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Found 3 results

  1. $75 shipped (these are pricey to ship) if you're near newport ri for pickup, lets me know and I can deduct. Excellent fins for snorkeling, diving, skishing or backup fins for the ambitious wetsuit surfcaster. These are scratched but the mechanism and straps work fin. Minimal use swimming out to hard to reach boulders and then removed and stowed. Spent $190 new for these. If you need a dive boot let me know I am a 10 and have an excellent boot for these. Here's what the manufacturer says about these. Mares X-Stream Fin Designed for the diver who wants the perfect blend of power along with efficiency in one fin,the fins comes equipped with a large central super-channel along with two traditional lateral channels that provides excellent thrust while maintaining hi-efficiency and minimizing leg fatigue. Available in multiple colors and sizes, it comes with a limited warranty of 24 months. X-stream Comfort, X-ceptional Efficiency. The X-stream performance, comfort and lightweight design are the incredible result of sixty passionate years at the service of diving. The X-stream is truly a leap into the future, and changes forever how we envision the creation of a fin. More than 2 years of resources, experiments and testing and four Mares patents all concentrated in one unique product. • Riddled foot pocket no parachute effect • Next generation OPB • Blade construction for less turbulence
  2. Has anyone used this braid line yet? It came out about 6 months ago and I have not gotten around to trying because I'm not sure how it would hold up and how this braided line would behave. Its suppose to be thinner yet stronger and smoother then any other braided line but has anyone tested its abrasion resistance, wind knot resistance, durability, etc?
  3. I decided to see if I could walk from the SP parking lot to Old Inlet. I could. I then had to walk back. I did, barely, with stops of increasing frequency, and I probably won't do that again. A FINS ranger came by, checked to see if I had my NYS registration (I did) and told me that from the Ranger station to Old Inlet is 1.7 miles. I'm still feeling every yard. Distance from parking lot = fewer and fewer people. There was only one other guy at the inlet, and he was hardcore: three rods in spikes, and one of them with the first Alvey reel I've seen in use. I landed one blue on a tin, dropped another. The other gent said he'd had a runoff by what he suspected was a big ray, and that was it. Casting a 7/8 oz. bucktail and working it slowly along the bottom didn't produce a single bump from a fluke, which surprised me, and only two blues in an hour at the inlet didn't justify the walk. Bright sky, high pressure, but the fluke shouldn't have cared that much. This was intended as a reconnaissance and test. For most of the length of the walk from the Ranger station, there's almost no structure to FINS until you get within a few hundred yards of the Inlet. The edge of the inlet has firmed up a bit since I saw it last, and the channel's shifted a bit, neither of which is a surprise. You can now stand at the water's edge and not see the edge crumble underneath you, though it's still not a place to wear waders and immerse yourself, unless you have a death wish. As far as the test goes, this was the first sustained outing with a CTS VT 11' 2-piece rod, bought impulsively at WhiteWater. This is the lighter blank, rated 1-3 oz., I think. The rod's a mixed bag. This one is going to lose several inches from the butt, and future CTS blanks will be from the faster S-7 or S-8 series. The reel was an old classic, a Quick 4001, back from the days when they were labeled "MADE IN WEST GERMANY." How well would it adapt to braided line? Not too well. This reel has an adjustment on the underside of the spool to adapt line lay to the thickness of the line, but I just couldn't get it to behave well with the braid. Too bad, it's a quality machine. Alan Hawk has a fond review of the bigger reel, the 5001, on his site. Beach scenery was the usual, cute young things (some jailbait young, others pleasantly edible) near the parking lot. The farther you travelled, the weirder it got. One topless woman made damn sure I noticed her by getting in my line of march and walking in front of me just slowly enough so that I overtook her slowly. Not a friendly thing, not flirting, it was in-your-face aggressive. I'm not sure what the message was. A few pairs of men, mostly in excellent trim condition, being too friendly with each other. One old guy who is going home tonight with testicles purple from sunburn, yee-oooow. The excursion left me with the following observations and questions. 1) Always have potable water in your truck. I drained the 1/2 gallon in the cooler with one long gulp, and wished for more. Water is your friend. 2) The bluefish was a good 'un, about 32" long. It felt to be about 10 lbs., and would have been great on a fly rod. Alas, it took a tin at the end of the longest cast I could coax from the VT. I would never have reached it with a fly rod. Is there a length to weight rule of thumb for blues? Not as fat as an October fish, but no racer either. 3) They're checking, at least on FINS. Have your NYS registration with you. 4) Amazing how a hot orange bikini top enhances a young woman's apparent charms. Draws the eye from quite some distance.