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Found 24 results

  1. I never put too much thought into it before my first import Daiwa purchase, but now when looking at a 2023 Saltiga I figured I should ask some questions for the folks with experience. I purchased a Australian Certate LT 4000D-C (ARK Model), I had read that you can typically get imports serviced in the US but not warrantied before purchasing, but I would love to hear your experience with both below(warranties and service)! I am thinking of picking up a JDM 23 Saltiga and wanted to ask about JDM reels getting serviced in the US and peoples experience with it, and has anyone sent their reel to japan for warranty or servicing and how was that experience? I am willing to get the XH model, as that is what is sold in the US market, if that makes getting it serviced here more likely. Two extra questions, does anyone have a 4000 certate and a 23 saltiga? Which size do you feel like is a worthwhile upgrade from the 4000 for a different reel size feel, thinking 5000 or 6000 with a bias towards the 6000. Secondly, does anyone have a 6000 23 Saltiga and what size rod do you like throwing it on?
  2. Trying to out weight the pro’s and con’s of a JDM Stella and JDM Saltiga vs USA and here’s my issue I’m not a guy that tears apart my reels and self services but I do like the fact the Stella 4000swc is cheaper and does come in HG USA only offers XG but I’m running into the issue do I wanna give away my rights to the platinum service or will I just get away with sending a HG in and they fix it anyways. Or is there anyone that fixes JDM that’s not outrageous or could I even send it to digitalis to get serviced. I figured with the Saltiga 2023 4000 it’s too early if a release to buy JDM with potential problems to work out in the reel and mag seal is a b*tch so just go USA on that. I do have a 2020 20k Saltiga and it’s two seasons in and it hasn’t skipped a beat to need any service. just figured I’d put this out to get anyone’s .02 really stuck on the Stella whether I wanna go JDM or USA. I don’t mind paying but can I get away with it in JDM with either not servicing or sending to USA shimano especially since I want the HG not XG or do I go USA and hell if the gears on the XG burn up send it back and get new ones.
  3. I got 2 of these. They're new. I only had one rod assembled, had a reel on it playing with it in the house. Never seen water. 9 ft 6 inch travel rod. 4pc rods. Extremely nice build quality. Fuji CC Alconites. Casts 0.5 to 1.5oz + - up to 2oz. Good range for lures. Great with a 4000 or 5000 reel. Medium power, regular action, nice general purpose lure rod. Throw BTs, metals, swimmers. 30" pieces. Semi hard carry case measures 32x4x3. Nice and compact. With zipper and carry handle. Great as a trunk rod. A more compact rod to travel with. Mass transit, small cars, bicycling etc. Weighs about 6oz assembled. That's very light for a 9ft 6 rod. $150 shipped for one. $270 shipped for the pair. Make life easy and grab the pair. Have a rod and reel in every car. PayPal FF. Venmo Ff. Cash local 11209 minus shipping.
  4. This is a fully mechanically refurbed jdm Saltiga 15 I just finished. This is the power gear 5.1 model. Not the 15H. Side button is a spool lock, not a clicker. Auto engage on crank. Reel was from my buddy who didn't take much care for it. Used it for porgies, seabass, bergals, tog, bass, mostly on his own boat. So the exterior is ugly. So I took it off him since I got him a newer blue 2022 15H replacement. Thing is beaten cosmetically. With corrosion spots and pitting here and there. On sideplate seam, rims of spool, frame, near handle nut. I think it's all pictured. Every single bearing was shot (in my books). Surprisingly not many scratches. Issues probably stem from lack of washing mostly. None of the corrosion affects actual usage. I did a complete refurb overhaul. Tore all apart. Hot ultrasonic cleaned in CRC cleaner, replaced all 8+1 bearings (2 knob, 1 drive stud, 1 handle, 2 sideplate, 1 main pinion, 1 spool, 1 AR bearing. New carbon drag washers with ATD grease. New oils and new grease all over. Internal looks like new right now. The reel works like new. You would not even guess it works like new considering how it looks on the outside. Rating scale? Cosmetics 4/10 Mechanical 10/10 I would estimate the reel still has a good solid 10 years left if you maintain it with oil wipes or brush grease along the corrosion spots occasionally. The internals have no problems. Just the exterior bits. Please keep that in mind. So if you want a solid reel to bash, and not want to spend alot for a new one. This might be for you. Or a entry foot into higher end reels if you never used them before. A Saltiga is still a Saltiga at the end of the day. its still a high end powerful reel. For the price of an abu, penn, avet, or whatever else below its class. this aint bad to use. $210 shipped. Guaranteed to work.
