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Found 5 results

  1. Most of them are in new/excellent condition with one or two with some rust on the hooks. There are 18 total. I think I paid anywhere from $8 to $18 (Super Strike and Yo-Zuri Mag Darter) for these. Asking for $125 shipped for the lot.
  2. Need to know exactly what I've got here! I know they're Heddon Dowagiac 150s (5 hook models). I believe the boxes are original to the lures themselves. Any information, any help with dating the lures.etc massively appreciated. In an unfortunate spot where I'm having to sell off a large majority of my gear... so if anyone could give me an *estimate* on their value, it would be a massive help -- and dont be worried about hurting my feelings if the price is low haha Lure 1: Lure 2:
  3. Last Fall I began a collection of freshwater vintage fishing gear, not for "collecting", but intending to use it!! Rods, reels, plugs, spoons and spinners, with classic Umco tackle boxes to boot. I had a great Fall with a few items, made me want to seek out more. UL rods are indeed top notch, Fenwick , St Croix and Garcia Conolon, matched with Mitchell reels. Some of these lures may be valuable, where others may not even be "vintage". No matter to me, I just want to fish in a time warp! I won most items on EBay, at surprisingly great prices, but a few rods and reels hit my wallet. Favorite rods are 1957_58, first issue SilaFlex, with action as good as several modern rods I own, Garcia Conolon , custom Golden Gate, Heddon Pal M4, & Fenwick FS50. Favorite reels are Mitchell 308, rare 908, 300, a few Dams and a cool Ted Williams baitcast. Favorite lures are ABU Toby spoons, Ozark woodchoppers, Heddon Crazy Crawlers, Eiger Dillingers, Pumpkin seeds, Dalton Specials, South Bend Orenos and Barracuda shiners. I'm ready to roll, just need to work on my vintage attire! :-)
  4. 8 plugs total: -brand new Heddon Zara spook it's a little over 5" -brand new bomber long a 15a in baby striper 6" -brand new bomber long a 15a in silver flash with blue back 6" -Redfin jointed swimmer blue and silver a little over 5" -top dog purple spook 4.5" -unknown clear spook a little over 4" -Redfin foil swimmer VMC hooks, dressed single tail hook little over 5" -brand new but out of package rebel jumpin minnow almost 5" $33 shipped all payments but PayPal buyer covers fees.
  5. So i was having a conversation with an excellent plug builder and good friend of mine the other day about color selection in general but specifically in terms of topwater plugs. Does it matter? People traditionally use light colored spooks and pencils for stripers and blues from the surf; this makes little sense to me. personally it is my belief that color does not matter but that the action imparted on the plug is far more important. Recently I filmed a few of his plugs underwater with scuba equipment for his website; spooks and pencils as well as some topwater metal lips and a few divers and darters. I found this experience not only beneficial in seeing the action of the plugs from a fish's perspective but also in realizing the lack of color when viewing a plug from below. While it is true that the rod/cone combination within the striped bass eye is different than our own the plugs all appeared black when viewed from below. When looking at nature the top predators of the ocean also share my opinion on underwater color schemes. Think of the apex of the food chain, the great white shark. Dark blue on top white on the bottom, this helps hide the shark from their prey, prey fish looking form the surface down will have a hard time spotting the shark against the dark blue abyss while prey fish looking up will have a hard time making out the sharks silhouette against the light backdrop of the waters surface. Prey fish also use this same scheme in reverse to hide themselves within the water column, think mackerel, halfbeaks, etc. Because of this i believe it is not beneficial to invest in outstandingly accurate paint jobs in plugs, especially in the topwater genre. My favorite topwater color is simply woodgrain, also for darters too and i have not seen a drop in my catch rate since making this transition from mackerel scale patters and herring spots. In my experience it is the action of the plugs rather than the paint scheme that will catch fish, then again "It doesn't matter til it does." is always true. Presentation, angle of retrieve and the action of the plugs are the most important contributors in helping to increase your catch count. In my experience one exception to this rule is overcast conditions. Bass looking up will be able to make out the colors of the lure as it will not have as much of a silhouette against a darker backdrop. In these conditions I have the best luck with parrot colored pencils and spooks, not lifelike bunker/mack patters. These are only the opinions of 2 surfcasters, not rules by any means and i look forward to hearing your input on the topic.