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Found 12 results

  1. To be honest Winter has me a bit stir crazy and I want to cast a line or two. Has anybody had experience throwing sabikki rigs from shore to jig up some herring? With the warm weather this week I’d like to get out there and give it a shot. Any advice on structure, tide timing, etc. would be much appreciated.
  2. Does anybody know when or if the herring is running yet? I usually fish between Canarsie Pier Brooklyn and Jones Field 10....
  3. - Big Fish 3oz Pencil Regular Herring ($25 Shipped) - Big Fish 3oz Pencil Canal Style Blind Scaled Herring ($25 Shipped) SOLD PP Only
  4. Went out to a Local tidal river yesterday and was greeted by some awesome shad fishing, Herring were also super thick to the point that at dead low they were spooking themselves out of the water almost like they were being chased. I have heard many claims from a few individuals and a tackle shop that stripers are here in very small numbers but I watched many people try for what would have been the first striper I have seen this year on a wide variety of baits and lures from bloodworms to sp minnows and even live herring with 0 success. I did see a guy who swore to me he was getting hits from 28 inch fish pull in a 2 foot eel after losing a whole box of blood worms but thats as close as I've come.. Anyone else claim their first fish up in Maine yet? Also can anyone give insight on this years regs regarding Herring/Alewife
  5. I heard my first peepers of 2018 last night, that makes it official, no more snow. My snow blower is going out to pasture until next season. Spring is here, those pretty yellow flowers will soon be blossoming on the bushes signalling the arrival of herring, with stripers hot on their trail. Steamers begin next week for me as well. Longest winter in decades for me.
  6. Hello fellow brethren .. hope everyone is warming up nicely with this balmy weather we have been having. Curious if any reports of the herring dethawing and coming back into the bays ? Not asking you to scorch your spot... just wondering if they returned ( or never left ). Warm Lines!
  7. Did anyone get into any herring bites from shore last year? Last few years? I haven’t heard about them being around in years but I always wonder whether anyone finds them from time to time. Thank you
  8. Lately I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos and articles online about people in the New York area catching herring, shad, and mackerel around this time of year off the beaches. This has got me interesting in fishing for them around Cape Cod during the winter. During the spring, summer and early fall I catch plenty of hickory shad and mackerel out of an inlet I fish in Cape Cod Bay. So I’m wondering is it possible to still catch them in these areas during the winter or do they move to different areas. I can fish in the harbor or off the jetties in order to access deeper water (20-30 feet) Is this a fishing opportunity strictly available to the waters around New York or is it possible to target these species during the winter around the Cape? Any experience, tips, pictures or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Greetings! I fish on the Potomac in Washington, D.C. My question is this: do stripers bite anything other than herring? Herring is currently completely illegal to catch on the Potomac in DC at this time. Although everyone (and I mean everyone) ignores the law and catches herring with dip nets and uses herring for bait here in DC, I would like to be in compliance with the law. So, is there any other bait fish that the stripers like to bite? I've tried shad which I've purchased from the fish market, but I haven't gotten any bites yet. Secondary question: why isn't the moratorium on herring being enforced in DC? What happens if someone was to get caught? Can you get arrested, or is it a ticket and a fine? Thanks for you responses!
  10. Two years now tying the hollow beast flies and I final tried spinning the bobbin on the mono. This technique of Bob's is fun , fast and effective . After now trying it I see why he has always told me it's the easiest and best way to make your extended bodies on mono. Not only can you make them as long as you'd like you can go down as low as 20-30lb test for a serpent like action enhanced to the back of the Fleye. Recently I had 4 of these to make and after cutting the thread and pulling the mono out of the vise like I HAD BEEN tying the extensions I realized the body was just to short. I wanted to add another two collars. So I decided why not give the whip a try just to add acouple collars. I had those two collars done before I could have finished one if the mono was in the vise and wrapping the tread by hand. After doing the two collars I went on to begin another extension starting this time with the extension in hand and using the whip technique. It cut the amount of time spent in half from start to finish! Give this a try for your next extended body I'm sure you will find it fun , fast and effective as I have.
  11. Hello to all, I'm new to StripersOnline and mainly joined to look at plug making. Because I live in California I decided to check out West Coast Fishing. I was going page by page back and clicking on articles of interest. I got a big kick out of a post from last year. It concerned herring in SF Bay. There were lots of questions and the post got a little off center when a spot was burned. Anyway, because its about time for herring to return to the bay I though I would give a little perspective. I'm 69 years old this year and I remember going down to the bay with my dad and uncle at night for herring. They generally went out once or twice during the season. I assume it was high tide and they would throw a hoop net over the side of a pier. Anyway, on certain nights you could actually feel the herring bumping into the rope as they laid their eggs near a pier. After a couple of minutes they would pull in the net and there would be 20 to 30 herring which were dumped into a five gallon bucket. They would do this several times until they both filled their 5 gallon bucket and we would go home. We were usually there no more then an hour. At my house, dad, mom and I would gather around a table covered with newspaper and we would start cleaning herring. The eggs and milt would be put into one bowl and the herring in another. I remember having fish fries of herring. Mom fried the herring and egg/milt up real crisp and we ate them with a green salad and probably potatoes. Very tasty. A little more info--Herring start to enter the bay in November and seem to peek in January. By February they leave. At certain times they go in mass to the shore lines of the bay and lay their eggs in mass around rocks, piers, and eel grass. You will see seagulls, sea lions, and strippers going after them. To answer a few questions. Herring are edible. We fried them up. People also salt them and smoke them. The herring fleet in the bay sells them to Japan where they are considered choice. They also make an excellent bait. Some people fish them hole and others cut them into bait segments. I'm not sure any of you care for all this info, but I thought it was a small segment of bay area history worth passing on. East Bay Ed
  12. Does anyone know if the herring run has began in Mystic River/Mystic Lakes? Looking to key in on some of those big bass smacking the herring in the lakes!