Megabait popper Unknown spook stlye Creek chub/atom popper Atom popper Metal/Bucktail/Redgill lot- All new except for two metals out of package, maybe thrown once. $30 Sold to Nightmoves00 Joebaggs 2oz bucktail black/red Joebaggs 1.5oz bucktail blue/red/pink A67 with orange/red tube Unknown metal (might be tin) with orange/red tube 3oz T-Hex AOK 2 packs of Red Gill flasher
  22. All new 2 black label swimmers,and 2 linesides 69's $85.00 shipped if using PayPal fees on buyer.
  23. Two Linesider69 darters for sale, both hardly used with some storage marks. A bunker 5.5" (about 2oz) and a black w/ blue/green sparkle 6.5" (about 2.5oz). The bunker darter has some sealer bleed through by the tail. $44 shipped, PayPal preferred
  24. Looking to trade this 6.5" 2.5oz Linesider69 foil darter for another ls69 foil darter in the 6.25" 3oz size. Mine is brand new, I still have the package. Possibly open to other colors but I'm only looking for another foil darter. Plan to fish it so slightly used is okay, perhaps with a kicker. Will be at the CSA Demo Day in Clinton, CT this Saturday if you want to swap in person.
  25. Too many plugs not enough time! Offering some extra plugs I have laying around. Prompt PayPal preferred. Shipping is included in posted prices. Lot 1, BM 6" Danny (old stock), Numbskull Conrad & LS69 Surfster - $75 Lot 2, SS Special darter, SS Translucent bottle, 17J Bomber & (2) 7" Mambo Minnows - $60 SOLD Lot 3, 17J, 16A and Long A Bomber, 7" Green mack/White belly Cotton Cordell & 7" Blue/White belly Cotton Cordell - $35 Lot 4, BM (old stock) Gibbs style needle and Jr - $60 Lot 5, Miscellaneous plastics - $35
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