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Found 201 results

  1. Hey all, New to the forum - came across a few posts on Google while searching for a new reel. I'm looking to get a new Daiwa reel for my 9ft Ocean Master (Medium 1-3oz), mostly targeting Stripers in the surf (both nearshore bays and ocean). I'm on the fence between the SS2600 and BG4000. I'm very familiar with the SS Tournament series as I've been using various sizes of that model my whole life, from freshwater Bassing (700 & 1300) to Fluking in the bays (1600). I've read really good things about the BG4000, and the price/specs are almost identical minus the extra ball bearings in the BG, just can't seem to get myself to buy it just yet. I really enjoy the feel of the SS series and it would be a nice transition up from the 1600 for a surf rod, but the BG might be a bit smoother and more resistant to salt and the elements. Still, leaning towards the SS2600 due to trust/familiarity. (Note: Already looked into the 4500, it's a bit too big at 22oz for what I'm trying to do. Rather cast lures/jigs than chuck bait). Anyone have experience with both of these reels and can help me decide a winner? Appreciate any insight!
  2. Clearing out some of my tackle. Lot 1 $90 shipped (2) bomber 16a black, black/white (2) SP minnow 15F bunker, laser green (2) Hogy jigs large doc spook bone gibbs Danny white surface tension white choopy metal lip herring smackit popper small white bagley finger mullet black/silver mirrorlure redhead diawa sp 15S blurple diawa sp 13S blurple diawa salt minnow 11F megabait minnow large yellow yo-Zuri crystal minnow white/clear Includes Plano box lot 2 4 nomad streaker jigs 80g $33 shipped.
  3. Want to sell off some unused gear. Either too much, or not going to use. Not traveling anytime soon to help take care of my sister at home. So ill use extra funds to get any stuff to make her life comfortable and not as hard going forward for the time left. So if the item works for your application. You might get something nice to use, save a buck, and helps me out. Everything works greats. No mechanical issues. Everything turns good. No bearings issues. No grinding. I take good care of my stuff. Normal to minimal usage marks here or there. Nothing crazy, i would disclose it for sure. No boxes. If its not as describe or hidden unknown issue, you can return it no questions asked. Daiwa Grandwave X 40SHV. Great chunking reel. $110 shipped. Daiwa Sealine SG50H with Tiburon frame. Good for static magging. Chunking or boat. $160 shipped. Sold. Jdm Daiwa Saltiga Z30. Has some flaking on spool knot peg, common issue, doesnt affect anything. $210 shipped. Sold. Daiwa Saltiga 40. Great condition. Some color ruboff on spool lip from my casting it. Nice heavy duty heaver or boat reel. Probably most powerful heaver surf reel ever. $310 shipped. Sold. Daiwa Catalina 6500. Excellent condition. Cheaper Saltiga Z 6500 variant. Great for lowkey travel use. i used it overseas. $280 shipped. Sold. Custom Abu 7500c3 Chrome with Narrow HSN frame. $120 shipped. South Chatham Tackle line winder. Manual. Has optional spinning spool attachment. Im not sure where this pieces are. Missing some bits and bobs. you can get replacements from them or Home depot nuts or wingnuts and washers. Great DIY for a solid winder. $60 shipped Reasonable offers will be considered. Ill figure out better price if you buy more together. Please venmo or paypal likes. Check. mo. Cash pickup 11209.
  4. In exceptional condition. Used twice. Only 1 minor scuff under the body. 300 yards of 40lbs PP Slick. $160 pickup Plymouth, MA. $175 shipped PayPal.
