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Found 18 results

  1. Orvis hydros IV reel and spare spool with backing. Bought it May, great reel! $300 shipped with cases
  2. I live on the North Fork of Long Island and have been Atlantic Ocean, Great South Bay and L.I. Sound surfcasting my whole life. I have been wanting to learn more about and get into saltwater flyfishing for over a decade now. I've been a lurker on here and other forums reading posts for years, but have never pulled the trigger on a saltwater fly rod & reel setup. I am looking for a 9wt saltwater setup that would be versatile enough for me to use in the saltwater estuaries around my neighborhood, but also heavy enough to use on the rocky Long Island Sound beaches and in the Atlantic Ocean inlets. Can you please recommend a proper setup for this balance that I am trying to get out of a single setup. I'll keep reading up and learning from you all in the mean time. Thank you ahead of time for your help and insight.
  3. Anyone on here fly fish the coast of New Jersey for Albies,Blues,Striper? I have been there twice and have had mediocre luck and have caught weird species such as northern stargazers on the surf. Just curious if anyone on here chase the striper of albies on the surf with the fly rod in sept,nov,dec months.If so what have you found to be most productive with fly pattern,color, etc
  4. I know they are hard to come by but I am looking for a hydros sl IV spare spool.
  5. Alright, winter is just about upon us, so it's time to start thinking about kayak mods for the spring. I want to hear the best mods for fly fishing in a kayak, even pictures if you want! For me, I use a Next Lagoon 10 ft. I only use a milk crate in the back, but want to work on my yak to become a fly machine for the spring. Let me know! Christian
  6. Hey all, new here and looking for some pointers on fishing in the Adirondacks. I've been late summer camping there for the last 4 years and never seem to land any big fish. First question: I usually use a spinner with live bait (nightcrawlers) or soft plastics but only seem to catch really small fish. I've tried a ton of lures (spinners, poppers, jigs, spoons) from shore and from canoe (don't have a boat yet to troll from) but haven't found any real success. Wondering what lures work best and how/where to find something other than oversized minnows. Second question: Most recently, I brought up my usual spinner and tried fishing the Ausable River near Wilmington, NY but had no luck...even though it was an incredibly beautiful area and I still had a blast. Now, thinking I need to dive into flyfishing (I'm a glutton for punishment and gear) - wondering what type of rod/reel and flies I should start out with to get going. I'm usually up near Saranac Lake and the surrounding lakes - wondering if anyone has any pointers to help me land some bigger fish. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, I believe that this is my first post on this forum, although I have been using the forums as a resource for some time. I'm looking for a boat that I can use primarily for fly fishing on protected inshore locations of the Chesapeake Bay and the Outer Banks. I would also likely use the boat on freshwater impoundments such as Santee Cooper reservoir The boat I'm currently considering is a Carolina Skiff model 192JLS, which is a 19' boat with a Suzuki 90HP or 115HP outboard. I would appreciate any member feedback about this particular boat, or any other boats in this size range that would be good for my intentions. Thanks, Mary
  8. Ive always wanted to fly fish for shad but I don't know the rig to do it. Im looking for something for the Connecticut River and its tributary's.
  9. If anyone here gets info about the Fly Fishing Expo of LI on March 28th, please post an update here. I've checked their website and Facebook page, but no mention of a cancellation or postponement.
  10. Hi All, I am NausetDog's older brother. I'm getting into fly fishing again after my first foray some 40 years ago. I'm looking forward to catching my first Striper on a fly!!! Regards, NausetFog
  11. Flyfishing

    Just retired in May! For the first time since the 70’s and early 80’s (dating myself here) I’ve had time to re-explore my old favorite beach fishing locations around the Cape and Islands. I’ve been away from New England for a long time and now as I’ve covered a lot of beaches here I’ve been shocked at how many smart and aggressive seals I’ve encountered. “Smart” because while surfcasting, 9 times out of 10 no matter where I’ve been, within 5 minutes of the splash of my lure(s) one or more seals pops up near me. Fly fishing does not trigger the “seal stampede” immediately to my location I’ve come to expect while surfcasting, but I believe simply the daylight profile /shadow I create by fly fishing on the beach or in shallow water elicits fairly “soon and certain” seal “swim-bye” too. “ Aggressive” because several fish I’ve hooked have been attacked by Seals. Several times I’ve reeled in just fish heads. One time I reacted too slowly and got spooled. Then to add insult to injury the attacking seal then circled back and munched on what remained of “my” bluefish less than 10 yards out in front of me. Wow!! This reminded me of “educated”. Barracuda and bull sharks over heavily fished wrecks and or reefs in Florida. There I reeled up many fish heads there too! So my question to this community forum .... What do you think we (beach fishermen) can safely do for us and the seals to mitigate the seal participation in our fishing outings? A fellow fisherman I talked to on a Cape beach the other day (in between Northeasters) said he opens his bail or loosens his drag once he sees a seal in pursuit of his hooked fish. His claim is the now “free swimming” fish gets a better chance to escape the pursuing seal... (???). In my opinion, maybe an escape initially may not end well if the seal is persistent... ideas, alternatives or recommendations? One obvious insight for me is location - I've found shallower fast moving water creates less hungry seal encounters. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!
