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Found 11 results

  1. Tank | Medium Pikie - Blue/Black over silver - 7", 3.2oz Jigman | Large Pikie - Muted Wonderbread - 7.5", 3.6oz Workhorse | Jr eel skin pikie - White - 5.25", 2.0oz Lex | Cupped Lip Surfster - White w/ pink sides - 5.25", 1.7oz ALL lightly used $105 shipped PPFF
  2. Two of Andrew's earlier works never fished They have normal handling marks 1. Silver 6-1/4" 3.15 oz 2. Yellow with glitter 8" 4.17 oz Sold only as a lot @ 11.00 per ounce PP f&f
  3. looking for a couple of @Jig Man baitfish, please post pic and price, paypal ready, thank you
  4. Here are two Jiggy Pikies. A yellow 8" 4.17 oz and a 6.25" 3.15 oz. May have handling marks but not fished. You can be the first.... lol 110.00 shipped. PP f&f
  5. A lot of various metal lips. Included are a Hahn Pikie (blueish), Jigman Pikie (yellow), RM Smith Peanut Punker, Tsunami, JNSKI slope head, Tattoo A40, and a Spin Atom. I believe this is all in the set but could be wrong. Would like to keep as a lot and price is $90 for all with shipping. Paypal. Thanks.
  6. First $100 takes it. $12 ship. Thx. All Brand New except the Live Target and Tattoo.
  7. Short version: Proven warrior/slayer Pikie in older, gorgeous bunker paint not seen in his current work. New small metal lip in his recent (and more complex) bunker pattern (green back fading to a hint of silver sides and pearl belly) weighs a little over 1 ½ oz. Prototype pearl glider that provides a unique insight re the path from idea to execution. Buy soon before I change my mind. The used Pikie is one of my favorite JigMan plugs and it pains me to sell it. I’m only selling it because I swore to myself that I’d cut down on the too-many plugs I own, I have a couple other Pikies that are so beat you’d never even glance at them, and—I hope—they will suffice when I need to clip on a Pikie of this size, style, and *approximate*color. (See below for more on colors.) This bad boy’s got well-earned mojo, along with the best colors of *any* of Andrew’s plugs that I’ve ever owned. My pics fail miserably to show off this older bunker color palette, with a rich color-shift green/gold back, and a purple side band that fades into a silvery pearl belly. (It's simple in a way, yet I find it perfect. I’ve yet to see *any* other of his plugs in that color.) I’ve tuned it to sashay on the surface now, but can be tuned to swim sub-surface. You can—OMG! CUE LIGHTNING BOLTS AND THE WRATH OF THOR!!—even bend the lip! (Andrew, if you’re reading this, I *know* that you’re chuckling, given all of our chats about lip bending. For those of you who don’t know Andrew, he has all but assured me that bending the lip on a plug will *not* condemn me to an angling life of getting skunked, catching shorts, or only catching sea robins. YMMV.) It has some dents and small scrapes, as you’d expect from any slayer plug. (I’ve sealed them all with Hard as Nails.) All hardware is perfect. (Note: There's no gold spot just aft of the eyes. The gold you see is just an artifact of the lighting.) The new small metal lip in bunker pattern (green back fading to a hint of silver sides and pearl belly) weighs a little over 1 ½ oz. I’m adding the prototype glider because I know that many of you are also big fans of his work and would enjoy seeing a real life example of his work-in-progress, which shows where weights were changed during his on-water testing, then quickly puttied over and painted. (If you’re looking for “gorgeous” in the traditional sense of the word, just stop reading right now because this isn’t that. If, however, you appreciate true craftsmanship, and what a great craftsman goes through during the path from idea to the realization of that idea, you’ll probably get it.) By its nature, it is indeed one of a kind. Weighing just shy of 2 oz as shown, this 5” flat-side glider has a greenish-gray back with pearl sides and belly and swims beautifully. With a very slow and steady retrieve you can make it swim lazily, with a bit of roll, in a nice smooth S-pattern some 6 to 12” wide—“la dee dah, I’m just hangin’ here, all nice n safe.” Bring it in a little more quickly to tighten up the lateral movement—“Time to move on.” (You can also accomplish both of these in current by changing your retrieve to manage the effective speed of the plug vs. the current. But you probably already knew that.) You won’t need much effort to make this glide out a foot or more to each side—“WTF??! I gotta escape!” Use a *slight* rod flick to the side (to start the glide out) and immediately drop your rod tip (to allow some slack in your line, which maximizes the glide distance). I use about a 2” tail flag to accentuate the S-shaped swimming characteristics described in the first two examples. Because flags can cut down on the lateral gliding distance, mine are usually tied pretty sparsely with a combination of hair and feathers. A shorter (say 1” or so) flag will accomplish the same thing. $56, immediate PP with USPS First Class shipping and tracking #. Not splitting. (If you’re thinking of buying this lot you should do it before I change my mind and make it either a two-plug lot or just sell the new plug by itself.)
  8. Prices include shipping (CONUS) and PayPal. Fish On 8 Yellow/white Surfster: 1 oz & 4.5", may have been thrown, unmarked. $20 SOLD Tattoo Radioactive Danny: 1.1 oz & 4.5", seen water, a few pointers. $17 SOLD RuRu Yellow Danny: 1.5 oz & 4.75", 1 pointer/2nd pic. $17 Jigman White Danny: 1.75 oz & 5", unmarked. $20
  9. Everything shown with a package is brand new, others are in great shape. LifishinVT pikie has a hairline crack by one of the screws holding the lip. Going to start with a TWO PLUG MINIMUM. Add $3 for shipping if you buy two one or all of them. PayPal preferred Lupo sr troller - 16 RM Smith sr troller - 23 Driftwood slopehead - 17 Capt Andy slopehead - 13 LifishinVT pikie (~3oz) - 20 Jigman pikie (~2oz) - 22 RM Smith floating waverer - 30 RM Smith waverer XL (~5oz - big plug!) - 35
  10. As some of you may be aware I've relocated to the west coast and have minimal time to fish with my new gig. So passing these on to get wet back where they belong! Prices include shipping. Prompt Paypal preferred on all these. Lot 1, Rare KMan needle, Squid LS69 GameChanger & GuideSecret Needle - $45 SOLD Lot 2, Two BigFishBaitCo Prey Surfsters - $55 Lot 3, Super Strike Specials (Bunker, Snapper and Bumblebee) - $125 SOLD Lot 4, Two BigFishBaitCo Pencils (1oz and 2.25oz double-shot) - $40 SPLIT/SOLD Lot 5, Popper assortment - $40 Lot 6, Older Super Strikes - $35 SPLIT/SOLD Lot 7, Big Fischer jointed cowboy and mega-darter - $65 Lot 8, CCW darters - $55 Lot 9, Jigman Resin darter - $55 SOLD
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