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Found 9 results

  1. Just an idea I had recently, as someone who has neither fished with eels nor poured soft plastic - would it be possible to skin an eel, then pour soft plastic into the skin as an alternative to a plain old soft plastic or rigged eel? I’m not sure how hot the plastic gets and if it’d mess up the skin, but it could be a fun experiment!
  2. Duplicate post, please ignore
  3. Hey y’all, looking to get into rigging some eel skin plugs this year, any advice would be awesome! Thanks
  4. Hello SOL Selling 6 budget lots each seperated by category. Selling because I have way too much and most of the people I have fished with the past year have moved away some to California for work and some have moved to NJ because houses are cheaper. Some of these plugs have been given to me by some SOL members or sold to me by members and while I do appreciate their generosity this stuff takes up alot of space and I still kept most of the stuff sold to me. Anyway trying get some funds to use for various things.Also unless stated I have no clue who makes any of this stuff. Lastly some plugs have worn or rusted hooks so those will need to be replaced. Prices not fixed send some offers and I will consider. No separating lots but if you take more than 1 lot I will discount you since I pay less shipping. Prices shipping included. Lot 1 Bomber lot $40 16 lures bombers, rebel, daiwa, redfin Lot 2 Metal Lip Lot $40 9 lures total the yellow and green plugs I am pretty sure are Gibbs lures. The green one is brand new I have it wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it new. Lot 3 NeedleFish $25 Small lot of 6 no idea of makes for any of these Lot 4 Poppers $35 9 poppers I think the bottom left 2 are gibbs the blue one is yo zuri Lot 5 Darters $25 Wood and Foam Darters 3 are Foam and 5 are wood Lot 6 is Misc Lot $50 This is the stuff that has no category it includes 2 metals, 1 large bunker spoon, 1 gibbs canal special, and a reverse Atom that holds water Large Discount if someone takes everything paypal only. Prices are not fixed and offers welcome. Lots would be excellent for kids.
  5. Hey everyone, just joined a few weeks ago and have been trying to educate myself with past posts and what’s available in print and in the great wide web but I’m having trouble with my eels. Specifically keeping them alive long term and the rigging process. I am relatively new to serious surf fishing but have been fishing casually my whole life. With the last new moon in August I got myself a bunch of eels and had some really nice success, a bunch of keepers and a couple well over the 35 inch mark. I had built the 3 bucket ice/eel/drainage system which worked phenomenally keeping them alive for well over a week while I fished them. However I wanted a setup in which I could keep the eels alive indefinitely without the need for ice. In my relatively cool basement I filled a bucket with tap water, added some basic aquarium water treatment to remove any chlorine in the Newport city water, added a bubbler and added freshly bought eels. Within 24 hours the eels had all died. Any advice on a better system? Also, now that I have a freezer of dead eels what’s your go to rigged eel. I’ve watched the John Skinners tutorial, I’ve just recently read Surfcasting Around the Block by Mr. Zambrotta (which has inspired a block trip of my own come the new moon) and I’ve done the general googling. It looks like some guys remove the bones, some use the rigging needle, some store them in a brine solution and some are just tossed in the freezer as is. Sorry for the long post!
  6. Good Day All ! I am seeing a lot of bunker in Jersey (too many happy), and it seems like that is the bait of choice right now. When do you start fishing with eels ?
  7. Six Alou Eel Lures - $100 for the lot. Largest is 14" & Smallest is 6". Fish 'Em or Collect ... Local Pickup or Paypal & USPS Priority @ $8.50
  8. Lures from top to bottom 1.) (sold) Guppy Jobo Jr 3oz in Pearl New $13 2.) IMA Big Stik 1.75oz Used $10 3.) Tsunami Timber Bottle in White 5.5" Used $7 4.) Tsunami Talkin Popper in menhaden 5" Used $4 5.) Tsunami Talkin Popper New (No Hooks) $5 6.) Super Strike Little Neck 3oz SINKING New $13 7.) Guide's Secret Bottle Pop 5" 1.75oz In chartreuse Used $6 8.) (Sold) Stillwater Smack-It 5" 1.25oz Used $6 9.) Super Strike Little Neck Popper 5.25" 1.5oz in blue (FLOATING VERSION) Used $9 10.) (All sold) Yozuri Mag Darters $4 used $7 each new 11.) tsunami Popper 4" New $3 LOT PRICE: $70 PayPal only!! Shipping will be flate rate of 5.95 whether you buy one or all.
  9. Have these 4 needles for sale. Two in eel two in Parrot. They are all brand new and Im asking 25 each or 90 for all 4. Thanks