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Found 131 results

  1. Brand new. Genuine Daiwa part. Ordered through hedgehog studios. Daiwa Certate LT 4000cxh spool. Interchangeable with the Certate 4000dc spool. Both reels use the same body and rotor. $170 shipped. $160 pick up queens/Nassau
  2. For sale: Daiwa Saltist Westcoast Inshore spinning rod 8'3" medium light two piece. 50/50 split. Rated 3/16 - 1 oz. Condition is like new, used 3-4 times. The rod weighs only 4 oz! It's good for freshwater and light saltwater. It does cast up to 1 oz very well but i find it more sensitive with lures up to 1/2 oz or less. It is fast action feels more towards moderate fast. Price is $120 picked up in Brooklyn, NY. Sorry, no shipping.
  3. Would like to sell a daiwa bg 2500. Used for last summer, about 5 times, very well kept. Decided to upgrade to a saltist back bay. Excellent condition, spooled with 15 lb braid. Comes with original box. $85 shipped paypal or venmo.
  4. Anyone have any experience with the Luvias? I have the Certate and I love it. Was wondering what the difference between the 2 are.
  5. Selling a new JDM Daiwa Kyohga, I purchased this from J&H had it spooled with 20# Maxcuatro then never took it out of the box besides these pictures. Was planning to use it for fluke but just don't need it. Asking 200$ shipped paypal
  6. Brand new. Never fished. Daiwa bg3000 spooled with 20lb suffix 832. Jigging world power handle added. Jigging World Shogun Spinner. ML. Rated 15-30lb. Tags still attached. $325 picked up. Queens/Nassau Price is firm, already discounted, and non negotiable.
  7. Brand new. Never fished. Discounted. $385 shipped.
  8. Brand new. Never fished. Spooled with 20lb jbraid grand. $500 shipped or best reasonable offer Pick up in Queens/Nassau as well
  9. Since this is a relatively new line, it deserves it's own thread to make future search easier to find. 8lbs J Braid Grand: ABS : (19.25,17.10,18.55) = 18.30 lbs average Line Mass : 7.20 mg/ft, very light and thin braid Line Diameter : listed at .005 actual is .0074 S/W : 2.54 FG knot : (15.05,13.95,14.60) = 14.53 lbs average = 79.42% Double line uni-uni = 13.65 lbs which is excelllent Twice thru Palomar knot to swivel : 13 lbs = 71 % 15 lbs J Braid Grand: ABS : (26.75,29.05,25.60) = 26.75 lbs average Line Mass : 13.60 mg/ft, average for 10-15 lb braid Line Diameter : listed at .007inch actual is closer to .0102 inch S/W = 2.0 FG knot : (22,17.6,15.75 lbs) = 18.45 lbs but very inconsistent = 68 %. Needs further testing with next batch 20 lbs J Braid Grand: ABS : (40.50,38.60,35.10) = 38.07 lbs Line Mass : 17.10 mg/ft Line Diameter : listed at .009 inch, actual is closer to .0114 inch S/W : 2.23 FG Knot : (24.40,23.30,24.80)= 24.17 lbs very consistently bad, even after I scraped the line, it came in at 25lbs. FG knot length was also varied from 20-32 turns with no improvement. FG Knot Strength is low 63.49 % Double line uni knot is 18.05 lbs = 48 % Twice Thru Palomar Knot is 23.80 lbs = 63 % PR knot is 37.35 lbs = 98.12 % So knot strength is pretty bad and PR knot proves itself as the king of all line to leader knot once again. 30 lbs J Braid Grand: ABS : (46.10,43.85,47.60) = 45.85 lbs average Line Mass : 21.60 mg/ft Line Diameter : listed at .011 inch, actual is closer to .0128 inch S/W : 2.12 FG Knot : 33.40 lbs = 72.85 % consistent with Relix knot results so only one test due to limited line Relix Knot > 34.40 lbs (mono broke due to multiple reuse) PR Knot is 44.10 lbs = 96% So 30 lbs has great S/W ratio and excellent knot strength all around.
  10. Anyone want this? $50 picked up*. Paypal only- till this health crisis dies down at least. Its a fully sterilized Tsunami Trophy paired with a Diawa BG 4500. Description: Tsunami Trophy: It was 10 feet, but I high sticked it and now its 9' 8" (I had the tip top replaced). I stripped off the reel seat, replaced the cork, and moved the reel up a few inches with self fusing tape. It's a solid connection. Daiwa BG 4500 : It's Pretty geary after 3 years, but its still perfectly usable, I just cleaned and re lubricated everything I Pulled out the back up AR as the spring wire would consistently pop off for some reason while in use. This has no affect on the reels function, less the AR bearing were to some reason fail. Thanks. Stay safe out there.
