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Found 17 results

  1. Clearing out some of my tackle. Lot 1 $90 shipped (2) bomber 16a black, black/white (2) SP minnow 15F bunker, laser green (2) Hogy jigs large doc spook bone gibbs Danny white surface tension white choopy metal lip herring smackit popper small white bagley finger mullet black/silver mirrorlure redhead diawa sp 15S blurple diawa sp 13S blurple diawa salt minnow 11F megabait minnow large yellow yo-Zuri crystal minnow white/clear Includes Plano box lot 2 4 nomad streaker jigs 80g $33 shipped.
  2. Getting rid of a big salt lot, last few seasons i have focused on freshwater. I hate to see these collect dust in the garage. Looking to get 500 for everything. Cash or paypal, i am located in RI.
  3. Have a nice lot of soft plastics. 4 pack of AA bubba's 6 Pcs assorted mega shads Hogy assorted 8 pcs $35 shipped
  4. 2 new hogy 10" original soft plastics. 2 shankas tuna rigged softplastics (14.5") one of the Shankas rigged for trolling. $28 shipped for the lot. Paypal. Thanks. John
  5. Want to sell. Everything on the 2 left sheets of paper are new, plus the 7 white shads on the top left. Most others are used, so they would need superglue to stay on the hook. Bag of new 4" gotcha grubs has about 15 in there. All the rigged plastics are in good shape, or like new. Jig strips container has 6" strait and 6" eel tails. Pics show some details. Will ship in baggies and divide based on condition and color. Asking $45 shipped. Shads are 6" for reference.
  6. Hogy epoxy for sale 5 new in a bag 1.25oz 3 lightly used ones on top and in hand 80$ to your door.
  7. USED Hogy 6" Dog Walker and 5.5" Popper Pair ($20) USED Sunset Fat Boy ($35) USED Sunset Fat Boy Peanut ($30) USED Big Fischer Cowboy Jr ($30) All prices shipped.
  8. (30) Eel Soft Plastic Rigs LOT#3 (30) various soft baits ranging from 5-9", none have been fished. Everything pictured is included with the exception of the boxes which I need for something else. (NOTE: Sorry, shipping had to increase on these. I didn't realize how much they weigh and ate it on the first lot.) $47.50 shipped. ($1.40ea + $7.50 ship)
  9. (20) Eel Soft Plastic Rigs LOT#2 (20) various soft baits ranging from 7-9, none have been fished. Everything pictured is included with the exception of the boxes which I need for something else. (NOTE: Sorry, shipping had to increase on these. I didn't realize how much they weigh and ate it on the first lot.) $42.50 shipped. ($1.75ea + $7.50 ship)
  10. Looking to sell 6 hogy Jigs never used 3- 3.87 ounce in sardine, green Mack, bone glow 3- 5.64 Ounce in sardine, green Mack, bone glow added in a 3 ounce run off sand eel $45 shipped (PayPal )
  11. $85 shipped. Thx.
  12. (20) various soft baits ranging from 7-9, none have been fished. Everything pictured is included with the exception of the boxes which I need for something else. $37 shipped. Thx. ($1.75ea + $2 ship)
  13. Ok i have three big lots i want to get rid of, i haven't done much salt water fishing the past two years. Slimming down what i have. I am located in RI if you want to pick up. I accept paypal or cash. Plug lot $250 picked up, $265 shipped. Jig lot with diamond jigs and bucktails $140 shipped. $130 picked up. Soft plastic lot $140 shipped. $130 picked up. Willing to do $400 picked up on everything.
