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Found 24 results

  1. Island hopper saltwater series trolling motor. MT530. Has hobie mirage mount for 2013 and older kayaks. Not sure if it would work with newer models or if it can be modified in anyway. Barely used. Click link for video of it running . Retails $550 on their site. Asking $350 picked up in NJ 20220317_142331.mp4
  2. (First let me say that this is the first time I’ve ever sold on stripers, so if I am putting this in the wrong place or if I made a mistake, please correct me. I have read the rules, but something may have escaped me.) KOKATAT T3 supernova angler suit XXL. Used for three seasons and maintained very well. Sleeve gaskets were replaced in 2016. Moved to Florida in 2017 and it has sat in the closet. Gaskets have deteriorated and need to be replaced again. That costs about $100. See receipt from prior KOKATAT repair. Slight discoloration on sleeves, puncture in booty that has been sealed and does not leak. Zippers in excellent shape. $100 (or best offer) + $15 shipping
  3. So I have a question: If I'm out fishing in my kayak, what's the game plan? Should I be casting, chunking, trolling? Don't have pedals, so it's difficult to keep a cadence trolling. Basically just looking for tips on striper fishing from a kayak, I guess.
  4. I am curious as to what some folks may be using for GoPro LEDs & mounts for night footage? - i.e. waterproof LED lights, camera rigs for the yak, and setups for surf fishing pics (specific brands and/or DIY recommendations).
  5. So I usually launch my kayak on the bay side or in the sod banks. But I want to start launching from the surf. I would like your suggestions of kayak friendly beaches and accessibility to launch kayaks. I appreciate all your help thank you. John
  6. I'm looking for recommendations on a solid light tackle trolling reel for my kayak (Old Town Sportsman Bigwater 132 PDL). I mainly troll in freshwater reservoirs in Maryland and Virginia right now but also plan to do more in brackish (Chesapeake and Potomac). I want something light tackle preferably under 18 oz, ideally under 15 oz if possible. I've looked at everything for hours including both conventional and baitcaster reels. I don't want to use spinning, mainly because I already have spinning I use to troll when I go super light (Shimano Nasci/Spheros 3000 for 2oz or less works like a dream). I want a reel to troll bucktails, Alabama rigs, umbrellas, tandem rigs, spoons etc, mainly for stripers but also for musky and walleye in the future. Targeting fish in the 5-30lb range mainly. I don't have an exact price range, I more want a medium to high end reel that will last and be light and smooth (let's assume between $125-$300). I feel like having a clicker is almost mandatory. Multi-purpose isn't necessary but is nice to have (i.e. being able to cast as well as troll isn't mandatory). I'm torn between levelwind or not, and conventional vs low-profile/circlular or high-capacity baitcasters. I have looked at the following and none have stood out as a clear winner. I would love to hear your all's thoughts on any of these reels or any I haven't listed. - Seigler SG/SGN - Accurate Fury 400 and Valiant (the latter not being worth money imo) - Avet SX and SXJ - Daiwa Lexa CC - Shimano Tranx (no clicker sucks) - Okuma Komodo SS - Shimano Calcutta - Daiwa Saltist 20H Also, if anyone has any rod recs to pair for the kayak I am all ears
  7. I am interested in getting a kayak under 12 feet that I can use for fresh water fishing and cruising marsh areas. I know there is plenty of reviews on YouTube but usually those are paid advertising, any suggestions? Thanks
  8. 2018 Hobie Compass New Hobie mirage glide drive / ST fins Upgraded rectangular hatch Upgraded forward hatch Upgraded stainless steel Seat rings Mesh Seat mounted tackle organizer Upgraded Hobie Map pocket with PVC spacer. $1,800 Options: Add New turbo fins and masts kit $140 Add Hobie Stand up Bar (mounted) $180 Add Lowrace Elite 4 GPS fish-finder (mounted) $120 and Battery SLA Add Zooka II adjustable rod holder $20 and pliers case with Mustad pliers
  9. Hey I’m in the process of buying a house near LBI and I was wondering if anybody knows of any kayak fishing club in the area, since I’m relocating all the people I use to fish with will no longer be near. I appreciate your time and start getting your tackle ready, Spring is Coming!!!
