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Found 18 results

  1. Looking to try Choopy needles. Anyone got an extra or two to spare?
  2. Another lot, Choopy darter (I think, please correct me if im wrong). Old run SS amber darter, parrot and black/chartreuse darter have been used. One of the squid swimmers has also been used. Not looking to split you are more than welcome to take the lot and re-sell what you dont want. 135$ Shipped, thanks for looking
  3. Looking for 1.5 and 2oz Choopy needles in Sand Eel, Black/Blurple, and Yellow (schoolbus, chickenscratch, yellow over white, etc) colors. Used is fine, looking to fish them. Thanks!
  4. This could turn into a mess, but let's try this... Tog Choopy 1H darter. $30 shipped, immediate PayPal. The next two I haven't used in a couple years but I'm pretty sure they rolled at medium speeds. If you take the top one and want to mess with these (bigger hooks maybe, or a little lead even?) I'll toss the pair in for another $10. Bottom little one is a repaint, take it for another $10 if you buy the top one. Not selling the bottom three separately right now.
  5. I’m looking for bigger choopy needlefish and a variety of Mikes Custom Plugs. In particular big metal lips.
  6. Looking to sell these 2 darters. Don’t believe either was thrown- but they were in storage that got wet. Tattoo (original) squid Choopy small $50 shipped/PayPal.
  7. the RM's each have dozens of fish on them so lots of mojo. 30 shipped (check) BC Plugs junior - new RM Danny RM 2oz Choopy Needle
  8. Pair of woodgrain WorkHorse Lures darters (large and dartle botter), new - $33 Choopy blackfish 2H darter, one little chip in paint otherwise excellent - $25 Old BM 3oz darter, wear on lip - $28 Refinished Surf Asylum darter - $20 2oz Tattoo darter (original owner), excellent condition - $30 All prices are shipped, PayPal
  9. All prices are shipped, however I will lower price for multiple plugs. SS Neon Yellow - 20 Choopy 2oz needle lot - 60 BM Large Danny - 35 SOLD BM Yellow Conrad - 40 BM White Red Conrad - 40 BM A40 - 35 SOLD Lights Out Pikie - 40 Afterhours Eel - 25 SOLD
  10. all have been thrown Beach Master 6" danny 2.45 oz $20 - SOLD Troublemaker 5.5" cowboy 2.25 oz $20 - SOLD Tom White 4" swimmer 1.25 oz $20 - SOLD RM 4" swimmer 1 oz $15 - SOLD RM bay minnow 1.5 oz $15 - SOLD Gibbs 8" diver 2.95 oz $10 - SOLD Choopy 5.25" darter 1.75 oz $15 - SOLD prices are shipped, not shipping single plugs so pick 2, paypal only
  11. Seldom do you see these come up for sale. Both are new in the package. The price is $ 58.00 for the pair including shipping. Thanks for looking
  12. MINIMUM PURCHASE IS TWO PLUGS* Weights are for the plugs as shown in pics. Prices are for immediate (= same day or next day) PP and include USPS First Class shipping. SS: 1 Bullet, red eye, black over white w/red chin and Siwash tail. NIP. $25 1 Yellow eye, all black, ~6.5” long and 1 ½ oz. Appears to be new. $22 SOLD 24/7: Both are 7 ¼” long and weigh 1 ½ oz. One is black/purple belly (I only see all black on their website) w/red eye, and the other is olive/white belly w/red chin. Both are new. $24 each. Choopy: Wonderbread/cloud color, body is 8 ½” long and 2 oz. Appears lightly used (couple of pointers and some light oxidation on grommets and swivels, see pics). $25 SOLD LIFISHINVT: One all-blue with light silver sparkles back and sides. Body is 8 ¼” long and weighs 3 ¼ oz. Casts like a rocket, great for heavy conditions. Lightly used. $16 MINIMUM PURCHASE IS TWO PLUGS* *Apologies for shouting redundant messages, but some folks here cannot—or choose to not—read.
  13. Selling as lots for now, will split tomorrow if necessary. PayPal preferred, prices are shipped. 1. BM A40s, rigged with heavy Mustads, new. $65 2. Linesider69 6.25" darters, about 2.75oz. Yellow is new, black is lightly used. $55 3. Choopy 1.75oz darters (lightly used) and Saltys 2oz (new, beautiful iridescent paint). $45 4. LS69 7" Game Changer (3oz), BM (2.7oz), Choopy (2oz) (all very lightly used). $70 5. Habs Sr Night N Gale (2.8oz). Lightly used, small paint chip off the nose, comes with new hackle dressed siwash. $35 6. Slopeheads/jr trollers. Driftwood (new), Cap'n Andy (lightly used), Jnski (lightly used). $50
  14. New, 3oz Metal Lip Swimmers, $21 each shipped PayPal or $39 for both
  15. $ 95 Shipped for 5 great plugs 1) AH pencil 2) RM Giant jointed 3) BM danny 4) Tattoo Sea Pup 5) Choopy Needle - (New)
  16. 20 dollars each plus 6.70 shipping USPS priority mail - will combine closing - relisting needle and jointed in a new post with some other stuff
  17. For sale, a lot of four (4) lightly used plugs with some minor dings, but in otherwise excellent condition, including the hardware. Thinning the herd. Not splitting. Thanks. Top to bottom: Lordship 1¾ oz Agitator (white); Choopy 1½ oz. swimmer (parrot); Tattoo 2 oz. Jr. Swimmer (black); SuperStrike 2⅜ oz. Heavy needlefish (Black/Chartreuse/White). $85 shipped. PayPal OK.
  18. Various metal lips for sale. Add $3 for shipping if you buy one or all of them. They all have seen water but look unused other than maybe a storage mark here and there. PayPal preferred. 1. Mike's Custom Plugs bullet slopehead - 6.5" 2.65oz - $24 2. Mike's Custom Plugs surfster - older model, not made anymore - 6.5" 2.6oz - $24 3. Choopy slope head - 8" 4oz - $22 4. RM Smith Piglet - 4" 1.8oz - $18 5. RM Smith jointed no name swimmer - 6.5" 1.5oz - $22