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Found 19 results

  1. Tsunami Slimwave spin 6’4” 1/2-2.5 Tsunami Trophy Slowpitch jig spiral wrap conv 6’6” 1-4.25 $95 for Slimwave, $70 for SPJ or $150 for both. Local pickup only central NJ. Buyer covers PayPal or Venmo fees.
  2. Garage sale of brand new landing net and some gears & plugs are for sale as a one single package. Since there are not only lures I placed them in the general section. 100 USD for everything. 1) Okuma landing net 67 ich (net diameter - 23 inch), salt water stainless steel, telescopic pole 67 inch (folded) and about 10 feet unfolded. 2) Tsunami custom crafted wood lure - bottle style popper 5.5’, #2.25 - 1 item, 3) crippled herring 2 and 3 oz by Luhr Jensen - 3 items, 4) Comoku Jig 2.1 oz and 1.7 oz - 2 items, 5) Deadly Dick #3 - 2 items, 6) Diamond Jig holographic A17 by Tsunami - 6 items, 7) Dimond Jig 2 oz by Run off Lures - 1 item, 8) Flat Shad jig Pro Series - 2 items, 9) green jig heads - 2 items, 11) Storm Swim Shad 2 oz - 3 items (2 package), 12) buck tailed herring 2 oz by Run off Lures - 1 oz, 13) spring rod holder - 1 item, 14) new Jack Daniel Whiskey stainless steel flask (7oz), pocket size.
  3. Hey Peeps, Looking to buy a Do It Mold Bullet Nose Jig BDB-3-X or a mold that is something similar but looking for the same or larger ounce jigs. I am in MA but open to paying for shipping Tightlines!
  4. Old style Shimano jig carrier including: Andrus Bucktails 4oz., 3oz., 2oz. Spro-bucktails 4oz., 3oz., 2oz. Point Jude black lure (butterfish) Felmlee rubber eel on ball 4oz., 3oz., 2oz. A-47s A-27s A few other lures/bucktails unknown Carrier case included Note: Weights are approximate Total asking $75. Pick-up only near Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn or Rockaway, Queens. Please reach out for further detail.
  5. Hello, humans. I haven't seen this addressed in other discussions, so wanted to see if there's a quick, straightforward answer. (Pause for laughter.) Basically, I'm curious if the new regs require that circle hooks be used in every circumstance. Example: Say I'm fishing for schoolies with a soft lure and a jig head. Does it have to be a circle hook jig head? (I know that charter boat associations and others groups have asked for an exemption from the new regs when trolling tubes and leadheads -- which makes sense. That said, I definitely support the spirit and most of the specifics of the current decrees regarding circle hooks.) In short, I'm perfectly happy to use non-offset circle hooks in most every striper scenario -- but I can't figure out if I'll be screwed or fined if I use something other than a circle hook jig head with a little Zoom super fluke in the Housatonic. Any clarity or insights will be most welcome. Thanks. Benny
  6. As above - new or used, even a rental - thanks
  7. 2 Uncle Josh #50y (Yellow) 2 Uncle Josh #50r (Red) 2 Smiling bill bucktails $55 shipped. This is the last of what I have.
  8. Looking for a source for SW jig hooks wiht heads on them in size 1/0 or 2/0 for salmon. Thanks, David
  9. (10) 4 oz with 8/0 gamakatsu hooks (6) 6 oz with 8/0 mustard hooks $25 ship any form of payment
  10. Has anyone used the mustad hooks 32824 for there jigs? If so what are your thoughts on them, I love mustad hooks and I use them in all my jigs, but these hooks are very expensive. Just wondering what people think about them before investing them into my jigs.
  11. Need help finding a bucktail mold like the S&S rockhopper or Andreas jetty caster. I already use do-it molds smiling bills(hot lips). Looking to change pace and try something new. Thanks to anyone with advice.
  12. ere is my new fluid bed for powder coating some lead jigs. This one is made of 1.5 inch PVC schedule 40 pipe. The filter media used is actually a dust mask that I glued on. Total cost was about $20 but that includes 5 feet of PVC pipe. The brass fittings were half the cost. I couldn’t find any plastic NPT fittings. Assembly time was about 15 minutes
  13. Here is my new fluid bed for powder coating some lead jigs. This one is made of 1.5 inch PVC schedule 40 pipe. The filter media used is actually a dust mask that I glued on. Total cost was about $20 but that includes 5 feet of PVC pipe. The brass fittings were half the cost. I couldn’t find any plastic NPT fittings. Assembly time was about 15 minutes
  14. Has anyone ever tried to pour lead into a plaster mold? I was thinking about making my own crippled herrings. I'm not intersted in getting set up with real molds. I won't be doing a lot.
  15. What’s the best jig heads for soft plastics. Looking for recommendations for all sizes. Keitech style and up to bass assasin, slugos all swim shads. Using this for striped bass mainly on Long Island open beach and back bay. Also boat
  16. I just ordered the new Horus latest 2017 colors and have a couple of extra ones.These jigs are great and not easy to get (made in Egypt).4 colors left 200G17$ eachOr62$ for all 4accepting trades for stickbait and popper suitable for hots gipgang 78 mh (120g max)all prices are plus shipping.
  17. Going to be hitting up the canal with the possibility of some beaches this weekend. Anyone down to join? One thing is, I do not have a working bike currently. PM or respond to this if you wanna do some fishing!!! Always looking to make new fishing buddies! - Al
  18. Hi I have been cutting bib slot with the jig as made by Paul Adam . The jig is quiet simple for those who do not have band saw or any other motor driven cutters. It gives you a perfect square slot for placing bib. The tools required are basically few square cut pieces of wood and are glue together for making square bib slot. While cutting the bib slot you need only few pieces of haxso blades glue together with matching thickness of your polycarbonate sheet. I am using the same and the issue I am facing is that i made it for 30 degree bib angle which cannot be changed to 40-45 degree as it is glue together. For having 40-45 degree angle I need to make separate jigs. I do not have much of tools for cutting as I am pursuing lure making as hobby and so far have not thought of having / buying other tools. Does any one has any idea of making a home made jig which can give square slot for bib with less tools. All suggestions and advise are welcome. Regards Raghubir
  19. I'd like to sell a G6465H Seeker Black Steel jigging rod with an Avet 4.6 LX reel. Setup is like new condition. Reel is spoiled with 80# saltiga depth colored braid. I have a neoprene cover for the reel as well for those long salty rides offshore. Rod is 6'6" long and rated 30 (40) 50 according to Seeker. All stainless ring guides. No rollers. Gimple butt Total setup cost over $500 with line and reel cover. Asking $375 for the whole thing. Please let me know if anyone is interested.
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