  10. So I have two ocean big game kayaks and I enjoy fishing them. But I want to put a trolling motor on them. I have seen the trolling motor kits that mount in the Rod holders etc but I don’t like the way it looks. I saw somebody with a custom trolling motor that was mounted by a professional and it look very neat and he steered it with foot petals instead of the handle. My question does anybody know of anyone who does this type of installation in New Jersey? I greatly appreciate your help thank you.
  11. Looking for a few people to plan weekend kayak fishing trips around MA North Shore this fall. Who is interested? My preference is to have at least 2 people when fishing the ocean at night. Looking for saltwater trips mainly, some freshwater, and I fly fish quite a lot as well. I moved to Lowell last year, the people I usually fish with like to stick to their home waters; south of Boston, and western mass. My kayak setups: Hobie rev 11, Hobie sport, Garmin striker 4, marine radio, and navionics.
  12. So the short version: I fished 4 times down in Avon last week, 3x (2 soundside and 1 ocean) from my kayak, and 1x (ocean) from my brother's boat. I ended up catching 9 species of fish including my main target, Sheepshead. Each day wasn't a banner day by any means, but sticking it out and having a "plan b" in the end made the days successful, and usually most of that success came in the last 2-3 hours of the trip. Overall, it was a great first time bringing my kayak down there, and finally putting in some hours exploring an area I've been visiting every year for the past 31 years. I got some great intel on here from many users, both in the forums and through PM's, and I can't thank you enough for all of that. Now for some details... Trip 1: I knew of a fellow from another online forum I'm on, a local kayak oriented forum for the mid-Atlantic, and he was planning on fishing farther north than where we were staying. We both headed up to the kayak launch at OI on Sunday 8/4/19, the day after I arrived in the outer banks. I had heard that the creeks in that area were loaded with specks and the occasional red, but a kayaker on a PA who was loading up when I arrived had told me that the action was pretty slow, so I adjusted my plan accordingly. I fished the creeks for about 2 hours with popping corks, paddletails, gulp, and small plugs but never got anything to stay on the line, just tiny hits from what were most likely pinfish. I then traveled back out of the creeks into the main flats area, and traveled around quite a bit until I found some good contours that I knew, from my limited flounder fishing experiences, could be productive. I used the "John Skinner" rig, I'm not even sure if that's really what it's called, it's just a bucktail on the bottom with a bare hook on a loop or dropped knot about 6-8" above it, both tipped with gulp. I used white, but I'm sure other colors would work. I was casting to sandy patches just outside weedy areas, and also to deeper spots, and jigging it slowly back to the boat. I kept myself in about 5-8ft of water, and began casting to deeper spots at about 10-15ft, and between that and those shallower sandy spots I was working, I found some fish. I ended up catching 5 flounder from 12-17" (kept the 17"), 3 small lizardfish, and a whiting (also kept). This was the start of what would be the theme for the trip, and that was to always have a plan b, and to fall back on it if plan a wasn't working out. I think my fishing buddy ended up catching a nice 16" speck, he wasn't out for very long so I think that may have been all. Trip 2: The other guy had headed home by now, so I planned out a solo ocean trip. I found a nice surf launch with decent parking, and a short-ish walk across the sand to the water, easy enough for the sand tires on my cart. It was storming early in the morning, so I had to wait to launch until around 830-9am, which I didn't mind too much. The winds were low and coming from the West, which was ideal, however the surf conditions weren't that ideal. I wouldn't call them dangerous, just tricky, the waves were much larger than I would've liked, but the wave period was enough so I could make a seemingly safe trip out and back. I headed out offshore and trolled small daisy chains, and some of my favorite z-man soft plastics. I kept getting hits, sometimes huge hits, and they'd stay on for a few seconds, then nothing. I think I needed to speed up, maybe change direction, or something, but anyway I didn't land any fish while trolling for around 3ish hours. Got a bunch of hits but again, nothing stayed on the line, but all I lost was the tail off a z-man, so not too bad I guess. I then decided to fall back again to my plan b, which was fish a close(ish) wreck, hopefully for sheepshead. I used some bottom sweeper 1 oz jigs and some frozen sandfleas (well thawed by now in my cooler bag), and dropped them right against the wreck. It was like looking down into an aquarium, absolutely full of life. Huge triggerfish, hundreds of small-medium spades, and I thought I saw some sheepshead too. Boom, first cast, first hookup, a 