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Found 69 results

  1. Let's see some fly boxes Location - Southern Maine/North Shore MA Target - Striper *This is a big box I keep in the car to refill smaller the smaller fly box I take with me on outings.
  2. I have a brand new 12wt fly rod for sale. It is a G. Loomis CrossCurrent Pro 1. 8’ 10” 1 piece rod. Due to the size it would need to be picked up in Philly, unless we can agree on a place to meet up. Asking $425. Would consider trades for Van Staal or Zeebaas reels.
  3. Does anyone fish the Hudson more specifically from Williamsburg but any info is helpful. Thanks
  4. So I was just about to tie a weighted deceiver, when tying a clouser the hook rides point up. Will a lead wrapped hook do the same or will it sink point down? Thanks for any input.
  5. Have a pair of brand new in box Simms G4 pro Waders size L (9-11 foot) in box with tags attached I ordered and didn't use. Paid close to 750.00, will sell for 450.00 cash . Picked up in SF Bay Area only . Not looking to ship.
  6. Heading to Block early June this year with the fellas. Like usual we will be surfcasting the beaches by night. This time around we'll have access to a shallow draft skiff and a push pole during the day. Has anyone tried their hand at fly fishing / sight fishing in Great Salt Pond? If you've got any stories or tips I'd love to hear 'em. God I love Block Island.
  7. I have never thought to throw on a teaser, but figure it can hurt. So I am wondering, what you use for a teaser? Does it depend on the trailer fly? How big should it be? How far up the leader should you tie it on? What situations would you throw on a teaser? Thanks for any info
  8. Hi, I was wondering what saltwater flies are best for mangrove snapper and grouper. I have been tying for awhile but I have yet to catch anything other than blue fish. Thanks
  9. Hi, I was wondering what saltwater flies are best for mangrove snapper and grouper. I have been tying for awhile but I have yet to catch anything other than blue fish. Thanks
  10. I am taking a trip to Jupiter Florida in January. I was wondering what flies/colors/hook size people like to get on Jacks, Blues, and maybe Spanish (or other fish that would be in the area in January). The water I plan fly fishing is the surf from the inlet to the pier. Thanks!
  11. Looking for a 7wt Switch Rod preferably over 11ft.
  12. For sale is a like-new Orvis ZG Helios, comes with factory carbon fiber carrying tube. 9 feet long, 10 weight. Will provide detailed pictures if there is interest. Located in south Jersey, willing to split shipping, I get deep discounts on shipping through work. Asking $350 but will entertain offers.
  13. Headed to Cape Cod this coming weekend for a week. I want to fish for stripers/really anything else that will eat a fly. Staying really close to the mouth of Great Pond and planning on fishing incoming/outgoing tides there. That's the extent of my plans. I have some lefties and clousers, but should I grab some other flies? Is Great Pond a solid spot or should I travel over to Eel pond? Any suggestions on time of day vs tides, etc.? Really, break it down for my Barney style, because as much as I can net myself a boatload of trout on the Farmington in CT, I been skunked for 40+ hours of fishing for stripers in the salt. Thanks in advance all, -ChuckD
  14. Hi Everyone, I don't usually post but I moved to the North Shore from Long Island a couple years ago and while I've done my fair share of fly fishing and surfcasting, I only recently started throwing a fly rod in the surf. I primarily fish between Marblehead and Nahant and have had some success on the fly rod but was wondering if anyone else in the area does the same. The fishing up here is pretty different from what I used to do on LI and I'd really like to find some people to exchange info with because I can't tell if I'm slowly figuring things out or just blowing it. Thanks
  15. If anybody is looking to wet a line this Sunday, I'm planning on heading to CCB in Brewster or Dennis to wet wade the flats for the Sesuit low tide around 11:45am. Mid day fishing so not ideal but I'm a weekend warrior so I'll take what I can get. Planning on walking out from Crows Pasture, but open to anything in the area - Paines, Saints.
  16. Anyone have a copy of Ken Abrames’ A Perfect Fish: Illusions in Fly Tying in good condition they’d be willing to sell?
