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Found 20 results

  1. So, every once in a while I take a look through Ebay to see if there are any good deals on custom plugs. I recently found a bunch of hand made/painted plugs from “WjS Custom Plugs” made by a guy in Arkansas. They all look like high quality work but I’m hesitant to drop beachmaster/rm Smith money on something from a plug builder that I can find virtually no information or reviews on, especially when it looks like they’re only sold on eBay. I’ve got one in mind that I really want to try but again... that’s 35$ that could be spent on a tried and proven plug. Has anybody tried these out before or know any info on the builder? I sent him a message on eBay for details and will update when I receive a response.
  2. Hey guys so I’m looking at buying a vsb150 that was converted to Bailess. Does anyone have any idea how much a new bail would run for a 150 and how to go about purchasing it?
  3. Hey guys and gals, I’ve never fished an old 700z series reel before and picked up a “customized” a 704z that was converted to bailless at a yard sale last week. I opened it up and serviced the reel but then noticed a hole that appeared to be drilled in the stem of the main body that leads to the handle (see photo). Why the hell would anybody do this!? Isn’t the point to keep water and sand out? I’d appreciate your thoughts and sage wisdom, if there’s no good reason for it I’m going to plug and epoxy it shut. Thanks!
  4. Very lightly used custom 2 two piece Fiber Star Raptor ( green higher modulus no longer available) 10'6" rated 3/4 to 4 21" to center of deluxe Fuji reel seat X flock butt and EVA fore grip 8 Fuji Alconite K guides Alconite concept wrap on tip Diamond wraped Basically mint, $200 PayPal or cash. Prefer local to Ocean County NJ, as I can't quote shipping cost in price. Thank you.
  5. WTB RM Smith sharked out strider. Last one i need for my collection. Also looking for any other customs such as halloween or rudolph.Thanks!
  6. hey guys, I'm a couple years into the sport and I've really caught the fever. I bought a used vs150 in the off season and I have an airwave elite 10'6 1-3.5oz for now that I know I can pair it with. Any suggestions on an upgrade for the rod to match the vs150. I want to keep focussing on sandy beach light pluging 3/4-4oz for now I've been looking at rods in that rating. I would love to get the bang for my buck but at the same time I have to ask if you guys want to start recommending something like century, should I just go custom. Thoughts? Also I know a lot of guys up north go 250 when they get much past 9' or 9'6 but I like the longer stick so unless you all steer me shorter I'm still thinking the 10'-11' range. Any and all comments appreceitated
  7. Live in MA and looking to get a custom odm jigster built. This will be my first custom rod done local, looking for any recommendations on best place or builder to have it done. thanks in advance!
  8. These were built as custom rods for fishing the Gut, the Sluiceway & the Race on Long Island in the mid 80's. Cut down from longer JKF blanks, they caught mucho bass & blues - unfortunately they both suffered tip top breakage from a hatch door. The red/grey wrapped one is 82-3/8" & the red/white wrap is 80-3/4". They are still eminently fishable - my Montauk rod building guru says “Cod, Cod & more Cod”. Need $280 for the pair - PP & shipped ConUS or will split at $180 each - PP & shipped ConUS. Reasonable BO's acceptable - need to support my winter builds ...
  9. Hey , will ship for extra St croix mojo 8ft, custom spinoff paco style back grip and x fore grip. 115 picked up in Andover, or Boston. Teramar 7 ft, 1/2-1.5 --------- 65 bucks picked up, Okuma celios 6'6'' , 1 piece1/8-1/2------- 15 picked up Bass anglers custom rod, mh action, 6 feet---- 25 picked up (no reel seat, tape on) ANDE TOURNAMENT 6 FOOT 20-50 line, 20 picked up. Avet and soujorn musky rod------- 85 picked up.... Anti reverse went in the avet. needs to be serviced.
  10. I have decided to go another direction and am putting up for sale a century slingshot ss1145 blank. It is brand new never taken out of the tube or bag. This is the century slingshot 9'6" 2 piece rod rated for 3/4-3oz. Let me know if have any questions or need any pictures. Asking $250 shipped.
  11. Best in-class custom diawa saltiga ballistic 35. Built by Keystone Custom rods, formerly in PA. Additional pics on Keystone website. Made to showcase the Keystone brand potential. All the best Fuji components; trigger seat, titanium guides and tiptop. Weighted butt-cap system (diawa factory) with 29" to trigger. Perfect mid heaver for big fall fish and serious drum fishing. Excellent casting performace with 6-8oz. and bait. Subtle diamond decorative wrap above handle and matching guide wraps in maroon, metallic gold, silver, and red with xflock shrink handle. This is the finest conv. layout I have cast on this blank; titanuim SV 25 - 20 - 16 - 16, and N 16 - 16, with titanuim 16 tiptop. Total of 6 guides plus tiptop. Super light and super crisp. I have owned this rod since 2014. Rarely used and is in perfect condition. $425 shipped paypal Please let me know if you have questions. Best Judah
  12. Looking to buy a slightly used or contract a build for a 9 or 9'6" 1 piece rod (or at worst 70/30 split). Want similar to the new SKINNER92 lamiglas rod sold at J and h Tackle. This is a 2-4oz rated rod (i think a gsb1201m 10' blank with 6" to 1ft cut from but. If custome I want gold accents and stripping to match a Penn Slammer 3 5500. Braid type robust guides preffered, open to layout concepts.