16" sheepshead, I was so happy. This was my main target during this trip, as I had a vendetta against them after having 2 big ones break me off in 2 different occasions. I proceeded to fish this wreck for another couple of hours until I ran out of sandfleas, and broke off 2 of my bottom sweepers. I found that I had to cast within a very narrow spot on the wreck to get to the sheepshead, which was very snaggy. Otherwise, the bait would be off the hook within a few seconds, it was like watching a tornado of fish follow it down to the bottom. I caught a few small BSB, a couple of really big toadfish, and 3 more sheepshead between 14-18" for a total of 4 sheepshead. I tried using smaller hooks with pieces of squid for theIt was a successful day, but like the first trip, sticking it out for the last few hours made all the difference. I began the long process of re-securing all my gear, leashing items and stowing others, and paddled in. I have done probably 7 or 8 surf trips now, so I'm not a complete amateur, but I did manage to screw up this time. I paddled in too quickly, and began to be pulled forward by the wave I was following in, and began to crest it as it broke, not good. Ended up surfing it for a few seconds until it buried me into the sand, flipping the kayak and me right off it. I wasn't hurt, just scared and shaken up, most of my stuff was leashed so it was recovered. I ended up breaking my hawg trough, the extension piece on my scotty rod holder, and lost my leader wheels and my backup tackle box I had stored under the seat. Unfortunately the tackle box contained most of my pricier lures, so that was the biggest lost. Everything else was fine though, kayak, fishfinder, rods and reels, and most importantly me. I was just super embarrassed as I collected all my stuff along the beach, and thinking back, I probably should've waded in the surf looking for my lost items, but I wasn't thinking too clearly. My cooler bag was leashed so I saved everything that was inside there including the fish. I packed up everything in the truck, then carted the kayak back, loaded up, and headed home, nearly dry at that point. Since this happened I have replaced 2 of 3 leader wheels (great deals to be found for berkley pro-spec), my x rap mag 20 (another great 1/2 off deal), and a few glass minnows since I lost many of the locally made OBX ones I had. Trip 3: Took a couple of days off to just rinse and re-evaluate my equipment, and plan out a soundside trip. I found a soundside wreck/reef that was a few miles from shore, and launched out of a marina after hearing some positive news from a guy there. Like I figured, the wreck/reef should hold big sheepshead, according to that guy anyway. I pedaled out a couple miles to reach it, and caught a nice blue while trolling out there, so the day was already a successful one. I then used some of my last remaining bottom sweepers, my 1/2 oz ones since I lost almost all of my bigger ones, and some more frozen sand fleas. I caught more BSB and some pinfish and pigfish, but no sheep. I think I saw one cruising the grass flats nearby, so I tried there, but to no avail. I didn't get any of the textbook light almost undetectable sheepshead bites, or the big hits they'll sometimes do either, just a lot of the bait picking bites from those species I just mentioned. So, after a few hours fishing the reef, I headed back to shore, trolling on my way back. I ended up pedaling into a few schools of medium sized blues from 14-22", and they provided an hour of enjoyment. I even brought in 2 at once on the SP minnow (one of my few remaining plugs I had stored in a different location from my surf launch). I think the SP minnow might be one of the best lures I troll, I've yet to catch anything on the 3D crystal minnow, which is now lost. I caught a few blues on the z-mans I was trolling as well, and ended up landing 5 more blues for a total of 6, and losing probably 2 or 3 more near the boat or due to short strikes. The wind had really picked up and made the sound very choppy at this point, so I'm glad I came in when I did. I also pedaled right along with some dolphins (maybe porpoises, tough to tell) during my outing, they started coming right at me, then stayed alongside for a while, really cool. Came back to the marina and checked in with that guy again, and my gf. Side note, make sure to leave a float plan with someone while you're out including where you're launching from, where you're going to (ish), and when you'll be back on shore. It helps to keep in contact periodically too, I use a waterproof sleeve for my phone and bluetooth it to a floating waterproof speaker ($20-worth it), and I can receive calls and stream music through it if I really want to. Trip 4: My last trip of the week was on my brother's 19' runabout with my brother and my father. It was great to be out on the water with them, we don't get too many trips like that, and I make sure to appreciate every one. My brother gets seasick quite easily, despite many medications, and he is usually done after a couple hours, and this time was no exception. We trolled the same daisy chains I used off the kayak, and landed 2 spanish on the white one this time. Those would be the only fish we ended up catching, my brother got frustrated by slow fishing, and growing sickness, so we headed in. I had a couple backup plans but I couldn't bring any to fruition because he wanted to go in, and it's his boat anyway. I think we fished from probably 9:30-1, just trolled both parallel and perpendicular to shore, covering various depths in the hatteras bight area. Overall the trip was a successful one, I never got skunked, and learned a lot, including how to quickly react to a flipped kayak in the surf zone without getting hurt. It wasn't the ideal learning experience haha but an experience none the less. Thank you Steve for the PMs containing all the info, I'll be sure to use it in the fall if I make a return trip. This trip I couldn't find the specks and reds on my first outing after a few hours, so from then on, for whatever reason, I decided not to target them again. I guess it was because I found other targets. If I would've made one more trip, it would've been specks, reds, and flounder focused. Down in this area, local knowledge is your friend, though I'll admit most of the areas that I ended up catching fish were due to my own research and mostly luck. I think I visited 4 or 5 tackle shops, and bought 10-30$ worth of tackle/bait at each, I love supporting local businesses. If you can bring your kayak down I recommend it, it really opens up a lot of fishing spots, especially soundside, and even oceanside if you're brave enough. I would stress that you should always have a backup plan/target, and stay out at long as safely possible given weather and tidal conditions, as those last few hours can really turn the day around. Good luck to those who are heading down that way, and thank you again for everyone who gave me advice.
  13. On one of my outings I talked with a guy on shore staying by a marina in Frisco, he had mentioned his success with flounder and specks right out in front of the marina as I was heading out. He had a camo Hobie outback and what looked to be another blue outback, and was from NJ. Just wondering if he was a member here? Would be great to connect with another angler who fishes the outer banks by kayak. I was the guy in the big sun hat on the camo Hobie outback pedaling out on 8/9/19.
  14. So I'll be staying in Avon from 8/3-8/11/19, and I'm bringing both my kayaks down (in case the gf wants to get out for a day too), and plan on putting in some serious time fishing. I see that Ocean's East in Nag's Head on my way down has some fiddlers, possibly, so I plan on hunting for sheepshead on both the sound and oceanside. I've done some research and mapped out a few close wrecks and reefs within 1-2 miles, again both sound and oceanside, and the ramps to access them (could always use more tips though, especially on soundside access). I plan to troll some squid rigs, plugs, spoons, and soft plastics, for spanish mackerel, blues, etc., and I'm bringing lots of smaller hooks and rigs to catch baitfish, and king mackerel rigs to slow troll them around the contour lines offshore. As for the soundside, I'll have my popping corks and small jigheads, plenty of gulp, and small paddletails for flounder, reds, and specks. I've got rigs and jigs for sheep, and I would say they're my #1 fish to target during this week, though it might be a tie with spanish. The ultimate fish to catch would be a false albacore or cobia, but I know those are chance encounters. Does this sound like a decent plan of attack? I've launched kayaks several times in the ocean before, in this area and in FL, and I have all the necessary safety gear IMO (vhf, multiple cell phones, etc), so beyond that sort of advice, can anyone give me any pointers about areas to target, recent fishing reports, etc? I usually hit up Frank and Fran's as it's very close to my family's house, but also am familiar with the red drum shop, but if anyone can recommend other local shops to hit up for advice, that would be much appreciated. I've been traveling to the area for my entire life, as my family has owned a house in Avon since the late 70s, 10 years before I was born, but I've yet to really put in a lot of effort researching all the areas to fish. Now that I've had some years of kayak fishing experience under my belt, it's opened up entirely new avenues and access points to feed my obsession. Finally, this is my first post and I look forward to joining this very active and informative community of fisherman. Steve in Mass, you seem to be one of the experts for this area, can I reach out to you by PM? I don't know how to do that yet, as I'm very new. I'm fairly active on my local kayak oriented forum, don't know if I can say the name here, but they don't have quite the presence up and down the east coast that this forum does, so I'm looking forward to gaining some much needed knowledge about NC and beyond from SOL. Also, I love that the abbreviation for this forum is SOL, which I feel like is exactly the situation you'll be in, if you can't find the info you're seeking through here. Thank you everyone.
