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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I was wondering if any of yall have tried putting an aftermarket knob on the Daiwa Procyon al. I have the 2500 size and was planning to get a knob either from gomexus, asian portal, or digitaka. Thanks
  2. Hey y’all I ordered the 45mm gomexus knob. I tried putting it on my 2014 ci4 ultegra 5500. However unlike my other gomexus knobs the screw that I have isn’t long enough to fit through the bearing and the hole. Do I have to get another screw or is there a way I can fix this? Because if I were to screw it without a bearing, the knob wouldn’t spin. I wonder why gomexus doesn’t just give a screw as part of the set UPDATE: I found out that the old ultegra model has a different shaft than every other model so none of the bearings or washers fit. I am disappointed that I was told it would fit by a gomexus member when it didn’t. Contacted them again and waiting for a response now IMG_4979.mov
  3. POWER KNOB IN CARBON FIBER for Shimano Type B handles. This is a well made aftermarket Power Knob. Purchased a couple but I only needed one. It is a very nice knob, very light (0.70 oz/ 20 gr), with a nice 45 mm diameter and ergonomic shape that provides comfortable feel and fit when reeling in. Please inspect all the pictures carefully so you are aware of what you are buying. Brand new Fits Shimano Type B handles: Saragosa, Spheros SW, Ultegra 14000, etc. Includes two spare handle bearings, shims, screws and bearing removal tool Very light, a comparable Gomexus Aluminum knob weights more than double. PRICE: $24.99 Shipped vis USPS 1st class within the US Knob is located in Vero Beach, FL.
  4. I replaced my old tacky stella 4000XGFI handle with this and found out about the 5 different washer size. For those who have read the amazon reviews some are stating to loosen the screw if handle doesnt spin and some complains that there are slight play. I hope this helps those who plan on buying or have bought this knob You need to mix and match the washers until you find the perfect fit with the screw tightened without any gap/play in the handle knob but yet it still spins freely. Made a video for this I hope this helps.
  5. Searched around for some info on Gomexus replacement handles for baitcasters. Seems like most Gomexus threads are about knobs/spinning reels. Wondering if anyone has any experience with their double paddle offerings. I have a few JDM Shimano Bantam and Metanium MGL's, and the stock handles in Japan are a bit short/small for my all American sausage fingers. They come with 84mm handles and sweet spot for me is 96-105mm. The paddles/knobs are also generally smaller for most JDM reels. Looks like pretty much any Gomexus 7x4 double paddle handle should be a direct fit for most Shimano low profiles, so a good amount of options out there on the bay. Appreciate any feedback on the items I've screenshot below. A bit weary about the potential quality gap feeling hand with putting a $28.95 after market handle on a $420 MSRP reel, but have heard good things about Gomexus. Side note: The $29 and $39 options in the pics both say they are compatible with the same list of Shimano baitcasters. I find this odd as I had always thought low profiles require either a swept or straight handle based on the design of the drag star, but maybe I was wrong in thinking this.
  6. Hello Folks, I just ordered a new Diawa BG MQ 10000 and now looking for a nice power knob to match up with it. I'm thinking a 45mm Gomexus would probably be about right--but that's only a best guess. Can anyone recommend a power knob that will "direct fit" onto this reel handle. Please also let me know if you think the 45mm is too small or large. I could not find any handle shaft length/type/dimensions that supports the knob, so not sure which knob to order. However, I did find a replacement part for the entire handle, which is: "J41-6501" The Diawa MQ 10000 handle looks the "same" as the original Saltist 5000 handle (just different color), because the knob is removable the same way with just a screw driver. So maybe I can just order a Gomexus power knob that would direct fit the Diawa Saltist 5000 and maybe it would fit the new BG MQ 10000--again I'm guessing here. Would appreciate any guidance from anyone more experienced. Many thanks, Rob
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