  5. Ill upload pictures in a bit. clearout time again. Christmas is around the corner. Gift yourself a nice toy. save some bucks buying used high end, compared to new. all items guaranteed to work perfectly, noiseless, no failures, and described correctly. no corrosion or anything weird, all disclosed info. or you return it and your money back, no questions asked. thats how i roll. buy with confidence. if you have questions, please reply with item # to keep things clean. all items shipped insured, ground or overnight depend on total values. local cash deals are welcomed 11209 Brooklyn, NY. will subtract shipping charges PP family and friends, Venmo FF, Zelle, MO, Checks. if you want Goods and Service sale, add +3%, and potential sales tax involved from invoice to your location. #1 JDM Saltiga 10H has extremely minor usage marks. lots of power in a compact reel. auto engages on crank. upgraded to a Livre full real hand made Titanium Knob, made in japan. value $70 has about 400m or JDM fireline PE2, value $50 box and all. $350 shipped. #2 JDM Saltiga 35N-SJ looks still like new. jigging model with a nice salt and pepper shaker handle. extremely comfortable. lots of power for this med size narrow reel. auto engages on crank. has about 500-600m of PE2.0-2.5 if i remember correctly. ill need to find the pic i took of the counter. value $70 box and all. $375 shipped. #3 JDM OG Saltiga Z20-L. lefty lightly used. very minor usage marks. no corrosion. clean empty spool box and all. $250 shipped #4 JDM OG Saltiga Z20-L. lefty looks new and unused. rare. clean empty spool box and all $280 shipped #5 OG US Saltiga 30L. lefty brand new, unused box and all. $300 shipped Sold. #6 SET. 2 reels together Daiwa SG50H, tiburon 40 frame and spool. JDM Daiwa Grandwave 40SH used, great condition, both 40 size reels. were overhauled with new parts and cosmetic bits. no box $150 shipped for the PAIR. #7 SET. 2 reels together Daiwa Ryoga Bay Jigging C1012PE-SH used, has usage marks, in great working condition. empty spool no box. Daiwa Ryoga Bay Jigging C2025PE-SH used, has usage marks, in great working condition. lined with PE 1.5 about 200m. no box. $450 shipped for the pair.
  6. For many many years, the JDM has had telescopic rods and in this case, a surf rods.But they were convenient to use, easy to transport, and took up very little space. So many people liked its design and function. I know where in the US theres a bad stigma about them. Alot of yall dont like telescopics, called them cheap, wimpy, fragile, etc. Yada yada yada whatever. If youre not open minded, dont keep reading, ignore this post. In my findings, the rods are getting better and better. Even matching the quality of their 2 or 3pc counterparts. I just wanted to revisit them again. Traditionally most rods in japan were for lighter applications. 1-3,4oz, light baits. Shrimp, worms, etc. To target the smaller table fish in the local waters. So years back, as a guinea pig because I love innovation that can make things easier or fun. I took in a entry mid tier Daiwa Prime T rod. It was rated #27 on daiwas scale. About 60-100 grams full power casting. 150g was doable but can feel the rod getting bogged down. But if i stayed within parameters it was great. I sold that to a friend in Florida and he still uses it for pomps on the beach throw 3 and shrimp. Was a nice rod. It packs down great, the 3 pieces slide and nest in with each other, a cap holds the guides and pieces in place. Nothing falls out, lightweight, good overall. At a 27 rating, power was a bit lacking for my tastes, i usually need to use 4-8oz plus bait for my lazy fishing (yes yes shame me for using bait, screw you too), for my usual fishing spots. So 3oz wont really cut it. i am someone who is used to using Century and Zziplex rods, which most can hurl full pendulums, 24.7, 50-150++yards out. So its not fair to compare the tele to a heavy 2pc beachcaster. Even the weight is massively different. 