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  1. 130 Shipped PPFF Assorted plugs Description below for each Gibbs jr Bottle (Repainted yellow) 1.4oz - 5.5" Workhorse jr Pikie 1.9oz - 5" - lightly used Hahn small Danny 1.3oz - 5" - used Tattoo Darter - 2.50z 6" - Like new, Thrown/carried once or twice Gibbs Med. Danny 2.2oz - 6" used Tank Med Pikie 3oz - 6.75" - used Gibbs Trolling swimmer - 3.2oz - 8" - thrown/carried briefly Afterhours Needle - 2.4oz - 8" - Like new, Thrown/carried once or twice
  2. Lot 1 $65 shipped M/O - Two Beachmaster stubby needles (eelskin, blurple) and a Gibbs Large Danny swimmer (yellow/white). The eelskin is new never thrown, blurple needle is lightly fished. Gibbs new never thrown w/hook protectors still on. Lot 2 $65 shipped M/O - Fixter darter (bunker), LS69 darter (schoolbus), LiFishVt darter (white w/pink). All are lightly fished. If you need any more pics feel free to ask! Thanks for looking.
  3. How do you like to rig your Gibbs Danny so that you get the best action and hookup ratio out of it? Ideally I’d like to fish it with just the front belly treble and a flag on the tail but I’d like to know if anyone does that and if it results in too many missed strikes. How about just two belly trebles or front treble and a single on the tail?
  4. Here are some mixed lots with deep diving eelskin (Lex) and a Tommy rigged Gibbs. Bombers are used with a some new mixed in there. RuRu is new in the only colors ya need. Prices are shipped with pp ff payment. Tight lines RC
  5. Gibbs Metal Lip Lot… 50 plus 5 for shipping.
  6. Metal Lips and Darters… used or storage marks. 60 shipped
  7. I’m not sure who built the eel skin, or the striper troller… the yellow Danny is Gibbs. Gibbs and eel skin are new no pointers. The troller has storage marks. 55 plus 5 for shipping. Thank you.
  8. Davis swimmer has storage wear. Gibbs Needle and pencil I don’t think were used but have storage wear adding in one of my cutty poppers. $55 shipped NOW $50
  9. prices are shipped. $63 shipped for both Gibbs Bottle/Needle and SS Needle (think just storage wear) $35 davis swimmer $35
  10. Have a purchase pending so have to come up with some funds. Prices are shipped. PayPal. 2 or more lots take $5 off GRS parrot slim (new) $140 FJR handcarve NOT AVAILABLE BM Spin $40 Davis swimmer (some storage) $37 Gibbs Bottle,Needle/Super strike darter/bottle (all 4; storage)- $50
  11. Need a quick sale here. Used Gibbs needle Parrot pencil new Gremlin handcarved (nip) Cyclone- used. Will add hooks Guides choice- think storage wear $108 shipped NOW $100 shipped
  12. Getting rid of a big salt lot, last few seasons i have focused on freshwater. I hate to see these collect dust in the garage. Looking to get 500 for everything. Cash or paypal, i am located in RI.
  13. Hey guys recently came across a few old Gibbs gs-2 and gs-3, and was curious on the dates made. I attached a photo of the addresses on the packages. Think these address were before mid 80s can anyone confirm?
  14. Looking for older plugs, preferably located near the cape. Gibbs. Others in boxes especially. Ty Ty
  15. Are these Gibbs? Did Gibbs make more than one size popper?
  16. I'll say all are used, and state any deficiencies I see with each. I'll add 3/0 VMC trebles if they are missing or roached out, if you request. Please 2 minimum, price is shipped. Take the lot for 165, shipped. RM peanut. Missing an eye (other side). Good mojo. 10 Popper, unknown maker but well built. Has a chip on upper lip but otherwise looks new. 10 Needle, unknown maker but again well built. Used based on line left on front eye. 15 Gibbs pencil, flat bottom. 10 Tsunami school bus pencil. Looks new. 10 Next 3 are BM A-40s. 30 each Last 2 are Sporting Wood bottle darters. Yellow one has an epoxy wart on right side. 22 each
  17. I have 4 plastic swimmers and 1 wood popper: Saltwater Xrap Jointed Xrap Bomber Long Shot 7 SP minnow Gibbs 1oz pencil Bomber might have been thrown once, and the Gibbs is obviously new. The rest are carried and thrown. Looking to trade for epoxies/hardtail lures(waxwing baby, coltsniper, etc...), or $45 shipped (Venmo preferred, but have Paypal).
  18. Here's a few more topwater plugs. Gibbs and Tsunami pencils used, Workhorse spook and the 2 small old school eye screw poppers new. 50.00 shipped.
  19. Crack 300 Lot $120: Two fully functioning reels, one bailed, the other made bailless and “sealed” by the previous owner back in the 70’s. Tons of parts including bearings and an extra spool. Penn 704z Bailless $65: Bought this a few months ago from a member as a backup, thought I’d give bailless a try again, still hate it. Asking what I paid, cleaned and lubed, works perfect, has 20lb mono Penn 85 $10: part boat classic, cleaned and lubed, works as it should, previous owner only used it in freshwater Plugs are pretty self explanatory, any questions just ask. Prices as follows: 1) $6 *****sale pending 2) $5 *****sale pending 3) $2 tail is cracked and missing plastic sale pending 4) $10, never thrown been sitting on my pegboard for a while ******sale pending 5) $5, this is older, hooks need to be replaced sale pending 6) $10*****sale pending 7) $10 sale pending 8) $5 9) $5 10) $5 11&12) $2 each 13&14) $3 each? vintage bucktails, I know nothing about them, if you know better let me know. As of right now I’m not shipping, located in Suffolk County LI. Open to trades for Penn reels, surf rods, anything you think I might be interested in, let me know
  20. Lot of larger plugs for sale. Includes two 9 inch magic swimmers, rm Smith troller, two 10 inch darters, Gibbs mack pencil, striper maniac needle, creek chub pikie, northbar bottledarter, sp minnow,, and 10 inch metal lip. Hooks and hardware need replacing on some of them. Asking $125 shipped. Not splitting thanks!
  21. $65 Shipped for the lot Wallys Pencil Gibbs Pencil Afterhours Pencil Tsunami Timber RM Smith Metal Lip
  22. Atoms and L Cooper used, Cooper is pretty beat up. Pink Gibbs darter is new, as is the Atom pencil in the package. Asking 45$ shipped
  23. Picked this up today, but honestly know next to nothing about it. How old is it? What is this style of plug called? What is the color scheme called? Are they rare to find still in the package like this? Any other info anyone can enlighten me with?
  24. Lightly used plugs for sale: Gibbs Pencil Poppers x3, 6" 1.5oz BillyD slow sinking needle, 8.5" 3.2oz $40 shipped, immediate PayPal
  25. Would like to sell this as a lot which includes hook replacements, split rings, Tactical clips, split ring pliers, otter tails, bucktails, leader, 3tube gearup surf bag, no name brand plug bag filled with plugs, gearup eel pouch, sebile stick shad, point Jude pogee, sebile magic swimmers, sebile bull minnow, rm smith plugs, rebel jumpin minnow, northbar bunker darter, northbar bottle darters, cotton cordell pencils, 247 mully, creek chub metal lip jointed body, Gibbs metal lip Danny, Polaris popper, Gibbs darters, super strike darters, yozuri mag darters, superstrike super n fish needlefish, canal plug labs, plenty of daiwa sp minnows, plenty of shimano coltsnipers, tsunami popper, plenty of cotton cordell red fins (some loaded). If you are in or around North of Boston/ Southern NH area and willing to pick up make an offer
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