  5. For many many years, the JDM has had telescopic rods and in this case, a surf rods.But they were convenient to use, easy to transport, and took up very little space. So many people liked its design and function. I know where in the US theres a bad stigma about them. Alot of yall dont like telescopics, called them cheap, wimpy, fragile, etc. Yada yada yada whatever. If youre not open minded, dont keep reading, ignore this post. In my findings, the rods are getting better and better. Even matching the quality of their 2 or 3pc counterparts. I just wanted to revisit them again. Traditionally most rods in japan were for lighter applications. 1-3,4oz, light baits. Shrimp, worms, etc. To target the smaller table fish in the local waters. So years back, as a guinea pig because I love innovation that can make things easier or fun. I took in a entry mid tier Daiwa Prime T rod. It was rated #27 on daiwas scale. About 60-100 grams full power casting. 150g was doable but can feel the rod getting bogged down. But if i stayed within parameters it was great. I sold that to a friend in Florida and he still uses it for pomps on the beach throw 3 and shrimp. Was a nice rod. It packs down great, the 3 pieces slide and nest in with each other, a cap holds the guides and pieces in place. Nothing falls out, lightweight, good overall. At a 27 rating, power was a bit lacking for my tastes, i usually need to use 4-8oz plus bait for my lazy fishing (yes yes shame me for using bait, screw you too), for my usual fishing spots. So 3oz wont really cut it. i am someone who is used to using Century and Zziplex rods, which most can hurl full pendulums, 24.7, 50-150++yards out. So its not fair to compare the tele to a heavy 2pc beachcaster. Even the weight is massively different. 300-400g average on the teles, to 600-750g British rods. The UK rods uses MUCH more carbon, resulting in rods capable of MUCH more power to withstand those crazy casts. This time around, to get a better idea, i said screw it and just dived into the pool, not just wet my foot. This model was released a few years ago, but i never considered it too much. Bit my lip, ordered one of their top of the line model instead. Daiwa Tournament Surf T. Power Torque 34-405. If youre familiar with the model number, doesnt it look similar to the Ballistics we use here? Ballistics usually come in 33, 35, 40. 405 being the length of the rod. Yes sir, this is a tele rod with a 34 rating. Slotting it right between a ballistic 33 and 35. Which many people use to throw 3-8oz. With a Msrp of 62800 yen. About $500 odd USD. See where im going with this train of thought? The heaviest Surf T goes up to a monster 37 rating FOR A TELESCOPIC ROD!. (29, 31, 34, 37). I wanted a all around rod instead of a straight up telescopic heaver. So the 34 is perfect. I use my Centurys for heaver work. I will test it when i have a chance this summer with 3-6oz n bait. To be fair, when i go test, i will use my ballistic 33-405 right next to it. So its kind of apples to apples comparing. Ill use it with my good ol Basia 45 QD. In hand, you can really appreciate how gorgeous the rod is. How nice the fit and finish, and quality of parts. Toray nano carbon, fuji sic guides, beautiful form fit reel seat. Rod slides out easily, has positioning dots so you know it's aligned. The guides itself have splines, and it mates up with splines on the rod for a 100% positive lock. It took me about 30 seconds to draw out the rod and lock the guides. Thats quick. That also means, if i leave a reel on the rod. Hop out the car, loosen drag 1 turn, pull the tip, click all the guides as i draw towards butt (easy to see alignment as tiptop and 4th guide is fixed) straight out, hook a bait. Boom 30 seconds. Im fishing. I bent the rod butt against wall corner. Bends like a 1pc, feels exactly the same as a ballistic 33 and 35 in curve and power. Nice. So far, i like it alot more than the previous entry level 27-405 prime rod i tried. Since im not going fishing soon, just look at some pics and ill update sometime in the future.
  6. Beautiful condition. Looks new. Very minor scuffs under the body and one tiny scratch on the handle. Used only 3 times since 2012. She’s a safe queen. Serviced by Daiwa 2 years ago and never used since. 250 yards of new 40lbs PP Slick. $400 pickup Plymouth, MA. $415 shipped PayPal.
  7. It’s in showroom condition. Can’t find any marks on this one. Used once. 365 yards of 30lbs Sufix 832. $140 pickup Plymouth, MA. $155 shipped PayPal.
  8. WTS babied Saltiga 5000h, very well taken care of very light use last season or 2 bought this new only few years ago Mechanically 10/10 Cosmetically 8or9/10 spool and line roller like new couple marks on power knob and reel foot like all saltigas gears and drag like new Has been general serviced by daiwa it has full spool 50 pound pp SV2 520$ pp Shipped!
  9. For your consideration, a brand new & unused rod and reel that I bought with the intent of using on party boats but instead is just collecting dust. Rod - Daiwa Proteus Inshore - PRIN66HXB-NE - 6'6" rated to cast 0.5-1.5oz, though I feel it would comfortably jig 1-5oz Reel - Daiwa Coastal TW 200 Inshore baitcaster - weighs 8.1oz, 15lb drag, 8 bearings I feel like this could be used for a lot of things like jigging for tog/fluke, casting from a yak, or targeting snakeheads. Rod has loads of backbone and has no defects nor the reel. Who just got their tax return? Asking $330 shipped OBO, venmo, paypal, etc.
