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Found 21 results

  1. Putting together a little display. Though I have a Dmag lava pencil in another display I feel like I need a lava of some kind here. ideally a pencil. But will look at anything style
  2. Last guy ghosted so lets try this again. Here is a very lightly fished Dmag polaris popper, a Dmag medium pencil never thrown but may have storage mark. And a Darby creek swimmer, test swam. Has some light pointers around eyes. Looking for $105 shipped. Don’t have a PayPal or anything so looking for M/O. Thanks for looking! Let me know if you need any more pics! Not splitting.. sorry!
  3. Here is a very lightly fished Dmag polaris popper, a Dmag medium pencil never thrown but may have storage mark. And a Darby creek swimmer, test swam. Has some light pointers around eyes from it. Looking for $105 shipped. Don’t have a PayPal or anything so looking for M/O. Thanks for looking! Let me know if you need any more pics! Not splitting.. sorry!
  4. Pumped to add a Dmag to the trout/frog collection. Really pretty rainbow trout
  5. Asking $110 shipped. Another nice lot. A Blond Terror dee darter in Jersey killer color (test swam don’t see any dings) and a NIP Dmag smokey pencil in the smaller size he makes. 2 3/4oz I want to say? Can only accept money order or cash payment, no PayPal account for me. Thanks for looking!
  6. Ok , here is something very Special and can be yours this Saturday May 1st at the Berkeley Striper Club Fishermen’s Flea Market at Seaside Park Marina NJ DMag~ Old Glory Flag plug with Tail hook by World famous fly designer, tier and author Bob Popovics in a Shadow Box *Raffle Tickets will be sold the day of to Benefit the Berkeley Youth Education Program Thank You Den Mag & Bob Popovics Rumor has it, a G2 is also in the raffle mix along with other vendor offerings. Pics when available. See you there.
  7. Local pick up in Red Bank NJ. Smokey Joe 2.2oz, has rattles, labeled D Mag 07 in silver. $75 plus $5 for pp/shipping This is an early design body that was modified slightly over the years Green and yellow 2.8 oz, has rattles, labeled D Mag 06 in gold. $75 plus $5 for pp/shipping This is an experimental popper that didn't work very well, so was never put into production. Some were given away as club door prizes for feed back purposes. Take both for $125 shipped.
  8. GRS, DMag, Afterhours, Pajama, Fixter, GooGoo Man, Big Rock, Dingbat, McFadden, Hook R, Chef, Tattoo Helping out a friend who does not know how to sell things online. I described everything based on what he told me and to the best of my knowledge. In the descriptions I erred on the side of saying something was used even if it may not have been. Swam means I think it was only swam once or twice, used means there is some rust on the hooks. If there is a part of the plug you can not see in the picture let me know and I will add whatever angle you would like. Prices below are picked up in Red Bank, NJ Shipping is $5 for one plug, $10 for 2-5 plugs, and $15 for 5 or more. Paypal for shipped plugs. Open to offers on combined orders. GRS 1. White Pearl, 7.8 oz, new, one pointer from storage, GRS stamp on the top near the tail, $125 3. White Pearl, 4.2 oz, used, no stamp, $75 5. Bunker, 4.3 oz, never swam, small crack near rear hanger, no tail hook/flag, labeled GRS 2006 on top near tail in gold, $100 6. Bunker, 4.2 oz, used, small crack near rear hanger, no tail hook/flag, stamped GRS, written 2006 on top near tail in silver, $85 For GRS, all sold individually would be $385. If you want them all I will do $350. Afterhours White pencil, 3oz, maybe thrown/carried, $20 Large blue, 2.9oz, new, lipped stamped afterhours, $20 Yellow, 3.1 oz, thrown but great condition, 3oz, $15 Small blue, 1.5oz, thrown but great condition, $15 All for $60 Goo Goo Man Brown, thrown, 2.0 oz, $35 White/chartreuse, new, 2.6 oz, $25 Chartreuse, rough shape, 1.8oz, $5 (will not ship by itself, must be included in a lot with other