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Found 23 results

  1. Howdy folks, I primarily fish freshwater, shore and from my kayak in central CT (I'm in Middletown). I would like to start fishing some of the piers (I'm looking at New London, but would be open to suggestions on locations), mainly fishing for flounder, striped bass or anything tasty and edible. My question is this, and I really appreciate any responses to this: Do you have some recommendations for gear (mid level rods and reels), tackle and other things you bring to the pier or the shore? I'm not looking to break the bank, but I would be happy investing in some decent gear for a couple rods and reels and the correct gear, so I'd rather not buy junk. I'd also like to use some of it on the CT river, I generally launch from Mattabassett and head over and I run bass gear from my Kayak, but I suspect I should run something different for Stripers. Thanks everyone, I appreciate any suggestions with this.
  2. A friend of mine gave me a Stradic FJ 5000 which was grinding and "slippping". I have never taken apart any of these reels, and it appears to be that there is probably some stripping on either the main gear or the worm gear pinion. I will pull it apart, clean and tighten things up and figure out what needs changed. Probably get some carbontex washers if the current ones are bust. If parts are needed, is shimano the best place to get them? If parts are out, would any other models of 5000 size reels share the pinion gear and main gear that would fit a Straidc 5000FJ ? And of course, at what cost threshold would it just be best to toss it and get a new reel? Thanks a lot
  3. Hey everyone! I'm starting to think about some of shimanos inshore offerings. I'm looking between the new Nasci and the Spheros inshore. They are both so close in price that I'm okay with either or. Which do you guys prefer?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm having some difficulty understanding the shimano slx. Would this reel be suitable for light inshore fishing? I know it's a beast in the bass world, but would it hold up to the occasional schoolie or blue? Also, could this reel even hold up to the salt? I would obviously do a freshwater rinse, but I'm concerned about the bearings.
  5. Hey there folks, Thinking about buying my first proper saltwater rod. I will be fishing off a kayak and will be using this rod mostly for throwing plugs for stripers and blues. Might also use it from shore as well. I was thinking about buying the Offshore Angler Salt Striker Spinning Combo, in 7'6" MH. Does anyone have any experience fishing this combo or any other Cabelas brand rods? Is the rod length too much for a kayak? Any other recommendations for a rod and reel combo for around $100?
  6. Wtb a Thule Hullavator Located on Long Island.
  7. Happy New Years All !! Seeing Dick liked to generate a new thread every New Year's for "All Things Fly Fishing" thought we'd start this new decade with a dedication to BonefishDick. The Betsy. I'm sure everyone misses him, his sage advice, and his posts. HT
  8. Hi All, For Christmas I received my first pair of waders. They are the kind where the rubber boots are attached to the pants/bib so not separate boots. Can someone please give some advice on when and how to use waders? I usually surf cast from sand and haven't really rock hopped much. Are they mainly for colder weather months to stay warm/dry? I also heard that there are some safety things to know too (waders filled with water === bad)
  9. what is good pair of gloves that you can still grab the line with and have a feel but stay dry and warm?
  10. I've been fishing for about a year now, and surf fishing for half a year. Since its Christmas season, I'm intending on getting a new rod and reel for fishing from the surf in NJ (mostly for striper). I have a budget of about 300$ to buy a surf rod and reel. I will mainly be using it for throwing lures but I also want to be able to put bait on it and just wait for a fish to bite. What rod and reel do you guys reccomend and where and when do you reccomend I buy it. Also, if anyone has a Van Staal, ZeeBaas, or similar reel for sale in NJ can you message me if you would be willing to sell for around 200$? Thanks for the help.
  11. I'm a complete newbie. So far I have only been using trout gear I had on hand. I can't jump in at the $300+ rig level and so I am shopping around for modest setups. Durability and all that is a top concern for me since I am new and will probably abuse things more than an experienced angler would. My question is this... do you really think that a $200 reel lasts 4 times longer than a $50 reel, or whatever other math and multipliers you can think of? Why not get $30-$50 reels and consider them kind of disposable?
  12. There is no ice still in my area and while I can not fish - I make homemade fishing tackle. I made a video about how I make very simple strike indicators. Take a watch:
  13. Ive been looking around and i cannot find any info about this reel at all. I bought it used and the level line was not working at all, it was spinning freely and would not guide the line. I took it apart thinking one of the gear dogs was missing but they were both there and both springs were also there. Am not missing the spiral gear either. I am confused as to why it wont work, please help!!!
  14. Selling my Fishpond Summit Sling pack. Olive color, in great condition. Very reliable but looking to transition to a lumbar pack. Asking for $80, cost of shipping included.
  15. Looking for some advice for an east coast guy booking a 1.5 or 3 day trip in the next 2 weeks. I got free airfare (points from work) so all I need is the charter and uber to the boat. I have read alot of the recommended setups on the sportfishing pages. Here is what I plan on bringing so far... (Light setup for light casting iron) A Nomad boat spinning travel rod medium power 7ft (20-40lbs) with a Saragosa 10k spooled with 360yds 50lb braid. (Medium setup for live bait and heavier iron / yoyo) My Andros 7ft med power jig rod (65-120lb braid and 130 to 270 gram lure) with my new Tesoro 12s star drag spooled with 330yds 65lb Jerry brown and a 60yds of 40lb topshot. (Medium heavy setup) My Andros 7ft MH jig rod (80-150lb braid 170 -320 gram lure) with a Cortez CZ-55w spooled with 400yds 50lb mono. Is this ok for the up to 60lb bluefin they are getting now? Otherwise im debating on buying the new Accurate BV-800 to bring instead of the cortez. Would spool with 500yds of 100lb hollowcore and a 50 or 60lb topshot. Same MH rod. What yall think? I know its not true to form but I can't bring an 8 or 9ft callstar with me or back home... are they (8ft plus deckhands rod) really necessary?
