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Found 17 results

  1. Currently, the best way to get into TH saltwater fishing is to check out the topic: "Two hand rods for the salt" and pick up a Mike Oliver, spey, carp, or (god forbid) a switch rod. Hopefully the next step is to then check out this new topic "Two hand fly lines for the salt" for info on line selection, customization, tips, taper theories, etc. (this topic will inevitably have to include casting styles too I think) I personally went though 20+ different lines over the last 10 years trying to get my G. Loomis 12/13 11'3" to launch 130ft casts like I imagined it would. In this age of information, I couldn't believe that I was forced to figure it out via trial and error – and I'm still figuring it out. Long story short, I know we will all be better TH fisherman if we share what we know on the lines we use. Thank you!
  2. Hello from Ireland, I am looking for ideas/thoughts on how to target bass (Dicentrachus Labrax) in fast flowing tidal channels which are typically 10-15feet deep ? The bass are on/close to the bottom in these channels. The main source of food for these bass is sandeel(sandlance). These type of spots are usually fished by gear anglers using 10-25gram Sandeel type jigs, using a sink and draw style retrieve. This is impossible to replicate sufficiently with fly gear. Especially in the dark. PS. The bass I’m targeting are basically the smaller version of the striped bass you guys have.
  3. Looking for a Wf8 intermediate and a wf10 intermediate line in good condition. For trade I have: fenwick nighthawk fly reel- good for 7-8 wt lines (lightly used, good condition) Martin fly reel- good for 4-5 wt lines (used, it works, ill add it on if your interested. has a full sink line on it) Pfleuger finalist-good for 6-8 wt lines (used, good condition) Cortland medium belly spey, 7 wt (new) Airflow Sniper 10 wt (barely used, excellent condition) SA wet tip express 8 wt, (6ips) (spooled on nighthawk in pic) Let me know if any of these items interest you.
  4. Brand new RIO InTouch Outbound Fly Line for sale. Saltwater Coldwater series 9wt WF9F/I intermediate head with floating running line. Color is Grey head and Yellow running line. Line is brand new in packaging, never been used. I acquired it when I was still living in New Jersey but I recently relocated to south Florida and have no use for it here. Line retails for $99, I'm asking for $80 or best offer. Contact me at 732-312-3588 or at
  5. Would it be ok if I used 8 weight fly line on my 9 weight rod for striper? Would that work?
  6. I've never fished a sinking line before but would like to try doing so this spring for a couple of crab patterns I've been playing around with. Wondering if anyone who uses a TH'r who throws any significant grains has an opinion on the SA Deepwater Express Shooting Head? My TH casts quite well with between 550 & 650 grains, I tend to like it on the heavier side. There's a particular stretch of water with a very sandy bottom that we fish each spring that rips pretty well at mid-tide and in some places there's some decent depth involved. Rather than putting a ton of weight on my fly I'd like to have a sink line solution to keep fly weight reasonable. Recently saw the SA Deepwater and thought this might work. Obviously with a sinking line, especially a fast sink, I need to strip more into the rod before I unplug to start my cast so my typical 34' - 38' foot head may be too long. In this instance thinking that I should go with the 700 or 850 grain line and per the instruction chart, (cut to match rod), included with the line, trim to an acceptable casting grain weight whereby I can reduce the head length to a more manageable casting length, in essence killing two birds with one stone (appropriate grain weight to head length ratio). Since I have no experience with a setup like this does this sound like the right approach ? This is the line in question. HT
  7. Looking for a Tropical WF/9F of WF/9FI
  8. Hello! I hope you can help me. I don’t have an overweight two handed fly rod :-) What I do have is a TFO Pandion 13’9”, 9wt, and - I feel - too many grains. Question: any way to lighten its weight without buying a whole new set of fly lines? (My current setup is: 30 lb floating running line, 600 grain RIO Skagit iFlight shooting head, and the RIO iMOW tip (currently 150 grains). You see, not understanding anything, I went to the fly shop and showed them the rod. The rod states it is meant to cast 700 to 750 grains. However I found it hard to cast so I went on the TFO website and found the following recommendations for my rod model: Two-handed overhead casting: 525-600 grains 20-28 foot heads RIO Skagit Max Short RIO Skagit iFlight RIO Skagit iShort SA Skagit Extreme So for TFO to say it’s a 700-750 grain rod is quite off the mark. But I don’t want to rant. I want to fix this... Basically my problem is that I am asking the rod to cast 750 grains, though 600 grains is the recommended upper limit for overhead casting. My question is: IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO TO *NOT* ADD ANY MORE WEIGHT TO THE 600 GRAIN SHOOTING HEAD? (I’d rather not “perform surgery” on it if possible.) *My understanding is that it is OK to cast the floating shooting head without a tip (what kind of a leader would I need, or do I just add 3 feet of 12lb mono?) *Any way to make it intermediate or sink tip, again adding no weight or only a nominal amount? Can you help me? I’ve recently become unemployed and would rather not spend another $90 in tip and shooting head. THANK YOU!! John
  9. Have 2 extra coils Hope someone can use it New , fresh specialized 275 Gr sink tip line .... there are a Ton of lines out there but this is my favorite striper line. I use it on 7-9 wt rods. 29.00. Ea. 3.99 shipping. Was 79.00
  10. Hello. Have 2 lines I can't use. Perhaps someone can Jim teeny t 400. Sink tip 4oo Gr. Used a few times. Gone with a different set up 20.00 Cortland 444 sl lazer floating 9wff. 15.00. Grey Used but still good. 18.50 I sold my 9 Wt rod and reels. So I don't need the line any longer PayPal. Shipping 3.59. Many thanks
  11. Anyone have a spool of s.a coastal express 250 wf sink.. sonar or Rio striper 250 they want to sell ? My son took my reel and had it stolen in fla.
