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Found 32 results

  1. Its worth a shot. anyone looking for some cash? Searching for a few trout I’m missing from the group. I also have some gorgeous Cyclone Wonderbreads that I would trade.
  2. Pretty rare one here. cyclone wonderbread spoonlip. Little hook pointer behind the eye. don’t see many of these around. $125 shipped
  3. I realized I didn’t have a Bernzy in our “favorites” display (he made a sick mahi howdy for my daughter… but that’s hers). I have a Smokey Joe commander nip but was planning on fishing that. Looking for something a little more collectible (I’m going to be picky here as this is for a display in my family room so just bear with me! Haha) I saw a Frog Howdy here which would be ideal as I collect trout/frogs.. that is top choice. This is an older Cyclone Wonderbread swimmer. Anyone have any Bernzys they would think about trading?
  4. Need some quick sales here Lot 1- cyclone Wonderbread swimmer with gill- $125 Lot 2 Gremlin slim from 2011 $40 Lot 3- Ppw (storage) bm bullet (dings from bag) and cutty popper- $60 SOLD prices are shipped.
  5. This is a gorgeous 10” Cyclone Wonderbread swimmer. Not many of these floating around. looking to add a few missing Cyclone trouts to the collection. let’s talk!!
  6. Have a few duplicates. Selling to purchase a roof rack for my pickup. cyclone wonderbread 6”, 2oz $140- NOW $125 shipped
  7. Need a quick sale here. Used Gibbs needle Parrot pencil new Gremlin handcarved (nip) Cyclone- used. Will add hooks Guides choice- think storage wear $108 shipped NOW $100 shipped
  8. Gorgeous Cyclone Toasted Wonderbread swimmer. Looking for trouts I don’t have.
  9. This is an early Cyclone swimmer. He made this one with Lefty using his glitter. Lip is also powder coated. Pretty cool piece. Pics obviously can’t pick up the color flashes. Still looking for any Cyclone trouts I don’t have. I can add a kicker if need be.
  10. If you waited online in the freezing cold at the Asbury Park show you could get a Lefty hat with your purchase. These have never been worn. $50 each shipped. Take all three for $120 shipped.
  11. Rare opportunity here...Not often you see these for sale. Have a chance to purchase a gem so need to sell these. Gorgeous pattern from Cyclone Matched pair of swimmer and peanut. $260 shipped.
  12. Ok. Still looking for this past year’s Trout pattern from Cyclone. It’s a Mexican Golden (pics in the comments) im offering a 2/1. Rare (1/1?) cyclone lava spoonlip Chris Voorhies (CV) Jr for your Cyclone Mexican Golden Trout
  13. I’m looking for one of this year’s Cyclone Trout plugs (Mexican Golden) I’m offering the following: Cyclone Lava spoonlip (possibly 1 of 1?) Ruru small Danny $100 cash. Above 3 for 1 plug.
  14. Looking for a squid flag or wonder bread pattern
  15. This is a 1/1 Arsenal Fuschia minnow. Really pretty plug. Cool colors. Looking to trade for a Cyclone Trout
  16. Mint Cyclone metal lip looking to trade for GRS, Black talon , Skippy show me what you have thank you
  17. WTS Mint Bone Cyclone Swimmer 115$ Shipped
  18. Upping the offer and figured if I’m asking for a Cyclone maybe I need to trade a Cyclone! Offering a 3/1 for the right plug. x-large Cyclone Mahi seimmer cyclone mahi peanut black talon carved gill glider. 3 plugs for a Cyclone trout I need. They are buried out there somewhere....
  19. Looking for a 2/1 trade. my 2 for your Cyclone Trout rare arsenal fuschia minnow. I’ve heard this is a 1 of 1. black talon glider with the hand carved gill. These are 2 really sweet plugs. I’m looking for a few Cyclone trouts I don’t have. let’s work something out.
  20. Pretty rare piece here. Cyclone Fire plug swimmer. Very cool lure $130 shipped
  21. I’ve heard this is a 1/1 Arsenal Fuschia Scaled Herring. Really pretty plug. Looking to add another Cyclone Trout to the collection. Let’s trade!!
  22. Three gorgeous plugs from Cyclone. Trying to fund another purchase. These will be tough to let go 1) Purple scaled swimmer- $110 2) Golden/pink flash spotted- $120 3) bunker peanut- $95
  23. This is a gorgeous Cyclone peanut that comes with the cyclone box tried to capture the color changing flashes. Hooks have some minor oxidation but the plug is totally clean. $105 shipped
  24. Mint Cyclone in a scaled Blue herring pattern, looking to trade for a new GRS Slim in a pattern I don’t have , thanks post pics of grs
  25. I’m looking to swap this Gorgeous Cyclone Parrot Banana 1/1 for another Cyclone banana lure.