  13. Looking to get a set of 4 tall sand spikes for surf bait fishing Assateague. The kind that hold reel at chest height and allow for hook set.
  14. Hey guys. I was initially looking to trade this, but I think I'm going to sell it. Based on my research, $175 seems like a more than fair price. It was modded by my dad (LBerthelon on this forum), and I can assure you is in top notch condition. Yea, i used it a few times and there are some minor scratches and some paint chips that have been touched up, but the reel looks and works great. Watch the videos and look at the pics so your confident in what you're getting. Here's some additional information: - Penn 704 with machined spool - Vann Staal AR Clutch Bearing (still has the backup OEM ratchet dog (still working, you can hear it in the video) - Penn Tungsten Carbide Line Roller (good for braid) Here's a video of both clutch bearings in action: Thanks for viewing!
  15. hey guys I'm new to this so bear with me. I'm in the market for a new custom surf rod either 10' or 11'. ill be using it for strictly plugging, mostly open sand beaches on LI. any and all advice would be appreciated. as i said I'm new to this so if i left anything out let me know!
  16. I have two of these Daiwa Saltiga Ballistic Rod Blanks and decided sell them instead of having them Custom built. These are the good ones made in Thailand I believe. The model number is SABS-33-405B. These are still in the original plastic packaging. These rods are great because they are in 3 pieces but when you put them together they feel like one piece. On most websites these are listed for $350+ each. Looking to sell these for for $240 each including shipping, insurance and tracking or $450 shipped for the pair including shipping, insurance and tracking.
  17. <p>So I just got done laying down the guides on my first build, I'm attempting a concept guide laytout for a 150 and after looking at the guides I'm just a little unsure as to weather or not I got it right. Anyone who can kindly give me some corrective criticism here would be awesome!Here's my guide layout Kwsg-30j 22 1/2" from reel face,Kwsg-16j 44" (22 1/2" from previous guide)Ktsg-10j 53 1/2" (9 1/2" from previous guide)Ktsg-8j 61" (7 1/2" from previous guide) and 6 more ktsg-8j guides spaced 4 2/8th inches apart to the tip. Rod is a phenix black diamond psw909h 25/50 with a vs150 on it
  18. Lets see 'em! First of the year for me on my Bernzy inspired yellow NOT-spook. First blood for that lure. 28" ~ 29" Bring on Spring!
  19. No longer have a need for this reel. All the red parts were stripped and coated with red Cerakote by SMI Coatings in Haverhill, MA. Gloss was achieved by adding two coats of KBS Diamond Clear. The chrome-looking body is polished aluminum also with 2 coats of Diamond Clear to keep the exposed aluminum from oxidizing. Finish is rock hard and currently flawkless of any scratches or boat rash after a year of use. Reel just got a full cleaning and servicing. Ready to go. Mechanically 9/10, cosmetically 10/10. Asking $90 shipped or $80 picked up near Boston.
  20. Got 3 reels and a rod for sale. Pictures did not post in order of descriptions for whatever reason. First reel is aa custom Penn Slammer 560L Live Liner. Bought it NIB 2 years ago and have babied it like the rest of my gear. I replaced all the ball bearings with new bearings, put in a new main gear, gave the reel a full cleaning/service/greasing and is mint all the way around. The body of the reel has been sanded down to a polished aluminum for a sexier look and to get rid of some boat rash. All the black paint on the reel was sandblasted off and then recoated by SMI Coatings using Cerakote (one of the hardest ceramic finishes available). Mechanically 10/10. This reel comes with the box and is spooled with 40lb powerpro with a 40lb section of Powerpro Hollow Core to connect to a 15-foot section of 50lb Mono. This was a knotless way to add a lengthy leader to avoid Braid tangles while livelining. If you don't like it, just cut it off and use a knot but I have fallen in love with this technique and never had any line slip out of the Hollow Core. I'm asking $110 shipped or best reasonable offer. Second is a Penn Live Liner 4600. This is an original before the name was changed to Slammer but is the exact same as a Slammer 460 with the same parts. This one has also been sanded to a polished aluminum on both the body and spool. All the red is Cerakote and then top coated with KBS DiamondCoat for a gloss look. Mechanically 9/10. Spooled with 20lb Fireline Smoke, no box. Asking $95 shipped or best offer. Last is a combo (I'm willing to split if someone asks). Reel is a Penn Slammer 460 (NOT liveliner) that is mechanically 9/10 and cosmetically 9/10. Spooled with 30lb Sufix 832 in Camouflage. Reel alone I'm asking for 70 shipped. The rod is a Tsunami Airwave Elite Braid rod model TSAWEBS-701MHJ. Medium heavy power, 1-piece, medium fast action, 3/4-4oz. It retails for 140 but I got it at tackledirect for 110. Im asking for $90 shipped FIRM (have to account for the 1-piece length with shipping cost) If you want the combo, I will drop price to $140 shipped.