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Found 1 result

  1. OK, another post giving a preview of another "new" reel introduced at ICAST 2016 and just coming into stock now at TD etc. This is the Okuma Komodo SS a "400" sized LP baitcaster that uses an all stainless steel gear train and makes ~30 lbs of drag. I put "new" in parenthesis because this is simply a larger version of the Komodo 364P that has been out for several years and is now considered a proven design. Okuma has updated the cosmetics and went to all stainless for an even tougher version that epitomizes the "small reel for big fish" concept. The reel weighs only about 16 oz but has the capacity (~250 of 65 lb) of a Spherogosa 8k but those weigh 22 oz...its not sealed of course, but it has massive cranking power for it's size. These reels are real powerhouses for their size and weight. Got about ~250 yards of PP 65 lb on there: Next to a Revo Toro Rocket (more about that later). It looks much bigger but its not. They are both about the same height. The Komodo SS is just a little wider for more capacity: Matte grey with black and silver: Only ~16 oz with a 120mm power handle. This is the 471P or the 400 size in 7:1... Still has a clicker for live baiting or slow trolling: One of the improvements over the older version is a much simpler method of adjusting the Centrifugal Brakes: Another cosmetic shot: The Thumb Button opening into the body is well protected from splashes entering the reel: Titanium Nitride coating for the line guide. That's a little wax left from spooling tightly with power pro: Raceway for the brakes inside the graphite left side cover: Inside the gear box pure stainless steel beef: Drag is well greased: Main gear is MASSIVE at ~54mm and a spool line height of only about 40mm. A Tranx (22 oz and a much larger reel) has a main gear (brass) that is only 50 mm with a much larger spool in proportion. The Komodo 471P SS should be the new king of cranking power and power transmission for it's speed (7:1 ~38" IPT). Ok, so why are these reels so exciting to me? Cranking power to weight. Try to imagine a Penn Senator with the Main Gear 25% larger than the spool....or a spinning reel with a Main Gear 25% wider than the rotor can't because the reality is that other reel geometries produce Gears that are working against spools/rotors that have much wider radii...a huge mechanical disadvantage. This is why every Bass Pro uses a conventional reel for crank baits...if you are casting and retrieving something with resistance this is the way to go. Think SP Minnows, Mag Darters and such fished fast...that is where these reels are a joy. Oh, and also with a big fish on. Lets take a look under that bracket retaining the Main Shaft as it can be a problem area: Its well greased with a synthetic waterproof grease to protect that bearing in it's receptacle which is notorious in all of the LP reels for saltwater collection. Someday it would be nice to actually seal this area...: Ok, so all of this is first impressions. I fished a Komodo 364p for over 2 years without a hiccup, but we will have to see if anything in the production of these larger models comes far, very impressed. If you haven't fished one of these you are missing one of the finest reels Okuma makes and not at all painful on the pocket. Top notch top to bottom and the Komodo SS can probably make an argument for "Best in Class for the Money" in this hyper-competitive segment of "Large Low Profile" reels albeit by a small margin over it's competitors. All of these reels are just that good, imho.