  14. I’m looking for about a dozen or so in total of the 8”/9”/10” in light colors. I’ve noted other quantities in line. These are just rough guidelines. 9” Sluggos 8-10 black over red 6-8 black over white or other light color OR olive over light color. Don’t need any with blue backs. Light colors like white, bone, ice, amber, squid, etc. 8-10 in total 4” or 6” RonZ Original Series tails in white pearl or silver metallic 4-8 in total 8” RonZ Original Series rigged in 1.5 or 2 or 2.5 oz., in white pearl or silver 7” or 10” Hogy originals in light colors like amber or bone or white As for tying thread, I’m just going to be tying bucktails, teasers, flags and dressed tail hooks. I’m still new to tying SW stuff, so I need something easy to work with. I’m thinking flat unwaxed 3/0 or larger, in white or red or black. I picked unwaxed because I’ve read that it usually accepts adhesives better than waxed, and I plan to use some combo of CA glue and/or Hard as Nails. In trade I can offer: Berkley Power Bait 10” black eels. Two NIP 5 count bags NIP 7 ½” black sluggo 5-count Five red glitter black over pink sluggos, along with an assortment of smaller sluggos in various colors NIP 6 ½” Bass Magic hollow paddle tail rubber in “Black Diamond” color (looks just like mullet to me). Two 4 count bags One NIP 4 pack of 5” Yum Money Minnow in “Bluegill” (looks like a green back mullet to me!) Assorted Fin-S and Zoom Flukes in 4” to 6” 10 white 6” curly tails by GOT-CHA Musky plugs and Herters “Musky Killer” spinners NOS wobblehead rigged rubber including Alou Eels and Felmlee Pair of new STORMER Rainbow Trout rubber swim baits with single dorsal hook and dangling belly treble hook, 2 ¼ oz New and lightly used plastic swimmers (I’ve loaded some of them), inc SPs, Bomber 16s & 17s, 7” Mambo Minnow, Yozuri, Savage Gear and one 5” 1 oz Diawa “Aile MAGNET” green mack swimmer I can post group picks of what interests you later. Prefer to meet locally (Providence to Cape Cod, Boston) but can ship as well. Thanks for looking!
  15. 72 soft plastics $75 PayPal shipped 1 - 8” Hogy Jiggin Paddle Herring 3 - 10” RonZ Bubblegum 9 - 10” Hogy Bubblegum 6 - 9” Mega Shad White 9 - 10” Hogy White 13 - 9” Sluggo Bubblegum 13 - 9” Yum Houdini Shad 10 - 10” Hogy Black 1 - 10” RonZ Silver 7 - 9” Mega Shad Block Island Green
  16. Prefer cash meet up at CCC this weekend. Will ship for money order add $3, not open to paypal yet sorry. All are new in package and unfished. Shimano Orca plugs: Mack 7.5in 3.1oz - $25 Ghost 7.5in 3.1oz - $25 Ghost 6.3in 2.05oz - $22 Ghost 5.5in 2oz sink - $20 Mack 5.5in 2oz sink - $20 $80 for both 7.5's and 5.5's Hogy Charter Grade Sliders: Sardine 4oz - $25 will add Gamakatsu XHD Live bait hooks or treble, your call - $25 Purple 4oz - $25 $40 for pair Hogy Harness Jigs: Bone Sand Eel 4oz - $25 Bone Sand Eel 5oz - $25 Bone Sand Eel 6oz - $25 Green Mack 6oz - $25 $90 for all (4) Bill Hurley Tuna Bomb 4XXXX: (2) Black 3.75oz - $25 (2) Bone 3.75oz - $25 $45 for all (4) Shimano Butterfly Jigs 4oz: All (3) for - $35 Carlson 3.5oz Tuna Jigs: All (3) for - $20 Daddy Mac 3.5oz Jigs: All (3) for - $30 Hogy Epoxy jigs: Sand Eel and Pink, (2) 2oz & (4) 1.25oz - $30 for any (4) Seaguar Premier Fluorocarbon new: 80lb brand new 25yd - $30
  17. 6" and 8" Tsunami holographic sand eel teasers (unweighted) Hogy skinny 6" Lunker City 7" (smelt) and 10" (rootbeer shiner) Fin-S fish Al Gag's whip it fish 5" 1.5oz What you see is what you get. Mostly unused in package. $30 $25 shipped, PayPal preferred