300-400g average on the teles, to 600-750g British rods. The UK rods uses MUCH more carbon, resulting in rods capable of MUCH more power to withstand those crazy casts. This time around, to get a better idea, i said screw it and just dived into the pool, not just wet my foot. This model was released a few years ago, but i never considered it too much. Bit my lip, ordered one of their top of the line model instead. Daiwa Tournament Surf T. Power Torque 34-405. https://www.daiwa.com/jp/fishing/item/rod/nage_rd/t-surf-t_powertorque/index.html If youre familiar with the model number, doesnt it look similar to the Ballistics we use here? Ballistics usually come in 33, 35, 40. 405 being the length of the rod. Yes sir, this is a tele rod with a 34 rating. Slotting it right between a ballistic 33 and 35. Which many people use to throw 3-8oz. With a Msrp of 62800 yen. About $500 odd USD. See where im going with this train of thought? The heaviest Surf T goes up to a monster 37 rating FOR A TELESCOPIC ROD!. (29, 31, 34, 37). I wanted a all around rod instead of a straight up telescopic heaver. So the 34 is perfect. I use my Centurys for heaver work. I will test it when i have a chance this summer with 3-6oz n bait. To be fair, when i go test, i will use my ballistic 33-405 right next to it. So its kind of apples to apples comparing. Ill use it with my good ol Basia 45 QD. In hand, you can really appreciate how gorgeous the rod is. How nice the fit and finish, and quality of parts. Toray nano carbon, fuji sic guides, beautiful form fit reel seat. Rod slides out easily, has positioning dots so you know it's aligned. The guides itself have splines, and it mates up with splines on the rod for a 100% positive lock. It took me about 30 seconds to draw out the rod and lock the guides. Thats quick. That also means, if i leave a reel on the rod. Hop out the car, loosen drag 1 turn, pull the tip, click all the guides as i draw towards butt (easy to see alignment as tiptop and 4th guide is fixed) straight out, hook a bait. Boom 30 seconds. Im fishing. I bent the rod butt against wall corner. Bends like a 1pc, feels exactly the same as a ballistic 33 and 35 in curve and power. Nice. So far, i like it alot more than the previous entry level 27-405 prime rod i tried. Since im not going fishing soon, just look at some pics and ill update sometime in the future.
  7. I have these 2 rods i hardly get to use. Without my own boat currently, its hard to plan trips to use. These are VERY specialist type rods for a specific application. Both in excellent condition almost looks new. They are fantasic for finesse jigging style with tai rubber or similar ball head jigs. In asia, they use these rods to enjoy catch bream (porgy and related species), or smaller table fish while enjoying the fight. They are really fun with you catch those big 10"+ porgies. We can use those here in the NE for porgy, seabass, bergals, triggerfish, snappers, eels, anything smaller. Both have solid tip sections to really indicate even the tiniest of picking bites. No joke, youll feel and see everything on the bottom. The tips are micro tops, blank is almost 1-1.5mm at the top. Extremely fine. They have tip quivers to have some protection during transit. Both rods are extremely light weight, i dont have scale with me, but it definitely feels under 125grams. Use it with small baitcasters or low pro for fun finesse fishing. Under 15lb braid recommended. Majorcraft Crostage CRXJ B66ULTR-ST Max jig 80gram. 2pc at handle. Factory spiral wrapped. Majorcraft Giant Killing GKJ B67TR/S max jig 60 gram $250 shipped for both. In a tube. Venmo or the similar PP version. Check. Mo. $220 cash pickup. 11209 brooklyn nyc. Check out some of these rods in action on youtube.