  12. Never used circa 2008 NIP Orvis Wonderland Advantage Next Generation Depth Charge Sinking 350 gr Fly Line (100'/30.5m) NIP Orvis 205Z Sink Tip System (for 9-11 Wt. Lines) $45 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 or will trade for good mix of salt water flies (think NJ to Cape Cod species - new or used in good shape)
  13. Lightly used WF10I SA Striped Bass intermediate sink fly line in "surf blue" (kind of milky transparent blue). Great, super slick line. Comes with loops added by me on both ends. It's not getting any use here as I have other lines I fish on my 10. So it needs someone who will slay in the surf with it. $25 shipped . PayPal, Google Wallet, MO, Check
  14. As title says, WTB the Scientific Angler Sharkwave Anadro WF7F.... looking to spend about $75... Prices on fly line are crazy these days! Thanks, Collin
  15. While at ICAST I had the opportunity to cast a new((prototype) fly line manufactured by Monic. The coating on this new line is not PVC like most other lines. My first impression of the new line--after one cast was, "Wow, this is definitely different. With only about 15' of the head out, my first cast was about 50 feet. I practically begged Bob Goodale for one at the show I received a 9wt prototype of this line a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, since the line came, we've had close to 3 feet of rain so I've done almost 0 fishing. For lack of anything better to do, I loaded the line onto an old Orvis Battenkill on a 9WT Colton Tradewinds and drove down to a local retention pond. I am not a great fly caster but I can cast this line all the way into my backing--whether I ever need to or not. I added 15' or more to what this rod could do with an Outbound Short. The finish on this line is very hard when compared to other lines I have. The hard coating on this new Monic fly line allows the line to slip through the guides with far less drag and makes me a better fly caster. I made a few casts with a really big Bass bug and a few more with an 8-9" Flatwing before the rain hit again. The rod/line combo handled both just fine. ( No, I couldn't cast the entire line with either of the flies) I don't know what the specific gravity of the line is but it darn sure floats high making it easy to lift off the water into a back cast.. The line color is a light blue that I can see well on our tannin stained water. I have no idea when this new line will be available in stores. In the meantime, if you pass through the Crystal River, FL area, give me a call and make a few casts with the prototype.
  16. For sale, 2 Orvis fly lines in good shape.Both lines are recommended for salt or fresh, details of head measurements in pictures.The Salmon-Steelhead line is a slightly different head shape favoring smaller streamers.8 wt. Wonderline Salmon-Steelhead Intermediate (1-1.5 ips sink rate), off whiteLine barely used, in very good condition with no cracks or nicks.$20 firm, shipped10 wt. Wonderline 3rd Gen. Intermediate (1-1.5 ips sink rate), dull orangeLine slightly used, in good condition with no nicks or cracks.$20 firm, shippedEither line will be shipped Priority Mail to Continental US buyers. Other areas please contact me to negotiate shipping.Paypal, check or MO ok.
  17. Looking for a good intermediate sink WF line that's clear- or at least has a clear head. Airflo Ridge Supple Impact good for cold- but not clear. Airflow Ridge Clear- obviously clear, but how does that do in May and November? (not snow and ice weather) Maybe the Rio Striper-clear, with the luminous running line for nighttime. How does that do in cold water? Stripers in the backbays, creeks, and calm surf/boulders. Thanks.