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Found 14 results

  1. Hey everyone. Just wanted to share what I’ve been upto since I’ve had some time to build. I’ve had this blank for awhile and decided to mess around and came up with this build. Enjoy as I’m still learning from a lot of you. This is only my second year getting into rod building and it’s so addicting. Layout is KL25H, 12H, 8M, KT8 all the way to the tip.
  2. This is my second build so far, I've had alot of help from my brother gabeskillz05 and friend Matt Boyer. Both frequent this form. Like the title says this is a 10 foot CTS Vapor Trail, guide train is as follows : Rv25h 20.25" from reel pin at mid position Kl12h 16" from Rv25h Kl8m 8.75 from Kl12h Kl7l 7.5" from Kl8m Kt7 runners #7: choke is 6.5" from Kl7l, then 5.25" and dropping 0.25" each time to tip. Reel is a vsx150 with 30lb super slick. I am still working on it, tonight I am putting poxy on the trimbands and the underwrap for the Rv25h. Any tips will help thanks!
  3. Hi guys, A few years ago I was able to build a rod with the great help of Mr. ZAFisher. After being read various articles and advice in this forum. They want to ask for advice on the transformation of a rod. The rod measures 9.5 feet (Lure weight: 30-90). I have in stock some fuji torzite rings (RV25 and KT6/KB6), and I will continue in that line. The original rod comes with this configuration (the rings are broken) KW30 - KW20 - KW10M - KW8 and KW7 (x3) I have some KB guides in number 6 and KT 7. Thinking about the above, the configuration options for the new rod could be: The original configuration ... * KW30 - KW20 - KW10M - KW8 and KB6 (x4) / replace KW7* or * KW30/RV25 - KW25 - KW20 - KW12/KW10 and KB6/KT6 (x4) or * KW30/RV25 - KW25 - KW20 - KW12/KW10 and KT7 (x4) who think of using the RV25 replacing RW30 guide? Based on your experience, what would you recommend me? I would always like to end in KT6, KB6 or KT7 I feel free to say, I'm all listener Thanks
  4. 11’ fsc marauder 1-5oz. Did My first fish pattern wrap. Anyways enjoy
  5. Finally had some time to go pick up my blank from John at FSC. It’s a 12’ FSC super carbon marauder 1487 rated 2-7oz. Going to be primarily using this rod in Mexico. Have a trip coming up in the next couple weeks so I had to get started with the build. Here are some pictures for now. Enjoy
  6. Found some nice instruction from Fuji site which can to be good starting point for new rod builder. It is not meant to be an absolute rule. Rather a reference point for new builders using KW/KR guides. I did some google translation work for spinner build and will post one for bait casting type if anyone wants it. I don't speak Japanese so my apologies in advance on rough translations... KR-New Guide Concept_Intro-Spinning.pdf
  7. Here is a Rod Geeks 8’ XC802 I just finished for myself. Built it for light inshore action whether it be on land or from a boat. Layout is KL20H-KL10H-KL5.5M then kb5.5 all the way to a LG 5.5 tip top. I have it paired with the new penn conflict 2 4000. Such a nice and super light setup. Real nice rod. I was really impressed with it. I really like wood grain, so I tried my best to achieve the look.
  8. Just recently finished this build for a family member. It’s an 11’ ODM genesis 3/4-4oz. Guides are fuji CC KLH 25-12-8m-7L then kb6’s to the LG6 tip top. Laid out for a penn torque 5. Enjoy
  9. Finally finished this build for a buddy of mine. The blank is a 11’ FSC marauder 1327 1-5oz Built with fuji components using KR concept guides. Guide layout is KLH25-12-8m and kt8 to the tip top. Rasta theme open chevron wrap. Enjoy
  10. I started this build for a buddy of mine. It’s a 12’ CTS vaportrail 3-6oz he will be using at the canal and surrounding areas. Here are are some pictures for now. Just got done doing the underwrap today. Layout will go rv25-rv16-kw10m-kw8 kw8 x how ever many to the tip top. Tip top used is a Fuji KG ring 8
  11. Here is my latest build I did for a friend. The blank is a 9’6” black hole Suzuki. The layout is KLH25-12-8m-7L then kb6’s to an LG6 tip top. This is probably the lightest 9’ surf rod I’ve ever had the pleasure of messing around with. Full built rod comes in at 9oz.
  12. I need your guidance again guys. I used the 27 X method while laying out a 12ft rod earlier this year and I am happy with those results. However, I'm contemplating redoing another rod I have but this one is 9 ft. When I apply the 27 X method the suggested choke point is not even on the blank. I used Fuji's GPS software with the reels measurements (shimano 8000) and those measurements look weird - the first guide seems very close to the reel. This brings me to the "factory" layout. I want a layout that can be used with various reels, for example Shimano 8000 and Penn Torque 5. Where do I start with this layout when the suggested choke point is not even on the rod? I want to use KW guides and was thinking of starting with a 30 and working my way down to size 12 running guides or 10's. For the time being the main reel that will be used with this rod is a Stradic 8000. The shimano reel measurements are A: 108 mm, B: 93.9 mm, C: 155 mm Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  13. Here is a recent build I just finished today for a client. 11’ cts vaportrail 4-8oz using KLH single foot titanium torzite guides. Sorry if some photos came out not as nice.
  14. I’m still a rookie compared to a lot of the guys on this forum when it comes to thread wrapping and layout. A lot of the stuff I’ve seen on this forum has inspired me to venture off into building my own rods. Still in the works but enjoy. 10’6” fsc Predator 3/4-4oz blank layout goes RV25, KL12h, KL8m, KL7l, kt7x7, KG8 tip top
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