  8. Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin. Their cream of the crop electric reels. Dual speed gearing. Goes from size 150 up to a 1000 size. 500+ sizes are way too big. 300 is best since you can also fish shallow waters cause its not heavy. US markets never got anything smaller then the 500-750 tanacom. Reel is from 2 generations ago. Not much difference between the new gens internally. Powder coated yellow frame. Instant switch 2 speed gears. HI / LO. Newest models cost average $1000-2000. Does a retrieve of about 230m per min no load. 80-150m normal load. 20-60m heavy load. Fantastic 300 size. I loaded fresh Berkeley x5 30lb PE3. (45-50lb breaking) almost 400 meters. I used this reel sparingly once or twice a year for going deep 300-900ft. 16 hours usage. 102km on the clock. Cant lie about usage times on it (see pic and video loading up line. Has usage marks for age some paint bubble as pictured. Used for porgies, Seabass, stripers, cod, haddock, redfish, can be used for tile. Bait or jigs. I just used it on a redfish trip on eastmans 2 months ago. Thats the 1 trip of the year for me. Lol Extremely easy to use. You can use it as is. No setup required. I use my seaborg 150 more often. Its even smaller and more nimble. Brushless motor all good, internals are still greased. Great if you want to get your feet wet with electric reels. Weighs only 24oz with line!!! Upgraded to a newer original saltiga power handle and nut with a original daiwa ize power knob. Also replace levelwind gear,line guide, and cogs with genuine parts i order from daiwa japan. So the levelwind has been all refreshed. Line lay is great. Buy a portable Batpower battery or something and this setup is fully mobile. No wires. No heavy stationary car battery tying you down. Fish from bow to stern. Comes with original yellow cord not pictured. $375 shipped. Venmo or the pp likes. Cash, check, mo. 20220208_151223.mp4
  9. I was a little apprehensive about ordering a pricey item from Japan but it couldn’t have gone smoother. I ordered a Stradic SW from Digitaka last Tues and it arrived today. The reel box was wrapped in bubble wrap inside of an extra thick outer box. I paid with PayPal and Digitaka checked me out in US Dollars. I will definitely be ordering from them again.
  10. alot of pics, i hope its arranged correctly. continuing my clearout of gears to fund for my next upgrades these are all JDM models. Saltiga z20, z30 reels. Has a sealed gearcase, auto engage spool on crank, butter smooth even after more than 10 years of use. I just regreased all the reels today... second time in 10 years. testament to its service life. 5 years interval. Pucking outstanding. bearings, shafts, gears. all good. you dont need to service them for a long while. just use it out of the box. internal gears are the C6191 Bronze, same as the old saltiga spinners, legendary wear resistant material. US models were NOT sealed gearcase, wide frame, not narrow, and did NOT have auto engage on crank. i attached pictures of the z20, the most used one out of the bunch, all scuffed up outside. i am not joking, its clean as a whistle inside. take it apart yourself if you dont believe me. internally, every reel inside, dry as desert, no water or moisture stains got in anywhere, looks like new the day i got it. gasket outside AR bearing, around perimeter of crank sideplate. o-rings on all the screws, gasket surrounding spool shaft entering pinion. its basically waterproof. you can literally crank it for a short while underwater. (not advised, but just FYI) bullet proof design. the best out of all the conventional reels ever made. i dont know why Daiwa stopped making them like this. if you never used one before, this is a great chance to get your feet wet. all used, all have usage marks, all have some flaking minor start of corrosion of anodizing around capstan on spool or side (see all pics, i show it, disclosed) it is normal and very common, steel and aluminum contact point, doesnt effect jack squat, took 10 years to get to this point, it wont break for the life of the reel. my guarantee, or send it back, and ill return your money. the gear sideplates are all pretty clean, handles always protect that side of a casting reel. no boxes or anything. been many years already. EVERY SINGLE REEL IS BUTTER SMOOTH. No operational problems. I keep my gear in good working condition. #1 Saltiga Z20 $230 shipped #2 Saltiga Z30 $250 shipped #3 Saltiga Z30 $250 shipped #4 Saltiga Z30 $260 shipped Buy all 4 ? $930 shipped. (220+240+240+250. 950-910. 910, +20 shipping. $930) Cash, check, mo, venmo, maybe pp+3% fees (not cool)
  11. Decided to move more stuff out readying for future upgrades. For sale as a lot. Perfect as a combo 2 rod setup. 1x Daiwa Ryoga BJ C2025sh 1x SLP Works C2025 spare spool 1x Daiwa Ryoga BJ C1012sh These are 2014 generation Ryogas. These were my go to reels for anything inshore in NY waters. Fluke porgy seabass tog striper weaks robins skates sharks. Super heavy duty casting reel. does it all. Has C6191 bronze gears, same legendary material of the Saltiga gears. Has centrifugal casting brakes so you can also use from shore or surf cast. The 1012 is a superb light line fluke slayer 7KG drag. 2025 does all. 10KG drag Noticeable size difference between reels, a big and small. Perfect combo. No boxes. Usually usage marks. ill guarantee it works no problems. i take good care of my gear. or you can return it no questions asked. $550 shipped. Cash check mo. Maybe pp. $520 local cash. 11209 brooklyn ny.
