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Found 65 results

  1. Century C3 LD, C Curve Low Diameter, mark1. 13 feet , almost 14' with reducer. One of the best rods Ive ever used. Ive caught most of my fish over the last years with it. Bass, sea robins, gator blues, skates, 100lb rays, black trash bag, seaweed balls. dont it all. I used to have 3, Im not fishing as much now so it needs a better home. the rod looks exactly like the one in the following pic. fuji shock guides. mk2 uses fuji K frame, which i find no difference if you use a casting reel. rod still in good-great condition, shrink tube has usage marks. everything above it looks great. below are specs i copied from the manufacturer's site (old stock pic when it was still listed on Century's website) this rod is super slim for the amount of power it hides underneath. straight parallel butt in at 24mm, sliding reel seat. put reel wherever youre comfy. this rod can hammer the hell out of 4-10oz + bait. 200+ yards is possible. YMMV. its a slower parabolic loading rod, compared to centurys many other J shaped fast action rods which dont really suit our fishing style in the US coasts. OTG, hatteras cast, unitechs, mid swing, high swing pendulum, flat arc pendulums, thumps. this rod can handle it all with an easily and its very forgiving of user error. just SLOW down your turning speed and let the rod load up before hitting it. please youtube 'century c3 ld' youll find alot of videos old and new. locally, the mark2 version (last version) sells about 750? and ive notived mk2 isnt as strong IMO as mk1. ill do $430 shipped in a tube or $400 local NYC. reel is not included, for picture purposes only to show rod bent at full load. fighting a fish (my truck tow hitch.. ;D)
  2. Century KNE 1326. The blank was 11 ft and had 6 inches cut from the tip. 2 piece stick glued together as 1. Built by Ryan White. Wrapped in standard black and silver 7 Fuji K Guides sized 30, 25, 20, 16,12 12. 24 in to center of reel seat. I used this rod pretty heavily and it shows by the wear. I tried to reflect the condition accurately in the pictures and am happy to take more pics if you like. The rod performs like an absolute beast. None of the cosmetic issues affect the function of it at all and it has a ton of life left in it. Asking $200 and can meet up on Long Island pretty easily. I go back and forth between babylon and montauk pretty regularly. I fished ss darters with it a lot and it throws them well, obviously could handle heavier plugs and jigs. Have thrown bucktails 1.5 - 6 oz. The 1.5 does not cast as well but everything 2 oz and over I was very happy with. Thanks for looking. or what I do I think 30 25 20 16 12 12 then tip or what I do I think 30 25 20 16 12 12 then tip
  3. Rod purchased here on SOL 2019. Great rod, used once, but I need something stiffer and more backbone. It's still new & I’d like to get what I paid for it, $300. I’ve got shipping tubes. Depending on your location, will ship USPS or FedEx. I’ve attached the original thread with specs and pics...
  4. Just looking for some info and reviews of anyone who has this rod, specifically the 9'6" version as I haven't found much on this model. Is it fast or moderate? i'm looking to use it for 5/8-2oz lures with my vsx150 on the beach. Any input from anyone who has this rod or knows about it, I'd appreciate it.
  5. Wanting to buy one of these rods to pair with my vsx150, will be using it in the surf to throw 5/8oz LuckCraft flash minnows all the way up to 2.5oz tins and poppers, basically an all around surf rod. How do these handle the lighter end of the rating? Which blank is lighter and which casts further in general? pros and cons of each? I know i would have to have the Evolution custom built, how is the SurfMachine from the factory? How much does it weight? Thanks for your input, we dont have either of these in person to check out here on the west coast.
