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  1. As I noted in my recent sale posts, I'm finally thinning out some of my 45 yrs of tackle. These are all NEW, NEVER FISHED / NEVER CARRIED DARTERS...never got off the bench and I shouldn't just hold onto any longer. Prefer pick-up...cash. I'm on Long Island...Montauk to Nassau; or in the Paramus NJ area 1-2x a week. Or can do PP Shipped. Tattoo and Plugcasters will only be shipped 2 plug minimum...can combine any way. CCW 5" 3oz (New / Never Fished): $65 P/U each...$75 Shipped each 1. Solid Yellow - $65 P/U...$75 Shipped - Pending 2. White Blue Cloud - $65 P/U...$75 Shipped - Pending 3. Solid Black - $65 P/U...$75 Shipped - Pending 4. Gold Yellow / Pink Shadow / White - $65 P/U...$75 Shipped - Pending 5. Light Blue / Pink Shadow / White - $65 P/U...$75 Shipped - Pending 6. Black / Olive - $65 P/U...$75 Shipped - Pending Tattoo (3oz & 2oz - New / Never Fished): $25 P/U each...*Shipping 2 Minimum (2 for $60 Shipped) *3oz reduced to $20 P/U each...*Shipping 2 Minimum (2 for $50 Shipped) 7. 3oz Solid White - $25 P/U $20 P/U 8. 3oz White / Red Head - $25 P/U $20 P/U 9. 3oz Blurple - $25 P/U $20 P/U 10. 2oz Yellow / White - $25 P/U - Pending 11. 2oz Black / Dark Blue / White - $25 P/U - Pending 12. 2oz Bright Blue / White - $25 P/U - Pending Plugcaster - Dartcaster (New / Never Fished): $40 P/U each...*Shipping 2 Minimum (2 for $90 Shipped) 13. Blurple - $40 P/U 14. Black / Silver 'Bunker' - $40 P/U - Pending 15. Light Blue / Pink Shadow / White 'Herring' - $40 P/U - Pending 16. Yellow / Pink Shadow / White - $40 P/U - Pending Thanks Tim and SOL! Beached
  2. Looking for some more BIG plugs. Specifically OVER 8 inches and weigh between 4 and 8 oz (having a 1321mh built so need these to load it). Preferably metal lips like trollers or pikies but also open to giant darters or needles. Thanks!
  3. Hey looking to buy darters, not really interested in super strike or gibs or anything commercially sold. More like customer / small batch lures. let me know!!
  4. Planning on picking up a 1321mh and I'm looking for some oversized plugs that'll be able to really load the rod. Metal lips (preferably deep divers), and darters 8 inches or bigger. Also needles in the 10-12 inch range. Thanks!
  5. Super Strike lure set. 4 needle fish 2 carried and 2 brand new. 3 red eye and 1 yellow eye. 2 darters don't think I used these either. 1 yellow and 1 red eye. Total for everything including shipping $85.
  6. All are new. Free shipping if you buy 3 plugs or more. Add $6 shipping if you buy only one or two plugs. Paypal only. Shipping to US addresses only. Indicate your choice or make an offer by including the # below. 1. Small darter $35 2. Small cloud Danny $35 SOLD 3. Small Danny black over purple. $35 SOLD 4. Blurple needle $40 5. Large old style MAPLE darter. Heavy $40 SOLD 6. Large old style MAPLE black. Heavy. $40 SOLD LOT PRICE: $175 SHIPPED
  7. Four Tattoo darters for sale. All VMC hooks. Free shipping if you buy 3 plugs or more. Add $6 shipping if you buy only one or two plugs. Paypal only. Shipping to US addresses only. Indicate your choice or make an offer by including the # below. #1 New yellow darter $25 #2 New blurple darter $25 #3 New blurple darter. 2mm paint chip on lip. $25 #4 lightly used blurple sparkle darter. $20 LOT PRICE $80 shipped.
  8. Hello SOL Selling 6 budget lots each seperated by category. Selling because I have way too much and most of the people I have fished with the past year have moved away some to California for work and some have moved to NJ because houses are cheaper. Some of these plugs have been given to me by some SOL members or sold to me by members and while I do appreciate their generosity this stuff takes up alot of space and I still kept most of the stuff sold to me. Anyway trying get some funds to use for various things.Also unless stated I have no clue who makes any of this stuff. Lastly some plugs have worn or rusted hooks so those will need to be replaced. Prices not fixed send some offers and I will consider. No separating lots but if you take more than 1 lot I will discount you since I pay less shipping. Prices shipping included. Lot 1 Bomber lot $40 16 lures bombers, rebel, daiwa, redfin Lot 2 Metal Lip Lot $40 9 lures total the yellow and green plugs I am pretty sure are Gibbs lures. The green one is brand new I have it wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it new. Lot 3 NeedleFish $25 Small lot of 6 no idea of makes for any of these Lot 4 Poppers $35 9 poppers I think the bottom left 2 are gibbs the blue one is yo zuri Lot 5 Darters $25 Wood and Foam Darters 3 are Foam and 5 are wood Lot 6 is Misc Lot $50 This is the stuff that has no category it includes 2 metals, 1 large bunker spoon, 1 gibbs canal special, and a reverse Atom that holds water Large Discount if someone takes everything paypal only. Prices are not fixed and offers welcome. Lots would be excellent for kids.
