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Found 144 results

  1. Native Slayer Propel MAX 12.5 Bought in 2021, only used once in the salt. Comes as is with the drive, no electronics/paddle/etc. $1800 picked up in Bourne/Buzzards Bay area
  2. Please help. I just had the most frustrating day of excellent fishing. Every time I put the anchor down it would just drag along the bottom as the current pulled me off the structure. When I finally had the anchor secure on the structure and cleeted on the yak, the current was pulling the yak under. how do you guys anchor your kayaks on structure?
  3. This Lowrance elite 7 TI fishfinder is as new as possible. Bought it from tackle direct to replace my hummingbird, then moved to Florida and gave up kayak fishing. Maybe taken out of the box once, maybe not. That’s how pristine it is. $100 plus $15 shipping
  4. Just removed this great ladder rack from my F150 in order to install a cap.... This is a Thule black steel ladder rack made to fit all full size pick up trucks. I've used it to carry rods, kayaks and just about everything ... $300 Pick up in Southeast Ma will deliver within 15 miles of Middleboro... rack
  5. Like new. Two chargers and two batteries… Because I left the first radio at a boat ramp. $35 + $10 shipping
  6. For sale is a Vibe Seaghost 130. It comes rigged with a garmin striker fishfinder(no battery), kayak cart, seat, car loading assistant, rod rack, paddle, anchor trolley, upgraded center versapod and foot controlled rudder. leak free and ready to fish. It's a snakehead slayer. Located on the eastern shore of MD, near Denton, MD. $1150
  7. hiya, I'd like to find a Tarpon 160, any version or a Scupper Pro in a bright color.
  8. Looking to sell. Very lightly used, maybe 8 trips, purchased in May this year new for $125. Size Medium (details on fit in picture). Selling off all my Kayak stuff as the wife and I pulled the trigger on a boat. $100 Shipped Takes It.
  9. Posting my new this year (purchased in May) Old Town Bigwater 132 PDL, and everything I set it up with to be fully loaded and ready to fish. The boat has been fished probably 8-10 times this year (and already has some good mojo). Reason for selling is we've jumped up to a boat which will give me no time to use the Kayak. The Boat, and everything with it, is in excellent / like new condition. Something to consider if you were even looking to upgrade to this boat is that the prices on these are apparently going up next year. This boat includes (Listing prices paid in May for reference - not including uncle sam): - Old Town Big Water 132 PDL Ember Camo - $2599 New - Adjustable Alum Organ Paddle (2 Piece) - $149 New - C-Tug Cart - $199 New - Yak Attack Rod Holder - $40 New - Yak Attack VisPro Light/Flag Combo - $125 New - Lithium Battery w/ Charger Install Kit - $225 New (Already Installed) - Hummingbird HELIX 7 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS G3 Fishfinder/Chartplotter - $700 New (Already Installed) - Yak Attack Hummingbird GPS Mount - $45 New - Floating Net 0 ~$40 New? $3,750 takes the entire set up and gets you ready for the fall run! Pick Up or Willing to meet within reason of MOCO NJ. If you are looking for any more pictures or details please let me know.
  10. Do you guys prefer to troll or cast while fishing from your kayak? or both?
  11. Saltwater Island Hopper 46lb trolling motor with variable speed control that came off a Feelfree Lure 13.5. See pictures below and ask if there is any part in particular you would like additional visibility of. I have the pedal drive for this kayak and no interest in using an electric motor, so looking to sell this. Uses clips to attach to an existing rudder system to control the direction of thrust, also has a bar that one could attach something to to steer in the absence of an existing rudder system. Asking $300 picked up in the Bronx.
  12. the stalker had been wanting to learn how to kayak, so we loaded them in the truck with a cooler of beer, and of to the river we went , I showed her how to paddle and of she went in the rain lol. had to run to the house and get more beer, while I was gone some dumb ass fell out in the river and she had to go save him. she even got out and went for a walk up a little creek /swamp thing that feeds into the river we got Back to the landing and a county cop pulls up, I'm standing there with a beer in my hand and one in the console of the truck, he made me pour them out and said she had to drive some guy at the ramp drove me home and his wife followed us , country folks
  13. So I have a question: If I'm out fishing in my kayak, what's the game plan? Should I be casting, chunking, trolling? Don't have pedals, so it's difficult to keep a cadence trolling. Basically just looking for tips on striper fishing from a kayak, I guess.
  14. Looking to purchase reliable kayak in good/great condition with kayak fishing items.
  15. Selling 2 Hobie kayaks (Greenwich CT) Yellow Outback with mounted Lowrance Elite 4 w/chirp gps/fish finder. Comes with paddle and 2 rocket launcher rod holders, J kayak racks also included. $1800 Blue Outfitter 2 man 1 pair turbo fins , 1 pair standard fins, comes with to 2 ram ball mount rod holders, J kayak racks also included. One of the holes for the seat mount had a leak so it was filled with epoxy. $1200 Fish crate and anchor is included with first kayak purchased.