  11. Unfortunately I found out that I am being furloughed starting Monday. I just bought this Quantum Smoke Inshore last week and have fished it twice. Reel is like new and is smooth as can be. Asking 130.00 shipped OBO. Located in MD and accept Pay Pal and Venmo.
  12. Selling another one from my collection. A Corona-free Expedition 5500. Reel has never actually caught a fish, purchased from Ottos AUS last summer went on two popping outings but it just sat in the rod holder as we were skunked both times. Only selling because I could use funds for a smaller Stella I just purchased. Reel is 9/10 cosmetically and 10/10 mechanically. It's like new minus a small spot on the reel foot (shown in one picture), and a small nick on the spool from boat rash (again see pic). These marks are virtually nothing but I like to be as transparent as possible. It is currently spooled with a little over 350yds of 50# spiderwire stealth. I also have a pretty hard to find spare spool 100% new which retails for over 200$ alone. Asking 800$ shipped pp without extra spool or 900$ shipped pp with extra spool. All paperwork, box, etc included.
  13. What's the best place to find Daiwa parts? Need some parts for some Daiwa BG spinners that I am servicing but having trouble find them online. Or is it just best to call the factory?
  14. Checking the web for 19 LT Certate series, I came up watching Daiwas subbed japanese introduction on YT (pretty slow pase, check 1,25x or 1,5x speed) : I´m pretty surprised they call the Aluminium framed "secondary reel" 1.3-times stronger than Magnesium-Alloys (@ 7m30s), degrading their own flagship reel (Exist). Is this about right, Aluminium beeing about 30% stronger than same dimension Mag-Alloys (containing some Al as well)? Beside the material, do Certate and Exist have the same reel chassis?
  15. Here’s a 3pc 13’3” Daiwa Ballistic I’m building for another friend. All Fuji components except for the reel seat. The seat is from D Blue if anyone wants to know. Built for daiwa saltiga 5000H using Fuji’s KR guide layout. All single foots in CC alconite. Enjoy for now. I’ll take better pics of it outside in a few days when it’s done. First time using white thread as a main thread. It’s the DEVIL!!! Lol
  16. New Team Daiwa 11ft MH 2pc rod 70/30 split. Very versatile rod for chunking and lures. Comes with Daiwa BG 5000 spooled with 40lb PP. Pick up Babylon Ny. $250 OBO
  17. It’s actually metallic blue! Anyone else pick one up? Also sorry for the dark picture.
  18. Brand new. Never fished. Never spooled. Comes with box and baggie. $310 shipped looking to move quickly. Price is firm.
  19. I have one of these Daiwa Ballistic Rod Blanks (model number is SA-BS 33-405 B) and decided sell it since I never got around to building it... I was told this is the "better" early version that was made in Thailand. Still in the original plastic packaging but bag has been opened. "These rods are great because they are in 3 pieces but when you put them together they feel like one piece." On most websites these are listed for $350+ each. Looking to sell this for $250 including shipping, insurance and tracking.
  20. Was checking Tackledirect's site to see if they had any SASD15's available. Looks like the entire line is not available, not even to order. A few other retailers out of of stock. Anyone know anything about this?
  21. Bought a saltiga expedition a couple months ago from j and h tackle for a fishing trip that didn't happen. Spooled it with j braid 50lb and took it fishing for a day here in California to try it out. Reel is brand new and has all the packaging that came with it. 850$
  22. Daiwa sp minnow lot - $28 shipped Descriptions for the a few of the refinished plugs (Starting from the top) Third plug down, Gold flake with bleeding head, Black with purple metallic, all others are typical Daiwa colors. Note the second from the bottom is a different model, can't remember what they call it. All of the stock hardware has been removed from the plugs and upgraded. Hardware shown is included.
  23. New daiwa saltiga expedition 5500, spooled with 50lb jbraid. Bought a few months ago from J and H for a fishing trip that didn't happen. 900$.
  24. Have a Lami tri flex 7030 that I use for bottom fishing and currently have a penn fathom 15 on it which I like but the reel is slightly to wide for my liking. I'm looking to take the jump into the higher tier of star drag reels but I'm really looking for one that has a smaller profile specifically having a narrower spool. Does anyone have experience fishing one of the smaller Daiwa saltigas, Shimano trinidads/ocea jiggers or Accurate Terns on a Lami triflex 7030 and can let me know what they think. Thanks in advance.
  25. Daiwa saltiga has been used three times and in excellent condition. The vm275 has also been used around 3-4 times and with a newpower handle. I have original boxes for both. Saltiga: 625$ Vm275: 300$