  9. Looking to trade 2 Superstrike darters and 3 bottleplugs for 2 3/8oz sinking Littleneck Poppers, any color. Both darters are rare gold color, one has a hint of pink on side. This bottle has rattles in it.
  10. Does anyone know of a company or builder that makes giant darters? Mike's customs is the only one I've found but was wondering what else is out there. By big I mean 7 inches+ weighing 3 or 4 oz
  11. One Northbar Bottle Darter Two SuperStrike Darters Two Tactical Anglers 1 1/2 oz Darters All in great condition. $ 55 shipped PayPal
  12. Tough to find Bob Hahn darters in the smaller size. Blue/white is 1.6oz, black is 1.3oz. Looks like the weight holes in the belly were resealed at one point. $40 shipped, PayPal
  13. WTT - for a lot of 10 lures nothing less - mixed lures specified below No interest in trading for anything else. And nothing with sparkles/glitter. WTS - $200.00 not budging on this price as I prefer lures but if you are interested in buying it is gonna be shipped priority via USPS. PayPal or picked up $190.00 + super strike in eel/sand eel pattern. Under 1-2oz in 11235 area. used 6 times off the beach for fluke it does have 2 scratches 1. on the spool lower end and 1. On the handle arm both very small scratches. I am only interested in darters ,stubby metal lips , stubby needlefish in 1-2oz plastic/wood. no cracked plugs or overly bent lips chipped lips or missing eyes. hooks or no hooks no problem. super strike Gibbs tactical anger custom maybe even a north bar bottledarter if you have Looking for a lot of 10 lures in these color patterns. 6 different color options to choose from 2- stubby needlefish in a eel/sand eel pattern this is a huge part of this deal. Big must have ! 2 bunker. 2 bone with spots if possible. 2 blurple 2black/orange 2 Squid Post pictures of what you have and I will post pictures of reel upon request. Thanks all have a great weekend looking forward to getting some new plugs and not some extra cash ! ,GOOCH.
  14. Shot in the dark here but I'm looking for some darters or needles in the 9-10 inch range. Waddaya got?
  15. Looking to buy SS mackerel darters (excluding the ones shown below)... it's ok if they are used. Thanks for looking.
  16. $190 shipped PayPal for the lot or $54 each shipped PayPal, or Pick any 2 for $100 shipped PayPal, or any 3 for $150 shipped PayPal. Green Mack, Blue Cloud, Yellow, and Blurple
  17. 6 LIVT Darters. All new Never Carried. $70. Thank you. I'm not sure of the size or weight.
  18. Two used BM darters, new run 3oz and I believe a newer run 2oz, and a NIP sporting wood darter. 3oz BM shows very little wear, 2oz has a few more small chips in the paint. $90 shipped, PayPal
  19. Looking for ANYTHING AFTERHOURS! just let me know what you have! Much appreciated!!!
  20. Looking for some oversized Darters. I know they're not that common but anything 8 inches + is what I'm in the market for. Waddaya got?
  21. I've been really starting to use this plug a lot more trying to learn how and when to use it. So far my favorite color has been the midnight massacre, not entirely sure the idea behind the color scheme but it seems to do the job. Just looking to see what everyone elses go to color is besides yellow of course.
  22. A few lots for sale. Prices include shipping, PayPal only. Lot 1: Afterhours - Floating Needlefish ~10.5" in black over gold. Floating Needlefish ~10.5" in parrot. Light use, $50 $45 Lot 2: Linesider 69 - Pikie ~9" in midnight oil. Pikie ~9" in midnight oil. Jointed Eel ~8" in silver eel. Brand new and never fished, just a couple minor dents on the bodies. $80 $70 Lot 3: Linesider 69 - Darter ~6.5" in midnight oil. Darter ~7.5" in snapper. Darter ~7.5" in midnight oil. The 6.5" darter has light use, the two 7.5" darters are new. $85 $75
  23. $30.00 pay pal only buyer pays shipping.
  24. Selling 4 lots. Not splitting the lots. All plugs listed are new, never carried. Take all 4 lots for $220 shipped/paypal. Individual lot prices are shipped and PayPal. Lot 1 $100 - Big Fischer Jointed Danny - Black Talon Jointed Swimmer Lot 2 $55 - 1 LIFishVT Medium Darter (Yellow) - 2 LIFishVT Small Darter (White & Black) Lot 3 $30 - 2 Gibbs Darters (Yellow & Black/Purple Belly) Lot 4 $55 - Winch Dagger - 24/7 Pencil - Gibbs Pencil
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