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Found 12 results

  1. Anyone have an ID on this googoo? Just about 6in and 1.5oz, def can get more pics if needed
  2. Googoo man lot $70 shipped. These are like new hooks have rust from hanging around. Gordo Metal lip
  3. New googoo pikie. Nearly 9” and over 3oz. 47$ shipped to your door.
  4. Looking to find GooGoo Trollers, metal lips, in any color but especially bunker color. Paying well.
  5. All plugs were carried or used. Glider has the most use. $100 for all 5 plugs. Dustin
  6. Title says it all colors are not limited will take pairs preferred plugs in 1-3oz. Nothing jointed new or used. With or without hooks thanks all and have a great day !
  7. GRS, DMag, Afterhours, Pajama, Fixter, GooGoo Man, Big Rock, Dingbat, McFadden, Hook R, Chef, Tattoo Helping out a friend who does not know how to sell things online. I described everything based on what he told me and to the best of my knowledge. In the descriptions I erred on the side of saying something was used even if it may not have been. Swam means I think it was only swam once or twice, used means there is some rust on the hooks. If there is a part of the plug you can not see in the picture let me know and I will add whatever angle you would like. Prices below are picked up in Red Bank, NJ Shipping is $5 for one plug, $10 for 2-5 plugs, and $15 for 5 or more. Paypal for shipped plugs. Open to offers on combined orders. GRS 1. White Pearl, 7.8 oz, new, one pointer from storage, GRS stamp on the top near the tail, $125 3. White Pearl, 4.2 oz, used, no stamp, $75 5. Bunker, 4.3 oz, never swam, small crack near rear hanger, no tail hook/flag, labeled GRS 2006 on top near tail in gold, $100 6. Bunker, 4.2 oz, used, small crack near rear hanger, no tail hook/flag, stamped GRS, written 2006 on top near tail in silver, $85 For GRS, all sold individually would be $385. If you want them all I will do $350. Afterhours White pencil, 3oz, maybe thrown/carried, $20 Large blue, 2.9oz, new, lipped stamped afterhours, $20 Yellow, 3.1 oz, thrown but great condition, 3oz, $15 Small blue, 1.5oz, thrown but great condition, $15 All for $60 Goo Goo Man Brown, thrown, 2.0 oz, $35 White/chartreuse, new, 2.6 oz, $25 Chartreuse, rough shape, 1.8oz, $5 (will not ship by itself, must be included in a lot with other plugs). If you buy the brown and white I will throw in the chartreuse for free. Dingbat Pink, used, 2.4oz, $15 Brown, used, 2.7oz, $25 White, jointed, used, 2.4oz, $12 All for $45 McFadden Green, carried, not sure if thrown. Chip near lip, 2.1oz, labeled MC 04, $15 Yellow, used, 2.1oz, labeled MC 04, $15 Both for $25 Pajama, some rust on hooks, blue, 3oz, $70 Fixter, new, blue, labeled Mike Fixter 2019 on lip, 3.5oz, $40 Chef, marks from storage, I don't think it was carried/thrown, chartreuse, labeled '16 3.65, Weights 4.1oz, $25 Hook R, new, black, 1.8oz, $20 DMag, used, crack on bottom, 3.7 oz, labeled DMag 11, $20 Big Rock, black/brown, new, labeled BigRock '09, marks from storage, 1.9oz, $30 Tattoo, blue/white, hook rust, 1.4oz, $15 Unknown eel skin, marks from storage, 1.8oz, $10
  8. Used, One cast with a storage mark. $30 shipped , PayPal.
  9. Lot 1: 2 GooGoo bottles. I think the white one is new but can rule out that it was carried, yellow/white definitely new - $60 Shipped Lot 2: Plastic darters. The Northbar has been loaded with bb's (15 I think). The others range from new to thrown - $35 Shipped Lot 3: NB wood bottle dartrers, thrown, used $50 Shipped
  10. Surface giant- $100 Googoo-$45 Eurojett-$35 All plugs are new, prices are pp shipped.
  11. Looking for any GooGoo &/Or Arsenal, Chumbucket Lures! Any And All! THANKS!!
  12. Paypal only on these. SP $25 for all 3 Googoo man $45 Left hook $20 Jenski lot the pink swimmer was thrown a couple of times. Shows some rust on hooks. Popper maybe thrown once. Needle and red swimmer new $83 for all four
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