  12. Likely not going to use this reel this year or two. I already sold my 8000H +14k spool on 360T brand new, unused, never lined, never wetted. Saltiga 8000P . low 4.8:1 ratio. Not available in US. US only got the H and XH model. Massive power for jigging, topwater, or bottom action. much more powerful than the H or XH models. Selling together with a beautiful optional. this spool is beautiful in design. SLP Works 8000 Low Drag Tune (LDT) spool. LDT spool has 15KG drag compared to standard of 25KG. it gives you a more operating drag range for lighter lines under PE3. it wont run at the line snapping 25kg drag. 30lb max is great for slow jigging with PE2. since youd use about 10lbs normally. 10-15lbs is hard to pinpoint with the normal standard 25KG (50lbs max) spool. Slow jig with the ldt spool 400-600m of line down to 300m depths. Speed jig with standard spool pe5 250M cast topwater with standard spool pe4 300m. One reel, can be used on 3 rods. Versatility. Reel is located in Brooklyn NYC. No need to import or pay taxes, i did it all already first time round. Reel itself $800 shipped. (why bother buying used reels for $700-800....) Reel and spool $1000 shipped.
  13. Seiko SARB033 black dial polished bezel New watch. I never wore it. Just have it in my watch display case. The clear plastics are still clinging onto it. Some barely. New and unworn, i dont think theres any scratches. This model has a huge cult following This is a beautiful good value solid watch. Is sporty and casual, yet you can use this dressed up too. Its one of those, leave it on your wrist, set forget, go anywhere. Great for office workers who dont want to showoff to youre boss, but look classy and professional at meetings or with clients pictures dont do justice. the sword hands and indexes are high mirror polished and superb. it screams luxury and high quality and at really afford prices. Solid 6R15 hack date movement. All made in japan. Ill have to look for the card and book. Should be somewhere in my office. $600 cash. Check. Mo. Maybe po. $620 shipped.
  14. Never had chance to use this yet. In a pickle and things unused need to go first. Not original owner. Got both reels used. The seaborg 150J (righty) works great. Plug it in to power, turns on, cranks, no problems at all, can use immediately, gets around 200m/min top speed. Everything works. No issues. No box. It is the SMALLEST daiwa electric reel you can get. In the USDM, they smallest is a elephant 500 7500 1000 size. They are massive. See pic, i can wrap my whole hand around the reel easily to palm it. Holds about 300m of 15lb braid. My intention is to use it for porgy, seabass, tog, or similar size fish. So i dont tire myself out over a day. With a portable battery in a fanny pack. You can use 12V-14.8v batteries. Car/marine Lead acid, agm, gel, lithium ion, battery jumpers, RC car battery, drone battery, hardwire to boat etc. Included is a whole spare parts reel with original box. It had water get into the brusheds and seized bearings with salt gunk and rust. A Seaborg 150J-L lefty. All parts that werent gunked are usable. Exceptional of the pure lefty parts, like the frame or gears (does not matter because electric motor drives spool directly, does not use main gear and pinion) Bearings, worm gear, line guide, spool, bearings, planetary gears, handle, shafts, main power controller (a $250 part! And you cannot buy this piece. Its service center only in Japan). Just spare parts value is at least $400 alone. The price of a whole used reel because rarity of parts like the main board or motor. Cable is included no pictured. $600 check, mo, cash shipped. $550 cash local pickup 11209 Brooklyn NY.
  15. Hello fellow fisherman! A year ago I bought a JDM Daiwa Certate LT 5000D from overseas. I called Daiwa USA to service the reel. They told me that they don't accept JDM reels even if it is a Certate LT model that they offer in the US. They told me that the US domestic CERTATELT5000D with the 5.2:1 ratio is built DIFFERENTLY than the same JDM model. Anyway, could anyone recommend a South Shore tackle shop that could service my magsealed, monocoque body reel? Or any other recommendations will be appreciated. Thank you.
  16. Cold weather fishing is in full swing. Bass. Seabass. Tog. Cod etc. I just have not been out fishing from work and projects. Daiwa Ryoga Bay Jigging C2020PE-H Box, used, normal usage marks. Great working condition. $250 shipped Daiwa Ryoga Bay Jigging C2020PE-H Box, used, normal usage marks. Great working condition. Synchronized LW. Casting brakes. $250 shipped Daiwa Ryoga Bay Jigging C2020PE-HL lefty Box, used, normal usage marks. Great working condition. Synchronized LW. Casting brakes. $250 shipped Sold .Daiwa Catalina BJ200SH-L lefty Used, fantastic condition, lower priced version of the Ryoga. Synchronized LW. Casting brakes. $200 shipped. Studio Oceanmark Blue Heaven L30 Hi-R Box Used sparingly, excellent condition, includes spare spool and SOM handle knob. Tiny reel with power. $850 shipped Studio Oceanmark Blue Heaven L80 Pw-R New. Box. Heavy duty larger reel. I love this size. Do all open water reel. $1000 shipped Studio Oceanmark Blue Heaven L120N Hi-R New. Box. Even heavier duty larger reel. I love this size. Do all open water reel. Same capacity as L80 but even larger gearsize for more crank power. $1200 shipped Locally available in Brooklyn NY also.
  17. Warning. Lots of pics. Selling my hardly used setups. I havent had a chance to fish much at all with work. Skip this thread if you dont know to use this gear and its prices. Not for faint of heart or those wanting low quality stuff. These 2 setups will cover 10 meters to around 200 meters of water. True, proper, high end, slow pitch jigging rods, only rods to match these YB performance, are Evergreen Poseidon or Deepliner Logical rods, and maybe Temple Reefs. Both reels can hold a ton of PE1 and PE2, 2.5, 3 line. Would be great to sell both to same buyer. Why break up the combos. Combo 1 . for lighter and shallow work up to 60m -Yamaga Blanks Galahad Slow 63/1 , Power 1 rod. like brand new. 2019 model. Made in Japan. Discontinued, extremely rare. -Studio Oceanmark BH-L30Hi reel, box and all, Made in Korea. extremely minor to no usage marks. Has extra factory spool, and extra factory knob. Auto re-engage lever drag. Very small size, palms very easily in hand. Retail prices. rod 350, reel 880, extra spool 140, extra knob 50. $1420 total, not including if any sales tax or shipping. 1600++ Selling for $1200 shipped. Combo 2 . for deeper and more powerful work up to 200m -Yamaga Blanks Galahad Slow 63/3 , Power 3 rod. in excellent near mint condition. 2019. Made in Japan. Discontinued, hard to find. -Brand new, Studio Oceanmark BH-L80Pwr reel. Made in Japan. box and all. new reel. got 1 scuff from storage. indicated in pic. never had line on. Extremely powerful reel. This thing is a beauty. Palms very well for a med size reel. Can handle tuna fine. Retail prices. rod 350, reel 1000. $1350 total, not including if any sales tax or shipping. 1500++ Selling for $1300 shipped. Local sale in Brooklyn, NYC are welcomed.
  18. Very eclectic brand of japanese rods. Designer brand with a cult following. Made be hardcore fishermen for fishing. Its a magnum duty rod. Has incredible but actual rating of about 1/2 to 8oz. Loves 1.5oz. Beautiful red/brown blank. Very light with alot of power. Ive never seen a rod design like it. Looks like fuji stainless sic guides. Spigot joint. Multi purpose. Can be use onshore, inshore, surf, boat, jigging, popping, small tuna, shore jigging, fw bass, salmon, and sw. Ive tried. Can groundcast to even aerial pendulum casts. Great recovery speed to cast anything in the casting range. Thats how strong it is. And definitely built to high standards to last. Butt joint with trigger. Theres a YouTube of testers throwing the said rating. And ive tried the same with my rod. Lures will cast further than video as he was using 100lb braid. I can empty a spool with a tatula 100 using 30lb and half empty with a ryoga with 20lb. Very little info on web. Websites in all Japanese. So ill try my best to tell you. From my experience, its almost like a UK style match rod tip mated to a butt joint. In great condition. Comes with rod sleeve. $400 shipped.
  19. really need to thin out the closet. Saltiga Z 6000 M:9.5/10 C:7.5/10 legendary workhorse reel. no box. has pouch. jig the canal? jig from a boat? pelagics? tuna? cod? tile? bottom fishing? hammer a nail? self defense tool? This reel can do it all. sealed good enough to take partial dunks and splashes. slap some grease in it and you can almost crank into underwater. normal scuffs on reel and stem from rod holder. 50+lb drag. obviously its impossible to use all of it. 25-35lb is usable for short periods of time as long as you or your rod can handle it. Made in japan. JDM market reel. not a USA version. has plenty of life left and can be used for many many more miles. includes PE6 line as a bonus. i forgot which brand. perfect working condition. Will include in great condition spare spool Studio Ocean Mark 6000 spool. a $150 value $450 shipped fedex insured.
  20. I bought a JDM Spheros size 8000 several years ago because of the attractive price on Amazon. Later I read on Alan Hawk’s review page of how the JDM reel has inferior gears and a few other things compared to the model on sale in America. I’ve used the reel some, mostly for Togging on the jetty and haven’t had any issues. I have two questions: 1) to those that have the JDM model and have fished it hard have you had any issues? 2) have any of you with the JDM model done any upgrades to it like using the better gears from the USA market model? thanks.
  21. Selling my very rare Catalina LD 20 SH. Discontinued model. Reel was designed for the japanese slow pitch jigging market. But works great in surf, piers, boat, bottom fishing. Works great jigging down to 200m. Very high ratio of 7.3:1 . Steel gears. Monster 116cm retrieve. Alot of power. Has centrifugal brakes! Great 5-16nbait caster. Very high capacity narrow spool. Holds up to like 600-700yd of 20 braid. Same as the Saltiga LD except finished in a nice gray scheme. I have 2. One is used but in great condition. The other is completely new. Still in bubble wrap. Shipped with fedex cause USPS is a mess right now. $330 shipped for the used one $370 for the new one. $615 for both. Buy both and ill include a set of Hedgehog spacer shims and spool spring. Helps enable higher drag numbers and alleviates spool binding at high drag.
  22. Decided to let this go. Save for house funds. I bought these years ago, brand new. Never used. Secret stash reels. Ultimate versions of the original silver Saltiga. The last of the Made in Japan models. All recent models, made in Korea. Auto reel engage, narrow spool sizes. Z20 is same size as a USDM 10 Z30 is size of a USDM 20 Z40 is a holy grail size of the USDM 30T Perfect for jigging, slow pitch, high pitch, anything. Z40 has a wonderful on-the-fly toolless handle change mechanism. Reels are extremely well sealed. You can literally go a 5-10 years without servicing much, but i dont recommend doing this. Lol. As a set, if you get 3 proper rods to pair it, you can handle 1 meters down to 300-400m drops. So almost anything that swims. Selling as set only. Dead stock, brand new in boxes, discontinued for years already. You wont find any like these, let only a whole set at once. $1300 shipped fedex overnight or 2 day insured.
  23. Selling my mint condition Daiwa Catalina 4500. Its basically a Saltiga minus a few non important bearings. Everything else internally is the same. Main gear pinion etc. Externally the same except for a factory EVA knob. (Much comfortable then the metal knob on Saltiga) Black silver color scheme. Few hundred dollars saved between it and saltiga. Has box and all. Used 3 times last 2 years. Practically new. I bought it new then about $600 $425 shipped.
  24. Selling a new JDM Daiwa Kyohga, I purchased this from J&H had it spooled with 20# Maxcuatro then never took it out of the box besides these pictures. Was planning to use it for fluke but just don't need it. Asking 200$ shipped paypal
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