  12. Flew to Bozeman with the lady and the dog and rented a RV then got after it. First stop was Yellowstone, then down to Jackson Hole and back up into Idaho finishing last day on the Gallatin in Big Sky. First day fished the Firehole River in the morning then did a 3 mile hike into Nez Perce. Firehole was unlike anything I have ever seen. Caught bows swinging soft hackle dropper rigs. Had a PT soft hackle bead head with a weightless orange anf partridge soft hackle as the dropper. All fish on the orange soft hackle that I tied. Afternoon had fish on purple Adams parachutes on the Nez Perce. Endless small browns and spooked larger fish in the deeper holes. Chick was not about crawling thru grass stealth mode.
  13. I bought a Hobie PA14 for the specific purpose on fly fishing in the bay behind Island Beach State Park. If you stand and cast do you use the AMA pontoons or the Hobie Stand Up H Bar? Are you stable enough without them? Thanks Gil
  14. I have a pair of Patagonia Vented seersucker shirts. Long sleeves, vented back and shoulders, deep pockets, like new condition. Will sell pair for $55.00 shipped to lower 48. These are high quality shirts, not many better. Men's size large
  15. For Sale -1993 Mako 181 flats boat in excellent condition, few small gelcoat chips here and there but extremely nice condition for age and taken care of . Not bottom painted. Always flushed, washed, and stored in climate controlled garage. -17'10'' LOA , 8'Beam , 7" Draft , 12* Deadrise , 995LBS dry weight , 50 Gal fuel tank. -1993 Galvanized EZ loader roller trailer with new tires this season. Makes solo power-loading a breeze. The boat has a 1995 johnson fast strike 150 hp outboard in immaculate condition. The engine has around 130 hours on it and it shows. The hull has 525 hours of use and current outboard was put on new at 400 hours to re-power the hull. 45 Kt wot. plenty fast. -Poling platform has new Seadek, V-Marine push pole caddy, and is removable to fit in a standard height garage. -New 6 ft Power Pole hydraulic anchor system with both console switch and remote lanyard button -19 ft fiberglass push pole, new V-Marine spin on push pole holders midship and aft with a folding holder forward to keep deck clear. -Built in aerated live-well -Dual deep cycle batteries -Hydraulic trim tabs -Yeti 45 cooler jump seat with custom cushion -Custom cushion on console, and custom bolt on cushion seats on rear deck. -Simrad Go5 XSE GPS/Sounder with side-scan transducer. -Under gunnel Seadek for rod/reel protection and Seadek fish ruler on front bulkhead. -4 Type 1 life jackets, 4 flairs, USCG certified fire extinguisher. $16,000
  16. Hi Folks: I am from Texas and will be traveling to Jupiter, FL on june 28, 2016 and will stay for 2 days. My plan is to try and catch some nice Snook along the Jupiter Beach, next to the inlet, using a fly rod, exclusively or any other near-by area recommended. I've been reading about the area and am truly excited about this trip Any specific directions as to where to park my car and where to start fishing along the beach (best hours/tides) would be greatly appreciated, as well as what size rod, type of flyline, leader, flies, casting and approaching techniques, shooting basket, etc. Also if there are any "spots" for night fly fishing opportunities without the use of a boat it would serve as a major bonus for me. This is a great forum with tons of specific information. The best fishing forum I have seen to date. Thanks in advance for the very valuable cooperation.
  17. Largemouth, Bream and Catfish reside in the canals that wind through the campground that lead to Bay Lake at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground. This a fine place for youngsters to test their skills. And thats exactly what Manny did during the first leg of our vacation, before heading to Estero & Sanibel for the salt. Chernobyl Ant was the fly of choice for the bass & bream. The catfish on the other hand, required a bit of innovation. He spotted this large catfish cruising nearby in the clear shallows. Being a bottom feeder, Manny knew he needed to get a fly to settle to the bottom. A sparsely tied Ray's Fly accented with a "smidgen" of kielbasa did the trick. (a minor sacrilege, but apropos none the less)
  18. Hi All, Currently using a Fishpond Westwater Backpack for all my gear. Love it as a pack, rugged, waterproof, and very well built. I have used it for some salt water excursions and put it to the test. That said, not the best way to carry when I am in the woods or remote areas. Does anyone have recommendations for a chest pack that will do the trick for a holster? Or, a chest rig on the market that can double as a fly pack? Not sure whats out there, or what people have jimmy rigged. Thinking something like this but water proof: