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Found 36 results

  1. Selling my custom lamiglas gsb1081m rod. Cosmetically 9/10. 1pc. Pick up only and I am located on the east end of Long Island, NY. $260
  2. Posted a few of these before but never had much luck. Looking for either a lamiglas gsb 1442mh or 1502mh blank. Will also consider built rods if I like what I see.. located in Hull MA. Thanks!
  3. I bought this earlier this year from another SOL member. I'm looking to either sell this rod or trade for the ODM Genesis 11ft rated 3/4 - 4oz This rod is the two piece version of the 1321M GSB surf series. Rod is lightly used but overall in good condition. It's last years model with the 50/50 split which is great if you need to transport in a smaller car or on public transport. Looking for $325 and will need to meet locally around NYC
  4. Any one have a Lamiglas GSB 81MS? I would like to know the weight. Thanks!
  5. Really hate to do this but I need the funds for another build. The 1m is an original pre-2005 that was rebuilt by Chris at Aubut rods. It's got Fuji k guides built NGC. The 136 Is a conventional and I've only used it two or three times. You can cast a BRICK with this thing! Asking 300 for the M and 200 for the MH (VS and Abu not included). Located in Hull MA but if I can borrow my buddy's pickup, I can meet on the south shore or near the canal. I'll post more pics when I get the chance. Thanks for looking
  6. Looking for a Lami GSB 1201M for a VS 200. Prefer newer style guides. I'm in Ocean County NJ and will meet up within reason since this wont work for shipping I dont think.
  7. Anyone have any experience with this rod? It’s MH, moderate, and rated 2-5 oz. How does it handle 1 oz. bucktails? And is casting a 4-5 oz. plug exhausting (probably)?
  8. Okay, maybe this is sacrilege, but I have a Lamiglas one piece John Skinner rod. It's got 4 guides, one's a replacement that's taped on. It's built on a 1101ML blank and I'm wondering if there's anything that can be done to improve on it. I go back and forth between fishing it with a Slammer 4500 and a TRQ5, sometimes a Slammer 5500. I was thinking about getting someone to lay it out with concept guides using the 4500. Would that be an idea whose time has come, should it be done with the 5500 instead, or is this just a stupid idea and I should leave it the way it is?
  9. Looking specifically for a pre-2005 rod or blank. Located in Hull MA
  10. On Lamiglas' website, it says that the "OS" models are built to mimic actions of the classic blanks, but with modern graphite materials. I own an original pre 2005 GSB that I purchased on here a few years ago. Without a doubt it's THE MOST durable and forgiving rod I own. I've high stuck fish, dropped it on rocks, it's bounced off the tailgate of my truck and she still fishes great. But I'm thinking of having a new run "OS" built this season. For anyone who uses one of these blanks, how does it compare to the originals in terms of durability and performance?
  11. I just picked up a VS250—thanks to HusonFirst! Now I need a rod for it. This is my bigger water and Montauk combo but it be nice to still be able to throw 1oz BTs and smaller swimmers if needed. Looking for a Lami GSB 132m or 120m with newer style guides. Open to 132L too. Also open to other rods: Legends, Avids, CTS, etc. Would like to pick it up this week. Heading to Montauk on Thursday night. Can pick up in PA, NJ, and Long Island.
  12. 9 foot gsb L great rod nothing wrong with it bought it from a friend to loose for my liking $225 long island meet up
  13. Looking for something to HURL bigger tin and plugs than my 1201M, which I don't go over 3 ounces. My choices are limited to: Super Surf 2G 2-5oz. , Arra Surf Pro 1261, Lami GSB 2-5oz., Cousins Ron Arra, SaltX, and Shimano Tiralejo Would appreciate input on these. Thx, Woody
  14. Anyone use this rod ? I'm looking for a rod to throw those larger plugs on the open beach and around jettys and such , and seems like the new GSB would be awesome! just wanted to know if anyone has any input on it
  15. My Mojo Surf has a crack in the eye so need to get into a quick replacement rod for a fishing trip this weekend. Looking for a used 2-5 oz rated rod, Lami 1201m preferred but open to others, including trimmed 1321m's and other brands. Pick up preferred given tight timing, near long beach island/jersey, brooklyn, or long island.
  16. Looking to buy: VS 250 or VSX 250 Lami GSB 1321M Lami 1201M (maybe) Looking for a solid combo for bigger water days in Montauk and any time at CCC. Would want to pick up in NJ/PA/Long Island. Heading to Montauk from PA on Thur night 10/1. Will be returning Sun 10/4. Can also pick up around IBSP area any weekend.
  17. Really REALLY hate to let these go considering how little they've been used. But times are very tough so I have to. For sale we have a Lamiglas GSB 1321MH spinning 4-8 and GSB 1361MH conventional 6-16. These are great blanks with unmatched stopping power, and they throw their rating perfectly. I'm asking 250 for each, but if you would like both, I can do both for 400. I'm located in Hull MA and can do local meet up on the south shore. No shipping unfortunately. Having a problem uploading pics so PM me and I can text them to you. Perfect rods for that June new moon 50!!! Thanks fellas
  18. Title says it all. Will post pics after work. Asking for $200 picked up south shore of MA
  19. Just picked up my first vs200 looking to buy a rod for it and wondering everyone’s advice for what size rod to use. I was looking into a gsb 10’ or 11’ 1-3oz. I mainly fish jetties with 2-3oz buck tails and off the beach on south shore Long Island with a17-a27 diamond jigs and 3/4-2oz bucktails, sp minnows often also. I see a lot of people using odm but I haven’t used one. Always owned lamiglas. What’s everyone’s take on odm vs lamiglas? Trying to budget 500$ or less on a new rod. Thanks for your time and input.
  20. Brand New never used custom Lamiglas fishing rod. Local pickup Islip terrace, Ny $450 Length: 9' Pcs. 1 Line Wt. 12-25 Lure Wt. 1/2 - 2 Butt Dia. 0.690 Tip Size 6.5 Avg Wt. 5.0
  21. Want to sell brand new, never fished (I did remove the tags But still have them) lamiglas GSB 1201m aka gsb 101OS, 10’ “old school”, 1 piece surf rod. My wife bought me this as a present and I cannot return it. I’m looking for $400 or willing to trade for a GSB 1201L. Will not ship, Long Island pickup only (will travel to nearly any part of the island).
  22. I have a brand new never used Lamiglas GSB10LS. This is the 10' two piece, moderate action rated 1-3 ounces. I was sent this rod by Lamiglas as a replacement for my Surf and Jetty that developed a crack in the reel seat. Unfortunately, my surf reel, a Penn Torque, doesn't fit this rod's reel seat. I think this rod retails for $440, I'm just looking for $300. I'm in Maine, but moving back home to Baltimore around Thanksgiving, so I figured I'd see if anyone in between here and there would like this. I can meet anywhere in between Maine and Maryland (within reason) on my way home around Thanksgiving.
  23. Selling my GSB 1321M. X-floc grips, Fuji ergonomic reel seat about 24.5" to reel stem, kw reduction guides with I believe MN runners, pretty sure it's built NGC for a ZB25, coated with U-40 above foregrip for protection. Has seen plenty of use but it's still in decent shape, just the usual scuffs and a little wear on the frames of the guides. $200 picked up in SE CT. Also occasionally travel through RI to the north shore of MA.
  24. Looking to build on this blank as a Canal duty rod. I played around with the factory built (GSB111MHS) at a fishing show but I have no real experience with it as far as casting. It's rated from 3-8oz. Anyone ever fished these blanks? I wanna hear your experience in terms of true lure rating and applications.
  25. Hi Everyone, I'm getting ready to pull the trigger in the very near future on a either a (1) Lami GSB1201L ( i.e., 10' 1 piece 1-3oz) or (2) the GSB Skinner model (9'-2" 1-3 oz) --still trying to decide. Anyhow I've been thinking about a nice mid-priced reel for either of these rods and so far my front runner is the Shimano Saragosa 6000SW. However, I was poking around Red Top in Bourne, MA yesterday and came across a "Penn Conflict II 5000, long cast model"--new for 2019, $199, and thought it was super nice at 16.9 oz and holds about 290 yards of 30 lb braid. I loved the round knob--same as the Penn Clash. Overall --the reel was super smooth; CNC machine gears and seemed really nice. Liked it better than the Shimano Ultegra 5500 in a side by side comparison. I think I might even get it over the Saragosa--just to have the long cast type reel. Has anyone actually tried this reel or have any first hand experience...overall surprised me "big time" as very nice!! Am I making a mistake? Thanks for any advice/comments. Rob