  6. Im looking to toss 2-3oz as far as possible. Something along the lines of the Century SS SS1505/5 except I don't have $800 to spend. Shipping will be a must, as I'm on the extreme north end of California, 95560. Thanks
  7. I'm looking for a 11-12ft Century rod, 1-6oz rating. Hoping to find a Ryan White build. I need to cast 1-3oz spoons and plugs about 150yards (pairing this rod with an Ultegra XTD 14,000 & 20-30pound braid). My friend recently found one on here this way, so I figured I'd try it too. I'm leaning towards a Slingshot or Surf Machine, but definitely open to other ideas. Thanks in advance, -House
  8. Century Full Metal Jacket Custom-built for distance spinning with Fuji LC (low rider) guides. Eva split grip. “Blackout” motif with silver accents. The rod is in excellent shape with less than 20 hours of use on it. An excellent rod for big plugs, distance metal, and big baits and/or rough surf. Asking $300. Prefer a face-to-face sale if possible. Located on the NH/MA border near the coast. Eric
  9. I’m letting go of my 10’ century stealth s1 1201 rated 1-4oz. It is 2pc 60/40 I built this rod 2 years ago with single foot Fuji titanium torzite guides in the KR concept layout. The layout was built for a Van Staal VS150. $550 shipped
  10. FS Century 1237 conventional $275.00 2 New unused Stcroix Mojo MSS100MMF2 with tags $160.00 ea 1 Green Abu 6500 C3 CT Mag upgraded bearings and drag. New unused suffix 832 50lb coastal camo, Gomexus handle and original power handle $160.00 1 Florida Orange C3 CT Mag new unused suffix 832 50lb coastal camo, Gomexus handle and original power handle $160.00 Both reels are in excellent condition. Prices are shipped. Only trade interest would be 2 matching chunking rods 11'to 13'
  11. If you meant to attend the Century demo today, and you missed it, you missed a pleasant morning's fooling with tackle. Only three, maybe four people had showed up by the time I left. I was a morning attendee. Popasilov was there, maybe one other gent. The rest of the crowd were Century pro-staffers from Montauk, NJ, and Connecticut. A dozen or so different rods were in circulation. Where were you guys? Who doesn't like playing with tackle? My interest was in Hatteras Heavers, I'd asked AFMike to send a couple up, and he did. Both had the "Textreme" finish, both blanks use some amount of graphene, both were 13', both are two-piece, and both seemed like nice sticks. I did a bit of casting with six and eight ounce sinkers on each rod. Century C2DSMJB (the last three initials, perhaps, indicates whomever at the shop made the rod) was set up for a conventional reel. I put a Newell 220 and 229 on it, both with 20 lb. mono and 50 lb shock leaders. The rod's rated for 20-60 lb. line and 2 to 8 oz "lures," though it's got to be rare to see this rod being used for anything but sinkers and bait. I'd've liked several more inches of butt, however, that's personal and entirely subjective. I would not have liked to cast anything more than 8 oz., and that's subjective too - even with a bit of rubber tube over my casting thumb, 8 was the absolute most that I could hold in place for a cast. In any case, it certainly cast these weights better than anything I've owned or used previously. The other rod was a Century Surf Machine Max, C2DS Max 2B and rated for 20-80 lb line and 5-12 oz payloads. I think this is either a prototype or very new production; AFMike mentioned it in an earlier thread. The rod was configured for a spinning reel, and one of the Century pros had it wearing a VS spinner with heavy braid. This is a real sweetheart of a rod. I haven't done any 8-n-bait casting with spinning reels, and have preferred to fish cut bait with conventional reels, but this outfit felt wonderfully solid in the hand. Distances achiever were well beyond anything I've reached with these weights before, though I'm not a great caster. Popasilov was present and did some casting with lighter rods. If you have questions about lighter spin sticks, ask him. I know the rod "the Weapon" was present, he may have done some casting with it. I don't know how these rods compare to Heaver rods from CTS, BH, ODM, or anyone else. Normally, if I want a rod of a particular type, I call Al Goldberg and say "I want to do thus-and-such, what would you like to build?" I can fairly say that both rods were nice in the hand, the Max in particular. I have to rethink heavy spinning reels as tools for 8 and bait. It was a fun way to spend a morning.
  12. WTS a practically new shimano saragosa sw6000 that I bought new at the beginning of the season and only had 2 opportunities to use it. It’s already spoiled with over 300yds of 40lb braid. $190 and plz no tire kickers. I’m in north shore Ma and sometimes southern NH.
  13. WTS for $399 a nicely crafted custom century slingshot ss1145 built by Surfland B&T. Used the rod for maybe 1hr. It’s almost new lol. 50/50 split 9’6 3/4-3oz. I’m in north shore Ma Or occasionally southern NH.
  14. Looking to trade my 12’ Century Surf Machine Elite 2-8 for the 11’3 1-6 Surf Machine Elite. Rod is in excellent condition, purchased this spring with factory layout/titanium torzite guides. Changed the shrink tube grip to Paco style grip and extended distance from butt to reel seat to 25” as I felt the factory placement was simply too choked down for a 12’ rod and my height/arm length. Reason for trade is simply too much overlap with my other rods in terms of the weight range and need something to throw lighter plugs more efficiently.
  15. Want to have a rod built for fluking from shore and occasional casting to bluefish/ striper or albie etc. Want an 8-8.5ft max length but want a 2 piece (60-40 or 70-30 split) so I can fit it in my tdi golf easier. I tried out the Century ss1025 but it felt a little too whipey/ light and not able to throw 2- 2.5oz if needed as the rod specs say... will pair with a VR50 spooled with 17lb braid. Any thoughts on having a ss1025 blank tip cut down to like 8ft or 8'2" to make it a little stiffer to impart better action on the jig? Open to to other blank suggestions. I tried the ODM Frontier x 8ft 6 but it was too heavy (action and the factory rod build weight). The ODM DNA 9ft is a bit closer in action (however too fast maybe) but its 9ft. Thoughts on cutting the butt end down by 6 inches could be an idea perhaps? I want to be able to throw 1/4oz -2.5 with the primary range of 1/2oz -2. Last I heard about the Weapon... are they all 1pc though? I just got a Star VPR (pictured below) and fished Jersey with it last week. Right weighted rod for the vr50 but action was a bit heavier than I would like. Cheers
  16. Century Stealth S1 1325 paired with a Shimano Ultegra 5500 XTB CI4+ 11 foot 1-4oz rod. Rod is in great shape. Reel functions as normal, has some scratches from regular use. I'd say 8/10 condition. Comes with box and 2 extra spools and reducers. Originally bought this setup for Carp fishing, only to realize that this type of fishing is not for me. I'm sure this would make a good surf setup. I'd like to trade this setup for a higher end reel, such as; Van Staal VS VR, Twin Power etc. Pretty much open minded to anything surf related. I could add cash $$$ for the right item. Only interested in trading as a combo, don't want to split up. Located in RI/Mass
  17. Anyone have a ss1145 they want to sell and willing to ship to 18235. Thanks in advance. Looking for 2
  18. Looking for century 1327 if anyone has one on the rack not being used. Must be willing to ship or could possibly meet in De, Nj, or Pa. Thanks in advance. Have stradic 8000 fj, lami( mudhole)lsb 1322, 3 penn battle 5000's, several other trades or paypal
  19. Looking for one in great shape nothing beat up plz. Must be willing to ship I’m in Northern Ca, thanks
  20. Looking to sell or trade my used Century S2 it’s 11’ rated 2-5oz. $325 shipped $300 picked up in NJ. Would trade for honey lami in good shape. Thanks for looking
  21. Hey guys, so I recently got into rod building this past winter. I built a ODM jigster 11’ 4-10 oz and I have been using it so far this season at the canal. I love the rod. very versatile rod but i love it especially for jigging. looking to build another rod that can do both jigging and top water. anyone have recommendations? i was looking at the Surfmachine elite 11’ 2-8 oz or a black hole just for jigging. I have attached some pictures of my jigster below.
  22. Want to sell 2 conventional set ups. Century slingshot 1327 11' 2-5oz with Akois 666 SCM W Sport cast. Rod has Fuji seat and Eye set up 24 3/4" to the bottom of the seat.$450.00 Lamiglas LSB 1322m 11' 3-8oz Made by Dan Grulke. Rod has Fuji seat and eye set up 24 1/2" to the bottom of the seat. With matching Orange ABU Ambassadaur 6500 C3 CT mag-elite Sweden made.$350.00 Will ship if buyer pays shipping. Haven't shipped a rod in a while but would think should be around $30.00 or so.
  23. Want to buy a Century Slingshot spinning rod shipped to GA (30360). Thanks.
  24. WTS my backup new Custom Century Stealth S-2 1326 11’ - 2-5oz Rod built by Chris Abut. It was wrapped with Fuji’s best Torzite guides. The rod is super light and can handle big fish in big current. It’s a parabolic rod that takes less energy to cast compared to the Slingshot series. $485 Stella 3000 Reel 9.5 out of 10. It includes everything that originally came with. $375 I would consider trade for other quality fishing products.
  25. Century Kevlar Nor’easter 11ft 1-5 KNE 1326 $400 + shipping located CT