  17. Ode to Tarpon Fishing Report Thank you for reading this ode to tarpon fishing report! Tarpon Poem by John Kumiski an ideal world hot sun, blue sky, clear, slick water sweat a graphite wand, a sliver of steel, a wisp of feathers a flash of silver breaks the mirror then another, and another feathers land in water magically, they come to life line tightens mirror smashed power water flies, gills flare, body shakes, shudders again, and again, and again the beast tires arms ache hand grasps jaw feathers removed great fish swims free once more tarpon one of God’s gifts to fly fishers Sunday Last week I wrote, “…in a fit of optimism, I rigged up a 10-weight and a 12-weight.” Unusual for me (I dislike fishing on weekends), Sunday morning I got up early, launching the Mitzi at Parrish Park. On-board was the 10-weight in question, a white electric sushi tied to the end of the leader. I went looking for tarpon. I was not expecting much. I have been whining lately about the weather. No weather excuses Sunday morning- it was as perfect a May morning as one could ask for. To my shock and delight I found a bunch of happy tarpon, laying at the surface, fins out of the water. My mouth went dry. My knees were shaky. Best of all, no one else was there. My knees are shaking, and my hands are weak, and I can’t seem to stand on my own two feet! – Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart My first cast got bit immediately. I missed it. I kept stripping and got bit again. The hook stuck and moments later 50 pounds of furious silver was flying through the air. The fish jumped at least 10 times, a spectacular fish. I leadered it and popped it off. For all my optimism, I had failed to make extra leaders. Several minutes of rigging followed. I tied a green and white fiber minnow on, then again located the fish. When the smoke cleared I had jumped eight fish, leadering two. The biggest was 80 pounds or so. I had tried white, green and white, grey and white, and black and purple flies, and hit fish on all of them. A trout, a ladyfish, and a sailcat had joined the fray. It was an amazing morning. Monday– small craft advisory. I replaced the lost flies and tied up a dozen big-game leaders. Tuesday– east at 20. Began research on something we should have done a long time ago- hurricane shutters. Tied a couple more flies. Was getting desperate to go fishing again. Tuesday evening I decided that on Wednesday morning I would go see if the tarpon were there. Wednesday- I awoke at 0230, thoughts of tarpon dancing through my axons. I could not go back to sleep. Been a while since I was that worked up about fishing. The tarpon did not see the memo. Of course, the weather was different, so they weren’t there. But, if you want hardhead catfish, the Indian River Lagoon is the place to be. There were schools of catfish everywhere, but those along the shoreline were most interesting. I could not tell if they were spawning, or eating, or what, but in a group they would stand on their heads and wave their tails out of the water. Very strange. An alligator took advantage of this behavior. I watched him catch and eat at least three of the whiskered revelers. They won’t be dancing any more. I managed to catch a redfish by soaking a mullet head, the only real fish I got. On the bright side, the water is surprisingly clean, and there is lots of bait. Thursday– didn’t fish, rainy and windy. Ran errands, tied flies, ordered the hurricane shutters. Friday– didn’t fish. In the morning the dishwasher blew water all over the kitchen floor, so Mr. Fixit had to make love to it until lunch. Then, the hurricane shutters were delivered! I tied some more flies. I need the hardware for the shutters, then there will be installation time. I hope I get to fish some next week… Angling is extremely time consuming. That’s sort of the whole point. – Thomas McGuane Life is great and I love my work! Every day is a blessing. Don’t waste it- Go Fishing!
  18. Looking to get into fly tying. Basically looking to build a starter kit of sorts. Definitely looking for a vise if nothing else. if possible some of the basic tools needed like scissors and bobbin too and even some materials if willing. I am just graduating college so budget is definitely a factor. Would like to be able to tie both freshwater and saltwater flies(including teasers and bucktail hooks for stripers with spin gear). I would like to keep things under $150 if possible.
  19. My first time tying up the Betsy. I’ve never fished the fly before but I just really liked BFDs pattern, use of materials and the story behind it. I tried it in a few different sizes and colors but I’m still trying to work out the right amount of materials. I’m using supreme hair, sf blend, and crystal flash/ lateral scale. If anyone wants to throw out some pointers or tips it would be much appreciated. Also if anyone can let me know if these are better tied sparse or a bit thicker.
  20. Hi All, I am NausetDog's older brother. I'm getting into fly fishing again after my first foray some 40 years ago. I'm looking forward to catching my first Striper on a fly!!! Regards, NausetFog
  21. Hello All: My family wants to take me to Islamorada for a few days in April of fly fishing for my 75th. Anyone out here have any suggestions as to where to stay, guides, days of the week to book, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Tight lines. FR.
  22. Hello - I want to sell my 8wt 9ft TLr salt with a RLS reel from cabela's. The reel has seen some use with scratchs on the bottom, while the rod is in excellent condition. $120 for everything.
  23. I am looking to buy a flyrod holder to mount on my JVX 20 Carolina Skiff. I saw a post from Foulhook concerning a rod holder he made but I can't find the post. Can anyone help me steer in the right direction? Thanks!
  24. Would it be ok if I used 8 weight fly line on my 9 weight rod for striper? Would that work?
  25. Hello All, i am going to be traveling to Whidbey Island For two weeks for work, I am going to have two full wknds out there... I am being an 8WT and 9WT set up with me... I am very new to fly fishing... wasn’t sure if anyone would be willing to through me some pointers and or some spots to check out. I started fly fishing this year, I head out west a lot for work now so I’ve been trying trout fish... I have gotten fish to rise but nothing to report as far as any catch and releases. I always go to a couple local fly shops and ask around and buy a cpl flies to try and get some information from some locals. I am being told the Salmon should still be running and Coho will be around as well. Thank you and tight lines.