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Found 7 results

  1. How does the Stradic 6k compare to other reels? Any pros and cons to it?
  2. Looking for a long-spool lightweight (16oz) surf/spinning reel for under $300. The Shimano Ultegra 5500 ci4 and the Shimano Surf Leader ci4 seem to be the only ones that fit my criteria. Matter of fact, I already have an Ultegra but plan to sell it as it is an older model and I want to upgrade. Wanted to look at more options to see what else is available Penn surfblaster, battle long cast, spinfisher long cast Shimano activecast, super aero, bullseye, kisu special, fliegen Daiwa crosscast, powersurf, longbeam, windcast, windsurf, finesurf, bascia okuma 8k are all either too heavy or too pricey
  3. Does anyone have more info on a Daiwa caldia? I plan on purchasing a 6000 size to pair with my 11' and was wondering if it had any issues. I heard the drag was much smoother than the Saragosa and that it was a budget version of the twin power/Stella. Thanks
  4. Some NLA and new and used, from home and abroad. SINCE I’M TAKING THE TROUBLE TO *SNEAK* THE FOLLOWING NOTE IN (YEP, RIGHT HERE AT THE TOP AND IN BOLDFACE) PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE MOVING TO THE DESCRIPTIONS: The minimum order is $30. If you only want one lure, I’ll be happy to sell it to you, at the one-lure price of $30. You can buy the lot of all four for $49. (I'm sorry for having to shout, because I know that almost all of you can read. Unfortunately, there are a few folks who can't or won't.) Now, onto the fun stuff! 1. New 6” HRT Shad Diver (~ 1 ¾ oz when rigged) Wood w/SS through wire. From Poland, this HRT Shad Diver is only for anglers who need a great weapon for targeting bass swimming well below the depth range of most plugs. (Like 10 to 24’ deep.) With a deeper body than you’ll find on other swimmers + an amazingly realistic holographic paint job, it’s perfect for targeting bass feeding on deep-swimming bunker, alewives and shad. Fishing from a jetty or at an outflow, you can back-swim it (I think that some folks call this LDP—Long Distance Plugging) out anywhere from 100-200 yards+ and get it down to 15’ or more. Or troll it at depths down to 24’. $13, same-day PP and USPS First Class shipping with tracking number. 2. Used 6” Magna Strike Predator (1 ¾ oz when rigged) Production of this revolutionary plug ceased some 15 years ago, so these don’t come up that often. SOL’rs who’ve fished with them use terms like: “I love the action; it's the best bunker imitator I have seen.” “Action was a tight wiggle, somewhat like a pikie.” “They have a very nice wobble to them and will dig very well especially if reeled a little faster. PS.........if you are looking for a good rough water swimmer to work slower than a bottle in shallow water....try a predator.” I noticed a few spots where the paint had chipped (which hardly mattered, since the base color looks like bone to me) and the edges were visible, so I gave it two coats of clear spray topcoat. Its color is pearl, but these pics make it look a lot more golden. $12, same-day PP and USPS First Class shipping with tracking number. 3. New pair of 7” NLA Mega Bait Plastic Swimmers (1 ¾ oz when rigged) These long-casting swimmers from Japan have very detailed bodies with eye-catching holographic finishes. They cast better than a 7” Bomber. You can retrieve them slowly to get a gentle roll right on top; then speed up your retrieve just a bit and they’ll cut a subsurface wake. As one guy put it, “…A faster clip will send it about 1 - 1 1/2 feet down and the action will change slightly to an almost darter action, it swings very wide from side to side and still manages to add that roll! They are sweet...” From another sharpie, “The longer [7”] versions seem to work well when it's a little too rough for bombers.” This is a great pair of colors: The modern riff on the timeless “red-head” has a white-with-silver holographic body and a red foretop. Their most popular color, “Kuro-kin”, has bright pink/orange-ish top with holographic gold sides and a solid gold belly. $16 each, same-day PP and USPS First Class shipping with tracking number.
  5. Hello, We have a family vacation planned early summer to Japan and we will stop by the Lake Ashi area. I want to see if anyone can give me some advice to help narrow down my research and prepare to fish the lake or the surrounding areas? Thanks!
  6. Selling a Brand New never used Seigler SM star drag in red #305. Purchased, spooled with Jbraid 50# but never saw the outside of my house. Asking $350 shipped. Also for sale is a very good condition, 9/10 cosmetically, 10/10 mechanically Saltiga Z 4000H I recently purchased from a member here. Reel is buttery smooth, spooled with 45#, 100% made in Japan. I hate to sell this one as I never even got a chance to fish it. But things come up. $375 firm. Please see pics for reference.
  7. Looks like I'm in the right hotel. I also got one of those toilets that cleans your butt for you. Wonder if I can combine the two services for an extra good time.
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