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Found 13 results

  1. I’m looking for my first tuna rod and reel for party boat chunking. I was thinking a Penn Fathom 2 speed in 30 or 40NLD spooled with 80lb braid. Paired with a Saint Croix Mojo Salt 7’ HF rated for 65-100lb braid, a Shimano Tallus, or a dark matter HK. Maybe a Kevin Bogan rod if it’s worth the extra $. I don’t want to be undergunned in case I hook a large fish but also don’t want overkill. Budget around $700 for rod and reel. Thoughts?
  2. Yesterday did a bunch of breakwater fishing. Was going for pollock for extensive times so was basically dragging sabikis attached to a sinker along the bottom. Once or twice got caught up for a moment but just a brief moment I'd soon be out of and would just need to spend a little time taking the seaweed off the rig. But, when casting out bait using the mackerel I'd caught, a couple times the rig would get caught in the rocks and I'd lose it. I found this odd as I could repeatedly cast and drag something over this structure without any issues and yet here I was losing sinkers and hooks left and right. I'm wondering if it's because when it's immobile it just kinda gets wrapped up in the rocks or even lobsters are pulling it under rocks to eat. Considering just getting a bunch of big bobbers to keep everything suspended above the rocks to avoid this going forward. How do you guys avoid getting snagged up when fishing with mackerel chunks for bait?
  3. With the circle hook law what do you guys like to use for chunking bunker? I was looking at the mustad tuna circle hooks but just seeing if there's any other suggestions out there. Thanks
  4. I’ve been bit by the conventional bug. I am longing for simpler times. Whaddayah got stashed away? I’m looking for something one piece, ready to fish, or may consider a blank or a rebuildable. This will be for shore bait fishing only. I’ll be tossing clam, cut mackerel and bunker, etc. I have a pair of 2 piece rods, one 10’ and a 12’, so I’m really looking for that 11ish’ 1 piece that you can live without. Pickup in or near 19053, willing to meet or travel. SEPA, central NJ a plus. Thanks.
  5. Hi SOL, In the market for a 12 ft+ surf rod (50/50 split) and reel that can sling a 4-5 oz sinker and a big chunk of squid as far as it will go. Looking for a combo that is as light as possible and not terribly expensive as I'll be using it on the rocks here in California. From the research I've done, looks like the Shimano Speedmaster with the Ultegra 5500 XTD Ci4+ is a possibility but want to hear what others with more experience have to say. Thx!
  6. Any of you guys ever chunk around rocky areas? Up till now I've only done it from the beach but I bought some floats today and I'm gonna hit one of my plug spots with bait. Just let it drift over the structure and see what happens. Be nice to see who else does this technique and how effective has it been for you guys?
  7. I have an Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 7000i reel. Reel has hardly been used, maybe 2 dozen times and lived on a shelf for years. Comes with box, papers, oil, brakes, and reel seat clamp. All original parts. Small chip near thumb switch, other than that the reel is mint. This is a great reel for someone looking to get into chunking, throws weights down to 2oz up to 10oz with ease and minimal backlashes. Very beginner friendly too. Asking $75 shipped or $65 local pick up near Queens... Thanks for looking.
  8. Im selling my chunking rod, had it for years just collecting dust. Used only a few times. $100 picked up on long island.
  9. Older Allstar Breakaway LDFC 100H. Well used and it shows. Guides are worn and show corrosion, wraps are slightly discolored. Grip is coming off at bottom. Great lighter chunking rod or for the canal. $100 pick up only. Also selling a cheap starter set up. Tsunami 5 Star TFSS-1002MH Spinning rod. Well used as well but in good shape. One guide replaced. Was my back up for friends or a lighter chunking rod. $30 pick up only Okuma Coronado 65a Baitrunner. Used but in good working condition. Spooled with I believe 30lb PP but I think there is mono backing as well. $35 shipped Paypal Or take the 5 Star and reel for $50 pick up.
  10. Relatively new to the surf and am looking for a heavy-action conventional rod for chunking in the surf. Preferably 10-foot plus and 10oz rated, but open to investigate. Looking for a used rod, but certainly prefer high-quality. Located in Mass. but can pay for shipping. Excited to give this a try.
  11. I've always considered chumming from shore or pier as somehow not sporting. Not sure if it's legal either. But anglers in boats do it. So any thoughts on this?
  12. Two discontinued classics; one serious combo. Both rod and reel are lightly used and in great shape: 10/10 functionally and 8.5/10 cosmetically. They always received a freshwater rinse after each outing. This is a big-boy, hard-to-find chunking setup. I just don’t have a great deal of use for it anymore. St. Croix Premier Surf Rod: 10’6” Medium-Heavy Power; Moderate-Fast Action; 10-25lb; 2-6oz; two-piece (60/40 split). Shimano Baitrunner 6500b spooled with 65# Suffix braid. Reel has its original box and papers. I would really like to keep this as a combo for now. Pick up in Connecticut only; flexible as to meeting site. Asking $250 for the whole package.
  13. Hi all!! I have researched the board for what I am looking for but after seeing many options, I am still torn. Previously I've used a spinning setup, but now I am looking for a chunking rod (casting) to pair with my Avet SX (not magged and spooled with 50lb braid), under $200, ideally 11 or 12 ft in 2 piece rod. I would use this setup to fish bays and beaches of Long Island, and I almost always fish at least 5 oz+ sinker + chunk. Tsunami Trophy 11 or 12 ft, but both are rated XH. Anyone have experience using these to throw 5oz+ chunk and heavier? I think the 11ft is rated 4-10oz, which might be more suitable than the 12 ft rated 6-10 oz. Seems like the 11ft would be enough for lighter sinkers and heavier sinkers. Okuma Solaris - I dont know much about these rods, or which might be ebst for my application. Anyone with experience - can you please provide insight? Tica Dolphin- I've read some good things, but some have said the tsunami trophy is a all around better rod? Can anyone back this up, or provide me with their experience as to which model they use that are suitable for my purposes? Thanks all!