  16. Hi all, I'm on the market for a reliable kayak, it'll be my first. Definitely with pedal drive. Should be good for a taller person. I'm 6'3", long legs. NY/NJ. Let me know what you have. Thanks. I'd be also open for any advise if someone feels like sharing his wisdom.
  17. Wtb a Thule Hullavator Located on Long Island.
  18. Selling Viking Profish Reload with both the tackle pod and chill pod $1200. I will sell with torqueedo motor for $2200. I am located Long Island NY.
  19. I have a Torqueedo 403 Ultralight For sale. Located Long Island NY. Looking for $1200 for it was not used often and always garage kept.
  20. For sale I have a Yakima Long Arm Truck Bed Extender. This has been used less than one year and has been great for transporting my kayak in the bed of the truck when I didn't feel like lifting it onto the rack. The extender has multiple positions so it'll work for most any situation. As you'll see in the picture I have a foam pool noodle taped around it to give it some more padding for the kayak when it bounces around. This can easily be removed. Dog is not included with sale. This is for local pickup only. I live in Oreland PA outside of Philly. Asking $150
  21. Alright, winter is just about upon us, so it's time to start thinking about kayak mods for the spring. I want to hear the best mods for fly fishing in a kayak, even pictures if you want! For me, I use a Next Lagoon 10 ft. I only use a milk crate in the back, but want to work on my yak to become a fly machine for the spring. Let me know! Christian
  22. Good day everyone, I am in the market for a new kayak for under 3k I was thinking of a Hobie Compass but some people recommended the Outback I have no ties to any brand so I'm looking for the best kayak for the money. I live near the Hudson and mohawk rivers but and buying it mostly for trips to Long Island sound and near shore Atlantic trips in RI. I hrought my 9.5' 17 year old Perception out past the West Wall and it was hairy (probably stupid too) I fly fish often so a wide deck is important. I have a Subaru forrester and no trailer but ordered a Thule Showboat 66 Load assist so weight is a consideration. I want stability, durability, and portability, but don't need too many bells and whistles, just a place to keep a cooler or stowing spot to keep some porgies cool if I keep some, and a place for an orvis water proof backpack and a nalgene bottle. I probably won't get a fish finder so don't need a fancy compartment for it. Thanks everone!
  23. $3500 - 2019 Hobie Pro Angler (stock) - 180 Mirage Drive - Vantage adjustable seat - Cup Holder - Boondox Landing Gear - 20 months left on Hobie Warranty!!! A 2017 or 2018 has NO WARRANTY remaining! (Hobie extended the warranty for 3 years beginning 2019! Prior years only had 2 year warranties. SO 2018 and before HAVE NO WARRANTY!!!) WHY PAY $3889 PLUS $284 for the landing gear...PLUS TAX! SAVE OVER $1000!!!! (New with landing gear and tax: $4539!) NOT INCLUDED: Torqueedo motor, special attachments for fish finder, etc. Just stock kayak as sold by Hobie with Boonedox landing gear, paddle and cup holder! (Need to downsize to a PA12 given my current fishing situation and storage!) Willing to drop off 1/2 way! (I live in NYC but the kayak is in Peconic. It's been used in fresh water lakes ONLY!)
  24. I'm looking for recommendations on a solid light tackle trolling reel for my kayak (Old Town Sportsman Bigwater 132 PDL). I mainly troll in freshwater reservoirs in Maryland and Virginia right now but also plan to do more in brackish (Chesapeake and Potomac). I want something light tackle preferably under 18 oz, ideally under 15 oz if possible. I've looked at everything for hours including both conventional and baitcaster reels. I don't want to use spinning, mainly because I already have spinning I use to troll when I go super light (Shimano Nasci/Spheros 3000 for 2oz or less works like a dream). I want a reel to troll bucktails, Alabama rigs, umbrellas, tandem rigs, spoons etc, mainly for stripers but also for musky and walleye in the future. Targeting fish in the 5-30lb range mainly. I don't have an exact price range, I more want a medium to high end reel that will last and be light and smooth (let's assume between $125-$300). I feel like having a clicker is almost mandatory. Multi-purpose isn't necessary but is nice to have (i.e. being able to cast as well as troll isn't mandatory). I'm torn between levelwind or not, and conventional vs low-profile/circlular or high-capacity baitcasters. I have looked at the following and none have stood out as a clear winner. I would love to hear your all's thoughts on any of these reels or any I haven't listed. - Seigler SG/SGN - Accurate Fury 400 and Valiant (the latter not being worth money imo) - Avet SX and SXJ - Daiwa Lexa CC - Shimano Tranx (no clicker sucks) - Okuma Komodo SS - Shimano Calcutta - Daiwa Saltist 20H Also, if anyone has any rod recs to pair for the kayak I am all ears
  25. I’m taking my friend fishing tomorrow from our kayaks. We were going to hit the triangle around Eaton’s neck for fluke. We don’t fish the north shore often but we wanted to switch things up. I’m not looking for anyone to give up their honey holes but would we be in the right area? There seems to be a lot of depth changes around that area. Also if anyone who fishes out there often can offer any details about surf/chop I know the sound is usually pretty tame in the bays. If we’re completely off with our plan any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. -Mike