  10. I appreciate the add! I’m OCD when it comes to fishing gear and I tend to go down lengthy rabbit holes. I’ve watched most of Scoob’s videos on youtube and I can’t decide on my next 3000 for inshore. I’ll be pairing with a St. Croix Avid or Bull Bay rod 7’ M-F Shimano Stradic FL or Daiwa Back Bay LT
  11. I don't enjoy striper fishing anymore, so I'm selling everything. Located in Southern Maine. Pickup preferred, will ship everything free, except the Tsunami rod. Tsunami Airwave Elite 9'6" 3/4-3 2 piece. Excellent condition. Has the 'cracked' reel seat, which is common and is cosmetic only. See picture for how small it is. 9/10 condition easy. Applied electrical tape ambitiously at 30/40/50". Purchased new, used maybe 20 times. Pickup in Portland, or you pay shipping. $100 Van Staal VSX 150B. Purchased new this winter. Used maybe 20 times. Never reeled underwater, only occasionally splashed. Rinsed with freshwater after every use. Mechanically 10/10, visually 8/10. Shows some minor marks on spool and body, largest spot is on the handle base (See pictures). Includes Power Knob, standard knob, box, bag, and 30# Power Pro. $675 Daiwa BG 4000. Used maybe 10 times. Visually 9.5/10, mechanically 10/10. Like new. Comes with box and 20# Power Pro. $100 Shimano Terramar XX SE Spinning rod 7' Medium Power Fast Action 3/8-1oz. This was broken when I took a tumble. Broke off the first 2 guides, now the rod is 6'6". I cleaned up the last guide and applied epoxy to seal the end, looks clean and functions fine. $35 FJ Neil Supreme Surf Bag. Medium 5 tube. Very good condition. $30 Dr. Slick Squall Pliers. Includes holster, replacement cutting blades, upgraded carbineer. Like new. $40 Dr. Slick Hook Sharpener. Large. Used once. $10 Tinman Bare Smilin' Bill Jig heads. Unopened. 3/4 oz and 1oz. $1 per jig head, buy a whole pack please. SOLD Free/Donation: I have some stuff that isn't worth selling, but that people could use. If you purchases something and want any of this, just send me a few extra bucks or whatever you deem fair, and I'll throw it in: a few jig strips, new Korkers size 11 Idogrip rubber soles, split ring pliers, white head/red eye jig heads (3/4? 1?), assorted hooks, split rings, quick clips (50#), swivels. PayPal with full coverage only. Or cash/Venmo on pickup. Please add the 3% to cover the PP fees, and I'll cover the shipping costs. I appreciate you looking, and send me any questions!
  12. FS: 2015 Daiwa Saltiga 5000H. $650 plus shipping This reel is in fantastic shape and has been used infrequently. I purchased it in 2020 as NOS, just sitting at my local dealer in the box. It's spooled up with 30lb braid. I believe it's PowerPro but I am not positive. Includes the bag, box, and paperwork. It's simply not getting used. I'm more of a fly and surf guy these days.
  13. Take a look at Daiwa sites other than the US, such as Australia and France, to name just two. Daiwa France has a specific section for Surf Fishing Reels - they offer 10 different models, all of LC design, a significant number with Mag Seal Protection. How many surf reels does Daiwa US offer? LC Spinning - zero and they dropped the Tournament Millionaire Mag 7Ht conventional, both the Super Tuned and Fishing models. I was recently told by them that they no longer service the Saltiga Surf, Tournament Basia QD45 (Carp LC) or Tournament Millionaire Mag conventionals, which contradicts their previous position that they will always support any reel ever sold here, as long as it is in production somewhere in the Daiwa international network. And incidentally, Daiwa Australia refused my request to purchase a spare spool for my Saltiga Surf Spinning reel. Great support for decades long customer loyalty, as in since 1978.
  14. I just stocked up on sp minnows and cracked open the packages to switch up the hardware. I pulled out the 3/0 VMCs to put on the 17 size so minnow and realized the hooks on the plug seem to be carbon copies of a 3/0 vmc. Did they start putting good hardware on these things? If so, did the do it for the 15 and 13 size as well? I did do a quick search and couldn’t seem find any topics on it. Thanks in advance.
  15. Just picked up a new in box Daiwa Cross Cast reel (sealed and all with tamperproof packaging), it seems to be a bad leak but I'm not familiar with what might have caused it. As you can see from the photo one of the sides is totally slick with oil. Is it defective from the factory (meaning I should contact the retailer asap) or did someone just apply way too much oil (and it'll be OK if I just wipe it off)? Any advice is much appreciated!