  15. I have 1 2014 Hobie Pro Angler I'm looking to sell. I currently have 5 Kayaks and mainly bass fish in ponds that get choked out with weeds to the waters surface so the Hobie is the kayak I use the least so it is the first to go. The color is ivory dune and I'm located in Middletown,DE. It has the following rigging that I will include: Lowrance Elite 4 with Navionics Chip 9 AH Battery with the Hobie round hatch battery mount Two Scotty 279 Rod Holders Two Scotty Gear Head Track Adapters Yak Attack Mighty Mount with backing plate for a flag in the rear Two 16" sections of Yak Attack Aluminum Heavy Duty Gear Track (GT175) Yak Attack Adapter and 6" GT175 Track mounted on grab handle Hobie Power Pole Mount (Power Pole will NOT be included) Hobie Heavy Duty Cart with Semi Pneumatic Tires Hobie Paddle Leash For Peddle Drive Hobie Factory Anchor Trolley(Pro Angler is set up from factory with threaded inserts to mount on either side) The price is $2200
  16. just curiosity, is there a common radio channel we'll use to talk to each other if we happen in the same area? I certainly hope we could stay connected that way on the water, to know each other, and improve safety. It'll benefit all of us. --Bruce
  17. A buddy is looking to start kayak fishing with me. He's looking to spend around $300 for a used sit on top starter kayak. We're located in Rhode Island, wouldn't mind the trip to CT, MA, NH, ME, VT, or NY. PM me if anyone has something to help get him started. I appreciate you taking for the time to read all this, THANKS!
  18. got a nice keeper to day a legit 27" the 0 line starts at the tip of the tail not at the edge of the tape. and a decent fillet job i might for me anyway
  19. Hello guys, Many of you already have something like this built, but I wanted to share mine with you. I made this a few years ago. In fact, I may have been one of the first people to post photos of it but now finally made a video. I used all heavy duty parts since the hobie pro angler is extremely heavy. The two most important things about this cart to me are the wheels and the height which measures up to my pickup bed. Slides on and off easily. Something that I plan to add to this cart are smaller PVC pipes lined up next to the larger ones to use as rod storage. Now, I also have a favor to ask of you all. I just started this channel and actually just uploaded and made these videos public. As I am typing this, there are zero views on all of them. It would be great if you all could subscribe to the channel.
  20. Gave my buddy a ride 34 miles out for some fun fishing. This was his first experince fishing from a kayak.
  21. Curious if anyone has seen a newer style seat (raised, frame, etc) that fits older early 2000's era Ocean kayaks, specifically a big game. I've tried every backband+pad style, and I never get more than 2 hours in without some serious discomfort.
  22. Can some of you please pass me some information on the kayak fishing field... I'm making my move from canoe to kayak and I have some questions. On the milk crate should I keep my plastic lures on the original package? or can I store it on the tackle boxes, the reason is because some of this lures have some oil to keep it moist or some other reason and I'm not sure if the regular plastic container will affect the lure, how you guys keep it ?... On the other question... the plugs on the kayak, I have 6 total... 2 of front two on the back and two under the seat... should I only keep the two under the seat or do I need all 6 ON, I will be on calm water most of the time. Thanks guys and if this question are around here please put me on the correct direction and I will go for the information. Thanks again and have fun on the water but be safe.
  23. I'm new to Kayak fishing, and am really looking forward to it when I go to the beach next week. This will be my first time, and I will be going mostly inshore and near the beaches of the bay in Cape May, NJ. I just wanted to know what people recommend for Fluke rigs, and what kind of fish they have caught in harbors, as that is mainly where I'm going to be fishing. The Kayak I will be using is a 14' Hobie Odyssey Tandem which can be (and will be) converted into a single person. Feel free to express opinion on the setup for a beginner.
  24. Thinking of getting out for the in coming tide in the pm area if anyone is up for it