  16. Note: This thread was created on the main forum, but someone advised me to post here for better answers in relation to my local ocean. Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and I've recently become enthralled with the idea hitting the surf for some bigger fish than the 6-inch dinky Large Mouth Bass at my local lake. The thought of using the biggest body of water available to me to catch fish that I can actually take home and eat is extremely appealing to me. The fish I intend on hitting primarily are Perch, Corbina, Halibut, Rockfish, Lingcod, and Striped Bass (if they're around). I am unsure as to whether Rockfish and Lingcod inhabit my local Orange County jetties but they look like loads of fun to catch! Note: I know that Leopard Sharks, Rays, Guitarfish, as well as other larger species inhabit my local beaches so I'd like those fish to be taken into account on the off chance I hook one. I would prefer my gear not to snap and leave me in the hole! I've been doing a lot of research on gear and technique and have been looking at a few reels and rods and would appreciate advice on my choices. The reels I am looking at (Open to suggestions, of course): Fin Nor Lethal LT60 Penn SSV Penn Battle II For the rods (open to suggestions again, and also unsure of what size rod I should purchase): Offshore Angler Powerstick Star Stellar Lite Daiwa Beefstick Ugly Stick Surf Rod I've been watching a ton of videos on rigs and general fishing tips. So I have a rough idea as to what I need. I know that I need a variety of 1-4oz sinkers (both pyamidic, round, and coin), basic sabiki rigs for bait fish, ~30(?) lb test braid and 30(?) lb test fluoro leader, and hooks (unsure of what size). For baits, I've heard that Berkeley Gulp Sandworms are "Perch Crack", shrimp and sandcrabs are good; however, I am uneducated in swimbaits so I would also be open to advice there. General beginners advice for the species I have listed would also be very helpful. Any advice and help is much appreciated! Thank you!
  17. Hi All, Yes, I'm thinking about "trying" to fly fish the surf. I know its going to be a lot of trial and error, but always fun learning something new. I dunno what it is, but I just feel like I have to try it. Any tips or gear anyone would like to suggest for a newbie. I know there's a whole fly fishing forum, but just wanted to ask the west coast folks first. thanks, Richard
  18. Not sure if this is the right place for this but I wanted to give a heads up. I was at Dicks Sporting goods yesterday and they have a nice deal right now. Any size Savage Gear Manic Prey lure (6in through 3.5in) is $4.00 when you buy 3 or more. These are the good ones with VMC hooks and good split rings. I bought some yesterday, but might have to go back for the rest hahaha.
  19. Hi, I am new to surf fishing. I am interested in buying a tsunami surf rod. The question is which one? I am struggling to choose between the airwave and the airwave elite. The rod will be paired up with a Penn Battle. I honestly don't know the difference between the airwave elite and the airwave. I'd like to prevent my pocket from getting burned so I am leaning towards the normal airwave. However, I have a few concerns with both models. What is the difference between the airwave and the airwave elite? Do they have the same warranty? What length and rating would be optimal for places like Plum Island and Cape Cod Canal? Will the Trophy Series work well in the Canal? If the normal airwave works fine and does the minimum, I'd rather go with the normal model. I have a lower budget. I apologize if this topic has been posted before. Rod selection really is a massive headache.
  20. Look at this mess.... So I washed these pants yesterday and taped seams all came untaped.... and the the waterproof coating on the inside basically disintegrated Are they salvageable? I should probably ask this in the Kayak Forum but sometimes you guy's helpful and knowledgeable
  21. FIgured I'd check in with you guys, As partial as I am to Northeastern striper fishing, I need to head to Tampa for business in a couple of days - mid August. I 'll have a free afternoon/evening or two, a rental car and looking to bring some gear along and try my luck. Anybody know of any decent surf fishing in the area? I want to avoid the piers and other spots where the tourists will be, maybe cast for some drums, lady fish, sea trout or --- if lady luck is upon me -- a tarpon or pompano. Any advice on spots, gear, tackle is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  22. I am not a minimalist. Lots of guys are. Told myself when I purchased my PA that I would add what I needed but would not make it look like a rigged up car from the ghetto. Now, my kayak is looking like something CHEECH would ride. Do you have a kayak that has too much crap on it?
  23. As modern fishermen, there is a plethora of gear available for us to purchase. However, most of us have limited funds which makes us cautious about the things we buy. We often scour through forums to find evidence justifying our purchases and to acquire information about products that interest us. Although there is certainly great advice to be found, I see many responses that lack any real evidence or logic behind them. People often respond "I heard that that rod is terrible", or that it "doesn't hold up", but they fail to offer any real evidence. Many of them might have experience with these products, but just don't mention the specifics, they just give their opinion. Other times, I feel the reviews of a few people propagate, spreading to become a collective opinion that's not evidenced by reality. Almost like a Pyramid scheme, where a leader recruits a bunch of followers based on empty promises. The point of all this is that while have a great resource available to us, the quality of the information that we give determines the quality that we get. This is of course a community where people have fun and converse casually, but it is also a reference where a lot people look for advice. In conclusion, I urge you to think about your responses, try to provide as much sound information as possible and think about the context in which they will be read. Make evidenced and clear remarks about products or don't put them up at all. It will make this site a better place for all of us to learn and reference when we need to and it will cut out all the bull s*** people looking for answers have to read through. This site rules! I am not trying to rain on anyone's parade. I just think some posts could be a little more refined. Opinions anyone? Anyone buy something that people said would suck and love it? The opposite?