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Found 11 results

  1. Looking at new electronics to be used on a Hobie Revo 16...West Marine has great deals right now on the Raymarine Element 7HV and the Garmin Echo Map UHD 74sv (GT54 transducer). * The Garmin says it has "...unparalleled coverage and detail with preloaded BlueChart® g3 coastal charts featuring integrated Navionics® data"...the Raymarine has "Navionics+"...is the detail level of these charts similar to each other? What Garmin transducer seems to work best in a 2020 Hobie Revo? GT54/GT24/GT20... Any feedback re: experiences with either/both of these -- esp. the Raymarine, as that seems to be a particularly good deal -- would be greatly appreciated...the units in general, transducer compatibility/workability, minimum-sized battery needed to use the units in a kayak, other considerations.... TIA, Chris
  2. This Lowrance elite 7 TI fishfinder is as new as possible. Bought it from tackle direct to replace my hummingbird, then moved to Florida and gave up kayak fishing. Maybe taken out of the box once, maybe not. That’s how pristine it is. $100 plus $15 shipping
  3. I have an Old Town Sportsman Salty 120 PDL that I am happy with. Decided to put a Hummingbird Helix 5 DI GPS G2 fishfinder on it. I've seen this YT video on how to mount a Helix 7 onto an OT Autopilot. The Humminbird-provided screws do not work with the Salty mounting plate. The YTuber suggests stainless steel 1024 3/4 in. bolt w/ lock nuts. Anyone else have suggestions or what have others successfully used? I'm a bit of n00b at this -- it took me many hours & a package of third-party butt connectors to figure out how to properly crimp the wires to connect the head unit to the battery without the stripping out -- so any patient advice would be appreciated. I saw the Hydra Concepts universal transducer mount for OT kayaks but it is sold out everywhere. Thank you.
  4. Random extras that came off my new to me boat. Selling off extra parts as I redo it. All items located in LBI, NJ Stainless bow rails from 18' C hawk. Well made, could use some polish. Don't meet in the middle at the bow. $100 pick up only, can get some additional photos but they're off the boat now. Stearns throwable. Couple stains but in good condition. $5 pick up only. 4x 8" stainless cleats. Clean and in good shape. $10 each, pick up preferred. Humminbird PiranhaMAX4 Fishfinder, transducer, mounts and wiring all included. No box or papers. $50 shipped. Stainless steering wheel, something inside rattles, upgraded to 3 spoke wheel. $5 pick up.
  5. $350 plus actual shipping. No transducer/power cord. Used maybe a dozen times and stored inside when not in use. Includes Navionics+ marine and lakes card (installed) and padded cover. Navionics card alone is $150 retail!
  6. New to marine electronics and could use some advice...I bought a Lowrance Hook 5 a few months back when they were moving to the new version and have finally found some time to get it installed - and am looking at different battery options. I don't want the weight of a full size battery, but want a dependable AGM unit that I can use for 4-5 hours without concern, as well as run lights/charge phone. I plan to keep it in the front hatch area of my Outback to balence weight. I subscribe to some fishing channels on youtube and came across this review from MDLR fishing. - the size is 8AU1H with 32Ah capacity and 200CCA. Reserve capacity is 48. I am not the sharpest hook on the plug when it comes to understanding battery numbers. Weight is far less than the optima I was going to use. Does anyone have experience with DEKA or East Penn Industries? Price for a comparable battery at Autozone is 120 bucks. Worth it? What does everyone else use? Any advice on how to create simple power connection would be very helpful as well. Do people wire battery to a plug on a battery box, then plug FF into box when fishing? Sorry for all the questions.
  7. I am very curious to see how all you Prowler 13 owners are locating your fish finders, transducers, and batteries. I've searched the forum but haven't seen too much. Pictures would be great.
  8. Currently I have a Hobie Revolution 13 and I'm planning to switch to an Outback within a year or two. I want to get a fish finder soon but one that I can transfer over should I replace my kayak. What are my best options in the $100 to $150 range? What features do you find most useful? Please share your thoughts and/or experiences. Thanks in advance!
  9. Eagle Nav (Lowrance) FishElite 480 - $175 shipped All components except the head unit and GPS dome are new in box, head unit and dome have been on my boat attached to existing power supply/transducer and perform flawlessly. -Navionics Gold chip, USA East (eligible for Navionics upgrade program) -Head unit -Mounting gimbal -Power supply cord -GPS dome receiver -GPS extension cord (for locating GPS dome far from head unit) -Transducer and cable -Installation instructions, hardware 5" diagonal greyscale (NOT COLOR) screen Full specs at http://www.eaglenav.com/Products/Fishfinder-Chartplotters/FishElite-480/
  10. A few months ago, I was looking at upgrading to a newer FF/Chartplotter. Went with the Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp. It was the right price and had all of the features I wanted, and I've always liked the Lowrance products I've used. I have read the the chartplotter function can perform slow sometimes because of an underpowered processor but I was willing to take the risk. Fast forward to now, and I see Lowrance has a totally new line out that looks very similar to the Elite series. Sifting through all the marketing jargon, I can't seem to find the difference between the Elite series and the Hook series. The Hook 7 is the same price the Elite I bought so I'm thinking about making the exchange. Anyone have any experience with the new Hook series? Can anyone make out the difference between the two models? Might just be a rebranding of the unit. I always see that Garmin just came out with the Striker series, combo units in the same price range as the Hook. Anyone know anything about this?
  11. Hi, I apologize if this question highlights my ignorance: I have a Lowrance elite 3x. When I set the depth detection to automatic, it seems to almost always want to show a "double bottom" or "double echo". In other words, if I'm in 9 ft. of water, the fish finder will set itself to 20 ft. and display one bottom at 9 ft. and a second identical bottom at about 18 ft. Is there a reason for this? Or am I not understanding the display correctly? Thanks, Tom
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