  16. Have 5 old reels that are just taking up space, may as well see if anyone else can get any use out of them All are used, Have scuffs, but function well enough Happy to take further pics if requested Located in central CT pickup preferred Shimano sienna 1000 $10 Daiwa legalis 2000 sh ( with spare spool) $30 Daiwa regal 3000 $30 Shimano nasci 4000 $35 Penn fierce 5000 $20 Or $100 for everything
  17. Hi there. I've had a ball servicing my bg 4500. It went so smoothly and I'm almost finished with servicing it. I've tried my hardest to get this retention spring back in and cannot for the life of me figure out why it will not. I have repeated the bearing atleast 4 times now and cannot get the spring in place. No matter what I seem to do, it will not snap back down. I've watched tackle advisors video and many others. Can I get some support here please?
  18. Selling a Like New 2020 Saltiga 14000 XH Reel was used once, i caught a couple bonito on it on a tuna trip and have never used it again, 10/10 cosmetic and mechanical. Asking $800 shipped, buyer covers 3% paypal goods and services.
  19. Cold weather fishing is in full swing. Bass. Seabass. Tog. Cod etc. I just have not been out fishing from work and projects. Daiwa Ryoga Bay Jigging C2020PE-H Box, used, normal usage marks. Great working condition. $250 shipped Daiwa Ryoga Bay Jigging C2020PE-H Box, used, normal usage marks. Great working condition. Synchronized LW. Casting brakes. $250 shipped Daiwa Ryoga Bay Jigging C2020PE-HL lefty Box, used, normal usage marks. Great working condition. Synchronized LW. Casting brakes. $250 shipped Sold .Daiwa Catalina BJ200SH-L lefty Used, fantastic condition, lower priced version of the Ryoga. Synchronized LW. Casting brakes. $200 shipped. Studio Oceanmark Blue Heaven L30 Hi-R Box Used sparingly, excellent condition, includes spare spool and SOM handle knob. Tiny reel with power. $850 shipped Studio Oceanmark Blue Heaven L80 Pw-R New. Box. Heavy duty larger reel. I love this size. Do all open water reel. $1000 shipped Studio Oceanmark Blue Heaven L120N Hi-R New. Box. Even heavier duty larger reel. I love this size. Do all open water reel. Same capacity as L80 but even larger gearsize for more crank power. $1200 shipped Locally available in Brooklyn NY also.
  20. I used to be 75% baitcasting/conventional and 25% spinning from shore. However, it has reversed and I'm using my spinning gear more. I decided to sell those that I don't use much anymore. Check my other threads for additional baitcasters. I will list them separately so it's easier to keep track of. Daiwa Coastal TWS (CLTW200HS). I took it out a handful of times and it has minor wear and tear marks. The biggest flaw is the handle. One of the caps fell off and I just plugged it, LOL. Please zoom in and look at the pictures closely. I'm asking for $120 shipped. It's spooled with 40lb Sufix 432 Braid. It was my spare for Shimano TranX. But the TranX is still going.
  21. I decided to sell some of the reels that I don't use much anymore. Check my other threads for additional baitcasters. I will list them separately so it's easier to keep track of. Daiwa Lexa 400 Type HD (LEXA-HD400XS-P). I used it about a dozen times for tog fishing from boat. There's normal wear and tear and you can see in the pictures. No problems mechanically. I'm asking for $190 shipped. It's spooled with Daiwa Samurai Green 55 lb braid. I couldn't find the box.
  22. Selling Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 8000H, reel was recently serviced, includes box and bag, $525 shipped
  23. Selling Daiwa Ballistic LT 4000D-C and 5000D-C Spinning Reels Daiwa Ballistic LT 4000D-C (BLSLT4000D-C) spooled with15lb Moss Green Power Pro - SOLD Daiwa Ballistic LT 5000D-C (BLSLT5000D-C) spooled with 20lb Moss Green Power Pro - $160 Shipped Both reels are in near perfect condition (10/10 mechanically, 9.5/10 cosmetically due to some water spotting on the gun metal areas and one or two wear scratches) The 5000 size reel comes with original box and paperwork. The 4000 does not have the original box. Will bundle both reels for $300 shipped. Prices listed include shipping. Payment via PP. Thanks in advance