plugs). If you buy the brown and white I will throw in the chartreuse for free. Dingbat Pink, used, 2.4oz, $15 Brown, used, 2.7oz, $25 White, jointed, used, 2.4oz, $12 All for $45 McFadden Green, carried, not sure if thrown. Chip near lip, 2.1oz, labeled MC 04, $15 Yellow, used, 2.1oz, labeled MC 04, $15 Both for $25 Pajama, some rust on hooks, blue, 3oz, $70 Fixter, new, blue, labeled Mike Fixter 2019 on lip, 3.5oz, $40 Chef, marks from storage, I don't think it was carried/thrown, chartreuse, labeled '16 3.65, Weights 4.1oz, $25 Hook R, new, black, 1.8oz, $20 DMag, used, crack on bottom, 3.7 oz, labeled DMag 11, $20 Big Rock, black/brown, new, labeled BigRock '09, marks from storage, 1.9oz, $30 Tattoo, blue/white, hook rust, 1.4oz, $15 Unknown eel skin, marks from storage, 1.8oz, $10
  9. Few more gems I’m going to part with. All from various years and all come with evil stevel custom tails. Large pencil, hogan and small swimmer. I’d prefer to keep them as a group and do $320 shipped for the 3 plugs and 3 tails. Will potentially look at individual offers (pencil 125, hogan 110 hogan, swimmer 95)
  10. I decided to break up the Smokey Joe Set so selling a few remaining pieces and some other plugs. Prices are shipped/PayPal Dmag Smokey joe large pencil- now $90 Dmag Smokey Joe Swimmer- now $60 Dmag Smokey joe Needle- now $45 TB Yellow Swimmer- $75 SOLD Tattoo eelskin- $25 SOLD striperbites Needle- $18 will do better pricing on multiple plugs
  11. This is another tough group. I just need cash to pay some bills. (And cover a recent plug purchase haha) this is a set of 5 plugs in the Smokey joe pattern. As far as I know he did not make a hogan in this exact pattern. Dino, large pencil, small pencil, needle and small swimmer. Comes with the shadowbox $510 shipped via check.
  12. Apparently only 3 lava dinos made in 2018. This is one of them. Engraved lip. Gorgeous plug. Comes with box. $207 shipped.
  13. 2 gorgeous plugs for sale here large TB (7”) Wonderbread swimmer- 110 shipped SOLD older, large Dmag pencil. I called it an original lava, but believe it’s tequila sunrise. $110 shipped
  14. Have a lightly fished 2oz Afterhours darter in blurple. Want to trade it for a lightly used Dmag slim Needle in a light color. Only looking for the slim needles, not his standard needles. And only need a light color, already have a blurple one, sorry to be so picky! Can post pics upon request, thanks for any interest!
  15. Ok there are some afterhours, there is 1 Dmag that has a crack, it’s the top one small olive color, there are some BMs, some superstrikes... 1 Lehmier and a cpl home made I have picked up along the way... $200 for the lot... also 1 black talon...
  16. Looking to trade these for New GRS, Arsenal and Don Musso (Must be Mint) Dmag: Needles from 2018. Redhead swimmer 2018 and Parrot Swimmer 2017 Cyclone: 2 Peanuts 07 and no year Lefty: One large swimmer one small GRS: Blind Yellow Medium Giant, Squid Surface Giant, Lightly Used Olive Iridescent Medium Slim. Arsenal: 2017 Green Arsenior Luna: Large Swimmer has a chip. Googooman: Squid Show special Chris Groves: Lightly Used Troller Gary2: 2003 1 of 20 Surfster 4 oz special Feel free to ask any questions. Can post more pictures upon request. Thanks for looking.
  17. Took a long time to assemble the larger collection... life now getting in the way. Selling these 4 dmag Smokey Joe Needles. These are really pretty. $75 each shipped/paypal 2 for 140.
  18. $ 125 shipped to your door ! Large 2011 DMag Rattling Pencil popper !
  19. Have NIP DMag 1.3 oz / 5" swimmer. Trade for equal size NIP TB, Cyclone in light color. Would consider G2 Tiger also. What ya got? Would consider other makers of equal value.
  20. Have NIP DMag 1.3 oz / 5" swimmer. Trade for equal size NIP TB in light color. What ya got?
  21. Looking for a Grs slim M in vega surf perch. Here are some plugs I have to trade. I have other plugs as well. Just ask thanks.
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